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The Supreme Empire of Revana
« on: October 17, 2017, 12:10:19 AM »

Motto:- Live for the Empire or Die alone
National Anthem:- Always for the Empire

The Nation of Revana was formed after the end of the War of the Enlightenment to help in the modernization and reformation of the Ancient nation of Supreme Sovereignty.

Government Type:- Absolute Monarchy with a council of 10 advisers to the Monarch.
Population:-:- 62 Million
Capital City:- New Reach (4.4 Million)
Demonym:- Revanans


Currency:- Sovereign
GDP per Capita:- $39,771
Unemployment Rate:- 6.2%
Main Industries:- Uranium mining and refining, and Aperture Laboratory Exports.


Ethnicity:- 87% Revanan, 7% Achkaerinese, 6% Other
Languages:- English, Revanan, Achkaerinese
Religions:- 68% Cult of Supremacy, 12% Enlightenment, 10% Cult of Namis, 10% Other
Average Life Expectancy:- Males: 87 Years/Women: 89 Years


Head of State:- Queen Serenity Azurewind
Head of Government:- Regent Evelyn Wesley
Name of Legislative Body:- Council of 10

The Imperial Palace:

Located on Mt. Regent on the western side of the Capital city of New Reach, The Imperial Palace is an ancient castle who's ruins were discovered when the Exiles explored the region around Lake Rumiare. In the past years since the founding of the nation, The Palace has gone through extensive building projects and restoration to make it both livable and modern while also holding to it's ancient architecture.
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Re: The Supreme Empire of Revana
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2017, 12:35:47 AM »
The Government of Revana:
The Government of Revana is currently ruled by Regent Evelyn Wesley in who is ruling the nation until her niece, Astrid Azurewind, comes of age at 16, with a Council of 10 Advisers that help to rule certain matters of the nation, relaying anything of importance to the Commandant so that he may dictate what happens. Any matters smaller will be taken care of by the appropriate Lord Minister.

The Council of Ten:
The Council of Ten is the ruling body of Supreme Sovreignty when the Commandant is not present to do it themselves. The Council is made up of the leaders of rebellion during the 10 year civil war that helped found the nation of Revana, along with Princess Serenity Azurewind of Achkaerin.

The members of the Council of Ten in order of Supremacy:
Queen of Revana Serenity Azurewind
Regent Evelyn Wesley
Vice Commandant Kaleb Thompson
Minister of War George Marxson
Minister of Defense James Savage
Minister of Economics Exodus Daro
Minister of Energy and Technology Kenneth Arnaxia
Minister of Space and Aeronautics Jordan Rayne
Minister of the Environment Ash Maxson
Minister of Affairs Serena Bartrove
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Re: The Supreme Empire of Revana
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2017, 03:22:22 PM »
Revana National Military:

The Revanan Military has largely collapsed in the last year, with the aftermath of the War of the Enlightenment, and the assassination of Supreme Commandant Isaac Wesley, a large portion of the military deserted to be with their families while their nation fell apart around them. With the naming of Evelyn as Regent, a complete rework of the military has being set in motion, calling for a smaller number of troops, focusing on researching superior technology, setting up good defensive pacts, and a large highly trained spec ops force.

The Imperial Army:
The Revanan Army is the primary defense of the nation and the 3rd largest expenditure of the government, behind Technology and Space expenditures, with a total of 120,000 active servicemen and women and 145,000 reservists. Composed of 4 Divisions, each comprised of 30,000 soldiers. Each Division is commanded by a General who gives their orders to 10 Platoons, each commanding 3,000 soldiers. These Platoons are further divided into 30 Squads of 100, led by an E-7 - E-9, each made up of 10 Fireteams or 10 man squads. The 4 Generals are commanded by the Lord High General of the Army.
1st Division - 30,000
2nd Division - 30,000
Eagle Division - 30,000
Demon Division - 30,000

Total Active Army Troops - 120,000
Reserve Troops - 145,000

The Imperial Navy:

The Imperial Navy has also been shrunk heavily in the wake of the collapse and the regency of Evelyn, largely in the dismantling of 2 of the Navy's aircraft carriers. It now consists of one carrier strike group, 10 free operating Executor destroyers, and 3 Ballistic Missile Subs.
Carrier Strike Group One:
HMS Goliath

2 Vindicator Class Cruisers

3 Executor Class Destroyers

Numerous Support Ships and other vessels

Submarine Group One:
HMSS Shadow

Submarine Group Two:
HMSS Spear

Submarine Group Three:
HMSS Ghost

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Re: The Supreme Empire of Revana
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2017, 04:27:53 PM »
Map of Revana

White- City
Yellow- Capital
Blue- Region

TAL'ORION- Northeastern most region containing the city of Reach.
TAL'MIDA- Contains the Ancient town of Border.
TAL'OCIA- Location of Haven, known as Revana's most dangerous city because of widespread crime and active pro-Enlightenment protests.
TAL'CAMA- Contains the city of Cross, which sits at the Southwestern foothills of the Sovereigntyian Mountains, and Isen City, which is the second largest city in Revana because of it's thriving port economy and the major Revanan Navy Headquarters.
TAL'VARDEN- The capital region of Revana, containing New Reach, the capital and largest city in Revana, Outskirts, a suburb of New Reach, and Caspen, a tourist town at the base of Tower Mountain. TAL'VARDEN is pretty much entirely in the massive Sovereigntyian Mountain Range making the region extremly cold 24/7.
TAL'ARYA- The largest and least populated region of Revana, TAL'ARYA is bisected horizontally with the Northern half being the Sovereigntyian Mountains and the Southern half being dominated by the coastal plains where much of Revana's food is grown. The only city, Elec, is a hub of mining companies, mining the nearby Uranium deposits that liter the mountain range.[/big]

Cities of Revana

New Reach, Tal'Varden Region

Isen City, Tal'Cama Region

Cross, Tal'Cama Region

Elec, Tal'Arya Region

Caspen, Tal'Varden Region

Border, Tal'Mida Region

Reach, Tal'Orion Region

Haven, Tal'Ocia Region

The Sovereigntyian Range

The Sovereigntyian Range is a massive range of mountains that's runs across the top half of Revana's central territory of Tal'Varden splitting the nation in two. The range is the source of most of Revana's precious metals, especially Uranium.

The mountains in the range usually reach heights of around 20,000 ft (6096m), most being extremely difficult to climb because of the lose and jagged terrain, constant heavy snow fall, and freezing temperatures with the highest average daytime temperature reaching around 16 degrees Fahrenheit (-8.9 degrees Celsius).

The range is home to the tallest mountain in Revana, Tower Mountain reaching 22,436 ft (6,838.5m), is an active volcano which has become a famous tourist attraction for anyone willing to brave the weather to reach the top.
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Re: The Supreme Empire of Revana
« Reply #4 on: October 17, 2017, 05:10:01 PM »
Sovereigntyian Military Chain of Command

Lord Minister of War George Marxson

Lord High Admiral of the Navy Erin Michaels

Lord High General of the Army Ferral Armon

The United Nomadic Sovereign Corps (U.N.S.C.)
(Revana's Ground Vehicles)

WeaponUse/Number in Service
IW-112Assault Rifle
IW-82Assault Rifle
RC-1 JerichoRiot Control
MG-17Standard MG
Mk. 3 ReaperMain Battle Tank - 134
Mk.2 ScionMain Battle Tank - 140
LT-3Light Tank - 190
SP-11SP Artillery - 130
SPAA-9SP Anti-Air - 112
Max-12Recon Troop Carrier - 178
MerlinLight APC - 310
ArthurHeavy APC - 274

The Phoenix Corps

The Phoenix Corps is Revana's ultimate special forces. After recent events, the Corps has been completely redone, now accepting members from outside the civil war survivors, and increasing the number exponentially. Once Revana was established and the 1st War of the Enlightenment was finished, the Corps' leader, Levi Evans, began studying under the Justicars of Achkaerin to learn any other techniques to benefit their training. Now the Corps are used to gather intel on the Enlightenment and any targets that might one day become enemies of the nation. They are trained to be inserted behind enemy lines by Land, air, or sea.

They are equipped with the the Pathfinder Mk. 3 armor developed by Aperture Weapons Industries. The Pathfinder armor utilizes the most advanced field Intel gathering equipment available. The armor itself is be light and mobile, consisting mostly of high grade Kevlar with carbon nanotube plating covering the most key parts of the body. 

Following Evelyn Wesley being named Regent the number of Phoenix Squads active has increased dramatically and has since become classified, this has been to allow the squads a longer reach into all threats to Revanan Sovereignty, both Foreign and Domestic.

Lieutenant Levi Evans

Age: 28
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 208 lbs
Blood Type: O Negative
Job Occupation: Former leader of Alpha Squad. Currently the first member and leader of the Royal Squad and head of the Corps.
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Re: The Supreme Empire of Revana
« Reply #5 on: October 21, 2017, 01:02:07 AM »
The Royal Crowns

The Dire Crown, Worn by Supreme Commandant Issac Wesley (left) and The Jeweled Crown, Made for and worn by Queen Serenity Azurewind (right)
The Amulets of Sovereignty

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Re: The Supreme Empire of Revana
« Reply #6 on: October 21, 2017, 03:05:49 AM »
Drugs LawMarijuana is legalfor recreational use
Same Sex Marriage   Legal
EducationElementary to Middle School to High School
Property Ownership   Everyone Equally
Voting   No One, No voting
ProstitutionLegal in certain regions
Freedom of the PressFree Speech
Freedom of MovementFree Migration
Health CarePrivate Insurance Companies
Gun LawsFreedom to bear arms
Business OwnershipEntrepreneurship Encouraged
DivorceLegal in certain circumstances
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Re: The Supreme Empire of Revana
« Reply #7 on: October 16, 2018, 11:01:36 PM »
The Cult of Supremacy

In the Time of Beginnings The God Ezotl created the world and all things in it, the birds in the sky, the fish in the sea, the animals on the land, eight legs, six legs, four legs and two he created them all from the waters of the world. Some time after the world was created The Great Unspoken arrived in the world, where this Evil came from none could divine but come it did and though it was evil in nature the world knew not for The Great Unspoken's true colours remained concealed. The arrival of this Evil coincided with a moment of weakness on the part of the Creator for he was growing lonely.

There was a girl by the name of Vala, who devoutly worshiped Ezotl every day when the sunlight was at its newest and then again when it was at its highest before once more paying homage to her God as the sunlight died that day. The Great Unspoken could see the affection that the Creator had for Vala and he went to Ezotl and said
"Look my friend there is one as lonely as you. Should she not know that her Lord appreciates her faith? For not all below show the same loyalty to you as she."
"You know we cannot intervene on the plane below directly." The Creator answered, for this was his greatest tenet- the created must choose its own path.
"Then show her not as a God but a man." The Great Unspoken persisted "Should a God not have the right to experience that which those he created do?"

And so Ezotl met Vala, there would be many more meetings as The Great Unspoken had hoped for, because this presented the greatest opportunity for him to accomplish his own desires. For it is not easy to kill a God, yet when Ezotl walked the soil of Mundus the cloak of immortality did not go with him, The Great Unspoken observed this and when the time was right, when the Creator went to meet Vala, the girl whom he had come to adore, he marked the Creator with a mark of great darkness. When the time for Ezotl to leave Vala came he found he could not assume his powers, he knew what must have happened. As the life energy left him Ezotl cursed the Great Unspoken to no longer be able to walk or touch the World by his will alone.

With the death of Ezotl, Mundus entered into a time of great darkness with the rise of the Sitrican Empire, a foul empire bringing everyone in to slavery under the worship of The Great Unspoken. Bringing chaos across Mundus, the empire of the Great Unspoken would go unchallenged by all who would oppose it until the Sitricans encountered the worshipers of the Trinity, the supposed daughters of Ezotl. This blasphemous worship of beings so close to the Great Unspoken's greatest enemy brought such a rage to the Sitrican Empire that it threw itself at the Achkaerinese in a blind fury multiple times, being beaten back each time.

The final attack against the Achkaerinese would be the downfall of the Sitricans. During the final battle, the Achkaerin Army swarmed into the Sitirican Capitol, and despite being outnumbered 10 to 1, slew the Sitrican king. That day the leader of the Achkaerinese army, Kaifa Aevumih, himself slew hundreds of Sitrican warriors alone and the men around him could feel the power of Ezotl following him. After the battle, Kaifa took over the city and the surrounding Sitrican lands and brought them under the banner of Supreme Sovereignty. The men under his command began bowing to him, calling him the reincarnation of Ezotl himself and believing that his dynasty would be the greatest to ever grace Mundus.

Thus the Cult of Supremacy was formed, worshiping Kaifa and his descendants, believing that they were Ezotl soul reborn.

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Re: The Supreme Empire of Revana
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The Exalted Air Force of Revana
The Revanan Air Force has usually been part of the Revanan Army, it was only recently that Regent Evelyn Wesley signed off on forming them into their own separate branch. The Air Force has 34,000 active duty personnel and 6,000 in reserve.
Revanan Navy Aircraft245 Total Aircraft
AircraftUse/Total in Service
SF-55CCarrier Capable Stealth Multirole Fighter - 31 in service, 43 in production
F/A-26C CorruptorCarrier Multirole Fighter - 71
E-12Carrier AEW/ASW Plane - 17
P-7 SpyMaritime Patrol - 7
C-31COD/Transport - 8
SH-25ASW/VERTREP/SAR Helicoptor - 70
V-12COD/Transport - 13
U-38CDrone Carrier UCLASS - 28

Air Force Aircraft897 Aircraft in Service
AircraftUse/Total in Service
E-16AEW&C/Command Aircraft - 3
EC-150Electronic Warfare - 3
B-21Strategic Bomber - 47
B-80Strategic Bomber - 12
BX-120Stealth Strategic Bomber - 11
TC-139Cargo/Tanker - 20
C-121Cargo/Transport - 60
SA-134Strategic Airlifter - 25
V-12Cargo Helicoptor/Transport - 28
F/A-12Multirole Fighter - 40 - Being Phased Out
F/A-26C CorruptorMultirole Fighter - 185
SF-55Stealth Multirole Fighter - 32, 67 in Production
A-18Close Air Support - 80
AH-20Attack Helicoptor - 70
UH-25Utility Helicoptor - 50
SS-25Stealth Helicoptor - 55
U-21UAV/UCAV - 37
U-38UCAV - 29
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