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The United States of Drakensj÷lund
Sameinu­u RÝkjunum Drakensj÷lund
Motto - By Fire and Fjord

Sameinu­u RÝkjunum Drakensj÷lund is technically the Sovereign Realms of Drakensj÷lund, however in common terms it is often called the United States. Throughout history the region was frequently home to wars, rebellions and invasions but by the late 1700's the warlord Bjorn Gustavsson brought the region under is control and named himself as Emperor. This practice continued as the Gustavsson's utilised their power to control the people of the region. In the 1920's Emperor Otto found himself unable to handle the nations affairs during the economic crisis and as strikes, riots and protests broke out across the nation the military stepped in and established the National Military Coalition which put the armed forces in charge of the nation. At first Emperor Otto was permitted to retain a ceremonial role however in 1927 he attempted to retake his throne and the spectacular failure saw him executed. Since then the nation has been ruled by the military. As the nation is predominantly followers of the Draconic Covenant (a faith that has strict rules) this has not presented a problem. However the faith also teaches that certain aspects of society require feminine input and so the military officers that ran the country established as a kind of symbolic figurehead the title of Sovereign Lady. The first was a 16 year old distant cousin of Emperor Otto and the current Sovereign Lady is a descendant.

POPULATION :- 51,800,000
GDP PER CAPITA :- $39,000
MAIN RESOURCES :- Heavy metal, wool, processed chemicals, maritime products
MAIN IMPORTS :- Oil, medical supplies, raw ores.
CAPITAL CITY : - The nation has two Fjellstrand is the ritual capital and has a population of around 400,000 people, meanwhile Hrafnholt is the seat of the current government and has a population of 2million people.

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The Covenant is both the name of the religion and a holy book. It contains what the faithful believe are a true and accurate account of the creation of the world. According to the Covenant the Universe had no life except Dragons. These Dragons were semi-immortal, they would under normal circumstances live forever however they would be able to die in battle. At first the Dragons fought with each other to become the alpha and control the cosmos however as their numbers began to dwindle from trillions, to billions and then eventually tens of thousands they reached a covenant between them. Their wars would come to an end and they would create creatures to carry out their combats for them ensuring they remaining immortal. At this point various factions formed and each created their own species, what could be considered avatars. The Dragon known as Draknar lead one such group and by creating humanity he made a species that seemed very good warriors. Soon he was declared as the alpha and thus the controller of the Universe. While there have been throughout history several challenges to Draknar's authority over the Universe none prevailed against both the dragons wisdom and the humans seemingly aptitude for conflict. Eventually there was a prolonged period of peace and Draknar reached an agreement with the most fearsome and aggressive of his humans, the Norse. He made them a vanguard of his forces and placed special blessings upon them so long as they followed certain rules and if ever called upon again took up arms in his name.


The agreement between Draknar and humanity consists of over 300 rules, today most are seen as less significant than at the time the faith seems to have been born (earliest archaeological evidence suggests the religion began in East Albion around 1000BCE). The religion has today followed a series of key rules that have a huge impact on Drakensjolund's way of life.

1. Humans must ever expand their numbers and territory - This is believed to be important as greater numbers mean that Draknar's forces will be overwhelming. In addition by adding more "territory" it lead to the expansion of the initial realm of Drakensjolund. Initially there were moves by several rulers to spread into modern day Nya Aland and beyond however today the word "Human" is seen as suggesting that those of all faiths would be in the army of Draknar only the true believers would be like an elite. It has also made some look towards the heavens as a way of expanding still further.

2. Raise your sons to be soldiers - While many of the stories include female soldiers in the ranks of Draknar's forces it is clear that they were nothing more than isolated examples or particularly blessed individuals. Men however were all expected to fight. As such this has lead to the nation having compulsory military service and an emphasis placed on military discipline.

3. Raise your daughters to be worth fighting for - The idea is that a woman should be so kind, gentle and caring that a man would gladly lay down his life for her. It is the duty of women to ensure the next generation is prepared for their future role in the battles they may be called into fighting.

4. Maintian your strength for all times - The body needs to be prepared to fight at any time so must be kept strong. Culture promotes a healthy lifestyle and while alchohol is part of many occasions it is always viewed in moderation. In some Kings feasts of the past limits were placed on both the strength of alcohol and on the amounts served. Being out of shape is considered a sin.

5. Care for the land - Draknar gave us everything we need to sustain ourselves. The land is therefore a resource to allow us to fulfil our duties. It is the terrain we shall fight on and it is the materials to make our weapons. This means we as humans can do what we like to the planet however we must ensure its health in the same way as our bodies.

6.Honor the Fallen - Those who have died in battle, be they dragons or humans, are to be remembered and honored. Memorials and ceremonies should be held to commemorate their sacrifice. Their stories must be told to inspire future generations. Forgetting the fallen is seen as a grave dishonor to their bravery and contributions.

7.Seek Wisdom and Knowledge - While physical strength is paramount, wisdom and knowledge are crucial to winning battles. The pursuit of knowledge, both practical and philosophical, is encouraged. Schools, libraries, and places of learning are to be maintained and respected, ensuring that every member of the society can contribute to the collective wisdom.

8.Forge Strong Alliances - Unity among Draknar's people is vital. Build and maintain strong bonds within your community and with other allies. Collaboration and mutual support strengthen Draknar's forces. Betrayal and unnecessary conflict within the ranks weaken the cause and are considered severe transgressions.

9.Innovate and Adapt - The ability to innovate in tactics, technology, and strategy is crucial for maintaining superiority in battle. Encourage and reward creativity and ingenuity. Stagnation is the enemy of progress; thus, continuous improvement and adaptation to changing circumstances are essential.

10.Uphold Justice and Honor - Fairness and honor must guide all actions. Ensure that justice prevails in your dealings with others, be they friends or foes. Acts of cruelty, deceit, and betrayal are strictly forbidden and punishable by the community. Upholding a just and honorable society strengthens Draknar's rule and maintains internal harmony.
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  • Your Nation: Drakensjolund

78,200 Soliders
Approx 45,000 Conscripts on national service

190 Main Battle Tanks
50 former models in reserve

300 Infantry Fighting Vehicles
100 In Reserve

300 Armoured Personnel Carriers
120 Older Generation APC's
65 in Reserve

150 Mine Resistant Patrol Vehicles
80 MRPV in Reserve

180 High Mobility Vehicles
50 Light Mobility Vehicles
35 in Reserve

65 Self Propelled Howitzers
18 in Reserve

25 Towed Howitzer

10 Mobile Anti-Aircraft Guns
3 in Reserve

10 Mobile SAM Systems
4 in Reserve

8 Transport Helicopters

43,000 Sailors
Approx 8,500 Conscripts on national service

1 Helicopter Carrier able to double as a VSTOL carrier
6 Attack Submarines
5 Destroyers
5 Frigates
5 Corvette
3 Minesweepers
2 Mine Layers
5 Fast Patrol Ships

34,500 Airmen
Approx 3,000 Conscripts on national service

60 New Generation Multi Role Fighters
18 Older Generation Multi Role Fighters
8 Strategic long range bombers
5 Maritime Patrol Aircraft
12 Tactical Transport Aircraft
8 Heavy Transport Aircraft
4 AEWACS Aircraft
6 Tankers
20 Utility Helicopters
20 Tactical Helicopters
20 Trainer Aircraft

1,600 Employees

6 Long Range Patrol Ships
10 Short Range Patrol Ships
3 Maritime Patrol Aircraft
10 SAR Helicopters