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History of Solace


History Of Solace
The country of Solace first came to existence around 2000 years back when Sanat ethnicity people decided to settle down in the vast unmarked green lands of down south, full of forest and wild lives not far away from the shores of the deep blue Ocean, which they named later as Nilabh. Physically they were superior to any race around the globe, average height 2 meters, heavily muscular built complimenting an aggressive character, symmetrical facial features with remarkably large eyes in different shades of either blue or green. Womenfolk were as tall and strong as their men but calmer in temperament and more beautiful. At one time Slavery was a common practice in Solace as Elites would like to keep Slaves with black eyes and hair, a coveted features among Sanats, darker the slave higher the value. Around 800 years back Slavery was demolished by the great king Awani the Destroyer...whose story will be recounted further.

  As Sanats cleared the rainforests to raise new villages and agricultural fields, slowly the social structure began to take shape. Initially it was an agricultural society scattered under six kingdoms, Saras, Azure, Varuni, Panna, Vid and Shakem.

To be continued...

05 BCE to 800 CE
Social structure of all these Kingdoms  Saras, Azure, Varuni, Panna, Vid and Shakem were similar. The prevalent society of Sanat people was divided on the basis of Varna, i.e. Clans based on professions. Every year there would be a test of talents in each region and then each clan would choose those children to train whom they found suitable as per the results.  Anyone could choose any field provided they had a natural flair for that profession. However crossing over to other fields and multi-specialty was also allowed but it was a rare occurrence.

1. Vetta- The knowledgeable one, Gatekeepers of spiritual knowledge. Highest in social hierarchy. They were expected to be  above all worldly comfort and attachments. Vetta were divided in two parts,
(i) Monks: living in temple prefectures,  or secluded monasteries in the forests/mountains, living a life of total abstinence and purity.
(ii) Porva: Clergymen/women who would perform religious rituals for the kings and common people. They could get married and have a normal life like others.

2. Raj- Second only to Vetta, the ruling class. A clan which put emphasis on mastering all forms of war as well as four arts, so they could be a comprehensive ruler. They used to wield real power in the prevalent social structure.

3. Varuni- They were the business class who held the economy in their grip. Very well versed in Topography and masters of Sea trade. Their superior navigation skills on Sea allowed them to reach other countries in the Mundus for trade easily.

4. Sutta- A clan which was bearer of different technologies and medicines as well as all art forms. They were divided in various sects,
 (i) Aushadh: Medics with knowledge of herbs and medicines.Shalya would be master class of surgery.
(ii) Shilpya: Artists of various forms, sculpture, painting, crafts etc.they had knowledge of metallurgy, wood craft, chemistry, architecture, engineering etc. and would create the equipment/components needed in all other sectors as well as household items.
(iii)Daj- Persons of lower intelligence would be trained to serve as workers/helpers. They were a slave class and often would provide their services as per a lifetime bond with their master. They could be purchased and sold but not without their permission. They were allowed to change their masters on the grounds of maltreatment and cruelty. Often were involved in mining too.

To be continued...


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