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Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Plot To Destroy Rokkenjiman Democracy
« Last post by Beatrice on March 04, 2024, 11:56:30 PM »
"Shall we take part ourselves, then?" Kado said with a pause followed by a grin. "By the Goddesses it's been too long since I've done field work, and to look the sons-a-bitches directly in the eyes, my Spidey-senses are tingling here. You down?" he asked with a grin.

Kyoko paused for a moment, considering the ramifications proposed to her, before simply nodding and adding, "Do it. Asuna's tough, she'll face whatever winds are at her face and brush them off to the side without a care in the world. My girl's got this," she continued with a smile.
Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Plot To Destroy Rokkenjiman Democracy
« Last post by Achkaerin on March 04, 2024, 11:43:04 PM »
Rion looked at Kado "We're not going to need twelve guns trust me on that." she said "At least not all inside the van at any rate." she took a breath before smiling "Let's go pluck ourselves a Seagull."

SHIELD Law's main office was located in Valtheim, it was part of the so called 'Justice District' which was to say the area of Valtheim where the Supreme Court, Uppsalla Court Building, JAG Headquarters, Ministry of Justice and various law firms were all located. SHIELD Law itself was born out of an international law department from a now defunct firm, it had grown since then but it did retain it's specialism in the international field. The man behind it all was David Wheeler, he stood in his very professional suit in his very modern and very professional looking office and he wasn't alone Gary Newton and Nell Foster both in their navy uniforms stood to one side while David's friend and colleague Elecktra Hope was perched on the edge of David's desk, it amounted to quite a lot of legal brainpower and experience being in the room and that was just what the circumstances demanded. The quartet waited until a secretary came and escorted the person they were waiting for - Princess Kyoko into the room.
"Your Highness thank you for taking the time to make the trip, please have a seat." David said greeting her "I'm David Wheeler I'm the managing partner here at SHIELD Law, this is my colleague Elecktra Hope and I believe you know the two Lieutenants." he waited as Elecktra shook Kyoko's hand "This is a bit of an unusual meeting but I'll let Elecktra explain."

"Normally in our line of work we don't go proposing lawsuits, that belongs firmly in the realm of ambulance chasers not us, but thanks to the Lieutenants we've been made aware of something that we would like you to instruct us to pursue." Elecktra said "In simple terms we have reason to believe that the addendum to the Sakura-Umeko Accord which is to say the Mentorship of Toshikawa was never legally valid and we want to test that before the SCJ."
"However we need a client which is where we're hoping you come in." David said "We can't act on this without a client and from what we're told about present circumstances you are just about the only person who fits the bill." he put a standard letter of engagement in front of Kyoko on the desk.
"What they mean is this if the Addendum is invalid then the Mentorship is invalid." Gary said
"Do understand this may sound too good to be true but it isn't." Nell said "Legally speaking this will set off a chain reaction if it's successful. It also carries a huge political and diplomatic consequence for your niece to deal with. This can right a wrong done to your family but in turn your niece will be left to right a wrong that was therefore done to another party."
"We're advising you to instruct us to do this and slay this vampire already." David said "But it's ultimately up to you."
Vignettes / Re: The Castle On The Hill
« Last post by Beatrice on March 04, 2024, 11:41:02 PM »
Location: Pyrena Castle, Residential Suite, Lucinda's Quarters
Time: 2:15 AST

"Hey," Beatrice said as she closed the door behind her, two days after the incident in her quarters. "Hey," Lucinda said without emotion. Beatrice took a seat next to her and put her arm around her before pulling her in for a forceful hug. "I don't have anything else to say beyond I'm sorry.....and I might of had INIS use their capabilities to cancel your replacement for the TV you destroyed because I'll replace it myself. Look, Luci," she said raising her eyes to her own with her hand on Lucinda's chin, "I get it, I get why you were angry, and as always you somehow ended up looking out for me in the end. But I'm not Empress anymore," she took in a breath, "it's Asuna's feelings toward the Morelanders you have to think about and, to be honest, being a Borland sympathizer isn't going to win her any friends. It will earn her enemies, certainly, so while I in some ways share your reservations on this issue, we have to do what's best for my little girl, and that's supporting her and what she has set as her goals. The Borlanders didn't have a Beatrice Anselmo to rock the clock of the Ironsides, they lost, and in that the future from that point belonged to the Ironsides. I trust your character and so," she said looking to the pygmy hedge hog Lucinda had adopted with a pause, "Baxter JR," Lucida sighed, "don't take his life as being in vain. It seems he introduced you to empathy, embrace that and in that, a bit of him lives on into the future. Little Baxter JR is certainly more cute than your plants," Beatrice said as she went over to his enclosure and made silly noises his way, which prompted Lucinda to stop her, "You're disturbing his normal routine, I appreciate your affection but it is not necessary at this moment."

"Sorry," Beatrice said as she sneaked a berry into Baxter JR's enclosure with a knowing grin while whispering "Aunty Beatrice's got you", which he readily consumed. "But thank you," Lucinda replied eventually. "I get it, I do, but this is ultimately your fault. You befriended them without taking into full consideration that they might just be bad guys too; Barren wasn't a bad guy in my book." "And while I respect that,"Beatrice sighed, "it's irrelevant, wholly irrelevant, and I promise I'll support you all that you need right now but, as far as the Imperial Rokkenjiman Government is concerned, East Moreland eliminated a terrorist. That's what you, and I, must support for Asuna to succeed. Are you capable of holding your emotions back," she said with a light touch to her chest, "to see Asuna ultimately succeed?"

"Her life is my oath, I can separate my feelings from my obligations," Lucinda said with a measure of reservation. "Oh Luci," Beatrice said as she squeezed Lucinda, "if I weren't a married woman, you know you'd have my heart, I'm sorry that didn't quite track as we thought on the playground in our younger days. You know I always had an eye for you, and you a slot in my heart, but," Lucinda would interrupt her with a surprise kiss, which left the two most shocked equally. "I'm sorry," Lucinda said suddenly, "please leave now. I'm nearly through my mandatory period as stated by Kado and I'd like to get back to life beyond these walls. You complicate that objective..."

"I understand, Luci," Beatrice said as she rose and made the motions to leave, turning at the last moment to add, "but please know I love you, you're my soulmate in so many ways, and  I'm sorry, you're my muse, my inspiration, I'm sorry, I have to go," she said as she finally pushed the door open and left. "I feel the same," Lucinda said with a smile once the door closed, "and I hate that we're in the timeline I get to watch you have a family and a happy life whereas here I am," she motioned, "killing people with their own intestinal cords. I hate this life, I despise being a tool of violence, I hate all of it but as it's for you," she paused, "it's worth it."
Diplomacy and Events / Re: An Inquiry To King Aldwin VI of Weißenwald
« Last post by Beatrice on March 04, 2024, 10:40:33 PM »

His Majesty King  Aldwin VI and the broader COSNAT membership;

I am humbled to see such a reply to my inquiry, indeed it may be more than I initially expected. I shall keep my commentary limited at this stage, however I wished to state the fullest respect of the Clysperi Kingdom for the membership criteria set forth by the Council; it would be inappropriate for Clysperis to request any form of membership and I would not dare attempt to change or alter the course you've set forth for yourselves. While I feel we have shared similar experiences, for different reasons, in our relations with the broader world around us Clysperis itself is not a small nation, but I feel we are a nation that shares an understanding unique to those not in the stratosphere of nations such as East Moreland, Rokkenjima, Fusan, etc. These shared experiences, a perspective that is often overlooked on the international stage, is something which drew me toward the membership of the Council. While we may not be small we share, I feel, more in common with you than nations such as those mentioned just previously.

As to the King's personal concerns I wish to ensure that I have thought of these. I find much sentiment in the quote he shared, and while there is much we do not share that merely means there is much we may learn from each other, and a path to friendship with each member of the Council is something I look forward to embarking upon. All too often the powers of Mundus view differences as a means to effect conflict, whereas I view them as a means to effect understanding. I have, in the past, dropped the ball there, especially in regards to my comments on the Abrahamic Declaration and toward Abrahamic nations themselves; those statements were made in passion, they were ignorant, and I apologize for them and recant them. At the same time, I would point to the co-existence of three major faiths in Clysperis (Kemetic Orthodoxy, Islam and Manism) as a redeeming quality which shows that, despite that moment of ignorance, in practice and actions I have proven toward an arc of acceptance and am willing to recognize where I have erred, and am willing to correct the consequences of past ignorance.

Accompanying me to the King Lothar VIII Research Station, Hygelac shall be Vizier Apherumes. His position is one which may act with the full sanction of the Pharaoh, whose words may be considered as originating from the Pharaoh, and whose signature carries the same legal right and status as my own. This will, I feel, ensure that Clysperi cultural and spiritual aspects may not intrude or impose unjustly upon those of other cultures and spiritual beliefs. I look forward to seeing what the response is from the broader COSNAT community and, hopefully, also to a fruitful meeting with you all.


Akasha Di-‘nh-mi-Re, Sovereign of Sovereigns, Divine of Appearance, Beloved of Amun, Chosen of Ra, Lord of the Three Lands, Ruler of Justice like Ra, High Priest of Every Temple, the Eye of Horus, Voice of Ma'at, Satisfied is the heart of Ra.
Diplomacy and Events / Re: Through Gungju to Lijiang
« Last post by paralipomena on March 04, 2024, 08:49:52 PM »

"That would come close to what we envisioned and I am confident that could work", the Chief State Minister replied. "Giving the proposed scheme, I have in mind some investors which would make it possible  as soon as possible".

"I am glad that we found a space for agreement", Queen Hong declared.

"I find two conditions reasonable",  the Queen continued. "I am confident this treaty will strengthen the security between both of our nations. Did you bring an additional proposal of your own before going to the next point, Prince Chun?".
Diplomacy and Events / Re: An Inquiry To King Aldwin VI of Weißenwald
« Last post by Snow on March 04, 2024, 09:25:40 AM »

Reply sent to all COSNAT members and Her Majesty Pharoah Akasha

For those of you who already I can call friend via COSNAT I would invite you all to speak freely upon the concept put forth by Her Majesty Pharoah Akasha.

When the idea of COSNAT was conceived it was mainly down to the fact there was a blossoming resurgence in attempts for forms of global geopolitical councils, such as the CTO. It is my firm belief that in such organisations the voice of us who call these treasured small communities home are usually left yelling from the sidelines with our voice to be unheard or worse still ignored. We have seen success in the creation of COSNAT and while we have yet had need to act using the organisations initial premise it is interesting that it is already working.

With this in mind let us turn our attention towards the proposal of Clysperis and its interaction with our organisation. I welcome international co-operation and believe that partnerships such as this could, if done correctly, amplify our voice. However there are concerns that I have. Some practical and some perhaps best described as personal. In practical terms I wish our meetings to not be swayed by "larger" nations. While the charter makes provision for this perhaps some day happening this will be in the far distance and even then shall happen organically as populations grow. As they grow globally it can be assumed that we, the originators of COSNAT, will grow too and therefore even though larger and perhaps exceeding the population limit set by ourselves we would, on the grand scheme of Mundus, still be conisdered "Small". Here in Clysperis we have a nation that is far ahead of our population numbers thus meaning we can not, if permitted to be a member in any guise, be considered a council of small nations. Now this does not rule out interaction or co-operation. I believe though firmly that in no shape or form can Clysperis or other similar nations be considered to have any membership, oberserver or otherwise, of this body.

On a personal level there are matters that make me a little uncomfortable tying COSNAT to Clysperis. The first is that there at first glance appears to be a lack of any similarities between us and them. There is no common culture, language, size, geography or similar, while this is not always needed from my knowledge Clysperis shares no existing friendship of note with any members. This however again is no single barrier, I believe a wise author wrote "strangers are just friends we are yet to meet". My second issue is of a more theological and philosophical matter, a subject I hold dear. In the styling of the Pharoah is the words "Sovereign of Sovereigns" and while I understand the need for tradition and the perhaps spiritual nature of such a thing I for one will not sign an agreement where one claims sovereignty over myself. Our own Moosleut faith teaches us that there can only be sovreignty over mankind by either the Moosleut directly or by their appointed individuals on Mundus, there can be therefore no treaty I will sign where either symbolically or practically I give sovereignty of the Moosleut community to another individual. This issue is one that I believe we can perhaps fix.

With this in mind, and fostering the spirit of co-operation I have sought, I would like to invite Her Majesty and representatives from across COSNAT to meet with me in a weeks time (OOC-Whenever in RL terms) at the King Lothar VIII Research Station in Hygelac. It is my intention that this research station will allow us to welcome friends from COSNAT members and perhaps other places in the coming months to foster joint scientific research.

I hope you will accept this invitation and welcome my fellow COSNAT Head of States to comment upon the Pharoah's proposal.

Signed His Majesty King Aldwin VI
Convention Centre / Re: Niameck Fashion Week 2024 - Socialite's Thread
« Last post by Norgeras on March 04, 2024, 09:05:14 AM »
"Hearing you say that you weren't the intended heir, reminds me a little of Orion. My poor dearest cousin lost most of his Siblings and family in the blink of an eye, and not even yet quite thirteen was suddenly the Emperor. Even if my brother as his regent did most of the day to day burdens in the past years, it wasn't an easy time. The whole Bride show is weighing heavily on him, too. As much as he's banging on about his duty he is gay after all."

she shrugs with a smile:

"As for gifts for Lodjians? I assure you the Queen of East Moreland is a better judge there than i am. If you compare Uburzian and Lodjian women, i'd say they are an elegant Arrow to Pierce your heart. We are a thrown brick to knock you out and drag you into our cave."

Adelheid gave a hand wave towards Mathilda, drawing the attention of the grayed lady in the wavy purple silk toga.

She walked over and nodded towards adelheid, before bowing slightly to Marco:

"Your Highness, what a surprise! I hadn't expected your visit!"

Mathilda's demeanor was more stiff than Adelheid's, her military years visible in her every move.

"I was just talking to Miss Herrlich, our usual supplier for the Elder Senate's traditional Toga's. You should talk to her if you ever come for an official visit so we can get you some ahead of time."
Sporting Hub / Re: Mundus Cycling Cup 2024
« Last post by paralipomena on March 04, 2024, 12:20:04 AM »

Midvale-Artaxia Classic 2024

1 - Abrus McGlathery (Tolsenn-Lark) 6:23:51
2 - Eddie Chevere (Tolsenn-Lark) + 00:00
3 - Hakaru Akiyama (Hachinobu Suisei) + 00:00
4 - Hans Richter (SV Meergesellen) + 00:01
5 - Timothy Coulter (Phoenix Cycling) + 00:39
6 - Daniel Longbridge (Phoenix Cycling) + 01:26
7 - Germund Strand (AABL-Ujredi) + 01:44
8 - Kalevi Tammivaara (MKTkom) + 02:04
9 - Walden Gjeldnes (AABL-Ujredi) + 02:18
10 - Karl Sturmwald (SV Meergesellen) + 02:27
11 - Heinrich Müller (SV Meergesellen) + 02:28
12 - Friedrich Wagner (SV Meergesellen) + 02:29
13 - Kang Young-chul (Jaeyal-Suchul Team) + 02:33
14 - Daisaku Fujimoto (Hachinobu Suisei) + 03:02
15 - Gnaeus Nerva (AureaTerra) + 03:27
16 - Stephen Ular (Tolsenn-Lark) + 09:13
17 - Lars Aaltonen (AABL-Ujredi) + 09:57
18 - Kim Hyung-min (Jaeyal-Suchul Team) + 10:06
19 - Klaus Becker (SV Meergesellen) + 10:15
20 - Vespasianus Nissus (AureaTerra) + 11:05

Midvale-Artaxia Classic 2024

1 - Misato Futagawa (Higanbana) 3:32:38
2 - Katerina Shvets (Pelagiya-Semelberg) + 00:00
3 - Darja Pasternak (Pelagiya-Semelberg) + 00:00
4 - Tirelle Quaite (Westbay) + 00:00
5 - Sammy Lawson (Phoenix Cycling) + 00:00
6 - Ingrid Hügel (Gamsbärte 1890) + 00:00
7 - Eter Dzindzichasvili (MKTkom) + 00:01
8 - Sanae Osumi (Higanbana) + 00:02
9 - Hadewynda Salonen (Kommuna Ladies) + 00:04
10 - Praskoyya Mikhailov (Pelagiya-Semelberg) + 00:04
11 - Greta Reinhardt (AureaTerra) + 00:10
12 - Seo Hye-mi (Kommuna Ladies) + 00:12
13  - Elsa Schwarzbach (Gamsbärte 1890) + 00:12
14 - Eveliina Makela (MKTkom) + 00:13
15 - Maria Cairns (Phoenix Cycling) + 00:13
16 - Chihaya Lei (Phoenix Cycling) + 00:17
17 - Mzia Chikadze (MKTkom) + 00:17
18 - Fryda Andersen (Kommuna Ladies) + 00:18
19 - Thora Bjerkness (Kommuna Ladies) + 00:20
20 - Inga Sigua (MKTkom) + 00:23

Mundus Cycling Cup - Overall Standings

Men's Mundus Cycling Cup - Individual classification

1 - Eddie Chevere (Tolsenn-Lark) - 43 points
2 - Hakaru Akiyama (Hachinobu Suisei) - 27 points
3 - Abrus McGlathery (Tolsenn-Lark) - 26 points
4 - Heinrich Müller (SV Meersegellen) - 19 points
5 - Andrew Mason (Phoenix Cycling) - 15 points
6 - Hans Richter (SV Meergesellen) - 13 points
7 - Timothy Coulter (Phoenix Cycling) - 10 points
8 - Kang Young-chul (Jaeyal-Suchul Team) - 9 points
9 - Kalevi Tammivaara (MKTkom) - 6 points
10 - Lars Aaltonen (AABL-Ujredi) - 5 points

Men's Mundus Cycling Cup - Team classification

1 - Tolsenn-Lark - 70 points
2 - SV Meergesellen - 35 points
3 - Hachinobu Seisei - 30 points
4 - Phoenix Cycling - 30 points
5 - AABL-Ujredi - 15 points

Women's Mundus Cycling Cup - Individual classification

1 - Tsuneko Hijikata (Higanbana) - 25 points
2 - Misato Futagawa (Higanbana) - 25 points
3 - Tirelle Quaite (Westbay) - 24 points
4 - Hadewynda Salonen (Kommuna Ladies) - 20 points
5 - Katerina Shvets (Pelagiya-Semelberg) - 18 points
6 - Maria Cairns (Phoenix  Cycling) - 16 points
7 - Darja Pasternak (Pelagiya-Semelberg) - 15 points
8 - Ingrid Hügel (Gamsbärte 1890) - 10 points
9 - Elsa Schwarzbach (Gamsbärte 1890) - 9 points
10 - Sammy Lawson (Phoenix Cycling) - 8 points

Women's Mundus Cycling Cup - Team classification

1 - Higanbana - 53 points
2 - Pelagiya-Semelberg - 39 points
3 - Westbay - 26 points
4 - Kommuna Ladies - 24 points
5 - Phoenix Cycling - 24 points

Vignettes / Re: Asadal Playhouse
« Last post by paralipomena on March 03, 2024, 11:14:20 PM »
Heavenly Palace, Hwangjin

Grand King Wonhyo receives Prince Yun in one room in the Heavely Palace. Once of the rare guest rooms of the Heavely Palace, the chamber was reformed as an emergency medical room, with all the technology of a hospital room, while retaining some of its traditional decorations, including a small shrine at one of the corners of the room, next to the adapted bathroom.

Prince Yun: I hope you're feeling better, today.

Grand King Wonhyo: I am, certainly. I still feel a headache from time to time, but I regained my sleep.

Prince Yun: Unfortunately, we have no much time left.

Grand King Wonhyo: Indeed, that is unfortunate. Some of the details still escape me, of course,  but we need to face reality and make the best of it. I am, for one, that you will not be personally involved.

Prince Yun: I can't agree, brother. I can't help but to think that I was carried away but the worst thoughts. Now, the integrity and safety, as well as the name, of our guard will at risk.

Grand King Wonhyo: Whatever was built once, it can be rebuilt again. And it is not they can be blamed for the operation.

Prince Yun: I wonder if this result is inevitable at this point.

Grand King Wonhyo: You are better than myself to judge in these circumstances. But it is not that time may be in our favour. If we postpone, we may be forced toward worse choices in the coming future.

Prince Yun: That may be true...This may still disrupt our plans and poison the well for the time being.

Grand King Wonhyo: We just need to think about taking the initiative as soon as things get back to normal.

Prince Yun: I feel you sound quite different today...

Grand King Wonhyo: Excuse me, I still struggle to think clearly. I feel it may be the medication.

Prince Yun: That's right. I'm sorry to have disturbed your rest. But the situation needed action.

* * *

Lady Officer Song: Excuse me, Your Grand Majesty, Your Highness. But Her Honourable and Respectful Doctor Soon has arrived.

Grand King Wonhyo: Alright, tell her to enter immediately.

Lady Office Song: Yes, Your Grand Majesty.

Doctor Soon: Your Grand Majesty, how are you feeling  this evening? Greatings, Your Highness.

Grand King Wonhyo: Much better thanks. My muscles are still a bit tired, but feeling stronger.

Doctor Soon: I'm glad to hear that, Your Grand Majesty.

Prince Yun: Shouldn't he be ready to continue his duties now? I hope you understand the importance of the situation.

Doctor Soon: I only answer to my duty as a doctor, Your Highness. His Grand Majesty has obviously showed signals of a recovery, so I don't see any obstacles to a discharge in the current circumstances. However, it would be better if he remained in observation and I feel it would not be too positive to put much pressure until he's fully recovered.

Grand King Wonhyo: I do not feel the need to postpone it. I'm ready to take a precautionary approach regarding my reincorporation in any case.

Doctor Soon: That may work, Your Grand Majesty. I understand there is an expected protocol to follow. There are no additional permanent measures required so I am not opposed your return to your chambers, as long as you have someone to observe your well-being and I can continue to check the progress, of course. If tomorrow morning you have improved once again, I am ready to gave my authorization.

Grand King Wonhyo: That's excellent. I am convinced that will be the case.

Diplomacy and Events / An Inquiry To King Aldwin VI of Weißenwald
« Last post by Beatrice on March 03, 2024, 10:27:58 PM »

Your Majesty,

I would wish to offer my congratulations, albeit late, on the success of the Council of Small Nations. I have followed the developments surrounding the Council and, while the Kingdom of Clysperis is just over twice the size mandated for membership, I feel that the experiences of small nations and the Kingdom are similar; like those of the Council the Kingdom has shared experiences with those nations larger, and more entrenched so to say, that those outside of that coterie have not, at least not within recent memory, experienced themselves. It is for these reasons that I wish to speak with you to explore a few options which, if such desires are shared within the Council, for a relationship of cooperation and partnership with the Kingdom. It is indeed with a sense of hesitation that I broach this topic, mindful that the Council did not have a nation such as the Kingdom in mind in its formation. Thus it is with respect and understanding I will respond if this inquiry is not appropriate.

While the Kingdom may be a "larger" nation, we share the concerns as espoused by the Council, we too desire a more fair, equitable and multi-polar Mundus, and one which sees that nations are not respected because they are great in size of population, economy or military capacity, but that the nations of Mundus are respected through a mutual respect of sovereignty, a respect which sees the differences between peoples and nations not as something which should be a source for conflict, but as something which should instead be celebrated.

I hope that we may be able to meet to discuss the ideas I am proposing however, as I stated earlier, if they are inappropriate to the vision you have I shall take no offense if you decline them at this stage and would be open to exploring options of a more bilateral manner directly between Clysperis and Weißenwald if that's something you would be more comfortable with. Whatever path you set forth from here, I will be looking forward to your reply and the opportunity to explore a path of coordination between our nations and people, regardless of the final shape that path should take.


Akasha Di-‘nh-mi-Re, Sovereign of Sovereigns, Divine of Appearance, Beloved of Amun, Chosen of Ra, Lord of the Three Lands, Ruler of Justice like Ra, High Priest of Every Temple, the Eye of Horus, Voice of Ma'at, Satisfied is the heart of Ra.
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