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Diplomacy and Events / Re: Asuna To Tielin II
« Last post by Beatrice on July 24, 2024, 11:12:20 PM »
"The ADSN hasn't been without its challenges, what, with Speaker Sugano narrowly bringing us to withdrawal so shortly after its conception? I must admit I was glued to the screen as I watched and prepared for the results of that vote, certainly I'd have withheld my consent, yet thankfully there were enough people who trusted the vision behind it in the Imperial Diet to allow it to live another day. For many years, I feel as though, as evidenced by my words to you just moments ago, a sense of despair and dread in Pyrettania, it wasn't until recently that a majority of the people gave up on a return of my mother and finally trusted the future of the Empire to my hands, but I suppose that is representative of where nostalgia draws it's power from. Even without a body like the CTO I think there's room for every nation to find consensus on the important issues that face all nations, that the voices of the international community can be harnessed to improve people's lives, ensure that our impact on the environment leaves a Mundus that is safe and habitable for future generations and, while I know I'll get push back on this one, perhaps we can see the nations of the world reduce their investments into their respective militaries; that'll take a lot of effort and shoring up diplomatic links between the nations as well as making our respective Diplomatic Corps capable of tackling issues before military options even become a necessity, but I'd like to see for example a Rokkenjima that doesn't see a feasible need to spend र218.3bn ($403.8bn) on its military."

"I think I would start with the Azukishima Free Trade Zone, which gives foreign businesses ample opportunities and benefits to participate in the Rokkenjiman economy and, likewise, realize some mutually beneficial arrangements. We're also seeing the opening of sales of Rokkenjiman military equipment beyond CSTO and Major-Non CSTO allies, which I realize is ironic given what I just spoke upon but even in a less militarized Mundus there will, unfortunately, always be a need to maintain the defense of our nations from a good many threats. We've also the Abstergo Financial Group which, as I understand, is looking for foreign partners to expand markets and offer their services abroad. In a similar vein Rokkenjima has some of the best shipyards anywhere in Mundus, and while we live in an era of jet travel I still find some of my best moments are on the seas aboard either the Austrana or [United States/i], contemplating the meeting before me or what to say in response to ongoing global issues; perhaps Rosa could be a consideration for any ships you're looking to be built in the foreseeable future? There's also our lead in mobile networking technologies and AI, both of which I imagine could be of benefit to your Empire in leveraging. Thank you," she paused, "it's always easier to focus on what's wrong or what's a problem than to see the more positive aspects, or to consider the opportunities just waiting beyond your nose. I need to look less to what's behind me and more toward what is in front of me, and you helped me to remember that."
International News Networks / Re: Rokkenjima Broadcasting Corporation (RBC)
« Last post by Beatrice on July 24, 2024, 10:36:35 PM »

Anselmo Clears First Challenge For Centre

Speaker Anselmo spoke with the RBC following the debate as to who would serve as the next Speaker of the Councillors.

"Anselmo as Speaker will see the nations of Mundus shun the First Empire, hamper the interests of the Empress in restoring relations with the Kingdom of East Moreland and, might I remind you, her time is slated to be filled with appearances before the Supreme Court of Judicature as the allegations against her are addressed. In this moment of time the House of Councillors cannot be led by an individual such as Mrs. Anselmo, we need someone who is able to devote 100% of their attention to the business of the Imperial Diet, and as we've seen in the continued support for Teikokutō, despite marginal losses, we have a job to finish," the now former Speaker said in a plea to retain his position. However, following lengthy negotiations between the Centre, Socialist and Green parties, now-Speaker Anselmo ultimately prevailed over Sugano.

"Sugano's vision for this First Empire is vastly different than the vision held by the Centre Party, it's a vision which the Socialists have seen play out in foreign lands and they know all too well that once Sugano is done with the foreigners in our lands, they're the target he'll next come after. The Greens, likewise, have undoubtedly noted the absence of any manner of environmental policy in the Speaker's ambitions. We all have our differences but, at the end of the day, the Rokkenjima we envision exists in the same universe and it's a Rokkenjima which would see any of our Parties capable of winning, and the others being civil and humble in accepting defeat. In Sugano, and Teikokutō, we have a wounded animal, seeking to retain whatever it may despite the math not being in their favour. If he retains his seat, with a Teikokutō House of Commons, this First Empire will look markedly different over the course of the next few months. I, with your support, will stop that and together we'll ensure this government functions for the People. The concerns which Sugano speaks to are non-issues; our foreign and intelligence policies do not involve the Speaker of the Councillors, I am confident I will be cleared of any wrong doing, and each day I'll be hard at work for the People of Rokkenjima as their next Speaker of the House of Councillors. He might have forgotten that I once served as Empress, multi-tasking and time management are of little challenge to me," the former Empress retorted.

When the votes came in Anselmo received 43 votes, gaining the unanimous support of the Centre, Socialist and Green parties to become Speaker. In the House of Commons Teikokutō member Yasuda Mitsuru was elected as Speaker. A political protege of Sugano, she promised to "see the work of Speaker Sugano, and yes he's still our Speaker, is accomplished. This House will pass a comprehensive bill which will see that foreign implants in our Government are removed, that Rokkenjima is returned 100% to the Rokkenjiman People, and that we restore the sovereignty of Chrysanthemum Throne on behalf of the Rokkenjiman People."

Responding to the agenda of the Speaker of the Commons Speaker Anselmo found her palm on her face momentarily. "Let them pass their bills, I guess? The House of Councillors will naturally support good legislation which benefits the Empire, however, we will be a legislative graveyard for the worst impulses of Teikokutō; whether that be making the lives of foreigners living in Rokkenjima more difficult, ceasing immigration or targeting any person within our borders because they are "impure". Teikokutō may hold the Commons but the People put in place a safeguard by denying Teikokutō continued reign over the House of Councillors. Might I also remind Speaker Yasuda that she's an issue of five, an issue our coalition in the Commons is looking forward to working with to ensure that must-pass legislation makes its way through the Diet?"
International News Networks / Re: News of the Empire
« Last post by Lijiang on July 24, 2024, 10:02:45 PM »


The SUN consortium behind the construction of the Zarptica fighter has today delivered the final of the 50 ordered aircraft for the Empire. The final aircraft touched down in Baoshan where it will be based for the time being. The aircraft are drawn up into five squadrons and will now be the main aircraft used for combat air patrols and rapid response operations. Aircrews have been training alongside pilots from Cassiopeia and Drenovia in recent months to get ready for the fighters. The Emperor was on hand to witness the final aircraft arrive and greet its pilot, Flt Lt. Kun Chu whose father was also a pilot in the Air Force who was one of the first pilots to fly the F-21 when it entered service in the late 1970's. The 22 year old pilot said, "My father was a proud airmen who did his best in difficult times to put the Empire first. He gave me a love of flying and planes and while he was one of the first to fly what became an iconic jet in our nations history I can carry on the tradition. Perhaps one day my son can be the first to fly some kind of space fighter or something."

The Dragon-Emperor presented the pilot with a commemorative pennant of the flight before saying "Our nations military is full of honourable men who love our nation just like the Flt.Lt here. At the moment they have agreed to, if required, fight for the protection and betterment of all of us yet they would currently go into battle under equipped and out gunned. I'm doing what we can to correct that. In the past we've seen some tanks purchased to support the Army, more is to come. We've seen now the air force get better equipment that is state of the art. Our next approach and acquisition will be for the navy and we will have much more to tell you in the coming weeks. We're in advanced talks with a well established dockyard that will not just provide us with a new asset but also our workers with valuable experience in construction." The Dragon-Emperor spent the rest of the day touring the base and witnessing a group of new recruits taking their first flights.
International News Networks / Re: Rokkenjima Broadcasting Corporation (RBC)
« Last post by Beatrice on July 24, 2024, 09:59:57 PM »

Elections Return Divided Diet

Teikokutō, despite the highly critical campaign efforts of the Centre Party, lost just thirty one seat in the Commons, countering gains made by Centre at the expense of the Socialists and Greens to maintain control of the chamber.

Showing signs that deep cracks remain in the body politic following the Offdensen Affair and the inflammatory rhetoric of Teikokutō as the later managed to retain control of the House of Commons. In the House of Councillors whilst the Centre Party increased its presence in the chamber it remains a minority party, leaving many to wonder how a government might form and what Rokkenjiman politics will look like with a divided Imperial Diet. In a trend that is becoming increasingly common over the past three election cycles no independents were elected to either House.

In the House of Councillors, while reversing their fortunes, Centre remains a minority party.

Sources close to Centre leadership indicated that negotiations were under way as the results became more clear between the Centre, Socialist and Green Parties to "explore viable options" moving forward. Unconfirmed reports further stated that the so-called Five, those Teikokutō members who voted "present", as well as a handful of members in the Commons who mounted a similar effort in their chamber, were to be included in these calls at the direction of Leader, and now Councillor, Beatrice Anselmo.

"Some might say we under-preformed, and that's a fair assessment," she shared as she watched the results come in with supporters at the Lux nightclub in Pyrettania, "however, when one looks to the performance of Centre after the outright annihilation of Centre in the August '23 elections, we've done well. We now have before us the challenge of navigating a fractured Diet as well as a divided body politic; I never said it would be easy to put Sugano's genie back in the bottle. Today is not the end of that challenge, yet perhaps it may mark the closing act of the beginning. Teikokutō holds the Commons, however if our three parties, Centre, Socialist and Green, are capable of putting policy differences and ego aside we may do the job the Rokkenjiman People sent us to the Imperial Diet to do: protect Rokkenjiman democracy and the moral character of the spirit of the Empire from the worst impulses of Teikokutō. I look forward to the process ahead, hold onto the faith, and thank those who voted for myself and for Centre and the message they've sent by doing so."
Diplomacy and Events / Re: Asuna To Tielin II
« Last post by Lijiang on July 24, 2024, 09:32:17 PM »
Tielin listened for as long as the young Empress wanted to talk, after all it was the polite thing to do, however there was still nothing that could lead him to see where to begin. "You've spent a lot of time listing Rokkenjima's failures of the recent past. You have though failed to realise you've actually achieved some things, this new ASDN has made an impact bringing....I believe four nations together. We've seen that group champion the return of Troyes. That's something positive. You've seen your people overcome some major hurdles. Now they've a young Empress who clearly wants to do something positive, and no doubt in the long years ahead of you that'll be several things. What though do you want that positivity to be?" He asked. "As I see it a nation that once tried to bring the world together through initiatives like the CTO is doing a lot of inward looking." He thought he to phrase the next part. "Our continent of Ardia is one that's brought lots of tension, both geographically and politically we are in the centre of that. We've looked to the West of the continent more than the East so far but that is likely to change. We're buying fighters from the consortium run by SUN, we're looking at making some deals on micro-finance with Abertone. Beside opportunities to make cash for both of them we're able to bring our massively over producing agricultural sector to their benefit too, helping boost our economy. I suppose then I should ask how could Rokkenjima fit into this Eastward gaze?"
International News Networks / Re: Rokkenjima Broadcasting Corporation (RBC)
« Last post by Beatrice on July 24, 2024, 02:35:08 AM »

Anselmo, Centre Receive Endorsements

Abstergo CEO Albert Relkin has endorsed Leader Anselmo and the Centre Party in the upcoming elections.

"Look, it's as simple as this," Abstergo CEO Albert Relkin said to the RBC, "the Centre Party platform is simply better for business. What Teikokutō has proposed will lead to an exodus of talent from the Rokkenjiman labour pool and while I am confident we have some of the brightest minds anywhere in Mundus, cutting off people from living and working in Rokkenjima just because they're not Rokkenjiman is going to stifle the sort of innovation and advancements we've seen here at Abstergo, as well as in other Rokkenjiman firms. This is why I offer my endorsement for a Centre victory, as well as to Leader Anselmo to be the next Speaker of the House of Councillors. Everything which the Empress has worked toward in the formation of the ADSN would be squandered with a Teikokutō win, just as her priorities to renew and expand Rokkenjima's economic and diplomatic ties across Mundus would suffer. Here in the home stretch I intend to do everything in my power to support Centre candidates up and down the ballot."

While not an official endorsement in the manner which Mr. Relkin offered several members of the Imperial Rokkenjiman Armed Forces have taken to social media to offer their own endorsements of the former Empress. "The policies of that bastard will get us into a conflict, just like Offdensen worked to effect between Rokkenjima and Fusan, only next time it'll be much worse, we need Saisei up there having our back," one sailor shared on Twitter. A veteran of the IRGF questioned whether Sugano would seek to purge the Imperial Rokkenjiman Armed Forces of those who are not of pure Rokkenjiman blood, pointing to a fellow soldier, "this guy here, Rokkenjiman-Elpidian, wore my blood after we got involved in a tricky situation in the Thematan conflict, I know he has my back 110%. Sugano comes for him and those like him who swore an oath to Empress and Empire, I'll become a huge ******* problem for him. Most of the veterans and current service members I've spoken to have one person in mind to ensure if we go to war it's for the right reasons and that's Mama Bear," he said, using the nickname most use for the Empress' mother.  "She's not just looking out for her daughter, no, she's out there and chose to run for all of us so please, join us in giving our voices and our votes to Anselmo, not the dickhead in the race."

Speaking with the RBC from prison the former CEO of Abstergo, Patricius Bateson, also added his voice to those supporting the former Empress. "I know, supporting the woman who saw my imprisonment might come as a shock, but she had no other choice in the matter. Beatrice Anselmo is a good woman of high moral character and, while I am unable to vote in the upcoming election, those hearing my voice or reading my words are. We have to get this right, we've one shot at this young democracy prevailing, and as Saisei and Asuna have fought for this Empire to be a democracy we owe it to the Mother of the Empire and the sitting Empress to see their vision succeed. Let's not let them down."

The RBC also reached out to Chrysanthemum Throne for the opinion of the Empress on the elections. "I will not comment upon the elections until we're certifying the results to ensure that my words do not influence a single vote," the Empress shared with the RBC. "I realize that my voice enjoys an outsized influence in Rokkenjiman politics, and while that has its advantages, when it comes to who the People elect to send to Pyrettania to represent that which is most close to their heart, I do not want to persuade them one way or another from their principles, positions or values. A democracy requires all voices to be heard equally, so I will do my part to ensure that the voices of the Rokkenjiman People are heard without persuasion from the Crown, thank you."
International News Networks / Re: Rokkenjima Broadcasting Corporation (RBC)
« Last post by Beatrice on July 23, 2024, 10:27:15 PM »

Centre Party Reveals Platform

The Centre Party platform seeks to support the work of the Empress while re-enforcing areas of Rokkenjiman policy which some feel have been neglected as of late.

Leader Anselmo wasted little time to meet with Centre Party leadership and reveal the Party's platform to the Empire. "We've much work ahead of us and a task which may seem insurmountable but I promise, together we can, shall and must get the job done. After a productive meeting with Centre leadership we're focusing on five spheres which we believe are crucial in supporting Rokkenjiman democracy as well as building new links with the world around us. Let's go through them:

Enriching and Protecting Rokkenjiman Democracy:

"Rokkenjiman Democracy was, in many ways, placed on the ballot by Teikokutō which makes it our job to not only preserve our democracy, but to see that it is enriched as well. The Centre Party has already explored negotiations with parties in both Houses of the Diet to see that the ultra-nationalist xenophobic agenda of Teikokutō does not survive beyond the floor. We're also planning to lower the voting age to 18, allowing those Rokkenjimans with great interests in the future of this Empire to have a voice in its direction, while expanding the services and capacity of YourVoice.rk to better serve the Rokkenjiman People and bring them crucial, unbiased information regarding all future elections. These measures will be pursued on day one."

Economic Stability and Growth:

"We must also continue to promote policies that ensure the continued economic prosperity of the Empire. Keeping unemployment and inflation low, introducing initiatives to see more small businesses spring up across the First Empire while promoting the Rokkenjiman market as a profitable one for foreign firms to invest and participate in, especially via the Azukishima Free Trade Zone which offers a number of benefits to corporations moving goods and materials into, and out of, Rokkenjima. On top of that businesses which hold Certified Trade Partner (CTP) status enjoy further benefits in moving goods and materials from Rokkenjima and further into Ardia. Finally, as witnessed in the ADSN, we have an opportunity to build business relationships with a good many nations and we should be taking each step we can to maximize our mutual economic opportunities."

Social Equality and Rights:

"As Teikokutō has flirted with curtailing the rights of some groups we must ensure that our march toward social equality continues unimpeded. Centre will protect the rights of all Rokkenjimans, regardless of their nationality or "purity", we'll continue to see progress in ensuring equality between men and women, continue to exist as a bastion for those who are often times ostracized such as those in the LGBTQ community whom we've long provided services for regardless of nationality via our embassies and consulates. Just as we are a nation which is continuing with its great experiment in democracy, we must also ensure that we are doing everything in our power to expand and improve upon policies which we have long supported to make our Empire, and Mundus, more fair and equitable."

Strong Defense and Diplomacy:

"What we witnessed in the joint cooperation between Rokkenjima, Fusan and Achkaerin in the crises of Kalasin and later Kusan it is clear that supporting a path forward which sees greater cooperation and coordination between our nations might be a cornerstone for Rokkenjiman foreign policy moving forward. Beyond that we must see our horizons expand, setting Rokkenjima on a path to forge new friendships, strengthen existing ones, and work with all nations who wish to ensure a stable, secure and peaceful Mundus. Centre will continue to support a robust Imperial Rokkenjiman Armed Forces, while also ensuring that the Imperial Diplomatic Corps have the funding and assets to ensure our robust defense will not need to be employed. Just as we expect the IRAF to be capable of conducting operations in multiple theatres, the IDC should be capable of having diplomatic solutions, and ties, to ensure at least three diplomatic options for any crisis prior to IRAF options being considered."

Environmental Sustainability:

"Supporting Rokkenjima's green energy initiatives will receive a renewed focus under Centre. Options are being explored to replace all single-use plastics with innovative approaches as well as looking to traditional solutions, such as glass for packaging and ensuring that there is a suitable replacement for all single use plastics. Supporting infrastructure that allows for a mixture of electric, hydrogen and other alternative fuels while building new nuclear plants to keep up with Rokkenjima's energy needs. We also seek funding to incorporate sustainable options for Rokkenjiman cities to enjoy a better, more harmonious relationship with nature while reducing our overall footprint on the environment through every day actions and activities."

"Between what Teikokutō has brought to the table, a platform devoid of ideas to improve the lives of the Rokkenjiman People, and our platform which seeks to improve not only your lives but address many of the shortcomings of previous governments, I hope that you'll join us in our drive to win this election. As I often said to you many times before, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish together. Thank you."
Press Offices / Re: CNN Press Office
« Last post by DaveIronside on July 23, 2024, 09:03:48 PM »


In March 2017 the nations of The Unified Iwi, Lodja, East Moreland and Ui Cenneslaig signed the Conradh na Náisiún treaty forming the CNN. This alliance has served each of us well over seven years helping each of us develop our economies and bringing collective security to each of us. The organisation however over the last 12 months or so has found itself questioning its existence. The organisation was born out of a period that had seen the collapse of various institutions that had been significant to each of us, be that bodies such as the CTO or East Moreland's previous friendship through the CIS. The global situation has changed and as such perhaps the need we all saw in the CNN no longer exists. While the spirit of friendship between the four of us will forever remain unbreakably strong there is no longer a need for this closed house approach that the CNN has been. As such today we have taken the step of announcing that from the 1st August 2024 the CNN shall cease to operate in its current form. This however will not see a total end of the CNN. Instead of being a multi-faceted clique of four nations we will be maintaining two key parts of the CNN and opening the doors to the rest of Mundus. The CNN Science Council shall shift to include a greater focus on its space programme and shall permit any nation willing to work co-operatively to become a member. This body shall change its named to the International Science and Space Initiative (ISSI). The second body shall be the CNN Emergency Action Group, this body saw each of us place military assets on a standby basis to undertake humanitarian aid missions, in effect a militarised version of JET. This vital mission has never truly needed to be launched yet we all believe that it is something we would rather have but never need than need and never have. We are willing to work with any nation that is willing to support the mission of this body which shall now be known as the International Humanitarian Corps.

Further notice is given that the trade aspects of the CNN charter shall be rolled over into a series of bi-lateral trade deals between each nation. Meanwhile our shared satellite system known as "Super-Eye" shall remain a shared resource.

Each of the four monarchs passed their best wishes for the future to all others and pledged themselves to remain, as ever friends.


King Piripi of the Unified Iwi
King Finley of Ui Cennesalig
Queen Natalya of Lodja
King David of East Moreland.

OOC - Over the last few years we have spoken of alliances being made up of nations that don't RP and how they are unfair. Sadly this has become the case with the CNN and myself, Kris and Libby have spoke of this for a while now. We agreed that it would be unfair for us not to practice what we preach. As such we've removed the military aspect of this yet maintained some parts we've had active that won't impact RP balance.
International News Networks / Re: Northfort News
« Last post by DaveIronside on July 23, 2024, 08:37:35 PM »


As athletes prepare to go to the Mundus Games East Moreland's Games legend Daisy Greechan has been confirmed as once more being part of Team Honeybadger. While the news saw many begin to rush to place bets on another medal in swimming for the 28 year old naval officer it was later confirmed that she would be serving as one of the officials as part of the swim team. Each nation may appoint a number of officials to oversee the judging and preparations of each event and Greechan will be undertaking that duty for the East Moreland swimmers in addition she will be one of the team offering support and guidance to younger athletes. Speaking to the press from the nations Institute of Sport she said " Team Honeybadger contacted a number of former games athletes to come along to the 2024 games in various capacities, the whole been there, done that, kind of idea. I was able to sort some leave out from the Navy and of course I'd jump at the chance, it means I'll get to spectate some amazing sport for a start and hopefully play a microscopic part of some success." While on leave Greechan has been supporting youth coaching programmes at the Institute of Sport and said "When my time in the Navy comes to an end I'm going to turn my hand to coaching so getting a chance to work with the Under 14's will set me up strongly for that down the road."

Team Honeybadger also confirmed that Archduchess Sophie Harrison-Ironside had been offered a similar role as Daisy Greechan however had turned it down. The Archduchess later made a statement saying "To be asked to support your country is always a big honour. The problem for me was that the games come at a time when I'm going through promotion boards and those things can't be postponed or delayed save the return of Helus. I wish everyone competing the best and I'll be glued to the TV." The Archduchess also hinted at a future collaboration with Daisy Greechan saying, "Me and Daisy have been good friends since we meet at the Games years ago. We rowed the Illumic together and we're getting the itch to try something else exciting soon. We've a lot to talk about and once my boards done and Daisy is back in port we'll cook something up."

The two most recently found themselves competing against each other as they formed part of their services Ostlake Challenge team. Daisy Greechan set a new East Moreland record in the 5km open water swim representing the Navy. Meanwhile The Archduchess anchored the running leg of the event for the Air Force and while her team ended up winning silver behind Pegasus Legion she closed a significant gap. The Navy meanwhile finished 4th.
Vignettes / Re: The Castle On The Hill
« Last post by Beatrice on July 23, 2024, 03:29:22 AM »
Location: Lux, Pyrettania
Time: 9:27 AST

Whilst a Liaison of the Empress McKenna still had his flagship club to run and, when he noticed one Lucinda Hadley sitting alone at the bar he took a seat next to her. "One such as yourself shouldn't be in my establishments," he said as he motioned for the bartender to retrieve drinks for them, "what has you here this evening?" he continued. "My failed marriage, Asuna's about to be a mother and as someone who considers me her aunt I'm not prepared for that, or that Sugano asshole, take your pick," she grinned as she took a shot. "Quinntopian vodka, seriously?" she said with a smirk, "we'll need the whole bottle, but I doubt you could afford that."

"Actually," McKenna continued with a grin as he instructed the bartender to bring them a fresh bottle, "I own this place so, I already afforded it, as I do whenever the Imperial Palace offers bottles up for sale to venues such as my own. Still, you shouldn't be here alone. Naturally I know what Stanley did to you but, I must ask, what has you sitting here alone? You're not an undesirable woman after all, so what has you here?" "The atmosphere, perhaps," Lucinda sighed, "I spent so many years repressing myself that seeing people in situations in their lives, it helps me you know? What are you trying to gain from me from this line of questioning?" she returned.

"Nothing," McKenna said as he took a swig and offered a smile, "would you like my number?" he would ask. "And why would you offer it?" Lucinda replied, to which McKenna smirked, "On the chance you call it, of course. Now I know that a mere Imperial Liaison of the Empress perhaps doesn't have  a chance but, all the chances one doesn't take are failed and as you're already in my club," he continued as he handed her his card, "call me, Lucinda. I know this spot on the western shores of the Empire that is quite nice this time of the year, perhaps you'd appreciate it too?" he concluded with a raised eyebrow. "You do know my ex is the Attorney for the Crown, someone who could screw you two ways from Tuesday, sure you want to tempt that?"

"I also understand he's in prison for high crimes against the Empress so," McKenna said with a wink, "challenge accepted. Join me for a weekend on the shores as he drops the soap, or don't, it's your choice miss. But," he said as he stood, "can you honestly resist the intrigue that would be involved? Why not have some fun?" With that he retreated to his penthouse, leaving Lucinda to ponder what he'd said and offered, and using the number he penned she sent a response. "Show me what you're made of, club boy. We'll convene at 9 AM Friday. Don't be late."
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