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The Final Irish Republic
« on: February 10, 2018, 11:21:35 PM »

Motto:- A-mach luaithre tha teine
National Anthem:- Come Out ye' Black and Tans


After rebellion against a tyrannical rule which restricted the rights and powers of both the people and state, a new nation was established under a rule of equal division of power between people, state, and federal. The nation recovered and came into it's own right holding personal freedoms and protection at the forefront of their mentality.

Government Type:- New-Federalist provinces
Population:-:- 32.6 Million
Capital City:- New Dublin (pop. 875,000)
Demonym:- Irish


Currency:- Irish Gliss (IRP) // 1 IRP = .92 USD
GDP per Capita:- 42,134 USD
Unemployment Rate:- 16.7%
Main Industries:- Arms Manufacturing, Mining, Gambling


Ethnicity:- 89.1% Caucasian, 7.6% Middle-eastern, 2.1% Native, 1.2% Other
Languages:- English, Gaelic
Religions:- Agnostic
Average Life Expectancy:- 87 Years


Head of State:- Jack O'Connell
Head of Government:- President
Name of Legislative Body:- Council of Sovereign States
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Re: The Final Irish Republic
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2018, 12:30:50 AM »
Drugs LawNo minimum age on the consumption of Alcohol, Tobacco.
Marijuana legal for 18+.
Other controlled substances 500 IRP fine for possession and 1000 IRP fine plus 5 years jail time for production/distribution.
Same Sex Marriage   Legal
EducationCompulsory state funded K-12 system.
Privatized universities.
Property Ownership   Anyone can own property.
Voting   Anyone over the age of 16 may vote in any state election.
ProstitutionLegal, assuming declaration of any/all STD's/STI's as not to spread maliciously.
Freedom of the PressAnyone can say/promote any ideals they wish unless they are a direct threat to an individual/group with intent to harm.
Freedom of MovementState mandated background check for any/all entry, 2 year probation period for immigration on Visa before citizenship, any citizen may freely leave/enter the country.
AbortionRequires the consent of both parties excluding scenarios involving: Serious harm to mother, rape, in which case only mother needs to consent.
Health CareState will cover charges only if a) cost is over 4,500 IRP or b) family/individual is under the poverty line.
Gun LawsRequired background/mental health check and gun safety course in order to purchase and operate, free open carry to those who meet aforementioned requirements.
Internet NeutralityFull Net Neutrality.
Business OwnershipRequires registration with the state for both native and foreign ownership.
MarriageAny willing parties may be married.
ReligionThe state recognizes no religion and reports 100% Agnostic Atheist.
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