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The Duchy of Aquitaine (Historical Nation)
« on: November 02, 2017, 01:56:30 PM »

Motto:- "Au bon droit"
National Anthem:- March of Aquitaine


A small Duchy that sits to the east of Marseilles, historically there was much tension between the two nations on several grounds. Many in Aquitaine knew that Marseilles coveted its lands so they did all they could to not provoke or give rise to a war with Marseilles. In 1962 following a Communist insurgency in Marseilles Aquitaine was subsequently invaded and annexed as part of Marseilles by the new Communist Regime, though just as their brothers and sisters Marseilles did they resisted and helped topple the Communist regime in 1995. Following this they petitioned for their independence to be recognized but instead in 1998 the ruling family of Aquitaine was assassinated, it was blamed on the Communists at the time. Only Daničle Aveline escaped the event thanks to the then Colonel Sebastian Cartier, who with elements remnants of the Aquitaine resistance and international help smuggled the newborn girl out of the country.

During the CTOMM mission the now General Cartier took the chance to assert Aquitaine independence with the support of Rokkenjima, this was initially frowned upon by the international community but following the conclusion of talks with the new Marseilles Government independence and sovereignty was restored, with the return of the legitimate Duchess occurring in mid November 2017.

Government Type:- Absolute Monarchy
Population:-:- 2,070,371
Capital City:- Avignane (750,000)
Demonym:- Aquitainites


Currency:- Aquitaine Guilder (AG)
GDP per Capita:- $28,000
Unemployment Rate:- 4%
Main Industries:- Tea, brewing, clothes, spices, jewels


Ethnicity:- Aquitainites (native) 88%, Marseillais 10%, Other 2%
Languages:- English, French, Latin
Religions:- Christianity 75%, Church of Materna 20%, Rosarity 3%, Other 2%
Average Life Expectancy:- Male 85 yrs/ Female 90 yrs


Head of State:- Duchess Daničle Aveline
Head of Government:- Prime Minister Erik Gerets
Name of Legislative Body:- Royal Council
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Re: The Duchy of Aquitaine (Historical Nation)
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Drugs LawDrugs are tightly regulated using a classification system, with Class A being the most serious and Class E the least serious. Most of the criminalized drugs are found in classes A and B with some borderline in Class C. Certified doctors can prescribe controlled drugs if necessary.
Same Sex Marriage   Legal, operating on the same basis as heterosexual marriage in that it is legal at the age of 18 but can be done with parental consent at the age of 16.
EducationElementary education from age of 5 until the age of 12 where they sit their Foundation exams. College education is from the ages of 12-18 at the end of which students sit their Advanced exams, this concludes mandatory education after which university education is available.

The system itself operates on a basis of state regulation with curriculum freedom afforded to schools, a system of random inspections is also utilized.
Property Ownership   Anyone can own property and land. Though all property not dispensed of in a will reverts to the ownership of the Crown.
Voting   Anyone aged 18 can vote in Royal Council elections, provided they are a citizen of Aquitaine.
ProstitutionRegulated/controlled - there are a number of legalized establishments in Aquitaine that ensure that those who end up in such desperate circumstances are not put at undue risk.
Freedom of the PressThe press is free subject to laws on privacy and public interest.
Freedom of MovementWithin Aquitaine people can move around as they wish, though having a guide is advisable if you're going out into the wilds. Getting into Aquitaine is possible by land or air though the visa requirements do entail a detailed questionnaire and thorough search upon arrival.
AbortionLegal up to 24 weeks after that only with the agreement of two doctors.
Health CareUniversal health care, subsidized by the state.
Gun Laws Controlled - people can own firearms but may not carry them in public they must be kept under lock and key, to qualify for gun ownership a person is subjected to a thorough background and criminal record check which is reviewed every three years.
Internet NeutralityBalanced - the state and government stay out of the way as much as they can though they do legislate on what is and is not deemed appropriate content in regards to other existing laws such as racial hatred, stalking, harassment etc
Business OwnershipPeople may set up and own companies. All companies are subject to the various regulations and reliefs around tax.
MarriageLegal at age of 18 with parental consent at 16.
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Re: The Duchy of Aquitaine (Historical Nation)
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Map of Aquitaine

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Re: The Duchy of Aquitaine (Historical Nation)
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The Royal Aquitaine Defence Forces (RADF)

The Aquitaine Yeomanry

The Aquitaine Yeomanry form the land based element of the RADF, it comprises 14,500 personnel most of whom have seen service in the Marseilles Defence Force prior to the reestablishment of Aquitaine it is a fighting force designed with mobility and guerrilla style warfare and tactics in mind most of which stems from the Communist invasion of the 1960's. The following equipment and vehicles are used by the Yeomanry.

Glock PistolSemi automatic pistol
Heckler & Koch USPSemi automatic pistol
SIG Sauer P232Semi automatic pistol
SIG Sauer P239Semi automatic pistol
Heckler & Koch P2A1single-shot, break action flare pistol
FR F2 Sniper RifleSniper Rifle
Dragunov Sniper RifleSniper Rifle
Heckler & Koch HK417Sniper Rifle
PGM Hecate IIHeavy Sniper Rifle
AMP Technical Services DSR-1Sniper Rifle
Remington 870Shotgun
Heckler & Koch G36Assault Rifle
AK-47Assault Rifle
Heckler & Koch MP5Submachine Gun
UziSubmachine Gun
FN MinimiLight Machine Gun
M2 Browning Machine GunMachine Gun
SPIKE MissileAnti Tank Missile
Carl Gustav recoilless rifleAnti Tank weapon
Heckler & Koch GMGAutomatic Grenade Launcher
Rheinmetall MG3Machine Gun
Bofors 40mm GunAir Defence
AN/MPQ 64 SentinelAir Defence
Pvpj 1110 field gunfield gun (100 units, some on motorized platforms)
ScimitarLight Tank (80 in service)
SpartanArmored Personnel Carrier (25 in service)
StrikerAnti Tank Vehicle (20 in service)
SamsonArmored Recovery Vehicle (10 in service)
SabreTank (30 in service)
StormerArmored Fighting Vehicle (20 in service)
M109A5ÖSelf Propelled Artillery (47 in service)
MB 1017Truck (100 in service)
MB-U416Truck (68 in service)
ScaniaTruck (192 in service)
VBCIIFV (100 in service)

Royal Aquitaine Air Force (RAAF)

The Royal Aquitaine Air Force is arguably where the strength of the Aquitaine Armed Forces lies. It's a major work in progress with a lot of reliance on equipment from years ago and orders of aircraft from abroad. The Air Force numbers 500 personnel.

AircraftNumber in Service
Raptorwing Multirole Fighter (from Achkaerin) 10
Sea King Utility Helicopter (from Marseilles)4
Mil Mi-24 Attack Helicopter (From Rodina)10
Mil Mi-28 Attack Helicopter (from Rodina)15