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Monarchs of the Arashin


This thread shall be used henceforth to catalogue the various rulers of the Arashin, from the Pentarchical era up until the modern day. It should be noted that the regnal number of the Emperors of Ikhan (having formerly been the kings of Misra) were reset with the formation of the Empire. Please note that while the posts may occasionally not be in order, the index will be in ascending order by the years that they reigned. Monarchs of the states other than Misra will not appear in this list save for the rulers of the short-lived "Empire of Khushai". Please also note that the cataloguing of these rulers may stop at any time and be moved to the factbook instead.

Hailun Emperors
Khorai I to Berai I
Berai II to Erel II
Imras I to Imras II
Ikos I to Imras III
Sherkoz Emperors
Arkan I
Arkan I ve Sherkoz
The "Lost" Emperors

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