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Sudmark Federation
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Sudmark, officially the Sudmark Federation (Derusmic: die Südmark Föderation), is a country located in the south of the Continent of Albion. It is bordered to the west by the Bay of Sargon and to the south by the Sea of Antalin. Far west, Across the Bay of Sargon, lies the Ecclesiastical State (ES), while to the North lies the Empire of Aosta. Sudmark is slightly smaller than the ES in total land area and is comprised of six regions. Sudmark is the southernmost, continental, country within Albion and has historically claimed portions of the Arctic continent of Hygelac as its own though these claims have often been unrecognized throughout the Mundus.

Sudmark has a total estimated population of 13.3 million inhabitants most of whom are of Derusmian or native Ekruti decent: a legacy of the regions time as a territory of the Derusmian Empire. Sudmark is officially classified as a Federal Republic. However political observers have noted that the administration of the country functions more as an authoritarian oligarchy in which the Premier and a 12-person council, known as the Electorate Council, effectively run the country. The Federation is comprised of six regions, with the Region of Bavden hosting the country’s capital; Vrusia. Sudmark has the lowest nomonial GDP within South Albion with an estimated GDP per captia of 8’391, while its most profitable city is Brascroen, known for its gambling industry and speculated to host a variety of criminal elements.   

Brief History
Pre-Derursmian Sudmark has been the subject of much speculation. It is generally agreed that pre-Dersumian civilizations once inhabited the area, though, as to whether these people are native to the region or themselves originate from elsewhere has been the subject of debate amongst scholars. Archeological evidence suggests the possibility of Sudmark once hosting Nordic seafarers as well as possible Drenovian explorers. Though the factuality of such claims has yet to be confirmed. First accounts by Derusmian explorers makes mention of a people today known as the Ekruti, themselves believed to have previously originated from the Humsoo people. Upon the first settling of Dersumians the Ekruti had formed into various nomadic groups commonly found throughout the contemporary borders and hosted a complex culture among themveles. 

Throughout the late 18th century and the 19th century, various groups from Derusmia would establish themselves in Sudmark, beginning with the then Kingdom of Concordia and subsequently other Derusmian States, founding a series of independent port trading towns meant facilitate trade between Ardia and the Albion. In 1857 factions in Kaunderstein would see the new Derusmian Empire reclaim the scattered settler settlements of engaging in a series of purchase charters and reorganizing the various towns into a single entity; the Colony of Sudmark. The expansion of the colony with a colonization fleet in 1858 would solidify Sudmark as a territory of the Derusmian empire, with the city of Vrusia established as the Colonial Capital. Sudmark would remain a part of the Empire until its dissolution becoming an independent country; first as a loose collection of united provinces and later as an official federation. Between 2009-2013 an economic crisis and subsequent series of events (including the assassination of the incumbent Premier and secession by member states) would result in the outbreak of a civil war known as the “Long Winter” from 2014-2017. The consequences of this conflict would drastically impact contemporary Sudmarker culture and administration.

Südmark Federation

Capita City
Largest City

13.3 million

Government Oligarchic Republic
* Premier 
Odelia Strossner

Legislature Electorate Council

Major Industries
Fishing, Mining, Adult Entertianment, Gambling

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