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Fleshing out Samantra's secondaries

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My main claim has actually four countries,  three of which Elista, Buryatia, Tuva are one province countries and will be eventually annexed by Samantra.

I am in the process of beginning to flesh them out so if you have ideas about their names ( I am considering changing them since they are based on RL nations/places) and/or have suggestions about what  you want to see in that region of Mundus please let me know. So far the only restrictions I have is they have to be mainly Slavic and fit in the context of the Rodinian sea nations.

If you don't want to overthink it, using a fictional name can be an alternative (even if not a very creative one) to RL names.

You can find more than a few Slavic-inspired ones in this list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fictional_European_countries

Alternatively do what I know a lot of RPers do and use village names of Google maps

We all know that "a lot of RPers" includes you, Dave.  It's all right, you can admit it.

More on-topic, though... one easy way to find different names would be to take a descriptive term and translate it into the native language of the state in question.  For instance, my original secondary nation, Ubakasa, took its name from the Hausa words for father (uba) and land (ƙasa), though admittedly that's not evidently the Hausa term for fatherland (that instead is kasar uba).  Neither Kalmyk, Buryat, or Tuvan are available in Google Translate (my typical go-to for this stuff), but if you wanted, say, Ukrainian names, you could have the following (with literal English translations):

Batʹkivshchyna ("homeland")
Peredhir'ya ("foothills")
Bilyudy (derived, probably incorrectly, from "bili lyudy", meaning "white people")

If you want authentic-sounding names, my recommendation is to pick a language you want associated with the country in question and play around with different translations in your preferred translation software until you find something you like.  Then, of course, record the derived meaning somewhere so you can use it as trivia in the future.

Just going to throw this in as these nations are around Rodina's area - you have the Earagon genocide I believe that got set around the mid 90's but the point is you could have refugee communities from that in these secondaries (I'm doing a fair bit of work on this in Melanie Bell's next adventure so thought it was worth mentioning)


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