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« on: December 17, 2023, 09:12:23 PM »
OOC- Thanks to Dave for the loan of his people.

17th December 2023

It had been just over a week since the three person committee of General Tobias Dahlsson, Admiral Jonas Stromberg and Air Commodore Timothy Ravenburg had been forced to all but declare martial law on Nya Åland. In that time there had been sporadic violence across the nation but following the Gungnir being driven out of Uppsala yesterday things had been pretty quiet. The three men were due to meet at the Longhouse  with Andrea Jacobsson who as leader of the Odinic Rite had informed them that she had secured more than 50% of the Odinic Councils seats thus making her the Allsherjargoði in waiting. Each travelled in their own vehicle with a guard drawn from their men. With the Gungnir active it was not out the realms of possibility that they may be targeted. Each arrived at a staggered interval with a heavy military presence around them. Only once all of them had arrived did Andrea arrive in her own vehicle protected by members of the Mjolnir Special Forces. Thankfully for all concerned they had all arrived safe and sound.

"Mrs Jacobsson" General Dahlsson greeted her. "Welcome, we want to meet you as we don't want our military trio to become the defacto government of the Republic. We need a representative of the people and we see no real option other than that being you. Its clear you are going to be Allsherjargoði so for now that makes you our option for their representative. Now just to be clear we will brief you on all matters except any relating to the decision of the Head Gothi situation. I hope you understand?" Dahlsson said showing her to the forth chair round their square table.

"I understand" Andrea replied, "What I however don't see is why you are not ordering people to get this sorted, our nation is in limbo and you need to fix tha...." the words never were finished as a large explosion over the river ended their conversation. "What was that?" Andrea asked as the windows in the Longhouse building shook.

Three men appeared quickly in the room dressed in khaki with rifles across their backs "The Civil Service buildings just had a car bomb go off outside" the Sergeant of the guard informed them. "Follow me." The Sergeant walked them out the room and four teams of soldiers waited at the foot of the door each taking responsibility for one of the senior leaders and the future Allsherjargoði. There was a bunker in the basement and each were taken there. As they reached the door another boom could be heard and a corporal carrying a radio back pack pressed a finger into his ear. "Outside the Central Police station" he informed them.

"Don't worry" Captain Tuure Petersson of the Mjolnir informed them. "We've this building well locked down and this place is perfectly safe" Already as Petersson was talking armoured units were scrambling out of the barracks on the edge of the city.

The Mjolnir were the nations special forces, commandos who undertook some of the more complex operations the nation required. It was though the Huscarls who were the elite of the Mjolnir. "You're to take the kayaks to this point, from there find the target and take it out" Noak Heikke briefed the four men in front of him.

"Its a bloody Moose" Lt.Rowe of East Moreland's Red Legion explained. "You're briefing us like its a damn Borlander or something." he shook his head disapprovingly.

"Listen Rowe" Heikke continued, "This may not be the typical cowboy shit they let you do in East Moreland but the things caused thousands of krona of damage to the village and we're the closest people."

"Thousands of Krona......thats about five quid right?" Saxby made a play of doing sums on his fingers making the two Morelanders laugh. It was moments like this that frustrated Heikke about the Morelanders at times. They were great soldiers but they never seemed to take anything serious. Red Base out in the wilds of the north was a shared facility to give the Ålanders a chance to work alongside another elite while it gave the Morelanders chance to experience conditions very different to their homeland, but every now and again they got some interesting jobs helping control wildlife but even that could serve a useful purpose. Today Rowe and Saxby joined by two Huscarls were going hunting for a nuisance Moose. "Question skip!" Saxby asked "If we get it can we eat it. I mean there has to be a tonne of meat on a Moose." Once it was confirmed that they could indeed butcher the animal and bring some of its meat back the two foreigners seemed far happier about their expedition. The foursome headed off to draw supplies from the quartermaster when all of a sudden Rowe heard a tale tell whistle. It was almost instinct as he pushed the other three off the track as a "BOOM!" filled the air. "Mortar round" he explained as two more hit in quick succession. Alarms began blaring out across the base and soldiers, only around half clad in uniforms hurried out of buildings. Gun shots could be heard as the distant crack of rifles suggested a more sustained attack. In the radio shack by the waterside Sergeant Kimi Alfredsson began putting out a distress call. Sentries on the fence had begun searching for where the gunfire was coming from.

Rowe and Saxby managed to get to the armoury and found several of the Huscarls, including Heikke grabbing weapons and ammo. "Missions changed" the Huscarl said as he clipped up his webbing. "Still hunting though."

"We're not eating them, even we draw the line" Saxby said as he told the armourer which number his rifle was. It was handed over in quick time and more and more men were arriving. By the time Saxby had grabbed his rifle, three mags of ammo and a set of webbing around ten guys, a mixture of Morelanders and Ålanders were ready to get to work. "We got any eyes on." Saxby checked his comms.

"The guys in the boat house got a small UAV up. Spotted what looks like three mortar teams to the South, few marksman dotted around, then someone took a pot shot at the UAV and clipped it." Heikke glanced around the door, no clear target he burst out and slid behind a utility vehicle. Nothing happened. Soon others followed all taking up positions and examining the ground before them. "We're going to advance on the positions of the mortars, keep your eyes open."

"No need"  Sergeant Kimi Alfredsson had grabbed his radio pack and was with them, a rifle slung across his back. "Anvil 2-1 this is Red One we have target"

"Roger" that crackled over the radio, "Send grid when ready."

"Anvil 2-1 grid is 4-2-4-8-3-3. Five meters south of tree line." A Tuker trainer plane had been out using the targets off the coast but now its live ammo was being utilised for something else. The student on board may not have gained his wings yet but today his instructor was about to give a real life demonstration of strafing.

"Roger, beginning run" The buzz of the planes engine could be heard over the gunshots and mortar rounds and as the planes machine guns raked the tree line the ground teams moved up. Anvil 2-1 found itself getting a few holes but nothing too major and now the pilot performed a beautiful turn and passed a second time before declaring itself out the fight and poddling off back to base. It took five minutes before the ground teams reached the mortar positions and the teams had bugged out leaving behind three dead and one wounded. There was no sign of any of the gunman and despite an evening spent patrolling the woods and UAV's scanning the area nothing was found except a few blood trails that ran to a road. "Trails dead" Heikke informed them. The sneak attack had left two members of the Mjolnir dead and one Red Legionnaire being airlifted to hospital.

"We've a problem"  General Tobias Dahlsson informed Admiral Jonas Stromberg and Air Commodore Timothy Ravenburg alongside Andreas Jacobsson. "Thirteen strikes against government targets within the last two hours, and Red Base amongst them. We're going to have to get their ambassador up to speed and let Northfort know." The others agreed.

"Do we know who has done this" Jacobsson asked.

"I'd say it would likely be the Gungnir but who knows. What we do know is we've a total of 62 dead and triple that roughly injured"


As of going to press 67 members of the civil service, government security and the press have been killed in terror attacks mainly focused on the capital. A series of car bombs rocked the city of Krokom and Red Base has come under attack. As a result the capital is now going into lock down. Ambassadors of East Moreland have been informed and a spokesman for the Army has said Red Legion operatives were involved in the reaction to the attack. More news will follow as we get it.

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Re: Holmgång
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The nation was still coming to terms with the bomb attacks and the military had been placed on high alert. The Gungnir had already tried several other attacks on military instillations and now people feared to walk the streets incase a sniper or bomber was on the loose. The crew of ANS Hringhhorni were relatively confident that in the midst of Naval Establishment Malaren they were away from the chaos that the capital was seemingly becoming. The crew had been permitted to go visit family while the ship underwent routine resupply and only a skeleton crew remained behind, mainly counting boxes being loaded into the freezer onboard. "Did you feel that?" Santtu Bergström asked those helping him take inventory. With 15 years experience the self proclaimed "Head Chef" of the navies only and aging aircraft carrier was not someone to have imagined things but the three juniors shook their head and continued counting the tins of tomatoes. "There again" Santtu asked confident that he'd felt the ship moving but that was impossible, they were in dock and Malaren's harbour was like a millpond. The engines were silent and he couldn't think of any other explanation.

"You've been at the cooking sherry again" Milian, his "Commis Chef" jested as he ticked off the latest items on the list. The others laughed and continued the task at hand.

Up on the bridge the carriers captain Saku Sundberg was busy checking instruments, he too felt something wasn't right. All the read outs said nothing and an alarm would have blaring had even the slightest issue have been underway. Then it happened, there was a sudden jolt and the ship twisted to Port. Saku could see some of the deck crew outside stagger and then it was even more visible, they were listing. Saku picked up the intercom and called for one of the engineering team to check the ships systems but minute by minute the list began to worsen.

Below deck having ruled everything out Kauko who was manning the engineering control went down to check the ballast tanks. "Shit" he exclaimed and then called it in, "Sir, the three ballast tanks on that side have been opened. I don't know who by, better get the Marines to run security checks."

"Kauko get them closed, pump them out get us back level and then bring me someones head on a silver platter." The captain was reliefed that at least he wasn't imagining things. Below deck Kauko went to turn the first of the valves closed before turning on the pumps as he turned the valve the first of the required six twists to fully close it he had not enough time to register the strange object tucked behind it as it exploded throwing him across the room and destroying the valve ensuring it would now remain open. Alarms now rang out through the ship.

It took the crew nearly an hour to get the flooding stopped and fire the pumps up by which point the captain had evacuated everyone off the ship. Investigations began on how it had happened and Kauko was pronounced dead. The crew of leave having heard via the Navies jungle drums what was happening were lining the quayside to see what was happening to their second home. The investigation was also swift. The Navies investigation team spotted three individuals that Saku easily identified opening the valves and planting explosives behind them. Earlier in the day another individual had disabled the alarm systems and now Marines scoured the ship looking for them while others searched their lockers. The investigation team found footage of the four departing the ship in civilian clothing and driving away and now as their lockers were searched an envelope was found in each one with an identical letter inside.


We are the righteous warriors of the All Father.

We swore oaths to serve the Republic and the Gods, now the Republic is leaderless and our commanders dishonour Odin by their spineless inaction. We, the Gungnir, declare that Magnus Odinsson is the true Head Gothi. We placed our trust in democracy and the judicial system and this has been found to be misplaced. We therefore call on the ancient rite of Holmgång and thus challenge Stein Ulfsson and Olivia Robertsson to meet Magnus in single combat to determine the rightful leader of the only true Odinist nation on Mundus. If they have the courage of their convictions the Holmgång shall take place at the Sacred Grove of Uppsala in three days time.

 May the All-Father bless the righteous.

"They want what?" Stein Ulfsson bellowed as he was briefed on the situation. The heads of the armed forces had called him in and he had believed that this would send the nation the message that he was the rightful leader following the recent election fiasco. When he had seen Olivia Robertsson was already there he had thrown what could best be described as a tantrum and refused to come in until she had left, or would be briefed separately.  Admiral Jonas Stromberg was already in a mood following the news of the carrier disaster and he was not interested in dealing with political falling outs and so he had stated it clearly, Ulfsson could sit in the briefing or not be briefed and much to Olivia's amusement he had sat down but not before moving the seat to be further away from his opponent.

"Your a Gothi, you know very well what a Holmgång is." the Admiral mocked.

"There hasn't been one in about 600 years." Ulfsson explained

"Yes" Olivia recalled one of her high school history units that had been a study of the history of Crime and Punishment over the last 1000 years in her homeland. "But the problem was it was just removed as an option for the judicial system, technically if everyone is in agreement then have at it." Olvia shrugged. "I reckon I could take you" She mocked with a chuckle, "But this Magnus guy probably not."

"We're not considering it......are we?" Stein suddenly felt some panic.

"Of course we aren't" the Admiral screamed. "What kind of fucking precedent does it set that anyone with a sword can just claim control of our nation just because their a bit handy. We'd be balls deep in Morelanders by the end of the week. We're going to monitor the place incase this is some insane gesture and the moron turns up. Now as for the Gungnir in the military we've known its always been impossible to fully weed them out but the reassuring thing is those involved in this latest issue are in less than six months. Our plan is now to send a panel of five judges out the nation and have them make a decision on which of you two is going to be leader. Until then I'd ask you to put yourselves in our custody for protection."

"Agreed" Olivia said

"I suppose so." Stein grudgingly accepted.

"Excellent. We're sending you to the Isle of Tar in Lodja in the next twenty minutes. Get you out the way."

"At least its sunny" Olivia smiled, stood and shook the Admiral's hand, "Good luck sorting all this." She added as she left. Ulfsson meanwhile simply shook the Admirals hand and left.