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Character Guides / Re: People of Mktvartvelo
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Brdzeni Chavchavadze
EducationGuram Ananidze National Military Academy; National College of Ktsatskuri, degree in National History
RolesMinister of National Security and Deputy Prime Minister of Foreign Policy and National Defense
FamilyParents: Okropir Basilashvili (1941-2022) and Eto Chavchavadze (1945)
Spouse(s): Marlena Zakhariadze (1975)
Issues: Zurab Zakhariadze (2001), Bedna Zakhariadze (2004), and Lali Zakhariadze (2010)
BiographyChavchavadze joined the armed forces. He reached the rank of Major, befor retiring in 2003. He joined the Baghdatsgaro Academy of War Studies as professor in 2007. Previously, he was a visiting lecturer at the University of Tsagedia. He has wrote three books on military studies.

He was elected to the National Assembly in 2013, being reelected in 2018. He was mostly focused on legislation regarding law enforcement and immigration policy. In foreign policy, he was critical of Prime Minister Gela Berdzenishvili's administration and Chavchavadze gained a reputation as one of the members of the nationalist faction in the National Assembly.

In 2022, he was appointed as Minister of National Security by Prime Minister Prime Minister Bidzina Samkharadze. He also was appointed as Deputy Prime Minister of Foreign Policy and National Defense, becoming one of the highest ranking ministers in Samkharadze's government.

International News Networks / Re: Juglander Review
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Juglander Review

Mktvartvelo: Government advances electoral reform

Prime Minister Bidzina Samkharadze has announced that the national government has introduced two bills that aim to reform the current electoral system of Mktvartvelo. Samkharadze declared them as a "balanced and sensible legislation...and long-overdue needed modernization of our electoral system".

The Voting Reform Act and the New Electoral Commission Act, the two bills introduced by the government, aims to important chances. On one hand, the Voting Reform Act aims to introduce the complicated electoral rights (which introduces certain voting restrictions for unmarried citizens and males without military training under thirty), removing those restrictions after citizens are 21 years old, establishing an effective universal suffrage at that age. On the other hand, New Electoral Commission Act will remove some important financial and organizational restrictions on electoral campaigning, removing restrictions on political participation of lawmakers and candidates, which a minister described as "ineffective and unoperative". More importantly, it is likely to empower political parties in Mktvartvelo, by allowing elected members of the parliament and the government to be elected and remunerated in non-institutional political office in official capacity.

The national government is confident that both legislation will have enough support to pass in both chambers of the national parliament. However, the New Electoral Commission Act seems to have brought the first tensions between the Prime Minister and the President of the National Assembly    Ramaz Kintsurashvili, as well as some of the senior members of the National Assembly, as they feel that it will reduce their influence in the parliament while empower political parties, even if the law does not directly affect the rules of the parliament, and political organization will have not legal recognition regarding the internal organization of the national parliament. Others have criticized that the legislation is likely to increase tensions and divisions, rather that improving the effectiveness of the national parliament. On the other hand, those supporters argued that it is positive step toward a more competitive electoral process, improving checks and balances in the country, as well as improving the choice of citizens regarding policy issues.

Eteri Bakradze, representative from the Youth Political Society, has declared that they believe the Voting Reform Act is a step toward the direction, although the legislation is "far from perfect" and they would have prefered a clearer and more advanced reform toward "full equality" in voting rights. She has confirmed that her organization, with more than 2 million members, will campaign in support of the legislation, while declaring that they will have a neutral instance regarding the New Electoral Commission Act.

Vignettes / High Queen of Mersch
« Last post by Mersch on August 06, 2022, 10:35:19 PM »

Princess Magdalena let out a chuckle as the sound came from behind the closed door.

"Oh God! BLLLURRGHHH!!!!" the sound of someone in distress came through the thick wood. While most people would have felt sympathy for them Magdalena couldn't help but giggle. The sound of the bathroom taps running covered up the sound of the toilet flushing. The sound of the metal lock twisting open followed soon after a rather dishevelled High Queen Philippina re-entered her bedroom holding a metal bin tucked under her arm. She dropped on the bed heavily and let out a sigh placing the bin carefully next to her.

"How you feeling now?" Liselotte Van Amelsvoort, the Royal Secretary asked from the bathroom doorway having checked that the porcelin white interior wasn't a mess. The High Queen had spent most of the morning throwing up. While Liselotte was concerned for the monarchs health the younger Princess had more pressing matters and dived onto the bed nearly knocking her older sister off.

"So Pippa what was it like?" Magdalena propped herself up on an elbow next to her sister.

"I wish I'd not gone" there was a pause, "Actually no" the High Queen began to correct herself. "I wish I'd stopped drinking way before I did" she closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths.

"Next time listen to Matthias" Liselotte suggested that the High Queen perhaps take the advice of her chief security agent in future. Last night had been the High Queen's 18th birthday celebration and after a nice private dinner at the elite Juniper Restaurant she had insisted that Matthias allow her to go to a nightclub after all she'd read thats what all 18 year olds did for their birthday and she'd never even been to what would be described as a real party. Matthias has done his best to put her off but she wouldn't be convinced. The best he could do was delay her so he made some phone calls, pulled a few strings and drafted in some extra bodies. It meant that at 11:30pm the High Queen entered a nightclub for the first time. The Baalsaal had hung up on Matthias the first time he had rung. Then when he'd sent someone round they had moved heaven and earth to accomodate the High Queen and six of her friends along with the associated entourage. They had a VIP booth and seeing the High Queen other punters wanted a selfie but Matthias kept them away. The Queen had tried cocktails of various bright vibrant colours, she'd laughed at some of the names, she couldn't believe there was actually a cocktail called "Sex on the Beach." she discovered though that Vodka and Cranberry was her favourite even though half of them she had contained no vodka. But with her friends buying lots of shots the Queen was soon rather tipsy. They'd seen some celebrities too and to the High Queen it was strange that when she saw a famous musician that musician was seemingly more excited than her. The seven youngsters soon found the numbers expanding as they bumped into other nobles out for their usual Friday night out. Then Pippa began inviting some of the celebs to join them and before long Matthias was able to persuade the High Queen to take up the offer of the club shutting one of their smaller side bars to the public. By 4am the High Queen had enough but physically and alcoholically and Matthias had almost had to carry her to the vehicles outside.

Now at 10am the High Queen was considering abdication if it stopped the hangover. She finished telling her sister all about it and answered her endless questions, which focused mainly on which of her celebrity crushes they'd seen and whether any "snogging" had taken place, it hadn't. It had been the first real taste though of freedom for either of the Jespersen girls since they could remember. Everything about their lives had been micro-managed and had all been about keeping them "secure". For the elder sister that was now over, the hangover the clearest signal that she was now running her own life. For the 16 year old Magdalena there was the hope her sister could change things for her.
Factbooks and Maps / Re: The United Kingdoms of Mersch
« Last post by Mersch on August 06, 2022, 09:50:21 PM »
Frst - High Queen Philippina Jespersen
Frst - King Kaspar Martens
Frst - King Wenzeslaus Lafrentz
Frst - King Nikolaas Kerner
Diplomacy and Events / Re: FOS Sail Meeting No.1 - Abertone and East Moreland
« Last post by Abertone on August 06, 2022, 08:50:07 PM »
Graziano was happy with how things had gone so far. They would certainly be going home with some kind of deal but the real pay-off would be who it was with. The Consul was hoping it would be the CNN, four nations with strong economies would be a really boost to the Abertone economy but even if that didn't come about for some reason he would still have East Moreland tied up and from there they could begin building with other nations. " I'm happy to take you at your word" The Emperor interrupted Graziano's train of thought as he seemed to raise a glass towards King David.

Graziano expected Marco to continue and talk about the proposal of the ship using their docks but he went back to the wine. "We buy equipment from East Moreland companies from time to time so it would seem strange for us to say no. I think though for the fact that we would be providing ports on both Ardia and Albion means that we should perhaps look at this as a way of you also helping us. While normally ports would charge a fee simply to anchor in the docks we will waive those for East Moreland's supply ships undertaking this role. We will however keep a record of how much they would be and when purchasing our equipment we would expect it to be deducted from the bill. Is  this possible?"
International News Networks / Re: News of the Empire
« Last post by Lijiang on August 06, 2022, 07:58:50 PM »


The staff at the Golden Enclave have today been exceptionally busy. The district of the capital that functions as the Dragon-Empresses private fiefdom and home to many of the most influential women in the Empire. The first announcement came at just after 10am when it was announced that the Azure Queen Dandan had completed her final assessment for her education. Having sat before four members of the Shūyun (Imperial Academy) system she was questioned on aspects of music, art, poetry, history and various other subjects. She had already undertaken several written exams and after some discussion the Shūyun members agreed that the Azure Queen had "obtained sufficent knowledge to be considered extremely well educated." While women do not yet formally enter the Shūyun system there is a series of them for girls being built. The 18 year old Azure Queen is, according to her husband the Dragon-Emperor, "The first woman in our nations history to have been approved by the Shūyun. The family are extremely proud. She is going to be a trailblazer and many other ladies will now seek to follow her." The Azure Queen had considered attending University but has determined that she will now leave education. During her tutoring she has been taught by some leading experts from across Mundus included Matilda Osman, former Queen of East Moreland and respected Marine Biologist, Tamoran film-maker Samira Hanifnejad and Bene Gesserit scientist and former leading figure in the Cenneg space system, Ruth Hipkiss.

The second announcement came just before midday. The Dragon-Empresses own herald announced that 20 year old Concubine Lady Jihai Huian is expecting her first child. It had been expected that the Dragon-Emperor would have had several more children by now but he has said several times that he would not be seeking to have a child with Azure Queen Dandan until she had completed her education. In Lijaing society the size of the Imperial Family is seen as a reflection on the fortunes of the Empire and some traditionalists had been voicing concern. Omens were taken later in the day by the Dragon-Priestess who said that the gender of the child could not be determined but that the child will be healthy and happy.

The final big announcement came just before sunset when the Dragon-Empress announced that the 21 year old Bao Yijun would become the Dragon-Emperors 2nd Concubine. She is the daughter of a Banner-Man[1] from Province of Baoshan. She is  the youngest of a family of eight children. Locals in the area have spoken of the family being "down on its luck" and that much of its land is in disrepair mainly because the five brothers have sought careers outside of agriculture and land management. Her father sent her to the Golden Enclave almost a year ago when the Dragon-Empress announced that she was looking for suitable members to join the Imperial Family. Of the 32 women who attended the Golden Enclave having heard the appeal only Yijun has achieved membership of the Imperial Family. She will be formally inducated into the Concubine's Lodge tomorrow.

While not coming from the Golden Enclave it was also confirmed that the nations first nuclear power plant is set to go "live" in the coming days.

 1. Equivalent of a Knight in the Feudal System
International News Networks / Re: Rokkenjima Broadcasting Corporation (RBC)
« Last post by Beatrice on August 06, 2022, 10:17:38 AM »

Growing Challenges To Empress Evanthe Emerge Following Saisei Empress' Remarks

Empress Evanthe faces her most crucial political test as opposition rises in Rokkenjima following statements from the Saisei Empress.

With the approval ratings of Empress Evanthe falling following remarks from the Saisei Empress, and the missteps which have been highlighted by Princess Kyōko in relation to the downing of a failing Rokkenjiman military satellite, the political winds within Pyrettania seem to be shifting. With an approval rating of 83% Princess Kyōko has become the most trusted Anselmo, with a majority of Rokkenjimans supporting a Kyōko Regency until the Crown Princess reaches the age of majority required to formally rule in her own right, a period of four years at present. Rokkenjimans cite the successful rule of Princess Kyōko over the Rishiri Imperial Overseas Dependency, her demeanour, and her similarities to the Saisei Empress. If a referendum on the matter were to be held tomorrow 84% of respondents to an RBC poll indicated they would vote in favour of Princess Kyōko serving as Regent over Empress Evanthe, who is slated to become Regent upon the Enthronement of Crown Princess Asuna.

Factors contributing to the faultering support for Empress Evanthe include the recent utilization of a missile to remove a failing satellite from orbit, the troubles at the Cross-Straits Community, a stagnating foreign policy initiative, and a failure of expectations versus results in the transition from Vicegerent to Empress. "Many within the Imperial Diet are preparing for a scenario which would see not Empress Evanthe, but Princess Kyōko serving as the Crown Princess' Regent," one member of the Diet shared in exchange for confidentiality. "No one denies the successes of the Empress as a diplomat, but combining the duties of Empress and serving as the Head of State and Government of Rokkenjima always presented issues which have rendered her previous diplomatic successes, a diplomatic career still worthy of praise however, as moot. We are actively preparing for Princess Kyōko to fill the void, should it come to that point."

Pyrena Castle declined requests for comment on this developing story.
Diplomacy and Events / Re: Rokkenjiman Policy Review 2022
« Last post by Beatrice on August 06, 2022, 09:41:12 AM »

Review Of Rokkenjiman Policy
Office of the Princess of Azukishima

It is my great pleasure to share with you all that the Imperial Government has accepted the totality of my recommendations and that they shall become the official policy of the First Empire of Rokkenjima. In light of this event I have included an additional recommendation for the Imperial Government to consider, that being a commitment to utilizing non-destructive methods in cases where a Rokkenjiman asset in space is malfunctioning to the point it needs to be removed from orbit. We have, in ISEA, a perfect platform for this task, Space Shuttle Hakken, which could have effected the same outcome as the Imperial Rokkenjiman Armed Forces operation. I will be effecting changes to the way in which the Imperial Rokkenjiman Armed Forces treat security clearances to ensure that ISEA is certified with the proper security clearances to ensure such a scenario is not possible in the future.

I understand the frustrations of the Empire of Daitō and Ui Cennselaig and know, your voices have been heard. While I can do nothing for events which have already transpired know that there is a voice of sensibility in the Imperial Government and that I will be taking this matter up with the Empress, who ultimately approved the Operation, and ensuring that my displeasure is known on this matter and that this recommendation, as all the others were, should be treated with the utmost importance. I hope that my counterparts in Daitō will continue to liaise with me on this issue, and countless others, and that we should continue efforts in cooperation in the post-CSTO world. We have much in common, both in cultures and interests, and it would be a shame for that to be thrown away by this decision of the Empress.

Both the Empire of Daitō and Ui Cennselaig shall have full access to my office for all future communications on this matter.

Princess of Azukishima
Duchess of Pyrettania
Diplomacy and Events / Re: A Message to the Dragon Emperor
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OOC: Works for me. If you wish for the Dragon Emperor to formally propose this version please do so and we'll move forward from there. :)
Press Offices / Re: Press Office of Social Media
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