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The Empire of Kodima
« on: September 23, 2021, 07:57:57 PM »

Motto:- As You Teach You Learn
National Anthem:- Name of Anthem


During the invasion of modern day Vanora by the Rus Empire in circa 586 BC a group of Jewish guerillas from the small Vanoran village of Kodima took a caravan of refugees south into the hilly wilderness. Within 10 years they had constructed a new settlement which also bore the name Kodima. With regular raids into the Rus occupied Vanora they brought more and more people to their new land. With need for more living space they ventured further south. This process was sped up in 63 BC when Achkaerin arrived in what the exiles saw as their homeland. It was in 2AD under the rule of Nasi (Prince) Shimon II that it became apparent that for now at least they would not be able to retake their ancestoral homeland. With this in mind Nasi Shimon II began establishing systems designed to make Kodima more than just a settlement. Over the next twenty years Shimon began to organise his people and by the time of his death in 38 AD he had established a significant extension to his lands. His son shunned the title Nasi instead electing to call himself Emperor and thus became Emperor Shimon I. He continued his fathers works and set the goal of securing an Empire "Destined by the Divine to stretch from Jerusalem to the Kyne" This goal had spurred Emperors on and as such saw them get involved in the bloody Crusades in attempts to retake Jerusalem.

When the Convention of the Faith Treaty (1698) was signed the then Emperor was Malachi III agreed that he would recognise it in return for two things. The first was to be permitted to have Imperial troops help guard religious sites for Jews and that the Emperor of Kodima also be given the title Duke of the Gate of Mercy while his heir be given a Dukedom of the Dung Gate. Both these gates are in the walls of the city of Jerusalem and close to the old Temple. The titles were granted in order to ensure the Kodiman Emperors would not seek to regain the city.

Since the mid 1700's the Empire of Kodima and Vanora have enjoyed sound relations.

Government Type:- Monarchy with elected council.
Population:-:- c. 78,200,000 (2020 census)
Capital City:- Kodima (pop.2,800,000 in 2020 census)
Demonym:- Kodimans


Currency:- Shek
GDP per Capita:- $31,200
Unemployment Rate:- 4.2%
Main Industries:- Automobiles and Automobile parts, microchips, processed textiles, green technology components, processed foods.


Ethnicity:- 90% Jewish, 10% other
Languages:- Hebrew is the only state sanctioned language
Religions:- 90% Jewish, 10% other
Average Life Expectancy:- Male:- 78 / Female:- 80


Head of State:- Emperor Malachi V
Head of Government:- Consul Ester Kogan
Name of Legislative Body:- The Imperial Senate

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Re: The Empire of Kodima
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2021, 09:16:08 PM »

The Emperor of Kodima is an inherited title.
The title passes first to the eldest son of the Emperor. If the Emperor has no son's then his brothers inherit. If he has no brothers the title passes to eldest daughter and then sister. Should none of these exist then the title passes to the closest relative as determined by a council of the nations leading Rabbi's.
The Emperor is the only person who can propose new laws but these must be approved by the Senate.
The Emperor appoints judges and is head of the armed forces.
The Emperor also has the title the Duke of the Gate of Mercy. This is a symbolic title of being the Duke of one of the gates that protects the old city of Jerusalem it is thought to have been the closest gate to the Old Temple.
The heir to the throne holds the title of the Duke of the other gate that controls the approach to the Temple, the rather unfortunately named Duke of the Dung Gate.

Emperor Malachi V

Emperor Malachi became Emperor in 2019 following the death of his father Emperor Imri II.

Malachi was born in 1971 in the southern port city of Talbiya. He is married to Empress Nitzan II. The couple have three children.

1. Prince Meir who was born in 1996. He is the current Duke of the Dung Gate.

2. Princess Ofira who was born in 1998. She is currently the Duchess of Talbiya

3. Princess Atarah who was born in 2002. She is currently a student.


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Re: The Empire of Kodima
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2021, 09:59:48 PM »

The Consul of the Empire is elected every five years.
All citizens over the age of 18 have a chance to vote. Those serving prison sentences may not vote.
Voters rank order their preferences for Consul. Should no candidate get 51% of the vote the candidate with least votes is removed from the race and their votes transferred to their supporters 2nd choice. This process continues until a winner is declared. Once the number of candidates is reduced to two a simple majority wins.
The Consul is responsible for leading the Senate. While the Emperor proposes laws to the Senate it is the Consul who determines the order in which the Senate hears the business.
The Consul is responsible for drawing up shortlists for Ministers. The Emperor must appoint from this list. At least three names must be presented for each Ministerial position.
The Consul does not have to represent a Political Party.
Should a Consul be unable to conclude their term of office one of two scenarios takes place. If the term has less than 24 months to run then the Senate appoint one of their number to finish the term. If the term has more than 24 months to run a new election is called.
An individual may not be Consul for more than two consecutive terms but may serve an unlimited number so long as someone serves between.


Elected in 2020 her term runs until 2024.

This is her first term as Consul.

She is a member of the Independent Alliance. A group of politicians who work together on a issue by issue case and are rather popular in the Empire.

She was born in 1976. She has served previously as a Senator and held positions as Minister of Education and Minister of the Armed Forces.

She is married to Yifach Kogan, a respected archaeologist and TV personality. They have one child called Moses who was born in 2000.

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Re: The Empire of Kodima
« Reply #3 on: September 23, 2021, 11:30:25 PM »
  Abortion: Only permitted if a religious court believes it is to save the life of a pregnant woman.

Adultery: Illegal, carries a fine of $1,000 for each proven case in a religious court.

Affirmative action: Not practiced

Age of consent: 16

Age of majority: 16

Artificial insemination: Permitted

Assisted suicide: Illegal.

Bestiality: Illegal.

Birth control: Only contraceptive pill and the IUD are state approved. Other methods are available privately and are not state approved. 

Childcare: All families get eight hours a week childcare paid for between ages of 6 months and four years of age.

Concealed carry: Any individual who is currently serving in the military for more than two years or has recieved an honourable discharge after two years service is permitted to apply for a licence.

Death penalty: Technically the Empire still retains the death penalty. Executions use one of four methods  a) stoning, b) burning, c) strangling, and d) beheading, each of which being the punishment for specific offences. No one however may receive the death penalty unless there were a minimum of twenty-three jurors adjudicating in that person's trial who, by a majority vote, gave the death sentence, and where there had been at least two competent witnesses who testified before the court that they had seen the litigant commit the capital offence. The death penalty can theoretically be given for a wide variety of crimes murder, rape, bestiality, sorcery, wounding a parent, kidnap and being a false prophet. In most cases a jury is made up of 12 individuals however for these crimes a prosecution can request a jury of up to 30 individuals. If found guilty stoning is carried out by burying the individual up to their neck and dropping a rock weighing at least 100kg on their head. Burning is carried out by pouring molten metal into the persons throat. Strangling uses a garrotte. Beheading is carried out with a sword. The last execution in the Empire took place in 1957 by beheading. The conditions in place mean the prospect of a future death penalty are highly unlikely.

Divorce: Permitted only by decree of a religious court.

Double jeopardy: Not permitted

Drinking age: 16

Driving age: 16

Education: School is compulsory for  all between the age of 4 and 18. There are a wide choice of educational options.

Eminent domain: The Empire may take any land but must pay compensation at the market value plus 5%.

Equal pay for equal work: Yes

Felony disenfranchisement: No one in prison may vote

Flag desecration: Criminal offence punishable by fine and/or prison

Gambling age: 18

Gun purchase age: May only be purchased with a medical certificate and having attended a firearms safety course. Once a purchase is made there is a 72 hour wait before the gun may be handed over.

Homosexuality in the military: Don't Ask Don't Tell

Human cloning: Illegal unless for medical concerns

In vitro fertilization: Legal

Marriageable age: 16 with parents permission, 18 without

Military conscription: No

Minimum wage: Yes

Parental leave: For mothers - 8 months on full pay, 2 months on half pay, up to 6 further months on no pay.  For Father:- 1 month on full pay, 1 month on half pay, up to three further months on no pay.

Polygamy: Permitted only for men if certain criteria are fulfilled. First it must be for a specific reason e.g an infertile wife. Then it must be approved by a religious court where any current wives give their permission freely. While legally permitted polygamy is extremely rare with only a handful of cases each year going ahead. 

Pornography: Legal

Prostitution: Legal in licenced venues

Same-sex marriage: Not permitted

School leaving age: 18

Sex reassignment surgery: Not Permitted

Sex toys: Legal

Sexually transmitted diseases: Knowingly infecting someone is the equivalent of assault with AIDS/HIV being charged with murder

Smoking age: 16

Sodomy laws:- Morally frowned upon but not illegal.

State ideology: Officially None

State religion: Freedom of religion permitted but Judiasm influences almost all decisions

Stem cell research: Only permitted using embryos less than 40 days old

Taxation: As determined by Emperor based on income

Torture: Not permitted

Trial by jury: Traditionally 12 jurors used, however prosecution can request up to 30. This is determined by the judge.

Universal healthcare: For non-cosmetic cases.

Voting age: 18

Women's rights: Protected in law

Working age: Hours limited for those under 18.

Working week: Overtime must be paid after 40 hours have been worked.

In The Empire there are two types of court.

Imperial Courts here Criminal cases such as murder, theft etc

Religious Courts are used for moral issues such as abortion, divorce, adultery etc. The judges are Rabbi's selected for their knowledge of Jewish laws and appointed by a committee of their peers for a period of 12 months. A judge may serve multiple terms. Should a non-Jew require a divorce they are still heard in Religious Court.

Religious Courts can not impose a jail sentence without referring the case to an Imperial Court.

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Re: The Empire of Kodima
« Reply #4 on: September 24, 2021, 10:02:52 PM »

Since 410 BC the Royal Family of Kodima have lived on the same site. Originally a small estate the settlement grew and in 110 BC the first walls were built for defence. Since then lots of additions and extensions were made until around the 12th Century when the large wall that dominates the Old City of Kodima today.

The Palace sits within its own compunds within the large defensive walls. The Palace is made up of two three tier buildings seperated by a plaza with collonade. To one end of the Plaza is the Emperor's House where the royal family reside and entertain guests. To the opposite end is the Imperial Office where the staff who run the Emperors affairs operate. The Plaza is often the site of events and rituals. Kodima boasts an Old City that is around 2.7square km and includes a small amphitheatre, bath house and various other historic buildings.


THE FOUNDING DYNASTY - Famed for leading the refugees from Vanora to the New Kodina. These rulers took the title of  Nasi (Prince)

480 BC - 461 BC - Nir I
461 BC - 430 BC - Zvi I
430 BC - 418 BC - Nir II
418 BC - 402 BC - Menachem I
402 BC - 371 BC - Nir III
371 BC - 364 BC - Zvi II


364 BC - 331 BC - Menachem II
331 BC - 316 BC - Amnon I
316 BC - 294 BC - Nir IV
294 BC - 261 BC - Zvi III
261 BC - 224 BC - Zvi IV
224 BC - 220 BC - Amnon II
220 BC - 203 BC - Amnon III
203 BC - 188 BC - Amnon IV
188 BC - 163 BC - Yachin I


163 BC - 124 BC - Menachem III
124 BC - 122 BC - Nir V
122 BC - 99 BC - Nir VI
99 BC - 97 BC - Amnon V
97 BC - 86 BC - Yachin II
86 BC - 72 BC - Hyam I
72 BC - 63 BC - Zvi V
63 BC - 41 BC - Elon I
41 BC - 17 BC - Zvi VI
17 BC - 12 BC - Hyam II
12 BC - 10 BC - Shimon I
10 BC - 1 AD - Elon II
1AD - 38 AD - Shimon II

THE MIVTAHIM IMPERIAL DYNASTY - The family dropped the title of  Nasi (Prince) and began using the title Emperor.  The first Emperor was Shimon I who inherited his lands from his father  Nasi (Prince) Shimon II. In order to demonstrate that he wished to fulfil the "Jerusalem to Kyne" prophecy he reset regnal numbers.

38 - 72 - Shimon I
72 - 99 - Natan I
99 - 107  - Yoav I
107 - 140 - Yoav II
140 - 169 - Yoav III
169 - 200 - Yaniv I
200 - 238 - Ofer I
238 - 263 - Gidon I
263 - 271 - Gidon II
271 - 299 - Shimon II
299 - 336 - Natan II
336 - 372 - Natan III


372 - 398 - Zeev I
398 - 401 - Zeev II
401 - 444 - Agam I
444 - 488 - Peleg I
488 - 504 - Shlomo I
504 - 539 - Agam II
539 - 552 - Peleg II
552 - 560 - Shimon III
560 - 587 - Yaniv II
587 - 599 - Akiva I
599 - 634 - Akiva II


634 - 635 - Eiran I
635 - 682 - Peleg III
682 - 704 - Yoav IV
704 - 716 - Eiran II
716 - 745 - Reuben I
745 - 780 - Zeev III
780 - 791 - Matan I
791 - 825 - Shimon IV


825 - 870 - Yaniv III
870 - 913 - Reuben II
913 - 928 - Reuben III
928 - 938 - Natan IV
938 - 973 - Akiva III


973 - 988 - Agam III
988 - 1002 - Shimon V


1002 - 1013 - Yoav V
1013 - 1022- Yaniv IV
1022 - 1067 - Ofer II
1067 - 1072 - Malachi I
1072 - 1104 - Gidon III
1104 - 1128 - Zeev IV
1128 - 1156 - Eiron III
1156 - 1178 - Peleg IV
1178 - 1209 - Malachi II
1209 - 1214 - Matan II
1214 - 1221 - Elazar I
1221 - 1258 - Matan III
1258 - 1268 - Shimon VI
1268 - 1273 - Elazar II
1273 - 1304 - Agam IV
1304 - 1353 - Agam V
1353 - 1376 - Natan V
1376 - 1390 - Elazar III
1390 - 1411 - Akiva IV


1411 - 1455- Eden I
1455 - 1477 - Matan IV
1477 - 1514 - Yoav VI
1514 - 1546 - Eden II
1546 - 1577 - Zeev V
1577 - 1623 - Yaniv VI
1623 - 1657 - Shimon VII
1657 - 1681 - Eden III
1681 - 1703 - Malachi III
1703 - 1710 - Eiron IV
1710 - 1747 - Peleg V


1747 - 1757 - Gidon IV
1757 - 1768 - Ofer III
1768 - 1801 - Ofer IV
1801 - 1805 - Natan VI
1805 - 1839 - Ofer V
1839 - 1882 - Zeev VI
1882 - 1904 - Malachi IV
1904 - 1909 - Zeev VII
1909 - 1920 - Akiva V


1920 - 1951 - Eiron V
1951 - 1963 - Imri I
1963 - 1975 - Peleg VI
1975 - 1980  - Eiron VI
1980 - 1984 - Rueben IV
1984 - 2009 - Gili I 
2009 - 2019- Imri II.
2019 - now - Malachi V

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Re: The Empire of Kodima
« Reply #5 on: October 09, 2021, 10:36:41 PM »

91,432 Full-Time Soldiers
32,873 Reservists

227 x Alukah MBT
310 x Bar-Juchne IFV
280 x Behemoth IFV
300 x Broxa AFV
280 x Chalkydri AFV
450 x Chol Protected Mobility Vehicle
330 x Dybbuk Protected Mobility Vehicle
120 x Elioud Urban Combat and Command Vehicle
50 x Estries Rocket Artillery
75 x Mazzikin Self Propelled Artillery
80 x Naamah Towed Artillery
35 x Rahab Mobile Air Defence System
120 x Re-em All Terrain Truck
35 x Shedim Attack Helicopter
25 x Tannin Utility Helicopter
15 x Ziz UAV

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Re: The Empire of Kodima
« Reply #6 on: October 09, 2021, 11:05:16 PM »

37,800 Airmen
6,200 Reservist

120 x F-26 Quail Multi-Role Fighter
45 x F-28 Wren Multi-Role Fighter
6 x P-4 Sea Owl Maritime Patrol
10 x U-2 Dove UAV
4 x E-5 Roadrunner Electronic Reconnaissance Aircraft
9 x K-4 Verdin Tanker
50 x T-9 Pepla Advanced Trainer / Fighter
30 x T-15 Sparrow Basic Trainer
20 x T-10 Sandgrouse Advanced Trainer
20 x C-7 Falcon Transporter
30 x H-2 Lark Helicopter
8 x C-17 Humminbird Transporter
18 x H-7 Woodpecker[/url] Helicopter

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Re: The Empire of Kodima
« Reply #7 on: October 09, 2021, 11:50:11 PM »


36,020 Sailors
9,200 Reservists

All ships prefixed with Imperial Majesties Ship (IMS). The fleet is set into two groups, the Kyne Fleet which as the name suggests operates on a day to day basis in the Kyne. The second group is known as the Northern Fleet despite the nation having no sea access in the North. The name comes from the old aim of the Empire of Jerusalem to the Kyne. In effect the Northern Fleet is the fleet on call for deployment beyond the Kyne.

Shemesh Class Submarine
1. Shamgar
2. Deborah
3. Gideon
4. Abimelech

Haayin Class Submarine

1. Tola
2. Jair
3. Jephthah
4. Ibzan
5. Elon
6. Abdon

Yona Class Amphibious Warfare Ship/Aircraft Carrier

1. Samson
2. Eli
3. Samuel (Equipped with Harriers rather than helicopters)

Yavne Class Destroyer

1. Saul the Royal
2. Eshbaal
3. David
4. Solomon
5. Rehoboam
6. Jeroboam

Netivot Class Frigate

1. Nadab
2. Baasha
3. Elah
4. Zimri
5. Tibni
6. Omri
7. Ahab
8. Ahaziah
9. Jehoram
10. Jehu
11. Jehoahaz

El'ad Class Patrol Ship

1. Jehoash
2. Zechariah
3. Shallum
4. Menahem
5. Pekahiah
6. Pekah
7. Hoshea
8. Abijah
9. Asa
10. Jehoshaphat

Rahat Mine Counter-Measures Ship

1. Uzziah
2. Jotham
3. Hezekiah
4. Manasseh
5. Amon

Ziona Class Survey Ship

1. Josiah
2. Jehoiakim

Imperial Class Royal Yacht

1. Jerusalem

The Northern Fleet is usually made up as follows

2 of each class of submarines
2 Destroyers
3 Frigates
1 Amphibious Warfare ship
1 Mine Counter-Measures Ship

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Re: The Empire of Kodima
« Reply #8 on: October 17, 2021, 08:21:03 PM »



The capital of the Empire and the largest city. Kodima is a blend of a old fortress complex, which is home to the Imperial Family, and an ever expanding modern city.