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Forum Changes Act (2017)
« on: August 29, 2017, 07:10:03 PM »
Forum Changes Act (2017)

An act to bring into legal effect change to the forum software, and for connected purposes.

BE IT ENACTED by Her Excellency the Grand Chancellor, exercising powers under section (4) of the State of Emergency Order (2017), and with the advice and consent of the Council of Nobility, as follows:


(1) The official forum of the Independent Order shall cease to be Zetaboards.

(2) The Most Honourable Marquess CGJ shall be appointed to serve as web host and shall be primarily responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the server.

(3) The web host shall also be responsible for creating backups of the forum, and supplying these, on a weekly basis, to the other administrators.

Legislative Arrangements

(4) All laws previously enacted shall remain in force.

(5) There shall be a 90 day grace period whereby the Grand Chancellor, Lord Chief Justice, or any other individual authorised by the Grand Chancellor may post previously enacted laws in the ‘Laws of the Land’ forum.

(6) Should an Act not be salvageable, the Grand Chancellor may, by Order:
(a) Enact an equivalent Act;
(b) Repeal the Act; or
(c) Should the Act have no direct effect on the activities of the Independent Order, provide a summary of the Act.

Terms of Service

(7) The Zetaboards Terms of Service Act (2014) shall remain in force on an interim basis, and shall maintain its existing position in law.

(8) The Grand Chancellor may, by Order, amend the Zetaboards Terms of Service Act (2014), including its long and short titles, a single time to bring the forum in line with a new Terms of Service.


(9) The Grand Chancellor may, by Order, amend sections 1 and 2.

(10) Should sections 1 and 2 be amended, then the Grand Chancellor may further exercise the powers conferred under section (8) one additional time.

(11) No Order made under the provisions of this Act shall require the advice or consent of the Regional Assembly.
The Most Honourable Marquess CGJ
Vice Chancellor

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