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The Kingdom of Torinoria
« on: February 16, 2021, 02:06:44 AM »

Motto:The Strength of a man is not from his muscles but from his knowledge
National Anthem:Hail to the Kaiser


The Kingdom of Torinoria is a nation that prides itself with Hard Working People. The Nation is only 340 years old with Isolationism being used by many Kaisers for it's entire history.

Government Type: Absolute Monarchy
Population: ~20 Million People
Capital City: Festung Wilhelm (1.04 Million)
Demonym: Norians


Currency: ToriMark
GDP per Capita: 48,000 ToriMarks
Unemployment Rate: 8%
Main Industries: Shipbuilding, Fishing


Ethnicity: German 69%, English 11%, Italian 7%, Japanese 3%,Other 10%
Languages: German, English
Religions: Christian, Atheist
Average Life Expectancy: Male 59 Years Female 62


Head of State: Kaiser Alexander I (Aleko)
Head of Government: Kaiser Alexander I (Aleko)
Name of Legislative Body: Toristag
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Re: The Kingdom of Torinoria
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2021, 06:40:21 PM »

The Kingdom of Torinoria is truly a Absolute Monarchy. As the nation was founded in 1861 by the House of Richthofen. The Current Kaiser Aleko has unlimited power inside of the Government. On March 1st. 1894 Kaiser Wilhelm I had formed the Toristag to make sure the public could still have a say although they do not have power they only help the King in certain aspects.

The Toristag

The Toristag is the sole Legislative body of the Kingdom. It's Duty is to run the Nations Policies, Make Laws, and handle Formal International Relations. Currently there are 4 main parties. The Nationalist Monarchist Party (NMP), People Workers Party (PWP), The Traditionalist Party (TP), and the Radical Socialist Party (RSP) dominate the Toristag with smaller parties only having a few seats. The Toristag has a total of 250 seats. NMP seats:49, PWP seats:56, TP seats:84, RSP seats:45, 16 other seats are held by smaller parties. The Toristag also is the only democratic part of the Government with the people voting for individual seats.


The Executive Branch of the Norian Government is purely consists of the House of Richthofen. The entire family has certain powers but none near as the Kaiser or Kaiserin.

Kaiser Alexander I (Aleko)

Prinzessin Mia

Prinz Wilhelm V the Current Heir


The Economic System that is currently in use is a mix between Socialism and Free Enterprise or what we call Kapitalismus-Sozialismus (KS). The KS system is run by the Government. They set the prices of certain products while receiving 45% of the profit. However the Government owns none of the Commerce as the People run it. The way people choose what they want to buy is the quality of the product as the producers are also not the Government but instead the People. This Economic System is not the best but it is noted that unfair prices are non-existent.

Laws of Concern

Drugs LawPharmacies are the only ones who can handle drugs
Same Sex Marriage   Illegal
EducationAll schools are state owned. Upon successful completion of a number of final exams everyone can got to university for free
Property Ownership   Everyone has the right of Private Property. They have to pay to keep that land however. (Land Tax)
Voting   All  over 18 Years of Age for Toristag seats
Prostitution100% Illegal
Freedom of the PressFree Media unless in a time of War
Freedom of MovementThere is nothing that will prevent anyone to move in or out of the Country
Health CareUniversal Free Healthcare but every year they have to pay 1,000 ToriMarks to cover the cost.
Gun LawsOnly People in the Military are allowed to posses Firearms
Internet NeutralityThe Internet is not owned by the Government but can be shut down in times of War
Business OwnershipSee Volkswirtschaft
Military ServiceMen have to serve from when they are 16-24 and Women have to serve from 18-22 either by Military or Civilian. After that Men have to be in reserves from 24-35.
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Re: The Kingdom of Torinoria
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2021, 08:18:32 PM »
History of Torinoria

Torian Settlements
Around 800 A.D. The People called Torians have started to settle the area. With them they brought the German Culture. Over a period of time the Torian Population shot up from 400 in 800 A.D. to 15 Thousand in 1400. It is also around this time the City Toriburg was founded.

The Kingdom of Toriburg
After the founding of Toriburg they formed a Kingdom. This Kingdom ruled from ~1400 to 1861. Nothing really happened during this time other then the Germanization of the Native Population which included Norians. THe Kingdom collapsed which brought down the City of Toriburg to ruins.

The Kingdom of (Tori)Noria
Norians assumed power once the previous Kingdom fell apart. However they refused to claim that they were successor to Toriburg. Kaisers came and went with nothing special going on due to Isolationaism being run. Soon in the 1940s the Torian Population wanted more repesentation so the Toristag made it that they must be called Norians for the name Tori to be placed in the Kingdom of Noria. After a vote the Kingdom of Torinoria was born. Still the refused to be the successors of Toriburg.

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Re: The Kingdom of Torinoria
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Norian Currency:The ToriMark (TM)
The TM is a worthless currency thanks to the Isolationism Policy of the Kingdom. TMs have no real International basis due to this.
It ranges from 1 TM to 500 TMs on "Csecks".

Through Taxes and Income both Domestic and (Little) International the Government has a total of 850 Billion TMs to spend.
Current spending:Defense 500B, Domestic 200B, Welfare 100B, Education 30B, Development 10B, Internal Security 500M The rest is unknown thanks to the TM laws.