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Huskar Protectorate
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Motto:- The Sand Runs Red
National Anthem:-


Huskar was once dominated by numerous rival petty kingdoms. Midway through the 11th century, the region was at the height of its golden age, known as the Eternal Sun Era. Conflict among the kingdoms was rare, and the Huskar people flourished under regional trade and prosperity. Unfortunately, this would come to an end. Huskar's geographic location places it between Abydos and Vanora. When the Crusades began, it was inevitable that Huskar would be drawn into the conflict.

In the early years, most of the Huskar kingdoms maintain their nuetrality. Occasionally, they would offer services to one side or another, but this was rare and on a small scale. It is highly debated which faction was the first to openly violate neutrality, marching through Huskar, but once one did it, everyone followed. The petty kingdoms tried to repeal the invades, but suffered major defeats. A coalition was formed that would start the kingdoms on the path to national unity. The coalition performed much better and eventually entering Huskar was a bloody and costly affair for any crusading army. As the Crusades began to die down, the petty kings were forced to lay down their crowns by the coalition armies. It is for this reason that Huskar can be considered an "anti-crusader" state. But the question of who would lead the new nation weighed heavily. Eventually, it was agreed that the Riven family, stewards of the Holy Blade, would act as the symbolic Imperial family of the nation, while the commanders of the coalition would be the de facto rulers. Thus in 1495[1], the Empire of Huskar was born.

Peace would only last for three years. Unable to decide upon a structure of leadership, the coalition commanders divided the Empire amongst themselves, carving up what was effectively their own kingdoms. Because the Empire was ruled by warlords (known as Haisen) whose strength came from the armies they commanded, they eventually started to desire larger pieces of the Empire to control. The first conflicts were small, minor skirmishes, but they quickly escalated and combined into a massive civil war. By 1498, the Era of the Warring State had begun.

The Era of the Warring State was one of the most gruesome and horrific wars in Mundus' history. The Haisen were all former generals of the coalition and their armies were made of veterans of the Crusades. These were battle-hardened soldiers, and quickly armies turned to cruelty to gain advantages against each other. For over two hundred years, the nation bleed. Survivors of passing by hordes faced famine and disease. When peace finally came with the rise of the Three Pragmatic Houses, whole generations had been born and died by the sword. Peace seemed like an unimaginable dream. The Pragmatic Houses were anointed as the Protectors of the Imperial Riven Family, and the Huskar Protectorate was born.

Government Type:- Meritocracy
Population:- 967
Capital City:- Orphela (21 Permenant Residence)
Largest City:- Mourningfort (121 Residences)
Demonym:- Viernan


Currencies:- Guilders ()
Exchange Rate:- 1- $1
GDP:- 20.5 Million
GDP per Capita:- $21,198
Unemployment Rate:- 0.1%
Main Industries:- Priniting of Coinage, Medals, Fine Arts (Painting, Sculpting and Theatre), Financial Services


Cultures:- Viernan, Dsur, Tar'Shen
Languages:- Khimeric, Women's Script (Written Only), High Vir (Ceremonial Only)
State Religion:- Cult of the Twin
Average Life Expectancy:- 81


Head of State:- Harbinger (Currently Vacant)
Name of Legislative Body:- Council of Grandmasters
-Grandmaster of the House of the Black Roe
-Grandmaster of the House of the Night Lily
-Grandmaster of the House of the Evening Primrose
-Troupe Master of the Dsur
-Guardian of the Tar'Shen

 1. I'm not entirely sure when the Mundus version of the crusades ends, so I'm just assuming the real world year of 1492
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