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« on: May 01, 2018, 09:53:42 PM »
A Chancellory Message

Hey guys,

Each week we buy a number of stamps, which are used to send telegrams to new members of NationStates.

We use this so that we can expand, bringing new members to our region, expanding our community and bringing more roleplayers to our forums.

Sadly, these stamps cost money. Fortunately, they're only $1 for 1000 stamps, so this is where you come in!

If just 10 members donated $1 each, we would have enough stamps to reach out to 10,000 new users.

You can use PayPal or Google Wallet, and while we can see that you, as a nation, have donated everything else remains totally anonymous!

Donating is easy, just follow this link and click 'gift options', type 'United Moreland', head to the bottom and donate as many stamps as you like (minimum 1000/$1). Make sure to change your currency!!!
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