Author Topic: The history of the Rus Empire – discussion and plans  (Read 1851 times)

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The history of the Rus Empire – discussion and plans
« on: April 19, 2022, 04:51:29 PM »
Since there are a few player nations who have a historic connection to the Rus Empire and because Geo has raised interesting points regarding his nation’s history, I thought I should open a thread about what we know about the Rus Empire (and the sources).

Spoiler:  Geo’s comments on Discord • show

1.   would the rus empire
2.   [12:05 PM]
have maintained a prescense in Nisava
3.   [12:05 PM]
till say, the 19th century?
4.   [12:06 PM]
as a kind of analog for the ottomans
5.   [12:06 PM]
what was the rus empire's extent in this time period?
6.   [12:06 PM]
i'm asking here because doing it on the forum is boring :/
7.   [12:10 PM]
currently i'm thinking Nisava, Basnio and Blitkenitia flip flop in and out of the Rus Empire's control
8.   [12:11 PM]
Remaining largely part of it throughout the middle ages, but independent at times when the Empire's power waned
9.   [12:12 PM]
throughout the renaissance period mainly independent until around the 16th century, where they'd remain under control until around the 19th century, where'd they'd rebel and become independent
1.   Nisava would invade and annex Blikenitia in the late 19th century, and would then inherit Basnio in the early 20th, forming a dual monarchy of Nisava-Basnio.
2.   [12:16 PM]
then after NB loses the Great War a revoltion happens, making the Kingdom a communist union of three nation yade yade yade
3.   [12:16 PM]
so i'm just wondering on the extent of the Rus empire

The biggest cannon source I could find (which is not saying much) is this from the history of Rodina.

“Formerly the heartland of the Rus Empire that was a powerful and influential nation in eastern Cotf Aranye for centuries, the Rus Empire fell during the Communist uprising of 1760 and following a subsequent revolution was reborn as the United Soviet Rodina but would commonly in later years be referred to as the USR.

As far as Samantra’s history is concerned I tried to keep it simple and linked to that of Rodina in the hope that would not mess up many people’s history. This is what I have for Samantra:

“Historically, the country traces its roots to the Rus Empire that was a powerful and influential nation in eastern Cotf Aranye for centuries. However, the heartland of the Rus Empire was Rodina while Samantra was the eastern extremity of the Empire. Once the Rus Empire fell during the Communist uprising of 1760 and following a subsequent revolution was reborn as the United Soviet Rodina, Samantra declared independence. From the 1760s onwards relations between USR and Samantra worsen and Samantra slowly started to gravitate towards the Ardian Empire.”

For Zaporozh I have this from his factbook:

“Having hailed from Rodinha the Zaporozh people fled various pogroms during the 14th and 15th Centuries.”
“ As Rodinha turned more communist and expansionist support for them dwindled and today they are seen as the nations biggest threat. “

For Chistopol all we have is this though the nation is definitely tied to Rus:
“In 1932 however the nation experienced a series of political assassinations by the National Workers Party which saw King Viktor II killed survived only by his three month old son Prince Kārlis. The nation descended into chaos and troops from Rodina and Kaitaine invaded imposing a Communist government on the people.”


Kaitaine is also Rus from what I understood from Libby but all I could find in the factbook is this:
“By the early 1800's the USR cast envious glances towards Kiataine for its ports and began spreading Communist ideas there. When great famines hit in the 1860's the USR sent food aid and instigated a revolution which overwhelmed the Kaitaine government and Bene Gesserit paramilitary. Since then it became part of the USR sphere of influence who have brutually stamped out the Bene Gesserit faith and targetted elements of Kaitaine society”

Lodja, the other major Rus nation of present day, has never been part of the Rus Empire as far as I understood from Libby but I may be wrong.

My conclusion (speculations) from the little we have above:

-   The Rus Empire did not last beyond 1760 -1770.
-   The Rus Empire probably owned if not all the lands around the Rodinian sea then it did most of them at one point in time.
-   Waddan, Clysperis and Centralia were never part of the Rus Empire so it is clear it never reached that far. In the case of Centralia I think it is safe to say it never even got close. In the case of Clysperis, Rodinia/USR did conquer them for a period and they became SSR of Clysperis( 1949-1977) but that is another matter since it is not the Rus Empire.
-   Safraen was invaded by USR at one point but the invasion was defeated thanks to a grand coalition of major powers. Again that was not the Rus Empire but USR/Rodina.

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Re: The history of the Rus Empire – discussion and plans
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2022, 05:02:46 PM »
Just to add the occupation of Vanora:

"The Holy Duchy of Vanora is regarded as the Holy Land of Mundus, the nation one of the most ancient on Mundus has a troubled past having been for a long time fought over and not only on religious grounds, it's been occupied by several powers throughout the ages including the Rus Empire (circa 586 BC - 470 BC) and the Holy Empire of Achkaerin (63 BC - 313 AD)"


^ this was done to account for a Babylon equivalent icly in regards to Biblical narrative.

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Re: The history of the Rus Empire – discussion and plans
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2023, 10:27:56 PM »
I feel like I need to contribute here. In some capacity. Like Skalvia is basically a large Russian state, but in the centre of Albion, so. How does this work?

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Re: The history of the Rus Empire – discussion and plans
« Reply #3 on: September 18, 2023, 10:58:23 PM »
Lodja squared away being "Rus" this way

"The Divine Queendom of Lodja is a non-heriditary monarchy. Its earliest origin can be found in the 10th Century when the city of Gaia was claimed by raiders from the "Rus" originating Lodjain tribe. These people had mirgated steadily south from Aranye over the proceeding centuries and claimed various islands in the Alucard which brought them into clashes with people from Paracambi, the Alanders and what were to become the Bakkermayans. The original Lodjain tribe were persecuted in the Rus homeland for worshipping the Goddess Sessifet and under the guidance of the Priestesses sought out where Sessifet had first begun to inhabit a human host in the form of Miriam. It was believed here the people could have a home. Evidence suggests it was Queen Rosanna, who was one of multiple Lodjain Queens who inhabited the islands and claimed to be High Queen of Sessifet, who launched a raid on the mainland of Albion. There her Priestesses, while inspecting for slaves, discovered a cave on a tidal island and "evidence" of this being the location of Sessifet and Miriam's joining. Rather than leave the mainland as had happened in other raids the Lodjains remained, fortified the island and then began claiming the land. This finally saw all Lodjains declare loyalty to Rosanna and thus the modern day version of the nation was born."