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Ambassador's Son suspected of joining the Gugnir

Neu Uburzis Stadt, 12.4.2024

Among the shocking news about the Gugnir attack on the Alander Democracy, disturbing news about the Son of the Imperial Ambassador in Nya Aland has reached the Empire. Ortwin Voss, son to Ambassador Caius Julian Voss, is suspected of colluding with the Gugnir. The Ambassador has been caught on a partial recording with several news sources as he seemingly had been yelling at staff for being put on leave. While we still clear up the Audio, so far it can be assumed that Ortwin is suspected of working together with the Gugnir in some capacity.

The Palace so far has reported that they'll look into these claims, and see into Ortwin's communication to the embassy. Though they have stated that Ambassador Voss was put on leave before this reveal.

War and Conflict / Re: Holmgång
« on: Today at 03:32:43 PM »
Ortwin had a Membership card for the Odinisitc Order, and several pictures in his social media proof of his regular temple visits and the large tattoo on his back to proof he had in fact joined. He hadn't answered when they inquired about his family ties, let them work for their hostage he thought to himself. His mind raced on how to get out of the Situation, he had made a move that he wouldn't trust the ferry not to be rigged with explosives. Now he had to find a way to sit out until the army marched in, without dying himself.

Once the Gungnir held their little recruitment speech he started making excuses as to why not to join. Obviously, he wasn't a nya aland citizen, then there's the part about his father being the ambassador. A fair amount of reason for now to keep his feet down and try and wait this out. Though their little pep talk did remind him how the recruiters back home fished for easily impressible boys to sign up for the cadet academies without their parents consent. He always thought it kind of funny how the internationals had harked down on the bene gesserit when the Empire flat out openly trained children for potential warfare. Well, then again simply defining you as a young adult past the age of thirteen helped a lot. For now Ortwin tried to push the memories of marching and shooting training aside while waiting for the situation to develop from his room. Though he did start mapping out possible escape routes from the complex in his head.

"What do you mean i am on temporary Leave?!"

The Embassy halls shook with Caius Julian Voss voice after a meeting with his staff.

"The Prince Regent has made it rather clear that in the public Eye you are better suited to look the worried father at least. And we all know the Emperor is rather cross with you to start with Voss."

His Secretarian pinched his nose as he opened the door: "Go back to your apartment for now and stay on standby. make sure you are seen to look worried or upset about the gugnir. Just don'T make yourself look like an arse again."

"I'll kick my Sons arse and whoop it again if he got himself mixed up with these lunatics. No, ill march past the gugnir myself and give him a second public whooping if he dishonors me again!"

"And that Voss, is why you are on Leave for now. Now keep your feet still."

Of course, Voss was loud enough several people had overheard part of that argument....

War and Conflict / Re: Holmgång
« on: April 08, 2024, 02:34:35 PM »
Ortwin Voss hadn't expected that pissing of his Father would pay off for once. Five years ago he had been humiliated in front of a Nation for a silly teenager prank and not been able to go back home through his father pulling strings. By all means he'd been exiled to this faraway nation and outskirt town.

He had enjoyed his time studying marine life here, made friends that didn't remember him as the foreigner teen that got paddled in front of running cameras. He even managed to anger his father by joining the Odinic Order and visiting their Temples, as well as getting himself an enormous vegvisir inked to his back. Now he stood among others, terrified by the armed assailants. He'd still have to find a way to leave this place safely.

He had gained a fair amount of knowledge about the faith, not that he actually believed any of it. Playing along had payed off to get him into places and away from his father's influence. Of course, being the son of the long standing ambassador wasn't that easily a fact forgotten. Yet today, he wished he was anything but. It made him a potential hostage in this situation, especially the longer this dragged on. Slowly walking over to the west wall he waited there. Glancing around the room wondering what would happen now.


Marine and Airforce ready to support Nya Aland, if needed

Neu Uburzis Stadt, 8.4.2024

The military command, together with the Elder Senate and the Prince Regent, have decided to reiterate that if Nya Aland needs help dealing with the Gungnir in any shape or form, they are ready to do so. Unlike other Nations though, they currently did not employ Ships or Vessels into the Region yet. An excerpt reads:

"....and while we are ready to Jump in and Support Nya Aland's democracy, actionism and symbolic politics might hinder their efforts more than help. We are ready to deploy support at any given moment, even if we are not directly allied, but will stay action until noticed."

Some yet unverified sources claim the school currently under Control of the Gungnir might have a single Uburzian student, though nothing concrete has been confirmed yet other than heresay.

Convention Centre / Re: Bride of the Emperor - IC Thread
« on: April 08, 2024, 01:49:29 PM »
It was already Monday Morning when the results had finally come in. Several of the Senates had to be recounted due to a technical issue and Emergency meetings due to the Nya Aland situation. But the Results came in at Breakfast. It was now only about 500 remaining Contestants. While none of the Hopefuls and foreign Candidates had been eliminated, their rankings had been thrown into disarray. The votes formerly on Irene having been dispersed to other candidates causing a bit of a shake up.

Catrin fell back to Rank 231, and is at risk of elimination in the next rounds. The sentiment was that she seemed more concerned to help Poppy than her own success.

Poppy rose to Rank 15, while many believe it to be a carry over from her previous success, it seems she gained some of Catrins votes.
Tinatin fell to Rank 13, mostly attributed to her passivity

Brunhilde rose to Rank 8, her self criticism seems to have hit a nerve and regained her some lost favor.

Darina fell to Rank 7, which is mostly attributed to the likely leak from her side. While it wasn't held directly against her some lost faith in her as the empress due to that.

Lady Shin fell back to Rank 4, mostly attributed to her passivity. While her followers still believe that she is the most graceful of the candidates, she is seen by others as too timid to be a Wife standing next to an emperor.

Angelika rose to Rank 3, mostly attributed to her supporting the Leukemia fund and Poppy's ambitions while keeping an active role in her media campaign.

Sieglinde rose to Rank 2, with the only thing holding her back so far being her seemingly overwhelmed by the social media onslaught

Ophelia took over the Lead on Rank 1, attributed not only to her work with the Leukemia Fund, but also her Rosendahl interview that released well timed ahead of the Vote.

The Mood in the Camp was rather mixed. Some of the contestants had already given up when the test was revealed, showing that they gossiped badly about others online and had been ostracized by others for it. Yet even not sharing the information didn't save others. If you weren't able to make yourself a presence you still lost out.

Others, like Brunhilde, had gained traction by showing remorse or desire to overcome their weaknesses, and gained more from making a mistake and acting accordingly after. Of course, Brunhilde decided to make a Post online about the results as they came in, shoveling porridge into herself:


Sieglinde had made an effort to give some of the Candidates she knew from her home area a farewell and some hugs while she did decide to copy the other contestants with some social media posts. Though she decided to make a more political statement:


where she mentioned that even if the contest was important for Uburzis, the Nation was more than ready to side with Aland if they ever asked for it.

Once the others Left, many of the cabins stood empty, allowing the top 30 contestants to pick and move into a solo cabin now. Which Sieglinde did, though she made it clear if anyone was interested she'd let them join in, while Brunhilde invited Darina to join her in one: "Muscle Girls fit best together." she teased with a hearty laugh

Convention Centre / Re: Bride of the Emperor - IC Thread
« on: April 03, 2024, 02:53:57 PM »
On the Third of April, a new bit of Information was released:

"The Test for the Candidates has varied depending on in which house you stayed. You all have been given some intel on one of the leaving candidates and what you did or didn't do with said information has become your test. We have been observing your and your surroundings social Media accounts to release a summary for each candidate, the vote will be held the next Sunday."

Sieglinde was somewhat floored, as she had simply decided not to talk Irene on her Social Media she should be fine, but the test seemed odd. Only once Brundhilde also entered the common room with a shit eating grin on her face did the picture become far clearer. A lot of other girls had gossiped heavily with the information left behind, about personal injuries problems with parents, Money Issues. The Cabin here with the Foreigners and these two was virtually the only one where the Info hadn't leaked to a Broader Audience. The bulky Athlete did look over at Darina's door though:

"Hey there Girl. They do suspect you told at least someone. Though seems it's not held against you."

Current notes on the Contestants:

Brunhilde: Headstrong, she mostly talked about her own shortcomings and her future challenges in the contest to her followers. Did not leak the information from what we could determine.

Sieglinde: Did not leak the Information from our ability to determine, was rather overwhelmed with the sheer amount of social media attention she got.

Tinatin:  has not shared the information to our Knowledge, nothing else noteworthy.

Lady Shin:   seems to have disappeared from social media for now, did not leak the information.

Catrin: has not shared the information to our knowledge, did start handling the logistics for another contestants venture in the meantime.

Poppy: has not shared the information to our knowledge, did start a venture of making and giving away more of the music boxes.

Darina: There is a chance she might have shared the Information to a close relative or friend back home, but no public social media posts or similar. Miss Irene did get four contact requests from Men belonging (or proclaiming) to the Bene Gesserit Faith. Since nothing of the sort was seen on her social media platforms, it is to be expected the topic has been mishandled by an indirect associate rather than Miss Darina.

Ophelia: Hasn't shared the Information, did partake in the Leukemia fund of Prince Augustin in her free time.

Angelika: Hasn't shared the information, partook in efforts to support the Leukemia Fund and has promoted Contestant Poppy's ventures on her social media.


Family found, Competition lost.

Neu Uburzis Stadt, 3.4.2024

As a surprise to most, the Palace has released a written statement as to why Figure Skater and Hopeful Empress Irene Riesling had dropped out of the Contest to become the next Empress. According to the Palace, a DNA test routinely done to contestants claimed to have unknown parents, revealed an uncanny close match with the emperor himself. And after further testing it has been determined that Irene Riesling and Emperor Orion have the same Father, the late Emperor Hektor von Uburzis. It is still unclear where or who Irene's biological Mother is, but the Palace has confirmed she has since moved into the Palace for the Time being.

The Emperor released a statement adding the following:

"Irene get's along great with her Nieces and Nephews, which is all that counts for now. This is a difficult time for her, and it will take a time for me to be comfortable calling her Sister. Yet, to me it was known that my Father had had affairs. The yelling between the him and my Mother had echoed through the castle at times."

It stands to note though, since Irene is the daughter of the Empress Consort and not the Ruler, she does not stand to inherit any title nor does she join the ranks of claimants for the throne.

Another noteworthy mention though, is the revelation that this Information had been made Part of the test to become the next Empress, for which the next Vote will be held on the Seventh this Month.

Convention Centre / Re: Niameck Fashion Week 2024 - Socialite's Thread
« on: April 03, 2024, 01:25:33 PM »
Mathilda took note that the foreign Emperor's gaze shifted back to the woman attending him, and with a sly grin she shrugged:

"Oh i am sure there will be plenty of time for that once you have to be the emperor again. Tonight i assume you wish to enjoy the high life that comes with it for a little. Though, i do know a couple good places to stay around several port towns. During my time leading the Mermaids i did come around the world a lot."

She took a sip of champagne, before the old hag leaned in closer to him:

"And if the Lodjan Lady there decides to be busy this evening, i'll let my Security detail know to let your through. If you're as adventurous as they say, that is."

Adelheid knew little about Carmela herself, but the way she talked about secret societies made her either a foolish young girl like herself ten years ago, or the woman would love to join the ones hiding in Uburzis. Adelheid made a mental note to let some of her associates know. But business came first, and De Angelis was poking a Hornets nest Adelheid wondered she might not be quite aware off:

"Ah, yes the corrupt Catholics. Let their Zealots run wild and kidnap and murder children and then later on act as if nothing was their fault, am i right? Do yourself a favor, don't talk about them near Augustin over there, he had a bit of a run in with the pope at the time."

Adelheid glanced over to the prince trying to make conversation with his best friends stepmother, before her eyes darted back to Carmela:

"As for a secret societies, you are right at the Center. We talk, we make moves, we Backstab and plot. Honestly? Politics and International gatherings are less of a Vipers nest than Model Agencies. But i know what you are getting at, tell you what. If you ever need a good contact to understand the Pitfalls of getting onto Uburzian Markets, give me a call."

"Ah, Miss Megeka. We've been expecting you." Kurt rolled towards 'Lara' in his wheelchair, followed by several bodyguards:

"Let's get to the point. We'd love to bring some of the local Wine's over for the Ball season this year, especially since the Emperor can't participate himself. Let's start right at one of our biggest players in the quality wine market. Don't be intimidated by the name, i assure you not all Wingerts are like Wilhelmina." 

Kurt had invited 'Lara' to the Royal Tram, the vehicle setting into motion again. As soon as the doors closed he held a handkerchief in front of himself, pretending to wipe his nose as he spoke to her with covered mouth:

"I'd have loved for this to be the real reason. But a true reason to visit is the best cover we could get. There will be tensions for my personal reasons which should mask us our actual prying and keep their eyes on me. If they prod too much about the wine i'll interject with personal drama."

Kurt's demeanor seemed somewhat worried, shaking his head:

"This hole mess really came at a terrible time."

The Entrance hall to the Wine Emporium was set with black marble and large columns, statues of bare youths seaming the large staircase that caused an audible groan from his bodyguards, before an old woman stepped down from the top:

"I haven't expected you to grace our hall Kurt. Especially not with your Wife. What gives? Can't be Michael, and i didn't hear a word about the twins."

Kurt gave her a nod, and pointed to a door behind a statue:

"Firstly, i'd prefer to use your elevator, secondly this is Miss Megeka from the Peliuk Hotel Resorts. We are considering to host the Embassy Ball with them and wanted some special vintage for the better guests on hand."

The woman looked 'Lara' up and down, then sneered back at Kurt:

"I suppose it makes sense. Even if the Bastard is to play host, we should hold up appearance. Especially since both your own brats try their hardest to get a Lodjian whor..." the woman coughed: "A Lodjian noble to wed our little fairy-tale emperor."

Kurt glanced around the hallway, before stopping his wheelchair abruptly, almost but barely not rolling over 'Lara's' foot:

"Ah, my apology."

as he got closer, he pointed to the painting, taken off the wall and tugged behind a statue.

Convention Centre / Re: Bride of the Emperor - IC Thread
« on: March 27, 2024, 02:54:12 PM »
"The Test has been ongoing since the other Candidates left."

was all the news that everyone talked about the Camp that day. The Message suddenly appeared on the Infoscreesn everywhere, and to put it mildy, quite a few where Panicking. Only the Cabin with the Hopefuls seemed quiet so far.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A War within a war (Borland Spat -Open RP)
« on: March 20, 2024, 06:36:31 PM »
The Alchemist brewed himself some green tea as he glanced out from his cabin on one of their mobile bases. The sweet irony was this one paid for itself, it smelled like a cheap fish market and oil but it got them mostly around the oceans almost undetected. Of course, that's because most of the time it wasn't a vigilance base. It was just a fishing vessel and onboard processing facility. The Seaforthian Fishing Line Family had lost several members to the Borlanders in the Past - their current Head now a Vigilance Member, quite fittingly going by codename Neptune. The Ship was filled with crew from Zimalian Slums that lost their families to the Borlanders, and sailed under Zimalian flag.

But today, today part of the hold was holding stored servers. And one of the gutting rooms was hosting eight Hackers, bound and tied up ready for Rudolph to go to work. He glanced over at their newest member. The young man had lost his only living family to one of their guests, and when looking for a job had whined about the borlanders being responsible. Technically the gang attack wasn't borlander territory, the guy just worked as a hacker for a borlander. but to vigilance it was one and the same. Rudolph put his cup down after enjoying the drink, rising from his seat, donning his mask:

"Got a name for yourself yet?" the mask muffling his voice and hiding his wide grin while the young man seemed unsure. He shuffled around and glanced to the ocean.

"Are you guys really doing the right thing?"

Rudolph shrugged and looked out the window:

"No, and we don't pretend we do. But all we, and you too, have left is take vengeance. Barren is dead, but many of these arseholes are out there, ready to kill again." 

Rudolph held his arms wide, palms pointing up:

"Let yourself be consumed by the rage, join me. He's down there, and not even important. We can make a little show."

Their main guy was bound to a chair and unharmed, minus some smaller abrasions from struggling against the cuffs - Rudolph sat across from him and various torture implements lay behind him, ready to be used. The fun part? The life stream of the guys kid at school on a monitor:

"I expect every password, every name, every access code you have. also, seriously? A School in Neu Uburzis? you could have as well mailed your kid to me with a bow around the neck!"

His raspy laugh  through the mask as he grabbed a knife from the implements and handed it to their new recruits:

"Just to drive the point home. You won't make it out alive, but your kid might if you play nice. If you don't? I already know enough people at that school and without you around no ones going to protect your kid."

Rudolph walked to one of the others on their chairs, grabbed him by the hair and dragged the screaming man across the floor. Together with his new recruit, they forced the mans jaw open in front of the borlander. Of course, they didn't remove the gag. they didn't care if he was ready to talk yet or not. The new guy grabbed a knife while Rudolph held the tongue out with a pair of pliers, showing it all good to their main target.

"See, you can avoid us getting ugly like this. You could die cleaner than him if you cooperate."

Then they cut it out, as rudolph pushed the guy to the ground:

"Be quick and make sure he survives." he ordered, his goons dragging the mutilated man out. Rudolph turning the light out on the remaining other prisoners as he and the new guy leaves.

"Is Apep taken?" the young man asks, as rudolph laughed under his mask:

"It is now, Apep, it is now."

In truth, Rudolph didn't care about hurting the kid, but it was another lead. Chances where the borlanders would attempt getting custody on the kid and give him more names and leads. He grinned as he thought about some clever ai uses for the man though. Didn't have to be real to make it seem so.

Irene had never been in the Palace before, when her Orphanage had been selected for the Festival of Love Sleepover, she was away for a Skating Contest. She hadn't lamented it back then, she did win after all, but now? She wondered if she would have met her Father then. Now, she would meet the Man they said was her Brother, the Man she had tried to marry. A cold unpleasant shiver ran down her spine at the thought, not only had she been the most promising candidate, she had been with a fair lead over Lady Shin. 

When she rode the Tram up to the Palace, it wasn't one of the Tourist Carts, no. She had been picked up with the family cart, and been told to bring at least enough supply to stay for a few days for all to figure the situation out. Now she stood at a part of the Palace the Tourists usually didn't get to. No, only the family and guests the Imperial family actually got along with usually entered the old Castle area.

An elderly woman stood at the Gate, waving enthusiastically at her. She seemed familiar but Irene couldn't immediately place her, for now the woman gave her a smile and grabbed the luggage of her:

"Irene, let us handle your Luggage, Ori is waiting for you in his Studio."

The woman pointed up to one of the towers, and a somewhat confused Irene followed suit, just where did she see her before? It took Irene a moment to find the right stairway, the inner palace being a labyrinth of repurposed and remodeled buildings over several centuries. As she finally made it, the door was already slightly open:

"Come on in."

Orion sat in a chair in front of an empty canvas, paint and brushes ready to get to work next to him. Though Irene felt as if she was an intruder, he didn't even acknowledge her. No, whatever this was, the emperor was angry.

"Your Highness?" she asked, careful. This was a tricky situation, she knew his father's infidelity to the late empress must be a heavy burden on him right now. Though, she wasn't even the one to raise that flag. For all her plans she would have become his wife.

"Take a seat, over there. and wait a moment if you don't mind."

Again, the emperor didn't look at her. He wrote some text on his Smartphone and worked on his utensils. The stool for Irene was placed across from him. Studio lamps glowing on to her as she took a seat and a white background setup behind her. Was this for a Photograph? Did he want to paint her, or was this just his casual place? And why did he still not look at her? Two more sets of feet. Smaller, faster steps and giggling. But when the two walked up the stairs Orion beamed at them, happy. Only that Irene almost jumped out of her skin and up from the stool when she saw them.

"Leo? Charles?" she stammered as she looked at the two youngsters from her teaching class. Well, temporarily she had been taking over before the contest. Their trainer had been i'll and she was called as a substitute by the association. Bloody hell, who where those kids?

Orion gave both of them a nod, and looked over to Irene:

"Well, i guess i'll have to reintroduce them. Prince Ludwig and Prince Karloman. Meet your Aunt Irene. Though this is a bit of  secret for now, got it? Training continues this afternoon. Stand over there, would you two? Next to Irene."

"Hey Coach!" the two grinned: "Uncle Ori said you are really his sister? Weird."

the still baffled Irene sat back down, and before she knew it, Orion had snatched a Picture of her with the two boys:

"I'll be taking some creative freedom for the clothing boys. now, hopp hopp. get changed."

Irene was still puzzled, but Orions demeanor had changed, he was softer, his shoulder slumped:

"Sorry for that, i had to make sure it wasn't you who had set that up. Now, though. I will need your help to find out who from your association has broken our trust, because that was no coincidence. Also, do make sure the two don't end up fighting again with the other kids. I hate Bunny Stew."

Irene was just overwhelmed, she was out of the contest, but in the middle of politics. She then blinked:

"Wait what, the Bunny stew wasn't a joke?"

"We'll have a call here what to go for. If we mainly aim for Hamsvik, we need to leave the link to the Alchemist running and use them to flush him out for us. I think at this point the painting itself is secondary."

Regina took a long sip of coffee musing options they had. Before cracking a smile:

"As I've explained to Mister Rezakov, i'm nowadays more or less a face used for meetings, my cover has gotten blown by an issue over in Kaitane with my mother. But i do have someone in mind perfectly suitable. We'll send the Emperors Uncle. Prinz Kurt was the Head of Intelligence before his accident. That's when Albrecht took over. Not to mention, him going with a Somelier from a Foreign Nation is more than plausible. Additionally, he needs help with his wheelchair, ergo bringing some extras and security is just natural."

Regina finished her coffee and a small cake, waiting for a reply from her superiors:

"The prince regent agreed. Myself and Rezakov are told to ride up to the Palace a little earlier, Prinz Kurt will rendezvous you at the Tram station in the next cart coming down from the palace. We'll add some surveillance on the River side, too. Would that be acceptable? Also he did suggest you actually do pick up some Vintage on our Bill, after all they are a superb Supplier. It's Wingert Family after all."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A War within a war (Borland Spat -Open RP)
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Somewhere Zimalia, around the same Time as that meeting.

The Alchemist walked into the dingy back alley lair, his leathery coat and the beaked mask covering him, as he let out a raspy laugh:

"Someone got careless." he announced as his breath echoed in a crazed tone through the mask. The man cracked his knuckles and stretched his arms as the henchmen cleaned out the servers, laptops and computers in a haste. The Alchemist glared over at the group of barely men tied to their chairs, gagged, beaten. With the Death of Kyle Barren they finally had gotten the nick in their defense Vigilance had been looking for. Usually the Morelanders where on any clue like flies circling shit, but this time, this one time, Rudolph and his Vigilance finally got a proper score.

"Leave Redfern a couple Breadcrumbs, but clean out the Rest." he rasped through his mask, while placing his left boot in the crotch of one hacker:

"No Messages this time. We need all of these lowlifes breathing for now."

he glanced around the room, before announcing loudly: "Make sure we keep tabs on each of their families. We wan't to have some bargaining chips once we torture these fuckers." he pushed his boot deeper, making the man below him scream into the gag.

"That's enough for you already?" the masked Rudolph tilted his head and laughed maniacally: "Oh, do you even realize who you guys worked for? Don't cry now, I'll give you plenty time regretting ever working for the Borlanders."

The Morelanders arrived only about six hours later, but the den had been cleaned out mostly. Only a beaker with Sulfuric Acid left inside.

Convention Centre / Re: Bride of the Emperor - IC Thread
« on: March 11, 2024, 07:29:25 PM »
The day during the Fashion week had come and gone, just as half the camp.

It was a brutal culling, many of them barely getting more votes than their direct relatives caused many broken dreams. The members of the favorite house all scrapped by, some more successful than others.

Sieglinde had risen to the third Spot in the last polls, her handmade piece of bobbin lace lingerie had caused a large stir and intrigued many voters to go for her rather forward aproach.

Brunhilde had somewhat struggled with the contest, while her hand carved statuette was a beautiful piece, it didn't really create the interest she had hoped for. while rank 34 was still far above others, it caused the weight lifter to rethink her strategy.

Ophelie had placed 4th in the last polls, her overall status and well made item had kept her at a good place.

Darina on Number 5, while her overall popularity helped, it seems her playing it relatively safe didn't win her much of an edge.

Angelika sat at a comfortable 8th Place for now, though same as Darina, it seems most people thought she played it a little to safe.

Catrin, while her rank was far below the others at 116, meant for her initial poll she rose from the thousands to the hundreds.

Poppy made the largest leap, rising from the thousands to place 22, though the initial buzz she created with the item might carry over for the next rounds.

Tinatin rose to Rank 7, her traditional angle having convinced a lot of people to vote for her.

Noble Lady Shin had gained Rank 2 from this first Poll, her way of creating a fashionable yet traditional item that wasn't another dress had stood out and given her a large leap forward.

Irene had placed Rank One, but the day of the announcement she was nowhere to be seen. In fact, while Lady Shin was the second in the Poll, her name was first on the Polls for now, with Irene suddenly missing from the List of the contenders.

Sieglinde had been a nervous wreck, the attention she had gotten on social Media had overwhelmed her somewhat, and she had been hiding most of the day in the Room before she had been given some help with handling social Media from the Contest support staff. She was now sitting in the Main room and trying to handle the large amount of attention she now had.

Brunhilde on the other hand was busy trying to calm her fans down, filming a Short in a little corner that had purposely green walls of the cabin:

"So, it didn't go as planned, but that won't mean anything yet. I made one wrong throw in the past and still won many times! So keep holding tight, and we still go for gold!"

There was also a Handwritten letter left on the Pin board, written by Irene:

"To the remaining contenders,

due to my parents having been unknown and living in an orphanage for a long time, I've had a DNA test done. I will not release this information myself, feel free to share it yourself. It is yet unclear who exactly my mother was, but I've been asked to drop out since i apparently share about half my DNA with the emperor. So yeah, seems i'm his half Sister on his Fathers Side.

Honestly, feels weird i was in a contest to marry what seems to be my half brother? This is all still a bit much,

but to my future Sister in law? i Guess?

Good Luck whoever it will be.


Convention Centre / Re: Niameck Fashion Week 2024 - Socialite's Thread
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"Hearing you say that you weren't the intended heir, reminds me a little of Orion. My poor dearest cousin lost most of his Siblings and family in the blink of an eye, and not even yet quite thirteen was suddenly the Emperor. Even if my brother as his regent did most of the day to day burdens in the past years, it wasn't an easy time. The whole Bride show is weighing heavily on him, too. As much as he's banging on about his duty he is gay after all."

she shrugs with a smile:

"As for gifts for Lodjians? I assure you the Queen of East Moreland is a better judge there than i am. If you compare Uburzian and Lodjian women, i'd say they are an elegant Arrow to Pierce your heart. We are a thrown brick to knock you out and drag you into our cave."

Adelheid gave a hand wave towards Mathilda, drawing the attention of the grayed lady in the wavy purple silk toga.

She walked over and nodded towards adelheid, before bowing slightly to Marco:

"Your Highness, what a surprise! I hadn't expected your visit!"

Mathilda's demeanor was more stiff than Adelheid's, her military years visible in her every move.

"I was just talking to Miss Herrlich, our usual supplier for the Elder Senate's traditional Toga's. You should talk to her if you ever come for an official visit so we can get you some ahead of time."

Convention Centre / Re: Niameck Fashion Week 2024 - Socialite's Thread
« on: March 03, 2024, 10:20:23 AM »
"Scandal Magnet at nine O'clock, i'll have to introduce myself quickly. My apologies Stasya, for having to leave you with the small guy for a moment."

Adelheid had been warned through her Earpiece of the approaching Emperor and as she turned around to meet him, made sure a waiter with champagne for him was intercepting them at a good spot. She did a curtsy and addressed the visiting monarch Marco:

"Your Highness! What a surprise! Isn't this your First Visit to our Nation at all? I wish my Cousin could be here but he is a little preoccupied. I'm sure our Speaker of the Elder Senate will want to have a word or two with you later on."

Adelheid gave a quick nod over to Mathilda Eidmeier, former Admiral and current Speaker of the Elder Senate:

"Though, don't let solemn politics ruin the Party. Here..."

Adelheid grabbed some of the Champagne from the Waiter and offered it to the Emperor:

"I hope all is to your and your companies liking so far?"

Convention Centre / Re: Niameck Fashion Week 2024 - Socialite's Thread
« on: February 27, 2024, 06:30:26 PM »
"I made sure i invited him here, dear. He's kind of perfect from the basic requirements, and a hard worker on top. We kind of fell apart during the civil war and our own politic crisis. Glad we got Matilda for now."

Adelheid glanced around and shrugged as the little Prince Augustin walked back to them, giving a more than dramatic bow to Stasya:

"You're Highness." he said, now dressed in a neatly tailored tux with a big bunny pin from his charity and the sword pin king David once gave him on the lapel.

Adelheid nodded in approval to him, before turning to stasya again: "I invited his older brother and the whole family for the week. I think i saw them during several shows so i can only hope his big brother shoves him over here. Kind of funny, initially i had gunned for the older one. That said."

she glanced around:

"For the sake of Ophelia, and our shared interest in that venture, is it possible you keep your involvement with Denman a little low until she has a better standing in the contest. Our Speaker over there follows a different kind of Feminism and that makes Denman rather unpopular."

Augustin meanwhile rolled his eyes at that:
"I mean let's be fair. We both know that several other Bachelors are already eyeing up whom they can snatch from those who don't make it. I just want Ori to be happy." he turned to stasya again: "You're Highness, would you allow me the first Dance for the evening? I could use some better Headlines tomorrow than my Teacher getting fired so i can be here today."

Adelheid snorted:
"That, and you want the morelanders to like you so you can spent more time with Rhiannon."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Art and Diplomacy (Lodja and NU + maybe others)
« on: February 27, 2024, 06:19:36 PM »
Regina had picked a quiet cafe for the meeting with private rooms. She knew usually it was a bit of a meeting place for people to have fun with anyone but their partners but it was the perfect disguise in this regard.

"We got some news during the night over from our friends to the west. They look for a group of people making fake perfume which lines up with the Alchemist. I Think Rudolph is the Center piece on our End from everything we gathered. Though i am still surprised he sides with Hamsik. There is a chance this might be the weakness we can use against them. If the Alchemist and his ilk weren't aware Hamsik is involved, they might cough up info. though we need Mister Rezakov here at the Palace for the day, i assume this makes you my on ground partner for now, Miss? Any Codename you are privy to using today i should stick to?"

Regina sipped her coffee and looked out the window, before nodding to a building riverside:

"That's our goal over there. Usually they deal in fine wine, but art and fine wine has a good amount of cross over and we had them on our list as potential money giver for Vigilance for a while now. It's a snobby but cultural important place so be careful, we can't damage the whole families reputation without good reason."

Convention Centre / Niameck Fashion Week 2024 - Socialite's Thread
« on: February 24, 2024, 08:29:41 PM »
The Opera House had once again changed it's face from Fashion stage to Gala Show. Adelheid watched the last laudator on stage. She had to travel the day before to his school and personally boxed him out of detention. She was fuming and furious, that the smug dorm teacher sincerely believed she would let him ruin her Gala. The damn Bunny and his Leukemia Fund where the single biggest Donation driver in the whole country and that pompous failure thought he can tell her she can't have him because he supposedly didn't do his homework?

The Guy lost his job, not only that, she sure as hell shared the story all over the social media platforms. She even had posted where she found the supposedly never handed in homework. The idiot had it lying out in the open on his desk.

But now, she could finally breath. The custom was updated since he had grown a little bit, the fashion show had become the date when he updated the outfit now. She was just glad she'D get to the fun part now. Mingle with people, gossip a little drink champagne and have fun. The Entrance hall had been changed into a large ballroom with countless servers handing out champagne and little bites.

Adelheid grabbed herself some, and a glass of orange juice for the fabulous little marketing bunny Prince Augustin, and handed it to him as he together with the other attendees started streaming in.

"Anyone you want to dance with? And do remember to change into different clothes boy." while she scanned the room herself for the man she hoped was present.

"I mean, do you think people would talk about the fund more and less about you getting my teacher fired if i dance with your best friend and Rhin's Stepmom?"

"Only if we change you into a proper suit to dance in. Albrecht is going to kill me if you collapse of exhaustion again because you tried dancing in the whole getup."

Henriette Herrlich stood awkwardly to the side, she had gotten the usual business talk with her regulars done earlier the day. International Occasions weren't her forte, but she knew she needed them if she wanted to scale her brand. It was then that she was joined by non other than former Admiral, now speaker of the Elder Senate, Mathilda Eidmeier:

"I just wanted to congratulate you for this years models. Well done. And maybe get some attraction your way. People always tend to try and chat up the Speaker. Considering i'm the equivalent of a Prime Minister after all."

Convention Centre / Re: Niameck Fashion Week 2024 - Showthread
« on: February 24, 2024, 08:10:26 PM »
21th Februrary 2024 - Niameck Market Square

Henriette Herrlich, Toga Today

Henriette had initially cursed her luck, of the better spots she only got the open air marketplace. In February the weather wasn't really fashion friendly, Cold damp windy and miserable. Yet, she found a way. Most of her brand was all about supplying the Traditional senate clothing for the citizens, usually through nicer cloth and brighter colors than others, but in recent years her brand had been popular for families traveling abroad and wanting to show their heritage in less strict color coded attires.

Yet now, she decided to bring some of the foreign chick to her line up. Her line up was simple, fake wooden sheep the models would walk around. She bet this years whole show on Wool she acquired from Ui Cenneslaig. It had taken years of work for her to establish a stable supply chain, but the idea of organic Celtic wool sold to her customer base.

The first models walked on the stage, the tunics warm and thick, natural and colored tunics. So far so simple. What Henriette had not foreseen that even though it was a miserable gray day the plaza was almost bursting with people watching her catwalk.  She was nervous, this wasn't anything like adelheids shock show. Her models stood for normal people and everyday clothing with just a little bit of luxury.

The second round started, the Models had been drapped into the actual Togae behind the stage. The first set all wore the flags of the various celtic kingdoms on them, but henriette had made sure there where a couple of Townbanners and the Uburzian flag, too. Couldn'T be too carefull pissing of every whacko in the empire.

On the third round, she had imitated the celt's Kilt Patterns. IT took forever to research that she didn't accidentally copy a real historic pattern, until she decided to just break traditional patterns completely. The result still resembled the kilts, but where different enough, some with circles now, other with just one directional strips, that they where reminiscent and yet still new.

Only in round four did she bring her shepherd's patterns, and on the big screens she showed pictures of the herds, their owners and their hometowns, before she took the stage herself:

"Fashion can bring together the world, if we let it. Bring our traditions out there, and wear your experiences back home! Show it to the naysayers that tell you you can't be fashionable and make the world a better place!"

Round five was more international flags and imagery. Toga with Moreland flag, Honey badgers, the Medusa from Medusalin, Cherry Blossoms reminiscent of Daito Art, a blossoming Chrysanthemum, an Eastern Dragon. This year was all about Traveling and bringing something back with them. at the End, Henriette once again addressed the crowd:

"Thank you all for coming, i do hope you enjoyed this years Collection! Dreams of Travelling will be available for preorder beginning next week from our official website! Shipping shall begin mid March!"

Convention Centre / Niameck Fashion Week 2024 - Showthread
« on: February 19, 2024, 07:33:13 PM »
19th Februrary 2024 - Niameck Opera House

The stage lights where set, the Guests streaming into the Loges and Seats around the Catwalk bridging the orchestra from the central stage. It had needed a little retooling but that made the charm. Adelheid was ready, shock was usually not entirely her type of brand, but with the Competition being more fearsome over the last years she wanted to start her Fashion week with a real banger.

The Guitar Riff started the show, most lights dimming before under flickering and heavy thundering bass Adelheid walked onto the catwalk, strung up like a marionet and dressed in various shopping back from convenient big cheap clothes brand. Of course only those that hadn't signed up coming this week. Awkwardly and wooden her movements, as she barely managed to stagger with the strings across the catwalk. A dramatic fall, the Guitar and Bass is replaced with the sound of a heavy organ as she is seemingly forced and dragged along by the strings until she just lies there buried in bags of cheap brands.

A Drum like a heartbeat, her hand struggling out of the heap as she starts cutting the strings. Fake blood dripping down onto her for every string cut. She raises out of the dirt in a blood dripping white dress, leaving the remains behind as she barefoot walks further, now free in movement elegant, determined. The dress leaving a trail of what looked like blood behind her. Strings now accompanied the drum, the organ sounded back up and finally the guitars and bass came also back. Adelheid strutted the remaining path in her soaked dripping dress, from behind her stage helpers cleared down the previous dress as under a constant drip of more blood the remaining models for the first round started getting on stage. The other Models added trains of fabric onto her dress while passing, before she, back on the main stage, climbed on top of a small stand, and with a fan given to her on the way, made a bloody trail across her neck akin to a fake throat cut.

"Freedom and expression! Witness my new collection! Bloodprice! Welcome to the Niameck Fashion Week!"

Spoiler: show
OOC: This thread is for the Shows, show us how you imagine your Nation's Craftsmen and artists would present themselves - i purposely didn't use a picture myself. Pictures are a nice extra, but not required :)

Convention Centre / Re: Niameck Fashion Week 2024 - Invitations
« on: February 14, 2024, 12:41:45 PM »
Dear Stasya,

Rest assured i have taken all into account to make your shows pop up and stand out as always. I would suggest the Opera house stage on Friday afternoon for what you have planned. I'll see if i can squeeze Bunny Prince to make an appearance, if you want him, too. though his School Principal will be harder to convince than Augustin. What's it with Teachers and thinking they are more important than Global Politics anyway?

Back on Topic, If we go Opera House, the front Plaza would have the perfect quaint medieval building we could use as Popup store. My own Brand will open a shop soon in it, so it would be the perfect place to stage your Idea as i already own it. Not to mention it sticks out from the surrounding more 19th century buildings. Historical and eye catching, you'll love it, promise.

As for the Guests, i have a very long list anyway. My own Show will open on Monday, so I'll have time to organize for the Rest of the Week. If you need to get in touch during the Time, come visit my office at the Convention center, not as good a view as my Apartment but it does the job while on site.

Yours truly,

Princess Adelheid von Uburzis


Parents Concerned about Holmgang Memes

Nordberg, 13.2..2024

Concerned Parents spoke in the Senates about a surge of so called Memes containing a stylized depiction of the East Moreland Princess Rhiannon with the caption "Holmgang!" right below it. They urge the nations other Parents to better Control what their offspring posts and shares across social media platforms, especially if it suggests another child to take part in deadly combat.

The original artist of the Picture that currently circulates has for now privated their online gallery, at least until after this has blown over. Though we do have a written statement from his parents:

"Our Son deeply apologizes for what his picture has been used as. He did not add the Caption to the Picture, it was simply a stylized imagination of the Princess in her Viking dress from the Festival of sail. He did not wish for his work to be used in such demeaning and disrespectful way and is currently struggling with tons of death threats from all over the world. Please understand that for now he is hiding with some of our relatives. Please do not try to contact him, he is going through enough right now."

Convention Centre / Niameck Fashion Week 2024 - Invitations
« on: February 11, 2024, 04:13:18 PM »
To the Fashionable and the Designers, the Culture Lovers and the Tradition Breakers of Mundus,

the Niameck Fashion Week 2024 is at our Doorsteps and once again we shall meet and greet to find the newest Gossip, Faux Pais, Trends and Friends among the many Brands represented in our quaint little Town. Whether it is to promote your own or your Nations Brands, or even hold one or the other show yourself - you are welcome to light up the catwalks.

The shows will run from the 19th to the 25th of February, while the big Gala will be held on the evening of the 24th.

I can't wait to meet all the regulars and some new Faces,

Your host,
Princess Adelheid von Uburzis

Spoiler: show

I made this thread as a little announcement how i intend to have it run this Time. Unlike the first time, we will not have fixed schedules who gets to perform when. Just Pick a Venue and a Day and run then. - the Socialization thread for the chars will take place during the Gala, meaning the shows will have already happened by that point. For simplicities sake the Gala Thread will go live at the same time i post the Show thread.

Available Venues:

Niameck Convention Center: Rebuild and Ready to host up to 4 Shows Per day

Niameck Opera House:  Can Host 1 Show per day from Monday to Friday, will host the Gala on Saturday.

Niameck Market Square:  Open Air shows in the middle of the Medieval Inner City, 1 Per day- only during the Day

last but not Least: Just make up a smaller Venue of your own A small artisan Shop, a Shopping mall, School, Restaurant. though if you go for this option do DM me fist.

What is the Goal here?

Mostly: so you can show off some of your chars and to give yourself a Stage to develop what your people would wear. This show is only meant to be High Fashion for some of the Chars - the Mundane is very much wanted and appreciated. Build up some of your nations backgrounds with this, that's what this is all a foil for :)

Convention Centre / Re: Bride of the Emperor - IC Thread
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On the first of February, the Camp was abuzz with the sound of excited chatter as the main announcement boards had lit up. Though what initially was a joyous moment turned into a very split audience. About half of them cheered and ran off to their housing, the others stood there, some in tears, others dumbstruck. The first mission had been announced:

"Good day, Future Empress and her Competitors.

The first task shall be one to test how fast you may adapt to a new Situation.

Crochet, knit, sew, stitch, quilt or whatever you can imagine. We expect of you to handcraft an Object to be presented during the Fashion Week.

Whether you have to learn a new skill or push a known one beyond your limits, we expect greatness.

Several anonymous Sponsors have opened up Warehouses on the Campgrounds for you to gather Materials and knowledge, some might even be hidden!

The vote will be held after the Fashion week in the Senates.

Best of Luck, the Organizing Comittee."

Irene seemed moderately confident, reading the announcement on her Phone she quickly made her way to find the Warehouses. It seems she stood in line at one of the Warehouses with Sparkling Glitter, Glass Pearls and similar Baubles for now.

Brunhilde had one of her over the top artificial laughs, put both her hands on her hips and loudly announcend: "Onwards then!" before walking off into a different direction. She was waiting in line at what seemed like a Woodworkshop.

Only Siegline seemed somewhat intimidated, where she grabbed herself her Phone first and seemed to scoure the internet for some information before she too went out to seemingly search for either a hidden shop or a specific item.

Sporting Hub / Re: Cycling season 2024 OOC
« on: January 31, 2024, 01:46:04 PM »
Woops my Bad, i overlooked this one >.<

Teams for Neu Uburzis

Team name: Gamsbärte 1890 e.V.
Nation: Neu Uburzis
Gender: Womens

1. Astrid Bergstrom (27)
2. Ingrid Hügel (23)
3. Elsa Schwarzbach  (24)
4. Isabelle Triefstein (19) [Allrounder]
5. Klara Weber (22)
6. Freya Steinhardt (22)

Team name: SV Meergesellen
Nation: Neu Uburzis
Gender: Mens

1. Hans Richter (24)
2. Karl Sturmwald (25)
3. Klaus Becker (26)
4. Otto Schultz (27)
5. Friedrich Wagner (21)
6. Heinrich Müller (21)

Race/Events for Neu Uburzis

Name: Almabtrieb
Location: Neu Uburzis
Gender: Men's
Season: Autumn
Terrain: The Event happens in the Alpine Mountain Regions in the South of Neu Uburzis, and picks a Route that Leads from a high Mountainpeak downwards, usually with a steep downward slope descending more than a Kilometer of Altitude difference in the span. It's notoriously fast and dangerous in Neu Uburzis
More info: the Event started as a Cycling Club's Self Promotion around 1900 before it devolved into a misogynistic club meeting during the 60's, and was mostly kept alive due to the popularity of it's sister Race. Has regained some status due to the Woman's Cycling Association being the Organizer for Both Events nowadays.

Name: Uphill Battle
Location: The Inverse track of the Previous Year's "Almabtrieb" Race
Gender: Women's
Season: Spring
Terrain: An excruciatingly Hard Uphill Alpine Race over 1km of altitude difference.
More info: The Event got started as protest to the misogynistic devolution of the Almabtrieb Race


Preparations for the Fashion Week 2024 in full Throttle

Niameck, 30.1.2024

While most of the Country have been focused on the Lives and Daily Routines of the Empress Hopefuls, Niameck has once again prepared itself to become the Fashion Capital of the World for one Week. While it is uncertain how many International Shows will be held this time, it is already going to be a busy week through the smaller local Labels alone. Many Uburzian' Artisans have set up in local venues, from the shopping malls to the Bars everything in Niameck will have their own Fashion shows.

Henriette Herrlich, who's Label "Toga Today" had exploded in sales since the first Fashion show, gave us the following statement:

"I can't wait to return to show the Nation this Years newest Toga fashion. My craft is deeply rooted in our Nation, and seeing so many of the smaller Artisans to band together for their mini shows gives me hope that Princess Adelheid's Event is here to stay for a very long time."

The Fashion Week will run from  February the 19th to the 25th this Year, having moved a little bit back in the Calendar since it's first iteration.

Convention Centre / Re: Bride of the Emperor - IC Threat
« on: January 30, 2024, 01:53:43 PM »
Brunhilde approved of two of her present competitors. Kubik and Darina. If any of those two would make it, she would at least rest easy someone would whip the little girl into an Emperor like she would. She gave an approving nod to them, while the others got at best an annoyed grunt out of her. Getting tired of waiting around, she put her massive frame in front of Kubik and Darina:

"Hey, Soldiers. Let's hit the Gym. It will be a while before we get our first actual task, might as well see what the competition is made out of, eh?"

Sieglinde gave Ophelia a nod with a shy smile: "Ah, hello there." the timid teenager said, by far the youngest in this house: "So, if i may ask. Outside of what we know from the Tabloids. What do you like to do?"

Irene quickly caught on and moved over, too. Taking a seat next two these, she chimed in:

"Tabloids can be quite menacing, can't they? Though they dropped me rather quickly when it was clear i wont return as high Profiles Figure skater."

Spoiler: show
 OOC: First task will be posted on Thursday. Please remember by then every Participant will have been observed and lived in the camp for a month already.

Regina kept quiet while Rezakov made his calls, but texted some of her contacts. If the Alchemist was involved this could get ugly, fast.

"It most clearly did. We'll have to meet up with my boss, so your trip to the young Wolf might be pulled up earlier. It also means my original lead could be a dead end to start with. The Alchemist is bad news, and in really bad news. I'm more surprised he'd work with King's Gambit. There is a chance he either didn't realize, considering his more and more unhinged nature, or Hamsik promised him the location of Borlanders. Could he have that type of information?"

She slowly stood up: "Let's retreat to our cabin. It's smaller and now view, but i think we are beyond taking chances."

Regina lead Rezakov to an inside cabin, taking seat at a small table inside: "I got clearance that you can forward myself as your current contact. Like i said, after a leak i am sort of an open name more or less and work mostly as Liaison agent where exact secrecy isn't necessary or unwated."

Albrecht was not having a great day. Not only was there the Bride Contest to plan that would happen alter that year, the whole Picture incident had dug up a name that spelled trouble. He knew Rudolph had supporters that wanted blood from the Borlanders all around the world. Those that where too unhinged or too unstable to work with the Morlanders. Those who didn't want justice but revenge. He had killed and mutilated several bloggers that spoke favorably of the Moreland terrorists over the past years, but Albrecht had more than enough knowledge that Vigilance by now was itself a fully grown terrorist group. One tied to his own former adviser, who had to quietly retire once Rudolph started blowing people up.

And now Hamsik, would Albrecht get a chance he'd cut the guys Balls off and make him eat them raw. He threw his beloved cousin back for years in building mental fortitude, and he was not going to let that slide. No, that guy better prayed the lodjians get him first.

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