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The Free Theocracy of Kaitaine
« on: April 17, 2021, 10:26:54 PM »

National Anthem:-Child of Erin (Unofficial)
Motto:- I will face my fear.


At some point, thought to be in the early 2nd Century AD, a group of Celts arrived on the shores of what is present day Kataine. They were guided by a female religious leader who believed that all religions had misunderstood God/Gods and that a new path, known as the Golden Path, had to be searched for. Her small band of followers established a religious outpost that over the centuries grew as more and more people flocked to join them. The Bene Gesserit faith believes that the true nature of God/Gods is hidden from human consciousness and only through education and discipline can we hope to rediscover it. As such the Bene Gesserit created an all female Sisterhood to undertake this work, it came to dominate Kaitaine culture and in 1267 a popular rebellion against a ruling King, lead by the Bene Gesserits military arm known as the Truthsayers was successful. They imposed a theocracy upon the nation which was willingly accepted, as in truth all that changed was a religious representative was in charge rather than an heriditory King, who was actually controlled by the Bene Gesserit anyway.

The Bene Gesserit faith also believes that because much of mankinds knowledge of God/Gods is unknown we must prepare for some unrevealed future tragedy, as such it is believed a supreme being known as the Kwisatz Haderach. This man shall lead the whole of humanity against a threat that would wipe out all life in the world, once successful he would reveal a new set of laws to humanity to lead them into a paradise upon Mundus and ensure each person a place in the afterlife.

The Bene Gesserit faith believes that four families have been granted special insight into the Gods powers, these families are known as the Four Holy Houses and are the Atreides, Harkonnen, Corrino and Fremen families. The Bene Gesserit faith seeks to help these families realise their potential and bring about the creation of the Kwisatz Haderach. To do this the Bene Gesserit leadership has controlled the bloodlines of these families through inter-marriage in an attempt to breed a more godlike individual.

In the 1800's however this Theocratic nation was invaded by the Communists of the now long disappeared USR. They successfully took over the nation however the Sisterhood smuggled many key indivdiuals out to Ui Cenneslaig and Cantabria because of their Celtic culture, others went to nearby Achkaerin while some were taken to obscurity in Aosta. The faith worked to ensure these families were successful in order to ensure the faith could continue in secret across much of Mundus. In 2017 a young girl fulfilled several propehcies and was named the faith's Reverend Mother and soon after a rebellion in Kaitaine began. In April 2021 the rebels had secured much of Western Kaitaine and a series of talks known as the "Tartu Accords" effectively gave the Bene Gesserit a homeland once again.

Government Type:- Constitutional Theocracy
Population:- Currently around 8 million in the Theocracy.
Capital City:- Seitch (population 200,000)
Currency:- Melange
GDP per Capita:- $9,000
Unemployment Rate:- $10,000

Main Industries:- TBD, economy will be heavily reliant on arrangements with those members of the dispora essentially funding the nations economy.

Ethnicity:- 80% Celt, 20% Other

Languages:- Gaelic is the official language however Russian is also heavily spoken as are Aostan and Achkaerin.

Religions:- Bene Gesserit is the official faith however as that essentially believes all religions are simply "misunderstandings" of the Bene Gesserit faith and that all faiths contain "Truths" no faith is outlawed.

Average Life Expectancy Men -67 years / Women - 71 years

Head of State:- Reverend Mother Erin McGregor
Name of Legislative Body:- The Council of the Riders.

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Re: The Free Theocracy of Kaitaine
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2021, 10:32:44 PM »

 Abortion: Illegal except when Mothers health in danger or approved by the Sisterhood.

• Adultery: No Legal stance

• Affirmative action: No.

• Age of consent: 16 years.

• Age of majority: 18 years.

• Artificial insemination: Legal with approval of the Sisterhood

• Assisted suicide: Legal, traditionally those who felt they were of no use to society anymore would simply walk off into the desert.

• Basic liberties: Freedom of conscience,  freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and the right to own private property.

• Bestiality: Illegal.

• Birth control: Legal

• Childcare: TBD

• Concealed carry: TBD

• Death penalty: TBD

• Divorce: Only with consent of the Sisterhood

• Drinking age: 18

• Driving age: 17

• Education: Compulsary until 18 for males and females.

• Equal pay for equal work: Yes

• Felony disenfranchisement: Yes.

• Flag desecration: TBD

• Gambling age: 18

• Gun purchase age: TBD

• Human cloning: TBD

• In vitro fertilization: Legal

• Marriageable age: All marriages need approval of the Sisterhood.

• Military conscription: No.

• Minimum wage: TBD

• Parental leave: TBD

• Polygamy: Illegal, however the Sisterhood use a system similar to Concubines to expand Holy Families gene pools

• Pornography: Legal at age 18

• Prostitution: TBD

• Race: Racial discrimination is prohibited in all areas of life.

• Same-sex marriage: Not recognised as the faith believe marriage is about continuing bloodlines, however no stance on homosexuality exists.

• School leaving age: 18 years.

• Sex reassignment surgery: TBD

• Sexually transmitted diseases: TBD

• Smoking age: 16.

• State religion: Bene Gesserit, no restrictions in place on other faiths.

• Stem cell research: Permitted

• Taxation: Sliding scale income tax.

• Torture: Illegal

• Trial by jury: TBD

• Universal healthcare: Free at point of use for all but non-essential medical treatments (E.g cosmetic surgery is not given for free)

• Voting age: 18

• Women's rights: Full equality

• Working age: 14 years of age (part time/ family business) 18 years of age (full time)

• Working week: The standard work week is 40 hours.

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Re: The Free Theocracy of Kaitaine
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2021, 11:08:05 PM »

The Tartu Accords saw the Reverend Mother put in place an agreement for a Provisional Government to be put in place until a more permenant form of government will be put in place.

The Provisional Government will be formed of 10 Individuals.

1. The Reverend Mother Erin McGregor
2. Nathanial Corrino
3. Jamie Atriedes
4. Bryce Harkonnen
5. Achilles Fremen
6. Ruth Hipkiss
7. Elected Truthsayer
8. Elected Missionara Protectiva
9. Elected Honored Matres
10. Elected Mother

Until a formal agreement on how the government will work is made this Council will vote on all matters requiring attention. Any ties will be determined by the Reverend Mother.

The Provisional Government will aim to create a fully elected chamber known as the Council of the Sands by the end of June.

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Re: The Free Theocracy of Kaitaine
« Reply #3 on: August 19, 2021, 09:49:25 PM »

Spoiler: Article 1 - The Theocracy • show

1.1   The Theocracy shall consist of all the land as defined under the terms of the Chistopol Accords signed in 2021.

1.2   Chapterhouse Island shall be the National Capital of the the Theocracy with Seitch the Administrative Capital.

1.3   The Theocracy is a nation based on the teachings of the Bene Gesserit faith and shall recognise the Reverend Mother as Head of State.

1.4   The Head of State shall be entrusted to comply with the constitution in all their dealings.

1.5   The succession to the position of Reverend Mother will be determined by the Heads of each service of the Sisterhood.

1.6   The flag of the Theocracy shall be a half black and half orange seperated by a waved line. The symbol of the Sisterhood displayed in orange on the centre of the black field.

1.7   Gaelic shall be the only recognised official language of the Kingdom.

Spoiler: Article 2 The Reverend Mother • show

2.1 The Reverend Mother is the Head of State and shall exercise their sovereign authority in conformity with the measures laid down by this constitution.

2.2 The Reverend Mother or their chosen represetative shall represent the state in all its relations with foreign states. 

2.3 Every law shall require the approval of the The Reverend Mother  in order to acquire validity.

2.4 The Reverend Mother may appoint judges to oversee the courts. All judges must be Missionara Protectiva graduates.

2.5 The Reverend Mother shall possess the prerogative of remitting, mitigating or commuting sentences which have been legally pronounced.

2.6. The Reverend Mother is the commander in chief of the armed forces.

2.10 The Reverend Mother may call elections at their discretion, but must hold elections for both chambers at a maximum period of four years.

Spoiler: Article 3 – Functions of the Theocracy • show

3.1 The Supreme function of the Theocracy is to promote the general welfare of the people. For this purpose, the Theocracy shall provide for the provision and maintenance of law and for the protection of moral, religious and economic interests of the people.

3.2 The Theocracy shall provide all citizens with access to education.

i) Education will be compulsory and free between the ages of 4 and 18.

ii) The following subjects will be classed as core subjects and will be compulsory until the age of 18.

                Gaelic, Mathematics, Physics,  Chemistry, Biology,  History, Physical Education, Theology and either Russian, Aostan or Achkaerin.

iii) Private education is permissible as long as it conforms to the legal requirements of curriculum, duration of education and standards laid down by applicable laws.

3.3 The Theocracy shall be responsible for Public Health systems.

3.4 To promote trade and industry the Theocracy shall be free to enter into treaties with foreign states.

3.5 The currency shall be the Jacar, abbreviated as J. The Theocracy shall regulate both the currency and banking systems.

3.6 The Kingdom shall establish an equitable system of taxation. On this matter the Reverend Mother must attain approval of the Missionara Protectiva.

3.7 The Theocracy shall administer for relief of the poor and those in need. In particular the Theocracy shall grant assistance to those living in poverty, the old, the mentally handicapped and people suffering from incurable diseases and conditions. Furthermore the Theocracy shall establish and maintain orphanages. All orphaned females shall pass into the Chapterhouses should no family be found within 21 days. Males shall be cared for by local councils. 

3.8 The Theocracy  shall provide a rapid procedure for legal actions and the execution therefo, under conditions that will safeguard material rights; it shall also provide for a system of administrative law based on the same principlies.

3.9 The Theocracy shall employ a Police Force to enforce all laws passed by decree, precident or other legal means. In addition badged members of the Truthsayers may also act as Police officers.

Spoiler: Article 4 – General Rights and Obligations of Citizens within the Theocracy • show
4.1 A citizen is defined as being anyone who;

i) Was born to a mother who has graduated a Chapterhouse

ii)Was born within the boundaries of all Kaitaine

iii)Has been granted citizenship by the Reverend Mother

iv) Has married a citizen.

v) Has a daughter who has graduated a Chapterhouse

vi) Has resided within the Theocracy for three years and is considered to be of good standing by at least two members of the Sisterhood. They must then pass an exam on the subjects of the Theocracy and the Sisterhood. This exam must be sat in Gaelic.

4.2 Every citizen shall be entitled to reside in any locality within the Theocracy and to acquire property of any description, provided that they observe the detailed regulations relating to such matters.

4.3 Persons staying within the territory of the Theocracy shall be bound to observe its laws and shall be entitled to the protection afforded by the Consitution and other laws.

4.5 All citizens shall be entitled to civic rights in the conformity with the provisions of the present constitution.

4.6 All citizens who have celebrated their 18th birthday may exercise all the political rights of the Theocracy.

4.7 All citizens shall be equal before the law.

4.8 The rights of aliens shall be determined in the first instance by treaties, or, in the absence of such on the basis of reciprocity.

4.9  Personal liberty, the immunity of the home and the inviolability of letters and written matter are guaranteed.

4.10 Except in the cases specified in law and in the manner thus prescribed , no person may be arrested or detained in custody, no house or persons may be searched and no letters or written matter may be examined or seized.

4.11 Persons arrested unlawfully or when demonstratably innocent and those proved innocent after conviction shall be entitled to full compensation from the Theocracy as determined by the courts. Whether and to what extent the Theocracy has a right of recourse against third parties in such cases shall be regulated by law.

4.12 Nobdy may be threatened with or subjected to penalities other than those provided by the law.

4.13 Accused persons shall have the right of defence in all penal proceedings.

4.14 The inviolability of private property is guaranteed’ confiscation may only take place in such cases as determined by law.

4.15 Where necessary in the public interest, property of any kind may be compulsory assigned or subjected to an encumbrance, against appropriate compensation, the amount of which in cases of dispute shall be determined by the courts.

4.16 The procedure for expropriation shall be regulated by the law.

4.17 Trade and industry shall be free within the limits prescribed by law; the extent to which exclusive commericial and industrial privledges may be admisable for specified period of time shall be regulated by law.

4.18 All religions may practice freely within the borders of the Theocracy. Places of worship must be approved by the regionally leading Mother.

4.19 The worship of the Bene Gesserit faith is the state religion and enjoys the full protection of the State; other religions are entitled to practice their creeds and to hold religious service to the extent consistent with morality and public order.

4.20 Every preson shall be entitled to freely express his opinion and to communicate his ideas by word of mouth, or in writing, print or pictures within the limits of the law and morality; no censorship may be exercised over the press by the Theocracy.

4.21 Citizens are entitled to protest peacefully without hinderance from the authorities as long as the protest does not threaten, incite, cause injury or harm.

4.22 The right of free association and assembly is guaranteed within the limits prescribed by law.

4.23 All graduates of a Chapterhouse are expected to serve the Theocracy for a minimal period of two years as ascribed by the Head of their Section.

i) No Honored Mates may be forced to act as Concubine or conceive against her wishes.

ii) No Missionara Protectiva may be forced to study in a nation they do not approve of

4.24 Should a Truthsayer graduate later determined to be medically unfit for military duty they will be released from service. 

4.25 Every person fit to bear arms shall be liable, up to their 60th birthday , to serve in defence of the country in the event of an emergency.

4.26 Apart from this contingency, no armed units may be organised or maintained, except so far as may be necessary for the provision of the police service and the preservation of internal order.

Spoiler: Article 5 – The Councils • show

5.1 The Theocracy shall establish two Councils. The duty of these councils are to suggest laws to the Reverend Mother, ensure the compliance with the constitution and represent to people’s interests.

5.2 The rights appertaining to the Councils may only be exercised in the lawfully constituted assembly of that body.

5.3 There shall be two Councils, one elected by the people. This will be called the National Senate. It shall consist of 200 individuals known as Senators. This shall be elected by the citizens of the Theocracy who have reached their 18th birthdays. These elections shall be equal, secret and direct suffrage according to a system of first past the post in geographically determined seats. No currently serving member of the Sisterhood may serve in this council.

5.4 The second council shall be known as the Sisterhood Council. It shall consist of 80 individuals known as Sister Councillors. Twenty seats shall be given to each of the four branches of service within the Sisterhood. The allocation of these seats shall be determined by a secret ballot of all serving members of that branch.

5.5 Any citizen may stand for election as an Senator so long as they have celebrated their 18th birthday and are a citizen.

5.6 To stand for the Sisterhood Council an individual must be a serving member of the Sisterhood, have celebrated their 21st birthday and be approved by at least two members of their branch who hold a higher rank than them.

5.7 Detailed regulations regarding the conduct of elections shall be laid down in a special law.

5.8 The term of each Council shall be four years from the date that the election takes place.

5.9 The Reverend Mother has the right to call elections at their discretion before the end of the four year period.

5.10 Should during their term of office any member of either Council be unable to fulfil their duties, resign or be found guilty of a criminal offence a by-election will be held no more than 60 days from the date the conditions are meet. This shall be held under the conditions of the appropriate body.

5.11 No member of either Council may be arrested while the body is in session without the majority approval of that body.

5.12 Members of the councils are to vote solely according to their moral convictions. They shall not be made to answer to the Reverend for their votes. Votes within the Councils will be made in public and recorded , voting records will be made public as to inform voters at times of elections.

5.13 The Councils will each elect a Speaker of the Council. It will be their responsibility to ensure the smooth organisation of Council business and enforce the Constitution.

5.14 Councillors will receive from the Theocracy’s Treasury  an annual wage which will originally be set at $40,000. Any alterations to this must be placed to vote in a national referendum where a straight majority will be necessary.

5.15 The duties of the National Senate are as follows.

                i) Presenting potential laws before the Senate for debate and vote.

                ii) Advising the Reverend Mother as to the will of the people.

                iii) Approving tax measures laid down by the Reverend Mother

                iv)Ensuring adherence to the Constitution.

5.16 The duties of the Sisterhood Council are as follows

                i)Presenting potential laws before the Council for debate and vote

                ii) Advising the Reverend Mother on matters of state.

                iii) Approving measures from the National Senate

                iv) Approving tax measure laid down by the Reverend Mother.

                v) Ensuring adherence to the Constitution.

                vi) The right to appoint investigative panels in matters approved by the Reverend Mother.

5.17 The Reverend Mothers duties regarding the Councils are as follows

                i) Giving final approval to laws which meet the approval of both councils and the Reverend Mother.

                ii) To present before the Councils laws prior to giving them for ascent.

                iii) Opening the Councils for business on the 3rd Monday after the annual spice harvest.

                iv) Closing the Councils for business on the Monday before the annual spice harvest.

                v) Making necessary appointments.

5.18 No law will become valid until the Reverend Mother has given their ascent.

5.30 All laws given ascent come into force 7 days after the ascent is granted, unless otherwise stated.

5.31 Without the approval of the Councils no direct or indirect tax or duties may be imposed or collected.

Spoiler: Article 6 – The Cabinet • show

6.1 The Cabinet will consist of at least the Reverend Mother, a representative of each Holy House and of each branch of the sisterhood. In addition a series of Ministers with specific portfolios shall be appointed. These cabinet Ministers must be approved by the Sisterhood Council.

6.2 The Cabinet must meet at least once a month.

6.3 The Reverend Mother is not bound by the advise of the Cabinet.

Spoiler: Article 7 – General Provisions • show

7.1 The whole administration of justice shall be carried out in the name of the Sisterhood, represented by the Reverend Mother.  The decisions of the judges in the forms of judgements shall be delivered and drawn up “in the name of the Sisterhood of the Bene Gesserit.”

7.2 In the first instance civil and criminal matters shall be heard in regional courts, should this judgement be disputed the case will be heard again in the regional Missionara court, should this verdict still be disputed the Holy Court in Seitch will hear the case, its verdict shall be final.

7.3 Each town or city with a population greater than 100,000 citizens will elect a Mayor for a period of 4 years. All Mayors must be a graduate of a Chapterhouse.

7.5 Any future changes to this constitution may only be permitted with the approval of Ύ of serving members of the Sisterhood.