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The Kingdom Rhand
« on: September 30, 2021, 05:38:20 PM »

Motto:- fiat in Mundous sikut in Caelo
National Anthem:- I pledge to thee land of my Forefathers


The Kingdom of Rhand was originally an Ardian merchant colony on the Albion coast centred around the city of Ardiapur. Though never a formal possession of the Ardian Empire, it was considered to be a part of the wider 'Ardian World', and held the status of a tributary state.

The colony acted as a trade gateway to Albion for the Empire, with the colony filtering goods from the interior of the continent to Ardian trade ports. As trade opened up with the natives of the interior of the country the colony grew in power and wealth, leading to ever greater influence and control over the native population. Eventually the spread of Ardian language, culture, and religion led to the Ardianization of the local Rhandian population.

During a period of political crisis in the 17th Century the merchant republican system collapsed leading to the rise of a political strongman, who unified the country under his rule, and founded the Kingdom of Rhand.

Rhand today is ruled by an autocratic absolute monarchy where all government officials are members of the nobility. The established church is Rhandic Orthodoxy which plays a keenly political role in the life of the court.

The country is beset by corruption, and suffers from severe economic mismanagement with a largely agrarian economy based on tenanted peasant farmers. Famines are a common occurrence.

Government Type:- Autocratic Monarchy
Population:-:- 28,740,000
Capital City:- Ardiapur
Demonym:- Rhandian


Currency:- Rhandic Crown
GDP per Capita:- 'low'
Unemployment Rate:- How many people are unemployed
Main Industries:- Fabrics, Jewellery, raw materials extraction


Ethnicity:- Rhandic (81%), Rhando-Tytorian (6%), Ardian (5%)
Languages:- Rhando-Ardian
Religions:- Rhandic Orthodox Christianity
Average Life Expectancy:- 57


Autokrator:- Augustous II
Crown Prince:- Laurenz Hajioff-Viktor

Princely Counsel

Counsel for State Comms:- Prince Theofilus Hajioff-Viktor
Counsel for State Protocol:- Prince Chernon Cassion
Counsel for Foreign Relations:- Prince Andronikus-Viktor
Counsel for Economic Affairs:- Prince Fabian Andronikus
Counsel for Foreign Trade:- Prince Cassious Viktor

Lower Courtly Offices

Name of Legislative Body:- Conclave of Nomarchs
Patriarch of Ardiapur:- Fortiz IV
Royal Chaplain:- Giorgy Crassus
Imperial Librarian:- Mensious Dioaca
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