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This thread is intended to act as a directory of sorts and organize RP threads for ease of accesses. Listed Here will be a variety of categories of RP threads and short summary of the threads content/purpose.  If you have a thread you are the author of or apart of a thread you'd like listed feel free to DM either here on the forum of on the Discord @---.

The Format will be as follows:
Thread title (*Host/OP*)
Summary of the RP  Thread
(clickable) Link to actual thread

Spoiler: show
Mundus Convention of Universal Rights (MCUR)
An International treaty that seeks to establish a foundation for universal rights of all peoples on mundus on the basis of individual liberty and unalienable (when permissible) human rights.   

Uppsala convention
An international treaty that seeks to establish a uniformed code of conduct for engaging in warfare, including the protection of Prisoners of War, dissuading intentional targeting of civilians, and banning inhuman weapons on a large-scale use.

Fair Seas Concordant (FSC)
International treaty that seeks to establish international law in regards to nautical travel, exploitation of oceanic resources and establishing the boundaries and protection of said boundaries for individual Costal countries.

Outer Space Standards Convention (OSSC)
International treaty seeking to regulate the space exploration through means of international cooperation, dissuading the usage of space or orbital weaponization, and individual country claims of celestial objects or areas.

Cross Mundus Agency (CMA)
An international Organization in which Signatory countries agree to collaborate to address crises across the mundus through joint effort including humanitarian efforts, promotion od development in underdeveloped countries and assisting in large scale natural disasters, among others.

Environmental Treaty of Wellow
International treaty originating within the Alucard region and having expanded mundus wide, this treaty seeks to address the concern of environmental threats including ocean pollution, global warming, and the promotion of green alternatives for fossil fuel energies.

Treaty for the Protection of Hygelac and Hrothgar
International treaty that seeks to promote the peaceful exploration of the Artic and Antarctic continents of  Hygelac and Hrothgar by establishing international research stations, joint scientific research, dissuading  national claims of territory in either continent and prohibiting the establishment of militaristic facilities or buildup in either continent.

Mundus Atomic Energy Agency (MAEA)
An international treaty that seeks to promote the peacfull application of atomic energy through regulation of the transfer of nuclear material, oversight and cooperation in civilian atomic projects and discouraging the production of atomic weapons.

Cultural Exchange Treaty Organization (CETO)
Non government international organization, seeking to promote cultural understanding and learning across the Mundus via the preservation and study of artifacts and cultural heritage sites.

Wild Mundus Organization (WMO)
International Ecological organization seeking to promote the protection of threated flora and fauna, and regulation of over exploitation of said flora or fauna.

b]Joint Emergency Team[/b] (JET)
International Organization seeking to respond and address crisis and international emergencies through nonmilitary aid and means.

International Refugee Support Agency (IRSA)
Non government organization that seeks to assist displaced peoples due to crises, by supporting refugee rights, providing safe areas for temporary stay, and providing services needed.

Child Birth Initiative (CBI)
Non-government International Charity, which aims to address infant, child, and mother morality across Mundus.

Spoiler: show
Alba Karinya Organization (AKO)
Continental Organization promoting collaboration and cooperation on international mattes among countries located in Alba Karinya.

Assembly of Ardia (AoA)
Continental Organization open to countries located within Ardia. Seeks to promote peace and collaboration among Ardian nations, and  address continental issues and crises.

Council of Albion (CoA)
Continental Organization open to countries located within Albion. Seeks to promote peace and collaboration throughout the continent, and act as an forum to deescalate or address crisis in a peaceful manner.

Gulf of Auraxis Agreement (GAA)
Regional Economic Organization among Auraxis gulf countries

Treaty of Unity for Alucard Nations (TUNA)
Regional economic-defense treaty seeking to promote security and economic cooperation among Alucard nations and region.

Sovereign Union of Nations (SUN)
Political organization founded on the idea of National Sovereignty and seeks to promote this idea through like-minded countries and collaboration.

Treaty of Celtic Friendship/Celtic Alliance
Cultural alliance promoted around the celebration of Celtic Culture

Conradh na Náisiún (CNN)
Political Alliance, promoting mutual defense, economic preference, and close collaboration amongst its members.

Oil and Gas Producing Exporting Nations (OPEN)
International Organization comprised mainly of Oil rich countries which seek to regulate the flow and value of petroleum and natural gas as well as cooperation amongst each other in developing these industries.

Mhorish and Illumic Co-operative Agency  (MICA)
Regional Organization catering to countries with shorelines along the Mhorish Sea or Illumic Channel, promoting cooperation in diplomatic affairs and trade.

Cross Straits Treaty Organization (CSTO)
 Political-Military Alliance founded on the ideals of Democracy, Individual Liberty, Rule of Law and mutual defense.

South Ardian New Electorate (SANE)
Regional Organization seeking to promote peace among South Ardian nations, economic cooperation, and military aid.

Spoiler: show
Mundus Economy Statictics Chart
An open source collaborative project undertaken and led by Nova to collect basic data on Mundus' Countries economies for quick reference.

Mundus Development Bank 
Interntional Monetary fund founded to help less developed countries with economic assistance through interntional loans

Albrektberg Stock Exchange (ASE)
Stock Market hosted within Albrektberg-Jugland, Mktvartvelo

Petrograd Stock Exchange(PSE)
Stock Market hosted within Petrograd, Samantra

Expuria Stock Exchange  (ESE)
Stock Market hosted within Exuperia, Rokkenjima

Investments in the Clysperi Obelisk
Investmet oppurtunty within Clysperis and the planned-city & economic hub of Setri

Achkaerin Aeronautical Development Company (AADC)
Achkaerinese premier Arcraft Manufacturer, catoluge of inventory and sellable aircraft to other countries; Civilian and Military

The East Moreland Aircraft Company Catalouge
East Moreland Aircraft Company (EMAC), premier catoluge of equpiment for sell to other countries or clients. Military, Civilian, Scientific

Parebi Systems Closed
Public declassified Inventory of Parebi Systems' current projects and completed Hardware; Military-Scentific

Premier catalogue of Datiojin Aircraft and vehicles to sell to other countries; Military-Civilian

Spoiler: show
Gowu Fashion Show 2022 (Achkaerin)
Fashionistas, designers, and afficionados have arrived at the Artisan House in Gowu to display, promote, and exchange their designs and ideas with like minded members of the industry and community from the all around the mundus. It is said that Gowu Chief Councilor, Xioling Tsu, will be in attendance as well.

Royal Highland Games (KrisNord)
In association with the Celtic Treaty of Friendship, King Finley of Ui Cenneslaig has made an open invitation to all interested to view the Highland games and engage in their celebrations.

Spirit of Mundus
A nautical Museum sponsored by Achkearin meant to serve as a floating Museum. Countries or parties, are invited to reserve a room to display their culture or art to be displayed across the major ports of Mundus.

Blue Launch Party
Launch and opening of the 'Blue Project' of Royal Seleucid. A contemporary take on world fairs and symposiums. Interested countries are inclined to contact RS Blue Project to reserve a 'pod' to display their country's culture or economic ventures.

Spoiler: show
Reunion for Abraham (Rayyu)
Emir Sulaiman Samar El-Amin, has invited prominent individuals and leaders of Abrahamic faiths to Rayyu to discuss cooperation and address the future of said faiths approach to international Issues

Conference on the RSCU (Rokkenjima)
Empress Evanthe Rhodes of Rokkenjima invites neighboring countries to discuss the potential of forming a diplomatic-economic Union among fellow Rokkenjima Sea region countries.

Breaking of Holy Ground (Kermah)
In celebration of the completion of construction of the Basilica of St. Arcadeius, the largest Christian church within Kermah, Archbishop Emeka Abiodun has made an open invitation to all to partake in celebration and first mass.

Visit Between Faiths (Rokkenjima)
Lady Yuna, Grand Maester of the Rosari Faith, has invited prominent individuals of all non Abrahamic faiths to discuss potential cooperation and discussion on issues of faith and international issues.

Council of Maesters (Rokkenjima)
Leaders of the Rosari faith convene to discuss issues and challenges the faith faces and cooperation with international troubles. 

Festivo do Toras 2022 (Vaguzia) 
Prominent individuals are invited to enjoy the annual celebration of Vaguzian tradition known as the Festivo do Toras, internationally known for its bullfights and immersive celebrations of Vaguzian culture.

Spoiler: show
Terrible Swift Sword (Tytor)
Political turmoil within the Republic of Centralia has boiled over into open civil war. The Federal Government and currently official government of Centralia is often accused of large scale corruption enforcing its power through oppressive means; whether true or not the Federal Government must now fight for its legitimacy against opposing factions that seek the replace it. Pastor Nehemiah Godfrey, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army; a militant Christian organization often perceived as fundamentalist and extremist in nature, seeks to cleanse Centralia of its woes and reshape the country and its society according to Book. Meanwhile the People’s Liberation Army, led by the elusive Commandant John Browder, has secured a number of southern states from Federal control, and seeks to replace the government with their own.

Trident, The Survivors and The Q (Achkaerin)
In the mid 1990’s a genocide against practitioners of the Earagon faith within Rodina followed by hostile policies against the faith and its institutions. Since the event the Earagon Faith has seemingly vanished from the face of mundus on any noticeable scale yet still the faith appears to prevail with individuals around mundus seemingly holding on to their faith though rarely mentioning anything about it. Melanie Bell, archaeologist and explorer, hopes to uncover the secrets surrounding this mysterious religion and what caused such hostile action towards its faithful.

Dark Waters (RP Mod Team)
The Oceans Blessing a, Nueva Ardian Oil Tanker operated by the “Andino Oil Company”, has struck a reef damaging the tanker causing a large spill in the Kyne sea near the North Albion Region. Countries and individual actors race to address the situation or profit from the crisis.

In Sebastian Cristeas's Paradise (Nova)
Patriarch of the Influential Vinitsìan family of Cristea, Sebastian, and alleged lead Mafia figure, is always seeking to further expand his enterprises influence be it contact's buisness parterns, or supplying so called 'illegal' materials to those in need.

Following the completion of Lijiangese Nuclear Facility Wengchangzhen 1, Head of the the Altonan Electrical Syndicate (AES), Professor Jozef Thibaun, has invited government officals the Mundus' over to celebrate the 'grand opening' of the facility. It is said the Dragon Emperor of Lijiang, aswell as King of Altona, Rutger, will be in attendance aswell.
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