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République du Québec
« on: October 01, 2021, 06:19:29 PM »

National Anthem:- Gens du pays


Founded by settlers from Fleur, Aquitaine and Marseilles... (To be developed)

Government Type:- Unitary Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic
Population:-:- 8,600,000
Capital City:- Québec City
Largest City:- Montréal
Demonym:- English: Quebecer or Quebecker, French: Québécois (m), Québécoise (f)


Currency:- Piastre Québecoise (QCP)
GDP per Capita:- $45,300
Unemployment Rate:- 6.3%
Main Industries:- Renewable Energy, Forestry, Mining, Aerospace, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Food and Beverages, Tourism


Ethnicity:- 87.2% white, 11% visible minority groups (3.3% Black, 2.2% Arab, 1.5% Latin American, 1.1% South Asian, 1.1% Chinese, 0.9% Southeast Asian, 0.4% Filipino, 0.3% West Asian, 0.1% Korean, 0.1% Japanese), 1.8% Aboriginal (1.1% First Nations, 0.5% Metis, 0.2% Inuit)

Official Languages:- Quebec French
Recognised Regional Languages:- Algonquin, Atikamekw, Cree, English, Innu, Inuktitut, Malecite-Passamaquoddy, Mi'kmaq, Mohawk
Religions:- Celestian Catholicism (74.7%), Other Christian (7.5%), Non-religious (12.1%), Islam (3.1%), Hinduism (0.4%), Sikhism (0.1%), Buddhism (0.7%), Judaism (1.1%), Other religions (0.3%)
Average Life Expectancy:- 83 yrs


Head of State:- President Maximilien Boucheron
Head of Government:- Prime Minister Marie Seydoux

Name of Legislative Body:- National Assembly

Major Cities of Québec

Population: 1,704,694

Montréal is Québec's most populous city and is the most important centre of commerce, aerospace, transport, finance, pharmaceuticals, technology, design, education, art, culture, tourism, food, fashion, video game development, film, and world affairs. Founded in 1642, it is named after Mount Royal, the triple-peaked hill in the heart of the city. Montréal hosts multiple international conferences and events, including the Québécois Grand Prix of Formula One, the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Just for Laughs festival (comedy festival), and Les Francos de Montréal (devoted exclusively to French-language music).

Québec City
Population: 531,902

Québec City is the capital and second largest city of Québec. The Algonquian people had originally named the area Kébec, an Algonquin word meaning "where the river narrows", because the Saint Lawrence River narrows proximate to the promontory of Quebec and its Cape Diamant. The French-speaking settlers, who established the city in 1608, adopted the Algonquin name. The ramparts surrounding Old Québec (Vieux-Québec) are one of the oldest fortified city walls still remaining in place. The city's landmarks include the Château Frontenac hotel that dominates the skyline and the Citadelle of Québec, an intact fortress that forms the centrepiece of the ramparts surrounding the old city and constitutes as the official residence of the President of Québec. The National Assembly of Québec (parliament), the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (National Museum of Fine Arts of Québec), and the Musée de la civilisation (Museum of Civilization) are found within or near Vieux-Québec.
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Re: République du Québec
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Politics of Québec: Political system

The political system of Québec consists of an executive branch, a legislative branch, and a judicial branch, based on the framework of a semi-presidential system determined by the Constitution. Executive power is exercised by the President of the Republic and the Government. The Government consists of the Prime Minister and ministers. The Prime Minister is appointed by the President, and is responsible to Québec's parliament, the National Assembly. The government, including the Prime Minister, can be revoked by the National Assembly through a "censure motion"; this ensures that the Prime Minister is always supported by a majority of the legislature.

The National Assembly passes statutes and votes on the budget; it controls the action of the executive through formal questioning on the floor of the National Assembly and by establishing commissions of inquiry. The constitutionality of the statutes is checked by the Constitutional Council, members of which are appointed by the President of the Republic and the President of the National Assembly. Former presidents of the Republic also are members of the Council.

The independent judiciary is based upon civil law system which evolved from the Napoleonic codes. It is divided into the judicial branch (dealing with civil law and criminal law) and the administrative branch (dealing with appeals against executive decisions), each with their own independent supreme court of appeal: the Court of Cassation for the judicial courts and the Conseil d'Etat for the administrative courts. The Québecois government includes various bodies that check abuses of power and independent agencies.

Québec is a unitary state. However, its administrative subdivisions—regions, departments and communes—have various legal functions, and the national government is prohibited from intruding into their normal operations.

List of Represented Political Parties

Québec Solidarity (Government)
Ideology: Social democracy, Democratic socialism
Political position: Centre-left to Left-wing
Seats in National Assembly: 100/349

Québec Liberal Party (Government)
Ideology: Liberalism, Social liberalism
Political position: Centre
Seats in National Assembly: 51/349

Green Party of Québec (Government)
Ideology: Eco-socialism, Left-wing populism
Political position: Left-wing
Seats in National Assembly: 44/349

Conservative Party of Québec (Opposition)
Ideology: Liberal conservatism, Christian democracy
Political position: Centre-right to Right-wing
Seats in National Assembly: 92/349

National Unity Party (Opposition)
Ideology: Conservative liberalism, Right-libertarianism, Right-wing populism, National conservatism
Political position: Right-wing
Seats in National Assembly: 62/349
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