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Mutual Aid Treaty with The East Pacific (Ratification) Act (2017)

An act to ratify to the Mutual Aid Treaty with The East Pacific, and for connected purposes.

WHEREAS the Government of the Independent Order do deem it fit, with the powers and authority bestowed upon them by the Constitution of the Independent Order, to make agreement and sign a treaty with a foreign, independent and sovereign region, and whereas such treaty requires ratification prior to it entering into force in Independent Order law;

BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED by Her Excellency the Grand Chancellor, by and with the advice and consent of the Regional Assembly, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

(1) The treaty entitled 'Mutual Aid Treaty Between The Sovereign East Pacific and The Independent Order' shall be henceforth ratified and shall come into force on a day appointed by the Grand Chancellor or Premier, by Order or Executive Order, without requiring the assent of the Assembly.

(2) The Commencement Order, or Executive Order, may only be issued once notifications been received, or it has been otherwise noted, that the said treaty has received ratification in The East Pacific in accordance with their own regional laws.

(3) A copy of the treaty shall be included in the Schedule of this Act and shall have the same effect as any other domestic law.

(4) This Act, and the Treaty, may be repealed:
(a) If The East Pacific are found to violate the terms of the treaty, by Executive Order of the Premier with the advice and consent of the Grand Chancellor; or
(b) By the passing of an Act of the Assembly at any time, provided that such Act allows the Premier to give The East Pacific 72 hours notice of withdrawal.

SCHEDULE: Mutual Aid Treaty Between The Sovereign East Pacific and The Independent Order

A treaty to recognize the sovereignty of the sole legitimate governments of The East Pacific and The Independent Order and to offer aid and assistance where possible to one another herein,

Section 1 - Mutual Recognition & Diplomatic Relationships
1. Both signatories recognize one another as the sole legitimate and sovereign governments of each respective region.
2. Both signatories shall maintain a in-game (NationStates) embassy and off-site embassies (forum-to-forum), as well as make all attempts to resolve disputes internally and diplomatically.

Section 2 - Mutual Aid
1. Both signatories agree not to actively engage in military conflict with one another.
2. Both signatories, in compliance with Section 1 Article 1, will not make any attempts to overthrow, invade, or otherwise attempt to undermine the legitimate government and region of the other signatory.
3. Both signatories agree to provide one another with mutual military assistance in event of attack on their home regions by a foreign or internal power.
4. Both signatories agree to share intelligence directly pertaining to the security of the other signatories' region, such information being shared with the elected Delegate of the East Pacific or the Grand Chancellor as well as Premier of the Independent Order respectively, except in event such intelligence indicates unlawful actions on the part of of any party outlined above, in which case such information shall be given to the Viziers of the East Pacific or Lord Chief Justice of The Independent Order respectively.

Section 3 - General Provisions
1. This treaty shall come into effect after it is ratified in accordance with The East Pacific and The Independent Order's independent regional laws.
2. Both parties may withdraw from this treaty in accordance with regional laws, with due regard to provide at least 72 hours notice prior to officially withdrawing.
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