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Convention Centre / Niameck Fashion Week 2024 - Socialite's Thread
« on: February 24, 2024, 08:29:41 PM »
The Opera House had once again changed it's face from Fashion stage to Gala Show. Adelheid watched the last laudator on stage. She had to travel the day before to his school and personally boxed him out of detention. She was fuming and furious, that the smug dorm teacher sincerely believed she would let him ruin her Gala. The damn Bunny and his Leukemia Fund where the single biggest Donation driver in the whole country and that pompous failure thought he can tell her she can't have him because he supposedly didn't do his homework?

The Guy lost his job, not only that, she sure as hell shared the story all over the social media platforms. She even had posted where she found the supposedly never handed in homework. The idiot had it lying out in the open on his desk.

But now, she could finally breath. The custom was updated since he had grown a little bit, the fashion show had become the date when he updated the outfit now. She was just glad she'D get to the fun part now. Mingle with people, gossip a little drink champagne and have fun. The Entrance hall had been changed into a large ballroom with countless servers handing out champagne and little bites.

Adelheid grabbed herself some, and a glass of orange juice for the fabulous little marketing bunny Prince Augustin, and handed it to him as he together with the other attendees started streaming in.

"Anyone you want to dance with? And do remember to change into different clothes boy." while she scanned the room herself for the man she hoped was present.

"I mean, do you think people would talk about the fund more and less about you getting my teacher fired if i dance with your best friend and Rhin's Stepmom?"

"Only if we change you into a proper suit to dance in. Albrecht is going to kill me if you collapse of exhaustion again because you tried dancing in the whole getup."

Henriette Herrlich stood awkwardly to the side, she had gotten the usual business talk with her regulars done earlier the day. International Occasions weren't her forte, but she knew she needed them if she wanted to scale her brand. It was then that she was joined by non other than former Admiral, now speaker of the Elder Senate, Mathilda Eidmeier:

"I just wanted to congratulate you for this years models. Well done. And maybe get some attraction your way. People always tend to try and chat up the Speaker. Considering i'm the equivalent of a Prime Minister after all."

Convention Centre / Niameck Fashion Week 2024 - Showthread
« on: February 19, 2024, 07:33:13 PM »
19th Februrary 2024 - Niameck Opera House

The stage lights where set, the Guests streaming into the Loges and Seats around the Catwalk bridging the orchestra from the central stage. It had needed a little retooling but that made the charm. Adelheid was ready, shock was usually not entirely her type of brand, but with the Competition being more fearsome over the last years she wanted to start her Fashion week with a real banger.

The Guitar Riff started the show, most lights dimming before under flickering and heavy thundering bass Adelheid walked onto the catwalk, strung up like a marionet and dressed in various shopping back from convenient big cheap clothes brand. Of course only those that hadn't signed up coming this week. Awkwardly and wooden her movements, as she barely managed to stagger with the strings across the catwalk. A dramatic fall, the Guitar and Bass is replaced with the sound of a heavy organ as she is seemingly forced and dragged along by the strings until she just lies there buried in bags of cheap brands.

A Drum like a heartbeat, her hand struggling out of the heap as she starts cutting the strings. Fake blood dripping down onto her for every string cut. She raises out of the dirt in a blood dripping white dress, leaving the remains behind as she barefoot walks further, now free in movement elegant, determined. The dress leaving a trail of what looked like blood behind her. Strings now accompanied the drum, the organ sounded back up and finally the guitars and bass came also back. Adelheid strutted the remaining path in her soaked dripping dress, from behind her stage helpers cleared down the previous dress as under a constant drip of more blood the remaining models for the first round started getting on stage. The other Models added trains of fabric onto her dress while passing, before she, back on the main stage, climbed on top of a small stand, and with a fan given to her on the way, made a bloody trail across her neck akin to a fake throat cut.

"Freedom and expression! Witness my new collection! Bloodprice! Welcome to the Niameck Fashion Week!"

Spoiler: show
OOC: This thread is for the Shows, show us how you imagine your Nation's Craftsmen and artists would present themselves - i purposely didn't use a picture myself. Pictures are a nice extra, but not required :)

Convention Centre / Niameck Fashion Week 2024 - Invitations
« on: February 11, 2024, 04:13:18 PM »
To the Fashionable and the Designers, the Culture Lovers and the Tradition Breakers of Mundus,

the Niameck Fashion Week 2024 is at our Doorsteps and once again we shall meet and greet to find the newest Gossip, Faux Pais, Trends and Friends among the many Brands represented in our quaint little Town. Whether it is to promote your own or your Nations Brands, or even hold one or the other show yourself - you are welcome to light up the catwalks.

The shows will run from the 19th to the 25th of February, while the big Gala will be held on the evening of the 24th.

I can't wait to meet all the regulars and some new Faces,

Your host,
Princess Adelheid von Uburzis

Spoiler: show

I made this thread as a little announcement how i intend to have it run this Time. Unlike the first time, we will not have fixed schedules who gets to perform when. Just Pick a Venue and a Day and run then. - the Socialization thread for the chars will take place during the Gala, meaning the shows will have already happened by that point. For simplicities sake the Gala Thread will go live at the same time i post the Show thread.

Available Venues:

Niameck Convention Center: Rebuild and Ready to host up to 4 Shows Per day

Niameck Opera House:  Can Host 1 Show per day from Monday to Friday, will host the Gala on Saturday.

Niameck Market Square:  Open Air shows in the middle of the Medieval Inner City, 1 Per day- only during the Day

last but not Least: Just make up a smaller Venue of your own A small artisan Shop, a Shopping mall, School, Restaurant. though if you go for this option do DM me fist.

What is the Goal here?

Mostly: so you can show off some of your chars and to give yourself a Stage to develop what your people would wear. This show is only meant to be High Fashion for some of the Chars - the Mundane is very much wanted and appreciated. Build up some of your nations backgrounds with this, that's what this is all a foil for :)

Convention Centre / Bride of the Emperor - IC Thread
« on: January 01, 2024, 05:14:22 PM »
From the outside it feels like the Entrance to a summer Camp, giggity young Woman with Coffers and a cheery attitude gathering to be left in. Where it not for the massive security apparatus around the Pop up village. The Site was surrounded by several security fences, Surveillance and patrolling Soldiers.

The Cottages themselves where overall Spartan, aside from high speed internet connections. Cameras everywhere on the Site to Broadcast everything the Participants do to the World. Well, almost everything. Bedrooms and Bathrooms where Camera free. Several Large Physical Noteboards where filled with Information, like communal Food times or announcements, emergency numbers and details about the first part of the contest.

One of these cottages has been dubbed the Refugee shelter by some of the participants, but in truth it was hosting the high profile Foreigners that had signed up for the contest, together with some of the local hopeful candidates.

Irene, Sieglinde and Brunhilde had taken a room far away from each other - overall each bedroom allowed for up to four occupants. Leaving one room completely empty for now, and 9 beds to be picked. The three awaited the other residents, sitting far apart and all looking at their phones what was going on.

The Large Dining Tent was usually a Massive Beer Tent for local fairs, now it was more akin to a posh refugee canteen. A countdown of 31 Days was setup on a huge monitor, determining the first Test to be held at that time.

The food available was overall modest, though there was a little trick to it. Apparently the Youth Senates where voting in the weekly foods for the Participants, and on top of that, had the power to grant some of them a better menu.

To the signatory Nations of the MCUR,

according to a General Vote held this Year in the Empire of Neu Uburzis, the Elder Senate strives to bring our laws into accordance to the Charter. In Order to achieve this Goal, we extend invitations to all signatory Nations to send a Delegation to the Empire and allow us to start the process of identifying and rectifying the current issues.

These Delegations would be considered as if Embassy staff or as if an Ambassador if your Nation does not yet have one yet.

Furthermore we wish to clarify that this would not be a council of lawmakers writing the Laws directly for us. This is not how our democracy works, but it would be a council that will be heard by all Senates and be asked by all Senates as prime advisors on the matter. Law making in the Empire is a slow and methodical process due the way our democratic process works.

For now we have set aside a building in the Embassy district of Neu Uburzis city for the Delegation meeting hall and Bureaus, while Hotels will be paid until more permanent residency can be achieved in case it is necessary.

In the Name of the Elder Senate,

Matilda Eidmeier

In the Name of the Emperor,

Prince Regent Albrecht von Uburzis

The repurposed former Warehouse from the early 20th Century stands proudly on the Banks of the River Niam, a modern glass Roof glazing it's inside with Daylight as the refurbished facade is being scrubbed to remove the former owners Company Logo. The City had lend the building more than willingly to the Senates, as it allowed a seamless transition after the failed office development project.

Several Office Spaces where ready should anyone even show up.

The Central gallery had been replaced with a miniature Senate hall for the Delegation to come together and discuss the intricacies of lawmaking, or to get a live link into one of the Senates via a modern, but clearly quickly fitted into the room, Video conference system.

Those who had been in contact with Neu Uburzis before, might recognize this as the repurposed leftover Screens from the W.A.I.T. model.

Convention Centre / Bride of the Emperor - IC Socialisation Thread
« on: November 13, 2023, 05:53:26 PM »
(OOC: This is for all the Social Media Posts, Personal Insights, and other Reactions for the current stage in the Bride of the Emperor event.)

Convention Centre / Bride of the Emperor - Application Thread
« on: November 12, 2023, 04:31:18 PM »
(OOC ahead: I will refrain posting the many, many NPC's from NU that would apply in their full volume, and will wait until December to add several more applicants but the first from my side.)

Imperial Bride application Form:

Before you continue, please keep the following in mind:

  • You must be at least 16 Years of age at the time of the Wedding.
  • You must be no older than Twenty Six at the time of the Wedding.
  • You must be able to have children, and be of sound Mind.
  • The Empire and the Public will have access and work through your life and all you've done so far. If you do not wish to essentially lose your privacy, do not apply.
  • Please remember that if you are not of the common type the Imperial Senates desire, your chances are slim, but never zero.
  • This is a competition, do not enter if you can not handle loss.
  • While you will be getting a free flight to and from the empire should you be chosen for the Competition, you will not be compensated for a loss in revenue during the time.

Please fill out the following Form with your Information:

Date of Birth:
Full name (including titles, if applicable):
Place of Birth:
Unedited and Up to date Picture:
Medical Records:(Please upload a file from your Healthcare providers)
Why do you think you'd be the right person to raise and bear the next Emperor or Empress:

This Website will be left up and running until the 31.12.2023 when the Applications will close.

TV Shows / Turn of your AdBlocker - Advertisements from Neu Uburzis
« on: September 22, 2023, 05:19:29 PM »
September 2023, online Add

A women gets home from her desk job, greeted by the excited kids talking about their time time at summercamp excitedly.

"Mama, Mama! We saved the Captives!" Her super excited son runs up and gives his tired mother a quick hug: "It was so much fun being able to help people and not just sit on my homework!"

The woman smiles wearily, her mind wandering to her own time at the camps. The Advertisement shows a younger actor depicting the mother in her own camp time, running through a burning gauntlet, breaking a door down with an axe, carrying someone on her back out of the enemy camp.

"I'm glad you had fun, sweety." the mother kisses her child on the forehead, sending them back to unpack their bag. He Husband walks ove rin a Kitchen apron, nodding to his Wife: "Hard day at work, honey?" she nods as her phone rings again, the add showing the words *Boss* on the Display.

"Do you want the magic back from back then, want to be a hero again?" a disembodied voice asks, as the phone is aggressively ringing and vibrating: "We know you do, and you know you can."

She is about to pick up the phone when a second alarm goes off, a more shrill sound, more urgent seeming alarm as the husband grabs a pager from the Wardrobe and tosses it to his wife: "I'll deal with your boss. Go!"

The Ads music changes, an urgent tune is played as the Wife rushes out of the door, and over to a large building with several big garage doors in front just across her home. Several others are rushing in, and it becomes clear it's a Fire Station. The Wife turns into a Firefighter, changing into gear, driving towards a fire in the next shot.

It changes to a callback to her memories of camp, this time it's her fighting through a real fire, axing down a real door. Saving someone from a real threat as she emerges on the final shot of the add.

"Be the Hero you're meant to be, join your local Volunteer Firefighting Squad today."

Diplomacy and Events / NU & the Iwi: Back to your Roots
« on: September 03, 2023, 01:26:24 PM »
Sturmheim, Neu Uburzis, 31. 8. 2023

Viktor went through the checklist one last time. Toothbrush, Clothes, Phone, Charger and Papers. The small house still felt empty with only him and his Dog living here, but it was home. He flipped his Passport around, an additional line in there said Ngati Porou as if it should mean something to him. Maybe it was time to change that as well, his flight to Hunter’s Bay was waiting, it would take some days in the Airship to reach.

Viktor walked over to the mirror, straightening his Uniform and staring at the man opposing him. There it was, the nose, the eyes. Almost as if his Grandfather was looking at him, it made him queasy. He hunted people like that, people that constantly tried to hide in Neu Uburzis due to their laxer laws. Of course they never understood that the Empire did not tolerate being used as Criminal Perverts hidey-hole. He sniffed them out for a living, part of the Police Ops that exfiltrated Sex Criminals back to their home countries. He had joined the Police track of the Academy after his grandfather's death. Did he feel responsible? No, but he felt like it would give the old man some peace knowing he tried to honor the man he was at the end of his life. Maybe it would help his soul find peace.

“Ready for a vacation, Bloodhound?” his Superior greeted him at the Airfield with a stack of Papers: “I’ll fly with the Mother, you are on the other Ship with the child. Rendezvous with the Iwi officials in the Hunter’s Bay Police Station.” His superior stopped for a moment: “Are you really sure you want to go there?”

Viktor groaned hearing this nickname. A year in action and fifteen arrests had earned him the title by some Journalists, purposely referencing his grandfather's involvement with the Hellhounds:

“No, I am not sure. But the boy needs an escort and if they have Questions about the details of the arrest it’s better I am there.” Viktor paused, glancing over his shoulder back to the Terminal: “I delayed facing my own history long enough. Once it’s done I'll have a short trip through the Commonwealth, hence why you’ll have to look after my dog until then.”

“Afraid to call him by name when the press could hear?” the man smirked at him: “He’ll be fine with his siblings. Don’t worry, Cerberus will be well cared for. Now I'll have to deal with a woman who kidnaps her own child to live with a known and registered criminal.”

Viktor cut him off and walked onto the Airship, this was about to be a very long trip.

Hunter's Bay Airport, Commonwealth of the Iwi, 3.8.2023

Viktor ‘Bloodhound’ Schneider stood at the same door his grandfather entered five years ago, the Hunter’s Bay Airport police station. Passing through, he walked to the reception, handing over his passport:

"Kriminaloberkommissar Schneider. I have an escortee for you, and should be expected. May I hand him over to the Father?”

The Other World / Marriage Audience 7 - the Other World
« on: April 10, 2020, 09:19:58 AM »
Emperor Orion had brought quite the Large Entourage along the the Audience after the meeting. Aside from Albrecht and his Aunt, there was Augustin and causing surprise among the Press home, there was Prince Sebastian, two Classmates of Sebastian, and one of their Teachers.

"So, we talked about this?" Orion glanced them over: "And Augustin, no petting. Yes i know. But no. He isn't a Rabbit. And don't try to get Rhiannon to do so."

"Yeeees." Augustin groaned, glancing over to Sebastians Classmates with a cheecky grin: "Whatever it is Augustin, no." Albrecht chimed in, all the while Adelheid chuckled: "Let's be honest, knowing Rhiannon if she is anywhere near you won't stop her anyway."

Sebastian had brought his Violin, looking nervously at Orion: "What if this wont work?" who gave the oldest of his nephews a strong Pat on the Shoulder, even though he was barely a couple centimeters taller and went to the same school:

"Even if, we have those two with us. You won't summon something this big anyway."

King Finley had left the Audience room as Orion moved in first, wearing his Purple Toga and golden wreath:

"Congratulations King David, and Queen Stasya." he smiled, before sighing: "I'd wish i was just here for pleasantries, but i am rather sure you heard the Rumors..."

Albrecht took out an Envelope with Printouts, clearing them out onto a Table: "You can see Pictures from some Months ago. I'm sure you heard of this incident - people claiming to have seen a literal dragon for some mere minutes descending onto the City."

From odd angles and Far away, the Pictures where put to see: "That is. This is the Second incident. And it wasn't all there is to this." He took a second envelope, and held it too David: "Please don't let Rhiannon see that. It's our Investigators Pictures from some Students mauled by a Were-Creature. A Were Rat to be Precise. Bullets jumped off it's skin like they where water dropplets. As you can see, it was stabbed to death with pieces of a silvered mirror in the end."

"And that Dragon was rather real." Orion chimed in: "It tried to summon itself to Mundus, with the Help of his Son who used Sebastian's innate Abilities."

The Teacher raised his hand: "Well, one of his Sons." as his skin hardened to scales and turned to Bronze color. He easily grew two Decimeter in size, formed a maw and kneeled down, his tail trailing behind him: "I'm sorry since i am only a Dragon Born, and not a full dragon."

"No one would call you 'only' a Dragon Born, Lord Epoch." Adelheid added, chuckling: "My designers are very keen on making clothes for you. You present an unseen challenge. Same goes for those two." She nodded to the other students: "Your Turn."

"If i may." Orion chimed in: "This is Korosuya and Shippai of the Eternal Legion..."

The two of them snapped their Fingers and knelt next to the Dragonborn. The Girl turned into a Sort of anthropomorphic Tiger, with stripped fur across her Face, and elongated Paws like fingers, with the Boy becoming a Bunny, Patches of Orange and Black on his Fur and two Large Ears flopping over his face, he quickly moved to the side.

Augustin had a visible hard time not trying to go over to the two.

"They are my classmates, not Pets." Sebastian hissed, nodding to Orion, as he walked up to the king: "If you'd allow. I'd summon the last Attende." with the back of his bow, where he had installed a small sharp edge, Sebastian cut his own hand, bleeding some drops of his blood onto the Violin before playing the Melody of the Christian Gloria in Exclesis Deo.

The room Lights up bright, for a Brief moment Blindingly so, as now a Tall man with waving long silver Hair and Pointed ears in a White Robe stood in the middle of the Room, slowly unfolding Six white Wings from his Back:

"Your Majesty, if i may Introduce myself. I am Cassiel, Arch Angel of Time. And i am most certain Helus and the other Gods of Mundus are about to wake up soon. Chronos has already arrived in Uburzis."

Convention Centre / Niameck Fashion Week 2020 - Socialisation Thread
« on: February 10, 2020, 07:24:32 PM »
Niameck City Square Evening of the 10.2.2020

Adelheid walked to the Backstage Lounge, sitting down in her Red dress as she picked up a glass of Champagne: "I Wonder who's even going to be here today."

She glanced around, some Band members, and an adorable little guy in a Bunny costume getting hogged by all the Women in the Backstage Area.

She was hoping for Makar to make it for the whole week, but knowing he was still military, she wasn't sure for which events he even got off duty.

"You look like you need someone to cheer you up."

Julian Wingert helped himself to a glass of Champagne, toasting to Adelheid.

"How did you..." she raised an eyebrow, sipping from her flute: "Ah, right. Sometimes i forget you are a Wingert after all."

"You and half the Country, which i'm actually relatively glad for. It's not like i will inherit anything. They can'T take away my name as well and it stings them, so i like to remind them that i am doing my best to stay relevant."

As he sipped from his Champagne, he smiled: "Heads up, you got a whole week ahead of you."

Spoiler: show

OOC: For making this more readable: I suggest for you to color code your replies, as this will later on have events for several days. I just started off with Orange for Monday.

Convention Centre / Niameck Fashion Week 2020 - Show Thread
« on: February 10, 2020, 06:09:34 PM »

Niameck City Square, 10.2.2020

Adelheid stood in her Dress at the Backstage watching the last of the Pre-Show Bands playing. It had been a good decision to warm the crowd up with local Bands, the gathered people where agitated and chatting, waiting for the show to begin but not bored. Well, Adelheid thought to herself, the Mulled Whine might have helped as well.

The Stage lights turn off as the Last Band hurries off, the Speakers  blasting Thunder just before Adelheid hit the Stage. Her Red Dress and Veil flowing in the Fans' blow as she struts across the stage and over the catwalk.

"Are you READY?"
Adelheid bellows into her Microphone, as dozens of dancers stream onto the stage to yet another piece of electric swing from her beloved Caravan Place. Thoughts pushed aside as the next part of the show was about to starts.

From behind the stage, a young boy in a Bunny costume stumbles over the Stage. The show gets to a grinding halt, music is paused as Augustin grabs himself one of the Microphones.
"Please remember to get registered as Marrow or Organ Donors."

Adelheid hurried over, and makes an exaggerated effort to shoo him off stage, before the dance Number continues. If she would tell anyone that this commotion was the kids plan to fake it she'd probably be called a liar.

A Time Table with several of the Most important, and a lot of the smaller, Designer Venues is Projected onto the Stage, while she grabss the Microphone:

"After the Success of Last Year, the Fashion World has gotten Roots here in Niameck. But since when is the Empire contempt with humbled beginnings?"

She waltzes towards the Projection, turning towards the Audience:

"This Year, we are More. More Color, More Fabric, More Nations. If there has been any doubt last time, there will be none this year: THIS WEEK, WE ARE THE FASHION CAPITAL!"

Applaus from the Audience, which is getting riled by some animators:


Another rounds of cheers from the crowd:


Adelheid tosses the microphone to one of the Stage hand, as one of the Main Acts for the Evening enters the stage. She walks off to the Side. One show done, the whole Week to go.

Convention Centre / Niameck Fashion Week 2020 OOC Thread
« on: January 05, 2020, 12:31:05 AM »
Due to my absence i have to start this event later, but i still want to Bring the Fashion show of back, yet slightly different.

Instead of Fixed Schedules, i'd like People to just go whenever they have the time to post, as the new format wont restrict them on the amount of possible shows.

The IC Shows would run from the Tenth to the Sixteenth of February, accompanied among other Things by the Nyx Ballet staying in the City during the Time.

The shows itself would be more exclusive, accompanied by after show parties, while public events and lifestreams of the shows would happen on several Plazas around the city.

Current Schedule:

Participant/DayMonday 10.2.Tuesday 11.2.Wednesday 12.2.Thursday 13.2.Friday 14.2.Saturday 15.2.Sunday 16.2.
City of NiameckOpening CeremonyPublic Showcase
Public ShowcasePublic Showcase

Niameck University Students Show
Public ShowcasePublic ShowcaseClosing Ceremony
Adelheid von Uburzis / Adel verflichtet (Norg)Host of Opening CeremonyAdel Verpflichtet, Summer Collection 2020Host for Public ShowsHost for Public ShowsAdel Verpflichtet, Winter Collection 2020/21Host for Public ShowsHost of Closing Ceremony
Henriette Herrlich / Toga Today (Norg)Toga Today, Summer Collection 2020Host for University EventToga Today, Winter Collection 2020/21
Royal Nyx BalletSeperate Coverage.

FAQ Update:

1. I will most likely split this into two threads, one for the Venues/Shows, the other for the "Meet & Greet" or general socialisation. Reasoning being that it make sit easier to post without feeling to "disturb" the flow

2. No Restrictions on the Clothing in place this time - mainly for the reason to open the rp up for more participants. the import restrictions in nu will stay the same, but there are no restrictions on who can come and with what clothing

3. My Schedules are just an example, you can do whatever fits the theme.

Press Offices / Uburzian Imperial Press Office
« on: December 25, 2019, 12:43:01 AM »
24.12.2019 8:30 PM

Upon hearing the Devastating News from Achkaerin, I issue my Condolence to Princess Serenity, her Daughters, and to Emperor Azurewind.

Loosing a Loved One can not be fathomed by words, i can, for once, speak from Experience here. The Imperial Family, and the Nation of Achkaerin, have my Deepest Sympathy.

I will not speculate about what has transpired, it does not matter in this Moment.

If there is anything I can do to Help or Comfort you in this Dark times, I gladly offer it to hereby.

Orion the First, Emperor of Neu Uburzis

Diplomacy and Events / Death Stranding (NU & Nyx)
« on: July 30, 2019, 02:48:16 PM »
Saskia Hohenrod didn't have a Voyage as pleasant as expected. She was on a Flight back to the Empire from a Morticians Congress on Alba Karinya, yet a Storm on the Illumic had forced them to fly a Southern Route. One of the Engines breaking down was even less enjoyable.

"This is the Mors 3, Entering Imperial Nyx Airspace. we have an Engine Failure and ask for Permission to Land."

Saskia sighed as she grabbed a Book on her Table, listening to the Captain contacting the Local Air Surveillance:

"Yes Sir, this is not a Joke, we /are/ an Airship. Our Destination was the Empire of Neu Uburzis. We had to take a Detour due to Storms and lost one of the Engines."

The elder Senator stood up and walked into the Panorama Room, glancing down on the Shores below them.

An Hour later Saskia left the Airship, the Repairs would take at least Three days so she went off Board. Dressed in a black Silk Tunic, gently encasing her thin ghastly frame. The Purple Toga marking her as Elder Senator sitting over her shoulder. She stepped out to the Airport Security, and wandered off into the City she knew little about, accompanied by her Bodyguards.

"From what i know they have a different concept about Death than us." She mused as she Stood in front of the first and Largest Temple she could find:
"They are very ritualistic and Fear Mongering. Quite ironic, when the Death Cult for us is the Opposite. Not Blood Rituals, no Spooky Graveyard Ceremonies. We are probably one of the most Mundane Cults in the Empire..."

Convention Centre / NU Summercamps 2019
« on: July 24, 2019, 10:31:46 PM »

TV Stations and Internet adds all over Mundus (Minus one or two countries that had it blocked) got in a new add, from Neu Uburzis:

A girl with glasses sitting over her desk, her Pony tail tight as she glances at her straight A's School Report. The camera rotates, she is crying. A big "booked out" sign is lying on her table, before a Narrator speaks:

"Promised an epic Adventure, but didn't trust she'd actually pull it off? What kind of Parent would break their word? Last Minute Spots in the Real Life adventure every Teen Dreams off. Stories of Comradery and Fury, or maybe Might and Magic await. An archaeologist on the way into the unknown or a fighter against the Hordes of Evil. No Excuses, sign them up now!"

The Parents slowly creek into the Picture, holding an envelope to their daughter, with the Flag of Neu Uburzis on it, the daughter hugging them.

Age 12 to 17, only a few Spots left.

A boy is cuffed and on the Backseat of a generic Police Car, his fists and face full of bruises. The Camera Pans, another Boy sits in an Ambulance, a tooth lying next to him in on a bloody towel and his eye is held with an ice pack.

A Mother stands in the middle helpless as she glances both ways:

"Torn family? Out of options? Give them a Time out from each other. Neu Uburzis Summercamps. A unique Adventure, you never know what you get."

It cuts to the family at Breakfast, both boys glaring angry at each other, the Grandmother comes in, and slaps two envelopes on the Table, with the Neu Uburzis flag on them: "Let them learn the hard way, before you can't safe this family."

Age 12 to 17, only a few Spots left.

Monday, 29. July, Neu Uburzis City

This year Orion greeted the Campers at the Airfield. Waving to the thousands of Teens gathered up to be shipped across the country to the different camps, he Stood on a small Stage behind the Security Zone.

"Warriors, Heroes, Winners. The camps see all of that. But we also see the defeated, the Villains, the Fearful. Just as last Year selection to which camp you go is random, nothing has changed about that.

We do still have the  Knightly Camp, but i won't be there this year. Instead one of the Campers will find himself in the Lucky position of being crowned the Camps King for the duration, duties and Betrayals inclusive. So be ready for a hard ride.

Where i will be this year is still a secret, but i will ride along one of your buses, so some of you will get a chance to talk to me in Person.

One thing will change though. Once you are on the bus you will be told immediately which camp it goes. If you know someone who desperately wanted to be on that camp, you can take their place in their bus. But you give up yours. Of course the drivers will check first if what you say is true.

I wish you all best of Luck."

After last years incident with the Drug smuggling Kids from another country, a huge Sign warned the foreign guests that getting caught wouldn't expel them, but if they were a boy the'y be awaiting a long bus ride with sore back ends for bringing banned items. These included any form of electronics, weapons drugs etc.

Spoiler: show
If i find enough people interested in Timezones not to far apart, i'm willing to run short sessions for the Camps as Dungeons and Dragons -short adventures. (For Xaeth: I'm running 5e) Requires at least headphones and a decent enough Internet Connection. Feel Free to Join :)

Adelheid had her coffers packed, she was en route to another business meeting when she picked up her phone. She hadn't been able to keep in too close contact with Makar, he was a lovely man, but they both where kind of busy all year round. She dialed up the number as she hopped into her airship, finding only the voice mail answering:

"Hello there, Makar. Been busy the past days. Gotta jet to Lodja soon to meet up with one of Lady Stasya's designer Buddies. I'll have some time after, you feel like meeting up for a coffee or you know a decent restaurant?"

She sighed as she put down the Phone, the thought of her actually wanting someone else hadn't crossed her mind, but spending all that time with the imperial dwarfs the past two years made her realize if she wanted anything for her self she had to make a call rather sooner than later.

the Week after Klara's wedding she spent with Makar was actually pleasing, but she hadn't felt the two of them really had dropped their guard yet. It was chit chat, and he was a lovely handsome man, but aside from that she felt she knew more about him trying to take his military duty serious rather than knowing him at all. Not that she had been  better, she had kept it about social media and fans and click numbers. Maybe now was the time to try and get closer after all. She sighed as she sipped her Matcha Late, getting in a comfortable chair starting to go through her own designers Portfolios, picking out promising concepts.

Orion sat at his desk as he did so often, lonely and stuck in extra lessons. He could hear his peers having a laugh while he was reading up for the upcomming pride and festival of sails, studying lists of whos' who was going to visit. He glanced over to his phone and back to his lists and books, slumping down on his desk before picking it up, dialing a Lodjan Number:

"Lady Immich?[1] Emperor Orion here. I hope you don't mind me calling, but could you pass your son a message that i wish to talk to him? Sadly my schedule is tight so i can't hold the phone to long right now. There's a proposition for him i wish to discuss in detail. Queen Klaras interview about my Nations' Military Youth Camps came over my desk recently. I might be able to make something work, but i hope you understand i wish to ask and discuss this with him instead of over his head..."

Orion would love to say i miss him. But he knew it wasn't happening. there was no way it could work, he would just end up hurting him, even though he really liked Gavrils company, and treasured the vacation he had at the Immichs estate. He was an Emperor and Gavril could never be anything but a  Lover, Orion did not want to do this to anyone. Next year around this Time Girls would start applying to become his wife. At least by now they already knew it would never be love.

Two wet drops fell off his face as he waited for Gavril's Mother to reply, staining his travel route plans.

"I'm usually available around the evening hours if he's not at home. If in doubt you have my Secretaries number, we can make a time."

 1. This is the Sister in Law of the Lady in Waiting

Albrecht had enjoyed the Jewel Festival, glam glitter and the scent of depravity. People used to see him in Public wouldn't believe he actually enjoyed indulgence as much as his sister does. Though unlike her he couldn't spent time building fashion shows and setting himself up as an icon, manipulating a Nation required a certain type of external presentation.

And now, this lead him to come one on one to talk with the new King of the Seleucid. Heydar. The first one he intended to have this one on one talk with. He was waiting after the main act of the Festival, though the overly friendly smile was gone. A cold rational need for result filled him. No matter how the talks went, his people expected some form of impact. Either a fallout or a change in Seleucids behavior, and Albrecht was fully prepared he would likely conjure the later.

He made his way to the Palace with several of his people in tow, though entered the Palace leaving them behind, risky, but necessary. He had to make a point that they weren't meeting as enemies. In Truth, looking at the Situation with Heydar's brother and the Exile of the Lodjan woman, Albrecht felt like in another Situation the two likely had a similar habit of getting things done. It was a thought he wouldn't be able to express, though if Heydar had the inch of a chance of being a ruler and not a puppet, he would have connected some dots and made assumptions of his own.

The less pleasant visit Albrecht had to do after was one with Abbas, if all went well there was a chance they would do it right here, with the preparations the two rulers had still going, instead of having to Travel to Tamora on his own. Not that it would make much difference.

And then there was this utter Nut job from Slava Lavosk. He wasn't even sure he would get a personal talk with him in the first place, seeing as he would most likely feel insulted he talked with Seleucid and Tamora first. How to talk reason to a guy who first has a Kangaroo court execute a Teen Girl and then his best response was effectively 'Oops i did it again' was still to be seen. Not that he minded a single death over the betterment of a Nation, but the guy was so darn clumsy about it that made Albrecht's sister in comparison seem like a ballerina on the Diplomatic dance floor.

First things first, Albrecht sighed, as he waited in the Palace for the King or anyone to pick him up.

Albrecht gently hummed to himself, before singing a song to himself he found  so ironically be performed by Orion a couple Months ago:

"...Meticulous planning
Tenacity spanning
Decades of denial
Is simply why I'll
Be king undisputed
Respected, saluted
And seen for the wonder I am
Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared
Be prepared!
Yes, our teeth and ambitions are bared
Be prepared!

(ooc: i know i should have started this earlier. but the situation blew up a bit and more fast paced than i can deal with right now ;) )

Diplomacy and Events / The rear Approach (Vigilance & Vaguzia)
« on: January 13, 2019, 08:25:55 PM »
The Alchemist and Vigilance where in a rough shape. While torturing the one Borlander they caught had given them high spirit, he was well out of the loop and low level loyalist harder for Kyle Barren than his Ex Wife probably ever was.

They hit a wall, and Straussenhof bothered more often than not with the lack of progress. Morland was a no recruit and intel zone, they joined up with their military right away if they hated the borlanders, and info was just as much unobtainable. Why trust a group of brutal murder fetishists instead of an army that’s rather capable of covert murders themselves.

It seemed to Rudolph that maybe Redfern had faked the Death of Barrens kid, probably better for the short stick. Didn’t seem out of Character either, considering the man had more aces up his sleeve then there were cards in the games he played.

In the End, it was a night over their own mountain retreat in Uburzis that it hit him. There was a back entrance they could use to get to the Borlanders.

Rudolph had done some work in vaguzia for a couple of months. Get in contact with survivor groups, or groups of people who lost their beloved due to the borlanders. Fish out the angry ones, the frustrated ones. Separate them, bring them together carefully. The probe them with what vigilance did. It had turned off quite more than he had hoped, but he had a solid number of individuals who talked more and more about it.

And now, it was time to recruit them into the fold.

The abandoned Fish Caning Factory on Vaguzias norther shores seemed perfect. Remote enough, and out of direct sight until you knew where to look. They had invited the people in for an anger management course, paid for by what they believed was a church funded relief effort. Considering the amount of many christians wasted on the likes of heyra, it wasn’t hard to make the story seem plausible.

The Doors had been closed behind the candidates, and the lights turned off.
Drippings from below them rattled, as a single light shined upon Rudolph, dressed up as the alchemist:

“Welcome to Vigilance. Your training starts here.”

Personally he wanted a little myth about the group, the Idea was copied from some of the Ex Mercs in their Ranks. With a rattle and splash, a metal grate gave way under the recruits, dropping the Vaguzians in a vat used to store the fish originally. The slushy liquid inside was a sickening mud, and the goal lit by candlelight on the rear end.

The Alchemist was watching, judging with eagle sharp eyes.

Vignettes / Fragmenta Historiae - Short Vignettes from Neu Uburzis
« on: January 09, 2019, 09:55:26 PM »
Orion rubbed his eyes as he retreated into his private study. While he did share his dorm with several of his classmates his duties as Emperor made a separation necessary.

His Schedule got an update. Another weekend taken out for additional study time. Not that he was surprised, at least the trip to lodja for the wedding had been worth it.

He worked through his emails, one from the trinity order inquiring about the summer camp for next year. Would he return as medieval king? Orion replied that he'd be waiting for the half year grades first to see if he'd be able to take the time.

He was about to close his mailbox and work on an essay when a message from siegrun came in. A file was attached. A moment later and Orion was trying to reach Malcom tucker from east Moreland.

"No it is not a prank call." he groaned trying to get through: "yes, this is the emperor of Neu Uburzis. I am only fourteen after all. Just tell mister tucker I sent him a mail with a short video from prince Augustin. He sent get better wishes for the princess and I don't have the kings private email. So, please tell him before some thinks it's a spamm mail."

He hung up and sighed, before watching the adorable clip with Augustin and schnuffelchen again.

Diplomacy and Events / White Knights and Black Sheep (NU & Achk)
« on: January 07, 2019, 05:32:08 PM »

A harbor in Aechkaerin. 7th January 2019

The biting cold wind blowing down north onto the harbor had forced Markus to halt the journey in Aechkaerin. Romula had caught a hefty cold and he had been ill equipped to deal with a sick child on top of a pair of spoiled imperial brats. Not to mention he had the KND on his heels for technically kidnapping them.

He went to the closest drug store the harbor had and asked for a couple of child medicine. He cursed having to ask too many questions but using his phone was out of question, the next contact waiting in rodina and his last one already compromised. He could only hope that the true regent had planned well enough ahead to protect her daughters from Alexandra's pet dog and the cry baby of an emperor Orion.

He made up a story about family vacation to the clerk, hoping no one would check. A 25 year old and two almost 9 year olds raise coursered flags and he didn't need the attention of local authorities atop of his current persecutors.

Back at the harbor his heartbeat stopped for a split second. Rema had left the boat and was sporting her annoyed princess pose. “Did you remember to get a treat?”
Of course he did but it had been too risky staying any longer.
“no time.” Markus replied, where as she stomped on the ground. “Then go and get something proper to eat for us!” she then breathed in, adding very loudly: “Now!”

Markus panicked. He quickly grabbed the protesting princess and started the engine. Praying no one would think anything wrong until he was off the radar again.

Vignettes / a New Years Resolution
« on: December 31, 2018, 06:11:14 PM »
Brother Josef had been hiding for the past one and a half years. Changed his name, got rid o his Beard. Even died his Hair. In the Backwater Farming Village of Südfurt he found a job, and had gone with a new name. It pained him he had to pretend praying to false gods, but anything that might make him seem christian was off the table.

He really had done fucked up. Of course Erik had known about the kidnapping about to happen, and he had done jack shit about it. Telling him off previously before, his ass. Erik had ignored it like the lazy Bum he really was.

The thought of the boy he lynched still lingered in his mind. It was such a heated situation, i mean he had to make an example out of disobedience. And they had grabbed a way to old boy with Arthur anyway. Of course, in hindsight it was a shitty decision, but who could blame him? It worked out for the Christians in the Empire. Erik suddenly started to act the leader he was supposed to be, the empire allowed the Christians to work closer with them. All at the cost of some ties to the Pope but who cared. The Bible never mentioned the Pope anyway.

It was late on this last day of December. He waited for a bus back to his lonely shack out in the woods. He'd still have to walk two kilometers but his safety had to come first. Unlike usual, there seemed to be a lonely passenger. A small teen and the smell of booze in the air. Josef quickly walked past.

They drove on, and he started to raise an eyebrow. Another one entered the bus at the next stop. A lot bulkier than the kid already waiting. An alarm went off in his Mind, as yet another one got on the bus. Josef pressed the stop button, as a way to familiar voice snarled:

"Don't even think about it, murderer."

Josef's blood froze. The fucking make believe Emperor Orion and one of his kidnapping victims. And then it hit him. All four of them. His four Escaped Victims. Even the Bloody Driver was just a Teen dressed up.

"The Driver is Military. So, i think it's time to talk." Orion kept on jabbing, as the man fumbled around in his pocket he still had a small gun in there, just in case.

"Looking for this?" Betram asked, holding up the Gun. He had gotten quite Bulky over the last year. Muscles flexing in the dark.

The third one snarled: "You taught us quite a bit, don't think we didn't plan this well ahead."

How long did these brats knew, he growled as he made sure he could duck away should they start shooting, grabbing the little hammer to break the windows on his way down.

Heinrich slowed the bus down before halting at Josef's stop. He stood up, before all four cornered Josef. Betram and Hans flanked him, while Orion walked casually past him:

"Anything you want to say?"

Josef snarled with a rasp laugh:

"What now? Kill me. I'll die on the Island or i die here. I achieved all i wanted. The order is back on his feet. I die a Martyr for true Christianity."

Heinrich went in full swing an punched him in the Face before joseph could duck back into cover:

"Shut up!" he yelled, loosing his cool before Orion held him, patting him on the back:

"He can't harm us anymore." with a resolving nod.

"Also the Military was so kind to lend us a hand. They are already all around the Bus. So don't bother fighting."

Betram pointed the gun at their former captor, nodding to the door: "OUT"

Josef obliged. He was defeated? what good was this now. He grinded his teeth, they probably where here for revenge. A red dot on his head told him the boy emperor was not kidding, running wasn't exactly an option.

"Anything to say now?" Hans asked with his voice squeaking.

"Someone's Voice is breaking? Cute" Josef got a kick in his guts as response. Tears of Pain swelling in the Mans eyes as he grunted:

"Fuck you kids."

The four of them shrugged demonstratively, before starting to kick together. Josef had waited for the moment, he grabbed the leg of hans, the youngest, and flipped him over the direction of the Sniped, using the boy as meat shield in the dark. The boot he got to his Face stopped the advance.

Hans stopped up and cleared the dirt the man getting pinned down by the other four as Hans gave him a well aimed kick into the crown jewels.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT" Josef yelled, spitting blood and a tooth after Orion this time had punched him.

"See you wincing. That's all." Orion stated, shivering to his bones as tears welled up in his eyes:

"We didn't forget any of what you did to us. None of us can sleep without being afraid of you. But now, now we change that."

Heinrich nodded, all three of them in tears, though Josef didn't see that in the Dark.

"After tonight..." Bertram Started, before Heinrich finished: "You'll fear us for the rest of your life."

Protected by Albrecht's Hand Picked Soldiers, the four boys kept beating the man at their mercy for a while, whipping him, spitting in his face. Burning him with cigarettes. Everything they had been thinking up in their little Group Therapy Sessions over the last Months.

As the man lay down in a bloody mess, the soldiers grabbed him and brought him away:

"Make sure he survives." Orion told the soldiers, before looking at his fellow Plotters, the Firework for the new Year from the surrounding villages setting the night sky alight:

"No more being Afraid of him, that's our Resolution."

International Organisations / West Aranye International Throng (W.A.I.T.)
« on: December 31, 2018, 05:04:07 PM »
To the Nations physical Seated in the Western half of Aranye,

we see the Continents of Ardia struggling to find common ground, while in Alba Karyna and Albion Nations cuddle together like old couples.

In the Empire of Neu Uburzis, none of the current Approaches would work, and we believe they would not with most other Nations in Western Aranye.

Yet the need to talk with each other and find solutions before we see bad blood and only talk to each other via Newspapers seems greater than ever.

For this reason we propose an official Channel for the Nations in Western Aranye, allowing us to find quick and direct response to each other while not tying us down to overbearing treaties and organisations.

We have thought up the W.A.I.T. system (West Aranye International Throng), a set of Standby connections for Government officials, not unlike a Red Phone room. Instead of linking two Nations and Leaders together, we intend to link several together if needed for a quick and unified response, while allowing us to opt out if desired.

To discuss this idea, and possible ways for Implementation, we hereby invite the Governments and Leaders of the Western Arayne Nations to Neu Uburzis City.


Elder Robert of Niameck, Speaker to the Elder Senate
Prince Albrecht of Uburzis, Regent to Emperor Orion the First

Diplomacy and Events / A Monster's Honor
« on: December 10, 2018, 09:14:49 PM »
Having been a single Dad was hard, raising his Grandson alone had been even more taxing. Mister Schneider had prepared a simple meal of Vegetable stew and Bread. They weren’t specially wealthy so meat was a rarity, but he made due. His son and daughter in law had died in a Car Crash when the boy had been a toddler. He stood to greet him but the boy pushed him aside:

“Hey, whatever went wrong today, there’s no reason to be pushy now. Just sit down, eat and we talk about it!”

His Grandson Viktor scoffed:

“I don’t think so.” before slamming several print outs on the table, storming up the Room.

Mister Schneider followed upstairs, finding his grandson packing Clothes and other utility items into a bag:

“What do you think your doing?”

“Moving out.” the boy declared, before turning around:

“I signed up for one of the Academies. Don’t even talk to me monster.”

Mister Schneider gulped, shaking his head:

“Where the hell did you…”


Mister Schneider took a deep Breath. before walking out of his Grandsons room:

“At least eat. And hear me out.”

The man was shaking. He had been afraid this day would come, but hadn’t expected it would come from him. He picked up his grandsons Printouts. It was a School Project about Seleucid War criminals still on the loose, one Slide about a Group of soldiers called Cerberus, the Helldogs.

“What’s your real name” The angry boy crossed his arms, shoving the food away from himself.

“Hans Schneider is my real name. I did marry Annabelle. Just…”

The boy punched the Table, his eyes red swollen, hans nodded:

“I was born as Firouz Alkiviadis. And yes, i am the guy having my boots in her Face on that Picture.”

“They are looking for you. You and your crownies raped seventy women in one night!”

Tears fell down the boys face:

“I’m the Grandson of a Monster.”

Hans shook his head, drying his own eyes:

“Don’t forget your Toothbrush.”

He left a letter for his Grandson. If the schoolkids found him that easy there was no way for him left to protect his family than to face the Iwi. He knew sooner or later he’d be found out.

“Dear Grandson,

if you read this i already left the Airport and likely walked into a Police Station in the Commonwealth.
Your Father was born 1982, a year after that Picture happened. I was among the Youngest of that group, tasked to round up a village. And we did. When they didn’t tell us where the so called Rebels where hiding we started by beating then, and then we violated every single grown Woman there.
But we didn’t stop there. We dared who would pick the youngest of them, as we thought them little more than animals, and make her scream the loudest.
I’m not proud of this, but that day your Grandmother was only Thirteen.
One Year later, i was by then promoted to Labor Camp Guard, i saw her again.
She was pushed in, and us soldiers wickedly grinned. But then i saw it. She held a Newborn, barely a few weeks old. And she saw me, rushed to me and pushed the boy into my arms before spitting in my face.
I’m rather sure she died that night. And so did Firouz Alkiviadis. Paralyzed as she defiantly walked away i held on to the child, confused i walked down to the Barracks, where my Childhood Friend offered me advise. And pulled a Gun on your Father, he barely missed as i pulled him away, and he yelled at me if i want to protect that Bastard.
The shot had caused an uproar in the Camp, i could hear more chaos outside, and as my friend turned his back to get our commander i put a bullet in the back of his head and ran.

I am a coward through and through, i took a helpless woman, i shot my childhood friend in the back of the head. And i would kill my friend again to protect my son.

Whatever awaits for me the iwi will call it justice, and the only thing i can do to protect you from my reputation now is face them head on.

I wish one day you can remember me not only as monster, but as the man who also walked tall facing his mistakes.

Just don’t ever think of me as Role model.

Your loving Grandfather, Hans Schneider.”

In an Airport in the United Iwi, a Man of 57 Years took off his hat after passing the Security with his Uburzian Passport, walking straight into the Airports Police Station.

He walked up to the Receptionist officer:

“Hans Schneider, though i was born as Firouz Alkiviadis. I think you are looking for me.”

TV Shows / one Year on the Throne
« on: November 11, 2018, 09:38:55 PM »
It's a TV special on the anniversary of Orions Coronation. Ahead a pair of interviewers discussed:

"let's talk about the Elephant in the room. Un Cenneslaig claim her a child murderer. And now her children vanished."

"True, but there's the video that now came up after her death, claiming that in fact Alexandra murderer her own children out of paranoia."

"The Elder Senate has made a statement clarifying that Orion is without a doubt the rightfull Emperor, did they keep something from us?

"According to Saskia Hohenrod, there where uncertain elements they did not wish to reveal. I am not sure how to feel being lied to."

"We are going live to the Throne room. Hopefully we will get answers."

Orion sits on the Throne, his hands on the golden Wolf heads f the Throne. Albrecht stands next to him, nodding:

"I had prepared a different Speech." Orion starts, sighing:

"About one and a half Years ago my Mother died. Murdered by the woman married to her eldest Son. to my Brother."

Orion seems calm, unlike the last public appearances he had:

"From what we know of what happened, she poisoned my Mother with Polonium, and to make sure, added Organic Lead compounds to the drinking Water of our Vacation home. She murdered her own husband in cold blood as she was striving to become the Regent to her Daughters."

Orion took a deep breath:

"The only reason i am here today, and you are not ruled by a woman capable of murdered a boy just to make me angry, is that i was grounded at school." Orion did now whipe his eyes, sniffing slightly:

"At least that's how i understand the whole scene."

While giving Orion a nod, Albrecht steps one ahead:
"We didn't make all this public, as we lacked evidence. We know it was Polonium and acute Lead poisoning. We believed it was her, but we didn't have proof. When she murdered that boy from un Cenneslaig, she made the mistake of thinking i would sit still and let her get away with that. She poisoned him with lead and Polonium before bleeding him out like an Animal. That is not how a sane human treats others. She picked someone looking as close to the Emperor, bought him from what we know was an underground slave market - this had nothing to do with tamora - and killed him just to enrage us. If this is not despicable i do not know what is."

Orion waved the camera with one hand to look back at him:

"Her daughters ran away, we found them using a Backdoor tunnel. We will hand out pictures of them, this is against protocol, but two seven year olds should not be running around alone. We have police and military searching for them already.  They are not their mother. Please treat them with Kindness."

Orion then stepped of his thrown, getting down on one knee:

"I beg the Parents and Relatives of Peter Langdom to try and forgive us. Our failure to apprehend her brought Pain and suffering to you."

Orion the put his forehead don the ground, the audience hearing a gasp from a cameraman and Albrecht nodding slowly.

Albrecht then ensures the camera moves to him:

"There is no shame in admitting mistakes. There is shame in not trying to rectify them.
The Empire faces it's mistakes head on. No matter if you are the Emperor or someone who moved here.
That brings me to something else."

Orion is back on the Throne, the camera back on him:

"We have tied ourselves to the Iwi. And the Empire takes their vows serious.
If there is anyone in the Empire, who would find himself guilty of Crimes against our Brethren, he should stand up and bring himself to face justice.
Stand up and show the world that we take our principles serious.
A vow to a Nation, Justice, Honor. These hold meaning.
Just as i will face my mistakes, and travel to Un Cenneslaig to attempt to make amends, so should all of us face our mistakes head on,
and not hide like cowards."

Albrecht nodded again, getting the camera back on him:

"We are open to questions by the senates, as usual. Stay safe. Gloria Honorque Imperio erat!"

Convention Centre / Niameck Fashion Show 2018 (OPEN)
« on: October 23, 2018, 09:49:12 PM »
Neu Uburzis City, Several Weeks Ago:

Princess Adelheid had planned the Event for one and a half years now. Initially her plan was just showcasing Local Manufacturing due to the Lack of international Compliance to Uburzian Standards. But after working Briefly together with Lady Stasia, her perspective had changed.

If she wanted to be known as the Fashion Icon in Neu Uburzis, than she had to bring haute couture into the Empire.

She gave Lady Stasya a pass to invite up to Three Designers, but made clear she had capacities for more of desired.

Nemerie had gotten themselves two reserved Slots, though she wasn't sure if they'd even show up.

Though with Potentially four Runways and 5 Hours Time she had estimated if they took it slowly she had a capacity of 20 Designers. If there were less she would simply be able to close one or two Halls down, and make it look like she never had planned for more.

It was an overkill on Capacity, but she had to rent the whole Exhibition Center anyway.

She Prepared a Memo for all Designers and Companies Interested, ensuring they get that Uburzis was special in their desires:

- No Synthetic Fabrics, Plastics and similar non Recyclable Materials.
- real Fur is allowed and welcome, if the Animal grew up Organic
- All Components must have been produced following environmental Safety Guidelines, or be Organic
- Don't bring walking Stick figures, bring Men and Women

Adelheid also added a Timetable, Ensuring Designers could apply for a Favorite Timeslot:

Center StageStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4
15:30-16:00Opening Ceremony
After 21:00After Show Party

Spoiler: show

It was a lovely Saturday morning in Neu Uburzis City. The Zoo had just opened the Doors, and hordes of children with their Parents flooded towards the former Dolphinarium, where now a ecological self cleaning Pool had been installed instead. A new Aquarium and the pool where to be opened for the Public today.

After a suggestion by an influential Person, the Zoo was expecting Mathilda Osman, former Wife of East Morelands King David, to open the new Facilities in addition to Promote her campaign to Protect Dolphins. For this Reason the Stage was decorated with Flags and Garlands of East Moreland, red roses and white cloves seaming the Pathways in lavish Bouquets. Only a rather small Poster naming Osmantech as the Company behind the visit.

A group of small children stood nearby, all of them having their small pets with them, while a less than happy grey haired woman sighed:
"Who the hell screwed this up? The opening was supposed to be last week. I Scheduled a peaceful walk through the Zoo with them..."
A small boy, holding a rabbit, tucked her sleeve: "When can we go see the fishes in the Aquarium?"

To Tim Carpenter,

there's a Table reserved at this nice authentic Moreland Restaraunt, the old Chopping Block, in Freestone.

Since i was in Moreland to visit my daughters and Grandson i decided to meet up with the man being a small thorn in the side of a certain Denmanding Personality.

It would be preferable if you'd arrive in adequate clothing.

Admiral Matilda Eidmeier, of the Imperial Neu Uburzis Navy

Convention Centre / Summercamp 2018 OOC
« on: April 26, 2018, 11:22:21 PM »
Seeing as it would disrupt the Roleplaying to much, this is the OOC thread for the Summercamp.

So far the 2 main settings i had in mind to roleplay:

1. One Medieval Styled Tournament. The Kids camping out like participants would have, battling it out in melee fights and some even jousting. Maybe some campfire intrigue.

2. One set of a battle field camp. Scouting, brawls in the forest, and day to day battle. Depending on how many show interest we could have 2 groups fighting against each other, one for each side.

how it will be done: The main idea was to go something closer to a classical PnP style. I had in mind to take a slimmed down DnD 5e as anchor point what you would expect. Short version: Still more focused on the Role playing than on combat, but a certain level of combat and dicing would be happening.

Convention Centre / Uburzis Summercamp 2018
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23.4.2018 Mundus - during Add-Breaks or in Video Loading Screens:

Three old Men sit in their armchairs,  sipping whiskey and smoking cigars: "When i was young, we would go out and punch someone making jokes about my mother! Now they get detention when they defend their family honor with their fists!"  The man in an Grey silk Kimono shook his head, puffing smoke: "Seriously, the lad is such a whimp normally, and his Father grounds him for finally standing up to himself and the family. At least he takes after my Daughter."

Pictures of a boy, wearing broken glasses with his fist clenched and blood on his lips flicker in the Grandfathers smoke, before a second old man whisks the smoke away with his hand:

"You are the lucky one here. At least your Grandson isn't the one first running his mouth and then crying his eyes out locking himself in for the rest of the day after getting punched. Heck he had a little bruise nothing more."  The man sporting a bright red tunic, a sword leaning on the side of his armchair: "I had a hard time explaining to his Parents that forbidding him to talk to your Grandson is the worst they could do. I punched you several times, and got punched by you. That's how real friendship forms. A scuffle here and there, and lemonade after."

The amber Whiskey mirrors a boy sitting on his bed, whipping tears away from his bruised cheek, glancing doubtfully at a training blade and fencing trophies, before the image blurred again from a sip being taken.

"My son is a darn Accountant. No drop of fight in him. Dresses his Girls as if they are dolls. Heck whenever they get a little mud he tells them that it's not how girls behave. I did not raise him to garden Daisies. Needs to make sure my darling Roses grow some Thorns!" the man polished a signet on his leather jacked, a blue symbol with a sword in the middle and two wings to the side: "Heck, they where about to have a go and roughhouse both your grandsons into the ground if he hadn't told them not to spoil the dress. Pah!"

The man gazes out the window, a Silhouette of two young girls doing the same, longing for the world outside.

"Gentlemen, i might have an opportunity for all your children." A fourth old man, dressed in a Grey Toga and white Tunic, putting down a tablet filled with cucumber sandwiches: "Neu Uburzis Summercamps. They fight, they follow rules. They beat each other up and get together the next day again. Just like the old times, gloves off. They even have castle Sieges and drawn out battles."

The Same children as before flicker across the screen, the girls crawling through mud in an obstacle course, cheering each other on to go further. The two boys fighting it out with wooden swords dressed in a Squires attire in an Medieval Melee, both taking some hits, but seen sitting around a campfire together the next moment, roasting some sausages.

"But i thought they only allow children from their country?" the first Grandfather asked amazed, as the fourth replied: "Not anymore, they have a couple hundred places free for foreigners now! All you need to do is convince their Parents to sign this, and off they go. Let them know the good old times!"

Only for Children and Teenagers, age 12 to 17. Please register in Advance, limited places. Please contact the Neu Uburzis Embassy in your country for Question about Traveling Visa.


OOC: The Idea i bring this back was that i thought it interesting to set it up as small Pen and Paper styled segments. I do not Know how it will actually work out, it's just an idea so far i am still working on, trying to fathom the amount of interest for it. Feel free to add reactions to this, like Parents/Grandparents seeing the Advertisement. I'll post some more of these the next couple of days.

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