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The Shogunate of Toshikawa (Historical Nation)
« on: November 02, 2017, 06:27:06 PM »

Motto:- "Honor, Stability, Discipline"
National Anthem:- The Samurai's Call


The Toshiden Civilization, an old culture developed for thousands of years through the art of war and perfection. Isolation has led to Toshikawa being a society of strict tradition and teaching, modernizing it's traditional practices to have superiority while maintaining strong values. These values are very militaristic, held by the Samurai ruled society, an upper class of warriors who have set the course of Toshikawan attitude for thousands of years. Through almost constant internal conflict, Toshikawan politics have been dominated by militaristic capability and manpower. Toshikawan political philosophy is simply put: "One who can gain numerous higher valued and trained troops, is one who earns more political capital to subject others to his will."

Toshikawan society roots itself less off the demanding word of the Daimyo-Samurai and more on the strict values outlined in the Bushi Code. The Bushi being the most devout Samurai and commonly chosen as public figures, though they are known to reject such commanding positions. The Shogun has been a part of Toshikawa for thousands of years as well, competing with the Emperor who was overthrown 260 years ago by the Samurai and Daimyo's loyal to the Shogun. The Shogun, literally meaning 'General' or 'Military Ruler' in Toshikawan is historically, the herediary Govenor who was appointed by the Emperor to enforce his will on the Provinces through military means.

When Ardian Influence ceased from Toshikawa in the Fushiri Wars (Samurai uprising) of 1707-1714, the Shogun regained power and ruled Toshikawa once again in 200 years of peace before the Great War. During this period Toshikawa was a formidable force on the land in the east Ardian theatre. After the war however, Toshikawa slipped into isolation after the Ikko Ikki rebellions, Buddhist and peasants demanding rights from the Shogunate de-stabalizing the nation. Years later in the 1980s, a great warring period was waged between the Daimyo's for control of the Shogunate and restoration of the Toshikawan Empire. This would mark the first appearance of the self proclaimed "Queen of Toshikawa" Su Mai Nekhaga who would ultimately be defeated not on Toshikawan soil but Achkaerinese soil at Gowu (land she believes to be rightfully Toshikawan). In the Early 1990s Toshikawa was reunited under a new Shogunate to maintain order, by Sora Yoshimo. This Shogun would resolve many of the countries problems though his near death in 2015 did spark a second civil war and the return of Su Mai. Sora Yoshimo continues to rule as Shogun to this day following a brief absence to recover from his injuries. During his absence the interim shogunate instigated the genocide in Nueva Ardia.

Government Type:- Confederate Monarchy
Population:-:- 80 million
Capital City:- Takeda (4.4 million)
Demonym:- Toshikawan


Currency:- Yen
GDP per Capita:- $32,000
Unemployment Rate:- 6.7%
Main Industries:- textiles, chemicals, food processing, steel, transportation equipment, computer equipment, mining, petroleum, machinery, software, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, military goods, construction, manufacturing, commercial service, technology service


Ethnicity:- Toshikawan 70%, Rokkenjiman 20%, Phuebran 7%, Achkaerinese 1%, Other 2%
Languages:- Toshikawan/Rokkenjiman 90%, Ardian Latin 10%
Religions:- Buddhism 60%, Bushi 30%, Rosarity 5%, Other 5%
Average Life Expectancy:- Male 88 yrs / Female 89 yrs


Head of State:- Shogun Sora Yoshimo
Head of Government:- Shogun Sora Yoshimo
Name of Legislative Body:- Congress
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Re: The Shogunate of Toshikawa (Historical Nation)
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2019, 11:00:34 PM »

Toshikawan Army

135,000 Soldiers / 86,000 Reservists

500 x Kymaru Main Battle Tanks
280 x Crasiu Light Tank
200 x Shiko Infantry Fighting Vehicle
500 x Roku Armoured Personnel Carrier
200 x Burakkuai Reconnaissance Vehicle
200 x Sentou-sha Tank Destroyer
2000 x Kidōsha Light Armoured Vehicle
1300 x CRR Mine Resistant Patrol Vehicle
150 x MLRS Rocket Artillery
100 x Ryuudan Self Propelled Howitzer
50 x Jisou Self Propelled Howitzer
40 x Hakugeki Self Propelled Mortar
30 x H-47 Helicopter
30 x H-1 Attack Helicopter
30 x UH-1 Helicopter
50 x U-6 Reconnaissance UAV

Toshikawan Air Force

55,000 Airmen / 21,000 Reservists

130 x Jīngguˇ Multi-Role Fighter
50 x Raputā Air Superiority Fighter
80 x Tatsumaki Strike Fighter
3 x Hōkuai AEWACS
15 x Konpasu Electronic Warfare/Transport
4 x Tankā Tanker
35 x Yusō Transport Aircraft
35 x Senjutsu Transport Aircraft
40 x Burakkuhōku Utility Helicopter
40 x Orikkusu Utility Helicopter
20 x Bakugeki-ki Bomber
35 x Burudoggu Basic Trainer
35 x Torēnā Advanced Trainer
15 x Iruka Seaplane

Toshikawan Navy

56,000 Sailors / 21,000 Reservists

15 x Oyashio Class Submarine
10 x Harushio Class Submarine
1 x Unsōgyōsha Aircraft Carrier (equipped with Furīsutairu fighters)
2x Izumogata Class Amphibious Warfare Ship
15 x Hatakaze Class Destroyers
10 x Furigēto Class Frigate
10 x Abenjā Class Minesweeper
12 x Kōsokubōto Patrol Boat