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Vice Chancellor Act (2014)
« on: September 01, 2017, 11:06:44 PM »
Vice Chancellor Act (2014)

An act to establish the position of Vice Chancellor within the Independent Order.

Be it enacted by His Excellency the Grand Chancellor, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

Short Title

(1) This act may be referred to as the Vice Chancellor Act (2014).

General Provisions

(2) The Vice Chancellor shall be appointed by the Grand Chancellor to serve at their pleasure, unless removed from office by a Vote of No Confidence in the Senate.

(3) At times when the Grand Chancellor announces a Leave of Absence lasting longer than four (4) days, the Vice Chancellor shall assume some basic duties of the Grand Chancellor to ensure continuity of government.

(4) Following a demise of the Chancellory, the Vice Chancellor shall be named the Grand Chancellor, and shall inherit the power, authority and responsibility of the position accordingly.

(5) The Grand Chancellor reserves the right to reverse any decision made by the Vice Chancellor within seven (7) days of returning from a Leave of Absence.

(6) The Vice Chancellor may not hold another office of the government of the Independent Order.


(7) ‘Basic duties’ shall be defined as signing laws or treaties approved by the Senate, being responsible for the timely management of elections, exercising the authority to pardon convictions or to commute or reduce sentences, ensuring effective moderation of forum content, and fulfilling the Grand Chancellor's duties under The Emergency Procedures Act (2014).

(8) ‘Basic duties’ shall not include gaining access to the founding nation, being awarded administrator access to the forums, signing a law amending the Constitution, or delegating any authority held by the Grand Chancellor.

(9) The Grand Chancellor reserves the right to delegate additional authority to the Vice Chancellor, pursuant to the Constitution of the Independent Order.
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