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United Republic of Noobia
« on: July 17, 2018, 11:57:35 PM »
Noobia (/njʉ́wbɪjə/), officially the United Republic of Noobia (Hausa: Kasar Tarayya na Noobia) and abbreviated to URN, is a sovereign state in Ardia near the Equator. It is bordered by Herrenbucht to the north, Revena to the east, Ui Ceinnselaig to the south; and $NATION to the west. Mount $MOUNTAIN, Noobia's highest mountain, is located in western Noobia.

1 Etymology
The name Noobia is derived from that of the Noeba people, nomads who settled the area in the 4th century CE following the collapse of the kingdom of Moron. The Noeba spoke a Hausa language.

WIP: geography, history, current status

Marble portrait of a Noobuan, ca. 100 BCE

2 Geography
(Location pending map placement.)

Noobia is divided into two distinct regions: Upper Noobia (in the west) and Lower Noobia (in the east), so called because of their respective location in upper highlands versus coastal areas, with the 'lower' also being further downstream than the 'upper'.

WIP: fauna, flora, mountains, rivers, lakes, climate, seasons

The capital city Pharse is located in Lower Noobia, with a population of 586725 (2015 estimate).

3 History
(History goes here.)

WIP: earliest traces, settlement, pottery, tribes, written records, kingdoms, colonisation, decolonisation

4 Politics
(Politics goes here.)

WIP: leadership, history, elections, political parties, priorities, budget

5 Military
WIP: branches, manpower, partnerships, conflicts

National Service: Y/N if yes how does your system work.
What if any military threats does your nation face?
What is your nations landscape like?
How technologically advanced is your nation?
Historically how has your military been used?
What is your nations current foreign policy stance? E.g emerging from isolation / Building trade connections/ worried about the monster coming over the hill etc.

6 Economy
WIP: primary sector, secondary sector, tertiary sector, quartary sector, partnerships, loands, finance, energy, transport, airlines, media

Unemployment Rate: 13%
Main Industries: gems and precious metals (29%), coffee (11%), ores (7%)
Media: The Noobia Tribune

7 Demographics
Ethnicity: Dares, Dodoma, Zadha
Average Life Expectancy  62 (2012 estimate)

8 Culture
(Culture goes here.)

WIP: cuisine, art, music, literature, films, philosophy, values, holidays, flag, anthem

A common derogatory term to describe Noobians is the online term "noob", used to describe a person who is inexperienced in a particular sphere or activity, especially computing or the use of the Internet. While it true that internet access is considerably less developed in Noobia compared to other nations, the use of "noob" is considered a negative ethnic slur.

United Republic of Noobia
Kasar Tarayya na Noobia (Hausa)

Flag of Noobia

Motto: Justice and Liberty and Progress

Anthem: The Lord Blesses

Location of Noobia in Mundus

Capital: Pharse
Largest city: $CITY

Official: Hausa
Other: English

Religion: (2015 estimate)
Christianity (49%)
Islam (35%)
Indigenous beliefs (13%)
Irreligious (2%)
Other (1%)

Demonym: Noobian

Government: Unitary presidential constitutional republic
President: Akubundu Achebe
Vice president: $NAME
Prime minister: Ezinma Onyeoruru

Legislature: National Assembly

Independence: $DATE from $NATION

Total: $NUMBER km^2 ($NUMBER sq mi)
Water %: $NUMBER

2015 census: 39,115 million

GDP (PPP): 2018 estimate
Total: ₦46.9 billion
Per capita: ₦1200

Gini (2015): 38.7 (medium)

HDI (2015): 0.512 (low)

Currency: Noobian Naira (₦)

Time zone: $TIMEZONE

Drives on the: right

Calling code: $NUMBER

ISO 3166 code: NB

Internet TLD: .nb
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