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United Soviet Rodina (Historical Nation)
« on: October 19, 2017, 01:30:33 PM »

Motto:- "Stronger As One"
National Anthem:- Anthem


Formerly the heartland of the Rus Empire that was a powerful and influential nation in eastern Cotf Aranye for centuries, the Rus Empire fell during the Communist uprising of 1760 and following a subsequent revolution was reborn as the United Soviet Rodina but would commonly in later years be referred to as the USR. It was a powerful nation during the Great War period and would become the second nation to develop nuclear weapons (Achkaerin being the first). During the Post War era the country under the leadership of the Stalin dynasty would spread it's communist reach to other nations such as Zimalia through the Dhirg and Marseilles, the latter including the forced annexation of Aquitaine. In the twenty first century the country got into a heated rivalry with Rokkenjima and created the WARSAW alliance. The country would collapse into chaos following the death of its leader Joseph Stalin and military defeats at the hands of the CIS in Safraen and Meche. Following a brief crisis it has now re-emerged.

Government Type:- One Party Socialist State
Population:-:- 145,000,000
Capital City:- Yeleshov (11,920,000)
Demonym:- Rodinian.


Currency:- Rodinian Mark
GDP per Capita:- $27,466
Unemployment Rate:- 2.4%
Main Industries:- Oil, Natural Gas, Defence.


Ethnicity:- 97% Native Rodinian with smaller minorities.
Languages:- Only official language is Rodinian (RL Russian)
Religions:- Religion is banned by law but there is a small community of Earagon followers in hiding following a genocide a few years ago. Several other faiths are present but in small numbers and often hard to locate due to their secretive nature.
Average Life Expectancy:- How long do people live


Head of State:- President Artemiy Klepakhov
Head of Government:- President Artemiy Klepakhov
Name of Legislative Body:- The People's Conference
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Re: United Soviet Rodina (Historical Nation)
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Drugs LawRecreation Drugs are banned - Mandatory 10 year jail for possession.
Alchohol age of consent is 18.
Tobacco age of consent is 18.
Same Sex Marriage   Permitted provided both parties are eighteen years of age and their local Conference representative has agreed to the marriage.
EducationCompulsory until the age of 18.
Funded fully by state
Private schools banned
University education is free
Property Ownership   All Property is owned by the State
Voting   All Rodina Citizens of age eighteen or older are permitted to vote in elections for the People's Conference.
Freedom of the PressMedia is controlled by the State
Freedom of MovementAnyone wishing to enter Rodina is subjected to a thorough background check, some can be denied before this point (usually on basis of nationality), anyone leaving must fill out a detailed form and await the issuing of an exit visa.
AbortionOnly if mother's physical or mental health is at risk
Health CareFree at point of use
Gun LawsIllegal but exceptions for those living in certain areas
Internet NeutralityGovernment controlled
Business OwnershipAll Native Business's owned by the state, foreign business's tightly regulated to ensure they contribute their share.
MarriageSame terms as homosexual marriage.

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Re: United Soviet Rodina (Historical Nation)
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Re: United Soviet Rodina (Historical Nation)
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The Rodinan Armed Forces is in some ways deceptive. It boasts numbers that are rather high however it has a long track record of struggling to keep the whole of the military in working order. It shares many pieces of equipment with former Soviet underlings Kaitaine.

2A65 Msta-BTowed Howitzer191
D-20 Towed Howitzer155
H-88Towed Howitzer45
Msta ASelf Propelled Howitzer185
KoalitsiyaSelf Propelled Howitzer316
PionSelf Propelled Howitzer159
SmerchMultiple Rocket Launcher321
TornadoMultiple Rocket Launcher98
BM-14 KatyushaMultiple Rocket Launcher11
Kub Air Defence Vehicle45
BukAir Defence Vehicle69
OsaAir Defence Vehicle122
StrelaAir Defence Vehicle128
T-80Main Battle Tank119
T-72Main Battle Tank153
T-84Main Battle Tank646
BMP3Infantry Fighting Vehicle170
CV90Infantry Fighting Vehicle1020
BMP-2Infantry Fighting Vehicle170
BumerangArmoured Personnel Carrier126
BTR-90Armoured Personnel Carrier430
MTL BUArmoured Personnel Carrier340
BRDM-2Armoured Personnel Carrier500
DozorMobility Vehicle418
BulatMobility Vehicle300
BPM97Mobility Vehicle500
Searcher UAV100
Mi-17 HipTactical Helicopter30
Mi-26 HaloTactical Helicopter30
AnsatTactical Helicopter40
Ka-52 Black SharkAttack Helicopter20
Uran-9Combat Drone30
X1219Combat Drone2


AircraftRoleNo.In Service
Su-35 FlankerMulti Role Fighter145
Mig 29 FulcrumMulti Role Fighter80
Chengdu J-10 FirebirdMulti Role Fighter75
Su.34 FullbackStrike Fighter60
Yak 130 MittenTrainer/Light Fighter80
KC135 - StratotankerTanker/Transport40
Su.25 FrogfootGround Attack Fighter74
Il-76 CandidHeavy Transport43
MQ9 ReaperUAV23
An-22 CockTactical Transport25
Mi-26 HaloTactical Helicopter30
RQ4 Global HawkUAV20
Tu-95 BearHeavy Bomber20
Mig 25- FoxbatInterceptor35
Tu-160 BlackjackTactical Bomber20
An-225 CossackHeavy Transport20
AW609 HurricaneRotarwing25
Mi-17 HipTactical Helicopter35
M-55 MysticReconnaissance 15
A-50 MainstayAEWACS16
H-6 BronzeHeavy Bomber24
Mig-23 FloggerMulti-Role Fighter45
Mi-28 HavocAttack Helicopter45
Be-12 MailMaritime Patrol6
Ka-31 HelixSAR Helicopter14
Tu-134 CrustyPassenger Transport10
IA58 FortressLight Attack Aircraft50


ClassShips in ServiceArmament
Marx Class Amphibious Warfare Ship1. ???
2. ???
2 3-inch (76 mm) / 50 caliber AA guns,
8 cell Sea Sparrow BPDMS launchers,
2 Phalanx CIWS

25xH-46 Hornet
Kremlin Class Transport Dock1. ???2 Phalanx CIWS
3 x 0.50 cal machine guns
2 x Sea Sparrow BPDMS Launcher

5xH-46 Hornet

Mao Class Destroyer1. ???
2. ???
3. ???
4. ???
5. ???
48 S-300FM (SA-N-20) surface-to-air missiles (6 x 8 revolver-style VLS)
8 YJ-83 (C-803) anti-ship missiles
1 100 mm dual purpose gun
2 Type 730 30 mm seven-barrel Gatling gun close-in weapons systems
2 3 324mm torpedo launchers carrying Yu-7 torpedoes
2 15 Type 946 decoy launchers
2 18 Type 726-4 decoy launchers

1x Ka-27 Helix
Warsaw Class Frigate1.???
6 YJ-83 SSM in 2 x 3-cell box launchers
1 6-cell HQ-61 Surface-to-air missile system
1 PJ33A dual 100 mm gun (automatic)
4 Type 76A dual-37 mm AA guns
2 6-tube Type 3200 ASW rocket launchers (36 rockets)
2 DC racks & launcher
6 torpedo launchers
2 Type 946/PJ-46 15-barrel decoy rocket launchers

1x Ka-27 Helix
Slava Class Cruiser1.???
16 (8 x 2) P-500 Bazalt (SS-N-12 Sandbox) anti-ship missiles
64 (8 x 8) S-300F Fort (SA-N-6 Grumble) long-range surface-to-air missiles
40 (2 20) OSA-M (SA-N-4 Gecko) SR SAM
1 twin AK-130 130mm/L70 dual purpose guns
6 6 AK-630 close-in weapons systems
Torpedoes and others:
2 12 RBU-6000 anti-submarine mortars
10 (2 x 5) 533mm torpedo tubes

1x Ka-27 Helix`
Balkan Class Corvette1.???
2. ???
1 AK-176 76 mm. gun
2 30 mm. cannon
2 2-cell YJ-83 anti-ship missiles, amidships
1 8-cell FL-3000N SAM launcher
2 triple 324 mm. torpedo tubes

1x Ka-27 Helix`
Yeltsin Class Patrol Boat1. ???
4 Chinese Type 66 57 mm (2.2 in) guns (22)
4 Chinese Type 61 25 mm (0.98 in) guns (22)
4 RBU-1200 or Type 81 ASW rocket launchers
2 BMB-2 ASW mortars
2 depth charge rails with more than 20 depth charges, and mine rails (10 mines total)
Nawahl Class Missile Sub1. ???
2. ???
3. ???
4. ???
6 533 mm torpedo tubes
12 JL-1A SLBMs
Arctic Class Attack Submarine1.???
2. ???
3. ???
4. ???
6 533 mm torpedo tubes, for:
18 torpedoes and anti-ship missiles
36 naval mines
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