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The Emirate of Rayyu
« on: October 06, 2021, 10:12:03 PM »


At some point in the 8th (??) Century groups of Muslim settlers arrived in the territory that today is the Emirate of Rayyu. Over the past 1200 or so they first managed to establish a centre of scholarship, tolerance and wealth from gold and silver deposits. Over time the valuable region found oil, gas, various other minerals and used these to make wealth. Being a nation of small population they utilised slaves initially but then as the nation became wealthy they began to invest wealth in other places and nations. Now the nation has a population of around 6million permanent residents with a good deal of migrant workers coming for a few months at a time taking the population to around 7.5million.

The nation is governed by an heriditary Emir however he does not have unlimited powers. He can not raise taxes, enter into foreign treaties or appoint judges without the approval of the majority of the five Sheikhs who each are graced with territory in a similar way to a Duke.

Last Census Data (completed 2020)

Population:- 6,002,849 full time residents, 7,514,829 with migrant workers included.
GDP per Capita:- $60,391
Religious Make Up:- Muslim 82%, Jewish 8%, Christian 6%, Other 4%


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Re: The Emirate of Rayyu
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2021, 10:56:55 PM »
Abortion: Only permitted if a religious court believes it is to save the life of a pregnant woman.

Adultery: Criminal Offence with punishments ranging from 1 year to 3 years imprisonment.

Affirmative action: Not practiced

Age of consent: 16

Age of majority: 16

Artificial insemination: Permitted so long as using the wife's eggs and husbands sperm.

Assisted suicide: Illegal.

Bestiality: Illegal.

Birth control: Not permitted to be sold.

Childcare: Funded for all Rayyu citizens from the age of 2 to 5 for 20 hours a week.

Concealed carry: To own a fire-arm you must attend a safety training course, complete a written exam, be given a medical clearance from a doctor and have no criminal record. A further training course is required to be permitted to carry concealed.

Death penalty: Used for murder, rape and kidnapping. Sentence can be commuted only if the victims family give permission.

Divorce: Permitted only with consent of both parties having first had consulting with an imam.

Double jeopardy: Not permitted

Drinking age: Alcohol is not permitted

Driving age: 16

Education: School is compulsory for  all between the age of 4 and 18. There are a wide choice of educational options.

Eminent domain: Only if compensation at market value + 10% is paid.

Equal pay for equal work: No

Felony disenfranchisement: Once a person has served more than five years in prison they may never vote. While in prison they may not vote.

Flag desecration: Punishable by 3 years in prison.

Gambling age: Gambling not permitted

Gun purchase age: 18

Homosexuality in the military: Homosexuality is not permitted

Human cloning: Illegal

In vitro fertilization: Legal only if using egg and sperm from the couple.

Marriageable age: 16 with parents permission, 18 without

Military conscription: No

Minimum wage: No

Parental leave: Both parents may claim up to 12 months or transfer to each other.

Polygamy: Permitted only for men however socially considered unnecessary. Mainly practiced by nobility. Before taking further wives must have current wives agree and an imam give blessing

Pornography: Banned

Prostitution: Illegal. Women found guilty are lashed, men found paying for sex are whipped and imprisoned.

Same-sex marriage: Not permitted

School leaving age: 18

Sex reassignment surgery: Not Permitted

Sex toys: Not Permitted for sale.

Sexually transmitted diseases: Knowingly infecting someone is the equivalent of assault with AIDS/HIV being charged with murder

Smoking age: 16

Sodomy laws:- Illegal with punishment being public flogging and then imprisonment of up to three years.

State ideology:

State religion: Islam.

Stem cell research: Only permitted using embryos less than 40 days old

Taxation: sliding scale income tax and various other taxes such as sales tax

Torture: Not permitted

Trial by jury: Jury of six imams

Universal healthcare: For non-cosmetic cases.

Voting age: 18

Women's rights: Protected in law

Working age: Hours limited for those under 18.

Working week: Overtime must be paid after 40 hours have been worked (only for citizens)

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Re: The Emirate of Rayyu
« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2021, 04:11:47 PM »


Rayyu has in prior years undertaken some ambitious projects and because citizens enjoy oil stipend's many Rayyuns are unwilling to do certain jobs. This has seen the nation become a little dependent on foreign migrant labour.

Any business or individual can recruit migrant workers by following the process below.

1. A job must be advertised for at least three months in "prominent places" within Rayyu.

2. If the job is unfulfilled the person recruiting can request a "Shortage Worker Permit" this allows them to offer the job abroad on the same conditions as it was first advertised. A permit is only given if the employer can show they have genuinley tried to fill the vacancy.

3. If a permit is granted it is only for the maximum of 12 months upon which time the process must restart.

4. For the duration of their stay the worker must reside at a registered address.

5. The worker must pay income tax and health insurance from their wages.

6. At the end of their work permit they must leave the nation having first settled any and all outstanding debts. If they are unable to do so any property in their possession may be seized and sold in order to recover the debt. If any money is still outstanding they will be allocated to the National Labour Corps and their pay of $4 an hour shall be used to settle their debt. Once their debt has been cleared they may leave.


1. The visa given covers only the worker and not his family.
2. Should any worker wish to marry they must first gain approval from their employer.
3. Any migrant worker marrying a Rayyu citizen is not granted citizenship, must see out their contract/visa and then apply for a visa from their country of origin.
4. Any migrant worker marrying another migrant worker must leave at the end of their contract/visa regardless of their spouses status
5. Any child born to migrant workers shall not be given citizenship and the child must leave Rayyu either when the first of its parents return home or as soon as cleared medically safe to leave whichever comes last.
6. Any child born to a migrant worker and a citizen may not be granted citizenship until the age of 10.

In general most migrant workers end up in some streotypical professions. For men it is mainly labouring, mining and construction, for women child-care, domestic servants and hospitality. It is not uncommon for some large employers to keep adverts running all year round so that they can meet requirements at any point and bring in workers. It is estimated that at any single time 1.5million workers of this nature are in Rayyu

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Re: The Emirate of Rayyu
« Reply #3 on: October 08, 2021, 09:29:02 PM »

Emir Sulaiman Samar El-Amin

Born:- 1994
Reign:- 2020-present

Wife:- Shadya (married since 2011)
Children:- Princess Rabi'a (born in 2014) Crown Prince Samar Haidar (born 2018) Prince Farid Al-Hasan (born 2020)
Siblings:- Prince Talaat Muhsin (born 1997) Prince Ibraheem Nuruddin (born 1999) Princess Rasima (born 2003) Princess Galila (b.2005) Prince Diya Abdelhamid (b.2009)

Education:- Sheikh Mirza Hussain Al-Amin Academy (SMHA) between ages 5 and 16.
The El-Amin Military Academy between the ages of 16-18
Naaji Institute of Sciences to gain a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering

The Emir assumed the throne following his father's heart attack in 2020. He had already been heavily involved in the nations political systems having served as Minister of Defence and Chief of the National Intelligence Agency. After University he served briefly as a full time soldier as is expected by the royals. He served in the Royal Reconnaissance Corps for two years before becoming a reservist to focus on his political duties.

He understands that he is a man with limited knowledge and has used his more experienced uncles and cousins as a tool to help him run the nation.

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Re: The Emirate of Rayyu
« Reply #4 on: October 10, 2021, 11:03:50 AM »


The Armed Forces of the Emirate is rather a strange creation. The military is far better equipped than it is staffed. Military service is seen as an honourable profession but not one to be in for a long time so military service has a high turnover. This has the effect of meaning at a push the nation can draft a large number of soldiers. The armed forces are seen as prestigious and so people want it to have the cutting edge technology. There are regular military events and parades to glamorise the armed forces. It is also not uncommon to see members of the armed forces wearing their uniform while off-duty.

One unique aspect of the nations military is the Emirate Foreign Legion (EFL) which was established during the 1800's when it was feared the nation may have a manpower problem. Anyone from across Mundus was permitted to join on condition that they were either Muslim or would convert. Today the force still exists with much the same rules. A person may join by presenting themselves at the Barracks at Ajman Oasis, pronounce the Shahada (in Arabic) and present a recognised form of ID. The individual is then placed in a "Holding Platoon" where they are confined to the Barracks and given Arabic lessons and cultural education for seven days. During this time the legion inform the nation for which the ID is from of your application. If after a week no reason is given for you having to return to that nation you begin selection. Selection takes 4 weeks . Those passing then begin 28 weeks of training.


40,000 Soldiers
12,000 Reservists

35 x Bajir Main Battle Tanks
100 x Dhat Main Battle Tanks
25 x Anwat Main Battle Tank
30 x Kaffayn Infantry Fighting Vehicle
15 x Khalasa Armoured Personnel Carrier
50 x Dushara Scout Car
35 x Ghayyan Mobility Vehicle
30 x Fils Scout Car
20 x Amm 1 Mobile Air Defence
5 x 111111 Multiple Launch Rocket Artillery
100 x Harish Mobility Vehicle
30 x Hubal Light Tactical Vehicle
40 x Isaf Unmanned Robotic Vehicle
15 x Jalsad Self Propelled Howitzer
25 x Jihar Self Propelled Howitzer
10 x Manaf Mobility Vehicle
35 x Muharriq Mine Resitant Vehicle
30 x Nuhm Quick Reaction Tank
10 x Quzah UAV
5 x Ruda Unmanned Ground Vehicle
20 x Sakhr Mobility Vehicle


5,000 Airmen
2,200 Reservists

12 x F-22 Wildcat Multi-Role Fighter
15 x F-20 Bobcat Multi-Role Fighter
10 x F-17 Jaguar Multi-Role Strike Fighter
4 x B-2 Armadillo Bomber
10 x F-13 Jackal Fighter
2 x E-7 Burros AEWACS
2 x K-3 Chipmunk Tanker
2 x R-1D Stallion VIP Transport - Aircraft is filled with three bedroom suites, an office and a cabinet room.
4 x C-12 Raccoon Transport Plane
20 x T-21 Giraffe Basic Trainer
20 x T-23 Gopher Advanced Trainer / Fighter
15 x H-64 Javelina Attack Helicopter
10 x H-38 Jerboa Transport Helicopter
10 x H-4 Iguana Utility Helicopter
10 x H-13 Gecko Utility Helicopter
10 x F-6 Cheetah Fighers (used as part of the nations aerobatic display team)
3 x H-280 Tortoise Tilt Rotar
2 U-15 Treefrog UAV


10,000 Serving Sailors
3,000 Reservists

1 x Trevally class Ampihbious Transport Dock

1. Amman

3 x Rabbitfish Class Corvette

1. Khartoum
2. Doha
3. Riyadh

5 x Bream Fast Assault Ship

1. Algeirs
2. Tunis
3. Baghdad
4. Jeddah
5. Alexandria

5 x Mullet Artillery Ship

1. Casablanca
2. Sana'a
3. Damascus
4. Aleppo
5. Beirut

3xGrouper Mine Hunter

1. Gaza
2. Irbid
3. Muscat

3 x Kanad Helicopter Cruiser

1. Erbil
2. Shiraz
3. Isfahan


2,800 men
No Reservists

The Rayyu Foreign Legion is considered a borderline elite force. It does not recruit anyone from Rayyu. Upon arriving at Ajman Oasis pronouncing the Shahada (in Arabic) and presenting a recognised form of ID. An individual is provisionally accepted into the Legion.

After the week of Arabic lessons and cultural education the only reason for not progressing is if the home nation presents valid proof of criminality. A 4 week selection process that is physically demanding takes places. Those passing the four weeks are awarded the Black Keffiyeh. Following 27 weeks of intensive training those who have not been dismissed are named Legionnaires and given a green and white Keffiyeh.

Legionnaires sign up for a eight year and upon completion of this are given the chance to claim citizenship.

30 x Dhat Main Battle Tanks
40 x Kaffayn Infantry Fighting Vehicle
35 x Khalasa Armoured Personnel Carrier
100 x Hubal Light Tactical Vehicle
10 x Jihar Self Propelled Howitzer
15 x H-38 Jerboa Transport Helicopter
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Re: The Emirate of Rayyu
« Reply #5 on: October 10, 2021, 02:53:41 PM »

With reserves of oil and natural gas and a small population the Emirate found itself with a significant amount of cash reserves. A succession of Emir's invested this money in a variety of national programmes to give good wages to public sector workers which are well paid. In addition a significant amount of money was invested carefully in foreign businesses meaning that on top of oil and gas exports today making the nation wealthy. With it expected that Zakat is given out by Muslim's to help the less well off this has seen royals take the view that they must do likewise. As such the OSS has set up several schemes that help citizens.

1. Free Land - As a marriage gift all couples are allocated 1100m2 of land on which they can build a small house. They are free to sell this land and this is common as land is allocated in pockets. So for example everyone marrying in say October 2021 will be allocated land together. Property developers will often buy the pockets and develop neighbourhoods. This effectively gives the newly-weds a chance to make money.

2. Marriage Bonus - A year after marriage a couple are given the equivalent of $2,000. If the couple have either had or are expecting a child then this is increased to $3,500

3. Child Credit - Upon the birth of a child $1,000 worth of shares are purchased by the Rayyu Investment Bank for the child. Upon their 18th birthday these shares are handed over and can either be kept or sold.

4. Rayyu Scholarship - Any citizen wishing to go to University can do so free of charge. Should they wish to travel abroad and study they are granted $10,000 a year to help fund their studies

5. Birthday Credit - Each year on their birthday every citizen, living in Rayyu,  is given a $1,500 pre-paid credit card. This can only be spent in certain places that are thought to help boost the local economy.

6.  Citizens Allowance - Every month a citizen living in Rayyu with a full time job is paid $100 from the government.

7. Utilities Grant - 40% of all married couples electric, heating and water bills are paid by the government.

8. Quran Scholarship Bonus - All children between the ages of five and 12 can be registered for a programme where they attend classes on studying the Quran. Should a student attend 30 sessions in the year they are given $500. This means at the age of 12 a child can have $4,000 put into a bank account they can access when they turn 18 or with their parents permission.

In addition to the above health care is free as is education. Things such as public transport are also heavily subsidised.