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Factbook of the United Emirates of Alakhwan
« on: February 13, 2021, 10:52:55 PM »
The United Emirates of Alakhwan
al-ʾImārāt al-Muttaḥidah al-Akhwan

Above All, the Nation. Above the Nation, God


Alakhwan is an island nation in the Gulf of Aaraxis that is home to a surprising diverse population for its comparatively small size. Sometimes referred to as a "Midaranye in Miniature" the archipelago is home to Arabs of both Christian & Muslim faith, Seleucid Anahitaists, Parthian Manists, and a plethora of smaller minorities. For much of its history Alakhwan has been just as fragmented as its people; there have been eras in history where the archipelago was united by a native ruler, but they are the exception rather than the rule. In addition the islands have undergone many periods of influence or even outright dominance by foreign powers, although the extent to outsiders' control varied immensely. In modern times the islands are unified under a single federal government composed of a number of autonomous Emirates, with a council of Emirs ruling over the federal government whilst the Emirs have immense power within their own domains. Alakhwan is for the most part a rather undeveloped country; much of the rural population practices subsistence agriculture and its cities are dwarfed by those of wealthier nations. However with the discovery of exploitable oil deposits in much of Alakhwan nearly a decade ago the country has been slowly dragging itself into the modern world. But despite this there is still a major divide in the nation; over the span of a single day one can travel from a modern city to villages that appear to have been transported from centuries in the past.

Government Type:- Federated Elective Absolute Monarchy
Population:-:- ~11,000,000
Capital City:- Afayah (~1,300,000)
Demonym:- Alakhwani


Currency:- Alakhwani Drachma
GDP per Capita:- ~12,000
Unemployment Rate:- ~2.5%
Main Industries:- Petroleum, Agriculture, Mining


Ethnicity:- 64% Arab, 16% Seleucid, 11% Parthian, 9% Other
Languages:- Arabic, Seleucid, & Parthian are Official Languages throughout the Nation
Religions:- 55% Islam, 17% Christianity, 14% Anahitaism, 12% Manism, 2% Other
Average Life Expectancy:- Male - 70 years, Female - 74 years


Head of State:- Sheikh Hassan ibn Hussein Al Idris, Emir of Afayah
Head of Government:- Sheikh Abd al-Yasu ibn Ya'qub Al Ghassan, Emir of Al Jaliya
Name of Legislative Body:- National Council

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Re: Factbook of the United Emirates of Alakhwan
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The Emirates


Afayah is the largest and most prestigious of the Emirates that make up Alakhwan. It was under the direction of Sheikh Hussein ibn Idris Al Idris of Afayah that the Emirs banded together and revolted against Royal Seleucid, and as a result the Emir of Afayah had held the position of President of the United Emirates of Alakhwan since the country's founding. Located on a natural harbor on the northwestern coast of al-Akh al-Kabir, the largest of the islands that make up al-Akhwan, Afayah has historically been the island's main connection to the rest of Midaranye. While not the wealthiest of Emirates Afayah comes close, and it is for all these reasons that the city of Afayah has the honor of serving as Alakhwan's federal capital.

Population: TBD
Official Religion: Ibadi Islam
Official Language(s): Arabic
Emir: Hassan ibn Hussein Al Idris
Heir: Ibrahim ibn Hassan Al Idris

Abu Tamar

Abu Tamar has been referred to as the Green Jewel of Alakhwan, and for good reason. While the majority of Alakhwan is hot & arid, the southeast coast upon which Abu Tamar is located receives notably greater rainfall and as a result the Emirate is home to the most extensive agriculture in the nation. However it, like the rest of Alakhwan, is still a net importer of food as much of the fertile land is devoted to cash crops. Owing to it being the largest port on the southern coast as well as a series of reforms making the Emirate friendly to foreign businesses, Abu Tamar has the largest concentration of foreign corporate interests in Alakhwan. This is due in large part thanks to the region's absence of larger oil deposits; formerly the richest & wealthiest of the Emirates, the rulers of Abu Tamar fear a loss of influence due to the rising wealth of the other Emirates thanks to their large petroleum deposits.

Population: TBD
Official Religion: Quranist Islam
Official Language(s): Arabic
Emir: Salim ibn Nur al-Din Al Qasim
Heir: Ja'far ibn Salim Al Qasim

Al Burazah

Population: TBD
Official Religion: Nestorian Christianity
Official Language(s): Arabic
Emir: Abd al-Yasu ibn Ya'qub Al Ghassan
Heir: Butrus ibn Abd al-Yasu Al Ghassan


Population: TBD
Official Religion: Anahitaism
Official Language(s): Seleucid
Emir: Iskandar Etesias
Heir: Armin Etesias

al-Akh al-Saghir

Al-Akh al-Saghir (meaning 'the Little Brother') is the second largest of the islands that make of Alakhwan. However, that says less about the size of al-Akh al-Saghir and more about the immense size of al-Akh al-Kabir & how miniscule the numerous other islands are. Historically the island was granted to the founder of the Samaniyan dynasty after much of the local population died of plague, who promptly began to rebuild and invite immigration of Manists from all over Midaranye. Because of this the island is now the only Emirate to be a majority Manist & Parthian, though there still remains smaller ethnic groups present. It is also unique in that al-Akh al-Saghir is the only place in Alakhwan in which chattel slavery is legalized & openly practiced. Navid Samaniyan, the Emir at the time of the revolt, refused to join in the other Emir's revolt unless he was given free reign to re-legalize slavery after it had been banned by the Seleucids. Previously tolerant of other faiths within the land, since the ascent of Osman Samaniyan a number of laws have been passed aimed at restricting the rights of non-Manists.

Population: TBD
Official Religion: Manism
Official Language(s): Parthian
Emir: Osman Samaniyan
Heir: Arslan Samaniyan
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