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Regulations of Nuclear Weapons Act (2016)
« on: September 01, 2017, 11:25:27 PM »
[big][big]Regulations of Nuclear Weapons Act (2016)[/big][/big]

A Directive to restrict and regulate the use of nuclear weapons.

Be it enacted by Her Excellency the Grand Chancellor, by and with the advice and consent of the Roleplay Council, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

General Provisions

(1) Nuclear weapons may only be possessed by nations with Recognised Nuclear Status (RNS).

(2) All nuclear weapons must be based on real world nuclear weapons, not hypothetical weapons or weapons that have yet to progress past a design phase.

(3) The use of nuclear weapons shall be heavily restricted. No large-scale nuclear war shall be allowable, and the small-scale use of nuclear weapons shall be subject to the approval of the Roleplay Council or in specific Roleplay Council events.

Acquiring Weapons

(4) The Roleplay Council shall be responsible for determining which nations shall be entitled to acquire or possess nuclear weapons, and shall base their decision based on a nationís attributes and contribution to roleplay.

(5) Any member seeking to acquire nuclear weapons for their nation must have been a member of the Independent Order for at least sixty (60) days and made at least one hundred (100) non-spam posts on the forum.

(6) Should the criteria of section (5) be met, a member shall then be eligible to apply for Recognised Nuclear Status (RNS) for their nation. The Roleplay Council may request further information, such as economic statistics or historical developments, prior to giving such status.

(7) Details regarding the extent of an RNS nations nuclear capability shall be maintained in a Nuclear Register which shall be maintained by the Roleplay Council. This Register shall serve as the supreme authority on such capability.

(8) The granting of such status must be made by Resolution, and may be done en masse when processing multiple applications.

(9) The Roleplay Council may impose specific limits on the size and number of weapons held by a nation.

Secondary Nations

(10) A secondary nation may receive Recognised Nuclear Status (RNS), but may only do so if a memberís primary nation does not possess it.

(11) RNS cannot be transferred between primary and secondary nations. Should a nation change from being a primary nation to a secondary nation, or vice versa, it shall retain its RNS status.


(12) The Roleplay Council may, by Resolution, appoint a member of the Roleplay Council to ensure appropriate enforcement of this Directive.

(13) Should a member violate the terms of this Directive, then their nation may, by Resolution, be stripped of their Recognised Nuclear Status.

Miscellaneous provisions

(14) This Directive shall be considered to have fulfilled the requirement of Section 2 of the Roleplay Rules Amendment 003 (Weapons of Mass Destruction), and thus brings the amendment into force.
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