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International News Networks / Re: Juglander Review
« Last post by paralipomena on October 03, 2023, 05:36:12 PM »

Juglander Review

Former head of state-owned media to join Sakin Media-owned television channel

Journalist and producer Irakli Helimishadze, who resigned last month as Director of ERT, Mktvartvelo's state-owned radio and television network, is set to become the new Deputy Head of Communications of ATI-TV, a private commercial television channel. ATI-TV, which was launched last year, it is owned by Sakin Media. ATI-TV is considered a left-leaning television channel. The hiring of Helimishadze does not exactly come as a surprise, giving that he started his career as journalist in Dazverva, second largest newspaper in Mktvartvelo, which is also owned by Sakin Media.

"We are honoured to welcome Mr. Helimishadze to our family", ATI-TV stated in a public statement, "who during his career has shown a great deal of professionalism and independence. We are certain he will contribute to increase the quality and growth of our television".

Helimishadze headed ERT for about a year, after he was appointed on September 2022. Helimishadze's resignation or dismissal was rumoured for weekend, following the resignation of Prime Minister Bidzina Samkharadze three months ago, during which administration he had been appointed. Helimishadze was replaced by broadcaster and attorney Levan Sharikadze, who headed Tsikhadishe Radio from 2016 to 2020. Tsikhadishe Radio is also a state-owned radio station, although it is operated by Mktvartvelo's Armed Forces, independent from ERT broadcasting network.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Lakhzovia: Inauguration of President Cikniye [OPEN]
« Last post by Lakhzovia on October 03, 2023, 05:06:34 PM »
Cikniye listened to what Taika Sevasi had to say. He was momentarily hesitant to agree to join the coalition fearing it might upset the more radical wings of the Lakhzov Home Party but then he realised he could present it domestically as the coalition coming to Lakhzovia begging for assistance - a powerful statement of Lakhzov's perceived strength. He smiled "Lakhzovia values stability and the rule of law, we have for some time acted as the guardian of the Peniche, and with our significant fleet power it is only natural that a coalition seeking to secure the Krimeon would benefit from our involvement. I will need to discuss the issue with my Ministers, but I do not believe there will be much in the way of objection to the proposal."

Cikniye regarded the man from Lakhzovia's northern neighbour. For three decades contact between the countries had been non-existent, this opportunity to thaw relations and increase Lakhzovia's influence in the region was not to be missed. Even better the proposed rail link would also serve to fulfill the campaign promise to invest in the rural backwaters.

"I am glad you enjoyed the ceremony, as for your suggestion of a trade link, I believe this would benefit both our countries and contribute to the prosperity of the entire region. I will discuss this with my people and have them set a meeting to coordinate some sort of agreement. Perhaps we could have a signing ceremony when it comes to that, in the spirit of new friendships."

The Empress was to the point, Cikniye appreciated that, of course the primary concern was the fleet basing rights that Kadassa had given in the accords. It was a hard sell to the nationalists who wanted this arrangement to end, however he was not so naive as to think Lakhzovia would benefit from tearing up the Pyrettania-Nakim Accord.

"Empress I thank you for your kind words, whatever the fates have in store for us time will only tell. I appreciate your candidness, the Pyrettania-Nakim Accords are of course one of our most important and valued alliances. Though I am afraid that political tempers within the country are not so favourable in regards to the fleet basing rights. The feeling is that as Lakhzovia is not a country that indulges in power projection we have not utilised our fleet basing rights in Rokkenjima, as such the presence of Rokkenjiman ships in Lakhzov ports proves to be quite vexatious due to the lack of reciprocity in practice. Now while we could obviously send ships to sit in one of your ports that seems wasteful, rather I believe a renegotiation of the Accord so that in cases of non-reciprocal usage of rights harbourage fees would apply. I believe if Rokkenjima were to essentially rent the port and rights to dock your fleet there then I could sway enough of the right for it to cease to be an issue."

Cikniye shook Tornike Gachechiladze's hand "Thank you for your kind words. I am honoured to receive you to Lakhzovia. I of course would be delighted to accept the invitation, and I hope this is the beginning of a fruitful relationship between our two countries."

Sporting Hub / Re: Tour of Khelvakheli 2023
« Last post by paralipomena on October 03, 2023, 02:35:17 PM »

Tour of Khelvakheli 2023 - Stage 5

Stage 5 results

1 - Natela Iludidze (MKTkom) 3:32:49
2 - Helmar Johanser (Världens ormar) + 00:00
3 - Seo Hye-mi (Kommuna Ladies) + 00:00
4 - Tsuneko Hijikata  (Higanbana) + 00:00
5 - Ivonette Rubio (Eyrie Racing) + 00:00
6 - Chihaya Lei (Phoenix Cycling) + 00:00
7 - Greta Reinhardt (Gamsbärte 1890) + 00:00
8 - Katerina Shvets (Pelagiya-Semelberg) + 00:00
9 - Evi Papadimitriou (Exiles SC) + 00:00
10 - Misato Futagawa (Higanbana) + 00:00
11 - Sammy Lawson (Phoenix Cycling) + 00:00
12 - Efthymia Papaioannou (Exiles SC) + 00:00
13 - Emma Asserssen (MKTkom) + 00:00
14 - Sygnyr Mydland (Kommuna Ladies) + 00:00
15 - Darja Pasternak (Pelagiya-Semelberg) + 00:00
DNF - Alecto Corythia (Naukles)
DNF - Selini Andreas (Naukles)

General classification

1 - Sammy Lawson (Phoenix Cycling) 14:17:35
2 - Tsuneko Hijikata (Higanbana) + 00:14
3 - Samanta Santana (Eyrie Racing) + 00:26
4 - Chihaya Lei (Phoenix Cycling) + 00:27
5 - Thora Bjerknes (Kommuna Ladies) + 00:28
6 - Aleksandrina Chaykovsky (Pelagiya-Semelberg) + 00:30
7 - Olivia Bylund (Världens ormar) + 00:42
8 - Gianna Marinos (Exiles SC) + 00:53
9 - Darja Pasternak (Pelagiya-Semelberg) + 00:56
10 - Koralia Georgiou (Exiles SC) + 01:00

Points classification

1 - Katerina Shvets (Pelagiya-Semelberg) 78 points
2 - Evi Papadimitriou (Exiles SC) 69 points
3 - Seo Hye-mi (Kommuna Ladies) 64 points
4 - Tsuneko Hijikata (Higanbana) 63 points
5 - Natela Iludidze (MKTkom)  62 points

Youth classification

1 - Samanta Santana (Eyrie Racing) 14:18:01
2 - Thora Bjerknes (Kommuna Ladies) + 00:02
3 - Aleksandrina Chaykovsky (Pelegiya-Semelberg) + 00:04
4 - Olivia Bylund (Världens ormar) + 00:16
5 - Darja Pasternak (Pelagiya-Semelberg) + 00:30

Team classification

1 - Världens ormar 50:56:38
2 - Kommuna Ladies + 00:07
3 - Pelagiya-Semelberg + 04:48
4 - Exiles SC + 05:42
5 - Phoenix Cycling + 07:10

International News Networks / Re: Achkaerin News Service
« Last post by Achkaerin on October 02, 2023, 07:32:27 PM »


By Roisin Shaughnessy: Chief Correspondent

Over nine months since the episode that saw him admitted to the Royal Valtheim Hospital, where he has since been in a coma, the Emperor Emeritus and Duke of Rosemoor Peter Azurewind has left hospital. The Duke's condition had according to Royal Physician Doctor Maddy Dale "Been improving slowly but steadily for roughly the last six weeks, it's very tricky to say what brings people out of coma's like this because there's so much we don't know but it is known that during the Mundus Games while the Empress was conducting diplomatic talks with various nations that the Duke was visited by dignitaries including King David, I know someone's going to say this is the power of friendship and I can't rebuff that medically speaking because it's possible that external stimuli is a factor in how the Duke regained consciousness. He will continue his recovery at the Marble Palace."

The Duke and his wife released an official statement thanking the medical team at the Royal Valtheim Hospital for their care as well as everyone for their thoughts.


By Kimberly Thorn: Science and Technology Correspondent

The Achkaerin Space Agency is celebrating tonight following the successful landing of a probe on comet NS-2013. The mission which forms part of the Agency's Star Map project will see the comet explored by robots, with samples being taken and readings transmitted back to Mundus for analysis. The Agency hopes to retrieve the samples the next time the comet passes by Mundus.  Director of Flight Operations Nicola Fernley commented saying "This is the type of mission we get really excited about because we're exploring another celestial object, and every one of those presents its own challenges. We've achieved something special today and we look forward to seeing the data it yields."


By Nick Watson: Sports Correspondent

Sammy Lawson (pictured above in foreground wearing white) has taken victory on stage four of the Tour of Khelvakheli, the victory her first tour stage win is another addition to her already impressive sporting CV. The win takes her into second position in the overall standings six seconds behind Érika Corythia of Naukles. Speaking afterwards Sammy said "Today everything worked well, we were able to take advantage of the hills to fracture the peloton and whittle it down gradually and when we had it down to seven and we still had me, Chihaya and Niamh there and no one else had team support we really fancied the job, Niamh did great pushing the pace, making them chase and then we lined up the sprint train and got it done."

Gamsbärte e.V. falling behind in the Tour of Khelvakheli

Mktvartvelo, 2.10.2023

While the newcomer Team to the international Stage from Neu Uburzis had managed to score an early Stage victory, so far further success has not been achieved. Worse even, they lost who had been considered their strongest rider so far, Elsa Schwarzbach, when she couldn't finish the Race at Stage 2 already.

According to the Teams trainer, it was a simple case of mismanaging resources when you try to push yourself farther than you can, being quoted with:

"Elsa didn't want to disappoint everyone back at home, and at the first half of the race, gave her all. Unfortunately she pushed herself way to far, exhaustion catching her a little of guard. It might seem like a beginners mistake to those from the outside, but remember, we are exactly beginners on the international stage. None of us had participated in an event as large as these. Lessons will have to be learned, and expectations adapted. I just ask to not hound Elsa, she's miserable enough right now. The Team hopes for the best when the later stages are where Astrid should really be able to shine, as we get into the hard mountains at the end. Those are jsut her thing, much like the mountains back home."

Cult of Divinity claims revival of ancient Oracle

Föningen, 2.10.2023

Amidst the passing of Comet NR-2013 the in recent Years growing Cult of Divinity has released a Press Statement that their Oracle Sleepers had visions in the reconstructed Noniam Temple at Föningen.

The Initial small cult has grown in size since the opening of the Empire to the larger world due to their believes in Divine Mantling, where a mortal Human can become the host of a greater Divine. due to their ideals strongly disagreeing with most of the other cults, they traditionally had little impact on our society. Only with us getting in contact with Nations like Lodija, that claim Divine Monarchies, has the cult gained traction again. Their High Priest has claimed in the Past that he believes several of International Key Figures where 'Avatars' of the Divine aspects of the Universe.

Several of the younger members of the Cult have now spent the Night sleeping in the recently rebuild Temple during the Comet being visible above Neu Uburzis. The Cult Priests have then come together this morning and made a list of claims that the children and young adults had gained several Visions about the current state of Mundus. According to the Cult, the Visions have revealed the following:

The Kingdom of Lodija is currently graced by an Avatar of Femininity in the form of their current Queen, her Opposite being considered King Haydar of the Royal Seleucid as Avatar of Masculinity.

Emperor Orion is currently host to the Aspect of Renewal

King David Ironside of East Moreland, according to the cult, is the Avatar of Endurance

Jinny Denman as possessed by the Aspect of Delusion

and finally, they claim that Reverend Mother Erin McGregor is the Aspect of War.

the Palace has already released a statement that while everyone may believe as they wish, they denounce any claims of the Emperor being any kind of supernatural being.
Sporting Hub / Re: Tour of Khelvakheli 2023
« Last post by paralipomena on October 02, 2023, 02:50:28 PM »

Tour of Khelvakheli 2023 - Stage 4

Stage 4 results

1 - Sammy Lawson (Phoenix Cycling) 3:32:46
2 - Chihaya Lei (Phoenix Cycling) + 00:00
3 - Érika Corythia (Naukles) + 00:00
4 - Aleksandrina Chaykovsky (Pelagiya-Semelberg) + 00:00
5 - Niamh Fernley (Phoenix Cycling) + 00:00
6 - Tsuneko Hijikata (Higanbana) + 00:04
7 - Emma Asserssen (MKTkom) + 00:08
8 - Thora Bjerknes (Kommuna Ladies) + 00:26
9 - Ivonette Rubio (Eyrie Racing) + 00:31
10 - Sanae Osumi (Higanbana) + 00:32
11 - Olga Rehi (Världens ormar) + 00:35
12 - Selini Andreas (Naukles) + 00:39
13 - Helmar Johanser (Världens ormar) + 00:44
14 - Greta Reinhardt (Gamsbärte 1890) + 00:44
15 - Misato Futagawa (Higanbana) + 00:44
DNF - Aiko Gosanke (Higanbana)
DNF - Freya S Teinhardt (Gamsbärte 1890)

General classification

1 - Érika Corythia (Naukles) 10:44:40
2 - Sammy Lawson (Phoenix Cycling) + 00:06
3 - Tsuneko Hijikata (Higanbana) + 00:20
4 - Samanta Santana (Eyrie Racing) + 00:32
5 - Chihaya Lei (Phoenix Cycling) + 00:33
6 - Thora Bjerknes (Kommuna Ladies) + 00:34
7 - Aleksandrina Chaykovsky (Pelagiya-Semelberg) + 00:36
8 - Olivia Bylund (Världens ormar) + 00:48
9 - Fryda Andersen (Kommuna Ladies) + 00:51
10 - Gianna Marinos (Exiles SC) + 00:59

Points classification

1 - Katerina Shvets (Pelagiya-Semelberg) 72 points
2 - Evi Papadimitriou (Exiles SC) 65 points
3 - Tsuneko Hijikata (Higanbana) 48 points
4 - Seo Hye-mi (Kommuna Ladies) 42 points
5 - Chihaya Lei (Phoenix Cycling)  39 points

Youth classification

1 - Érika Corythia (Naukles) 10:44:40
2 - Samanta Santana (Eyrie Racing) + 00:32
3 - Thora Bjerknes (Kommuna Ladies) + 00:34
4 - Olivia Bylund (Världens ormar) + 00:48
5 - Darja Pasternak (Pelagiya-Semelberg) + 01:02

Team classification

1 - Phoenix Cycling 40:14:54
2 - Naukles + 00:46
3 - Världens ormar + 03:17
4 - Kommuna Ladies + 03:24
5 - Pelagiya-Semelberg + 06:19

International News Networks / Re: Juglander Review
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Juglander Review

Sports: AJK beats SK Midtenstadt to win women's football Supercup

AJK defeated SK Midtenstadt on penalties to win the women's Juglander Supercup after a 1-1 draw in extra time. The Supercup is the final pre-season tournament in which the champions of the Juglander league and cup face each other for the trophy.

SK Midtenstadt were clearly the favourite after they beat AJK by 6-1 in the Intercup final a few weeks ago. However, this time AJK showed a stronger consistency in defense with a 5-2-2-1 formation.

Goalkeeper Tsminda Nemsadze, in her official debut match, became the unexpected hero of the night. Still, the match did not start exactly well for her, as a mistake after a weak shoot by a SK Midtenstadt attacker led to Eugenia Martwyn to score the first goal in the match in the first minutes of the match. SK Midtenstadt had clear changes to score another goal for the next minutes, which probably increased the fear between AJK fans that a similar result than they suffered in the Intercup final could be about to repeat. However, SK Midtenstadt players failed to score another goal during the first half, which ended with that 1-0 score.

AJK surprised SK Midtenstadt with an early goal in the beginning of the second half. SK Midtenstadt had clear chances to score a winning goal, but the lack of effectiveness of their players this time, as well a number of saves by Nemsadze led the match to end with a 1-1 draw. During the extra time, both teams have their chances to score but they failed again to score during the last thirty minutes, leading the trophy to be decided in the penalty knockout.

AJK defeated SK Midtenstadt on penalties by 4-3, with Nemsadze saving one of the penalties, giving AJK their first title since 2018.

"We are happy to give the fans a trophy after this long time", AJK midfielder Funakoshi Yuki midfielder declared. "We did our best and showed that what we saw in the previous match it was not our true level", she added in reference to the Intercup final. "We will do our best so we can win more trophies at the end of the season. We are highly motiviated and we hope that this is our year".

This weekend, AJK and SK Midtenstadt will start the season of the Juglander women's football league, along the other six Juglander teams. "It is disappointing after all the chances we had during the match", SK Midtenstadt Eugenia Martwyn declared, "but there is no time to regret it. I can only think in the next match, as we want to continue to make history with this club".

International News Networks / Re: Juglander Review
« Last post by paralipomena on October 02, 2023, 12:55:44 AM »

Juglander Review

Mktvartvelo: Conservative newspaper confirms departure of controversial former deputy director

Goga Kapanadze, a prominent Mktvartvelian journalist, has confirmed that he will be leaving Akheli Ambebi, fourth largest newspaper in Mktvartvelo, after twenty-seven years writing for the newspaper. He was Akheli Ambebi deputy director from 2005 to early 2023, likely the most well-known journalist of that newspaper after Merab Aprasidze, who was editor-in-chief of the newspaper from 1997 to 2022. Kapanadze continued to write daily for the newspaper in the opinion section, which he previously headed, until six months ago, when his column became a weekly one (although he continued to write in his own blog, which is hosted in the newspaper online website).

Kapanadze gained a reputation as an independent conservative opinion writer, which articles could encourage as much debate as uproar and they were known for their sharp prose and controversial opinions, particularly against those he considered enemies. In the last years, former Prime Minister Bidzina Samkharadze turned to be one of his most recurrent targets, a man which Kapanadze described in one article "as the most serious threat that our nation has faced in decade, mostly for his weakness and his delusions, rather than for his malice, which he does not possess".

His announcement of departure coincides with his last controversy three weeks ago. In an article titled "New Television, Old Vices", he harshly criticized Channel 7, a Mktvartvelo's television channel established in 2022, which he described as a "personal vehicles of the Peasant Sisterhood" (which was understood by many as a reference of the prominent Birinseli sisters, who are the main shareholders of the television channel) and called it "Ketevan TV", in a likely reference to Brzdmtsveli Ketevan, causing an uproar in social media. In a message in his blog a week later, Kapanadze assured those who accused them of being against the person or the institution of the head of state "could not be more wrong", but he insisted that he did not feel that his words required further explication. For its part, Gaertianebuli Kaghaldi Inc., the company which own the newspaper, assured that Kapanadze's departure "had been planned and agreed by both sides" since several months ago and it was not caused by "any recent developments". In the statement, although it confirmed that Kapanadze will not continue to work in any of the media owned by the company, as it was previously rumoured, they "express the gratitude for the work of Mr. Kapanadze in the last decades in the newspaper...and wish him the best of luck in his future projects".

It was not, however, that Kapanadze was involved in a controversy. Five months ago, commenting to an interview in which a prominent lawyer proposed a path to citizenship for the so-called Nakhevratsarieli community, the stateless Mktvartvelo-born non-citizens, he declared he was not personally opposed about such a legal path for those who were able to undoubtedly prove their integration and assimilation to the native culture, as he argued that the existence of a "pariah community" is the source of serious social and cultural problems, and it is an stigma for several generations of lawmakers and social reformers. Instead, he proposed the government the establishment an official national program in which the government could pay foreign governments, either their countries of origin or third ones, for their permanent accommodation in exchange of an economic compensation, so those "whose integration was a failure" or "the wider number possible" if "there was not a possible legal path" to citizenship for members of the community, could be legally deported. "It will be costly", Kapanadze argued, "but an effective method of solving a social problem which has become as annoying as serious". The article received visibly criticism by several non-profit and civic organizations, and even threats of litigation against the newspaper, which the journalist assured in his daily blog weeks later that "as usual, led to nowhere".

In an interview, Kapanadze has declared that "sometimes, one must be ready to close a chapter to start a new one" and he surely does so "without a regret of the path that left me today and the words that I have written". He assured he still has "a lot of energy" to "start new projects, whatever they are and wherever they lead me".

International News Networks / Re: Lodja Times
« Last post by Libby on October 01, 2023, 10:52:54 PM »


Queen Natalya today has opened the Royal Preparation Academy, a new educational institute which has been dubbed by many as the "Princess Factory". The Academy is located in Gaia and this year will be accepting 36 noble women at University level for a new course dubbed "International Leadership Studies" that will take in areas of study in economics, politics, history, disaster management and international relations. The Academy is designed to help prepare any future heir to the throne after Queen Natalya raised the age of inheritance of the throne from 18 to 21 in order to bring more stability to the throne on the death of the monarch. The school will also feature a variety of programmes to encourage sport, the arts and cultural pursuits on a beautiful campus that was once the property of the Hamsik family but was seized following the end of the recent civil war. The initial course supervisor is Dr.Maddie Howard of East Moreland who greeted the Queen and her entourage as they arrived. Queen Natlaya spoke with the first intake saying, "While I am hopeful of being on the throne for many years it is important we remember we are a Queendom, for a long time we allowed women to become those responsible for a narrow field and they were out of the Conclave for decades because of how Queen Sonya in her old age became hoodwinked. That's over. I intend for noblewomen to feature prominently during my reign and I want to equip them not to just look after family business while men run states, cities or even the Conclave. The 36 who make up the first class of the Academy are blazing a trail for that and will be our future ambassadors, Ministers or even Lord of the Conclave. While I am exceptionally grateful that Professor Howard has taken this role I believe it will be a one year role. She is the kind of bright, intelligent, beautiful and sophisticated woman we want the Academy to produce and we are lucky to have her but this project will eventually need to be run 100% by Lodjains only utilising global experts like Dr.Howard when it adds significantly to our offering."

The school will welcome 16 years olds in 2024 and offer Lodjian higher exams before those achieving well progressing onto degree level. One of those beginning this year is 18 year old Sabina Volkov, a cousin of Queen Stasya of East Moreland, the well connected student said. "I'm excited to have this chance to learn here. They've acquired an amazing roster of tutors, the lessons look very interesting and the facilities are out of this world. While the media may call this the "Princess Factory" it is nothing like that. To me this is an opportunity to get a degree from what will become a leading institute and as a result I'll be positioned to have an exciting career and if the Queen wills it a chance to be of service to the Queendom. I can't wait to get started."

Some though have criticised the Academy concept with one saying "If Queen Natalya was serious about making it easier to move between being a Pleb and a Patrician then why didn't they open the school to both classes. Imagine the leg up attending would have made to a Pleb, it would be life changing and inspire so many to know that they can become anything they set their mind on." Meanwhile the Lord of the Conclave  , Lubos Kubik, defended the decision saying, "It will eventually become the case that the future Queen will have to have been educated here. The class sizes are always going to be limited and we want as wide a pool as possible. Only a patrician can inherit the crown and so that naturally sets the field of who we can accept."

High Priestess Arina Maksimov blessed the facility and those attending for their first day and said "I'm thrilled that the Goddess will, a long time from now, have a well prepared, well educated and cultured protector to be her Guardian. This school is an amazing idea and will be a beacon in many ways for our nation. I'm hopeful that while its aim is to prepare diplomats, government officials and the like some may also consider entering the Priesthood as we always need a new generation to keep our faith strong. Its especially telling that this opening coincides with the comet NS-2013 arriving overhead. It shoots off into the heavens lighting a path in darkness, something of a good omen as this is what we hope this school will do."
Diplomacy and Events / Re: Art and Diplomacy (Lodja and NU + maybe others)
« Last post by Libby on October 01, 2023, 10:12:27 PM »
Jan had expected a rather routine trip to Nordberg. Turn up, ask a few questions about the exhibition get to know a few faces and perhaps buy a few things to just maintain the idea that he was there as a purchaser of art work. While he had expected someone to meet him at some point he hadn't expected it to be through the medium of cookies, especially rather nice tasting ones. He was unsure of who the woman exactly was but Makar had told him someone would be in touch and as a result he believed there was not much to worry about. He followed the directions on the packet, kind of sorry he hadn't more time to explore somewhere new but perhaps that would come when they had finished their business.

It seemed upon his meeting with Agent Diedrich they had metaphorically missed the boat of the exhibition. "I assume we have a list of inventory or something that they held?" He asked just before the agent suggested they may be being followed. Linking his arm through hers as though out for a casual walk Jan crossed the road, turned to his right, walked about fifteen meters, recrossed the road and turned back to his right maintaining the way they had originally come. It was a simple enough way to test whether they were truly being followed and also gauge what that person might be doing.

"Do you have any suspects of who may be following us?" he asked casting a glance behind them.

While Gavril and Orion hadn't spent exactly a lot of time together in the years since their first meeting they had kept in touch. When he saw the number appear on his mobile he was rather pleased but then as the conversation turned to what seemed like a plot out of a James Bond film the young noble was out of his depth and didn't really know what to say. He had taken up residency on the Isle where he was at the small school there that helped prepare those for the higher eschalons of the civil service or diplomatic corps. It was never nailed on certainty but usually once exams were over it took a miracle not to get a job in one of those two roles. He did a few checks around the palace and got to know a little bit of what was happening after all gossip had a great way of moving around the Palace of the Goddess. That afternoon he texted Orion back. "JR sent on an art hunt for the Palace. Visiting some collection with some cash, expecting to buy something. All for now. x x"

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