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Press Offices / Statements regarding the Centralian crisis
« Last post by Markus on January 16, 2022, 06:56:05 PM »

Statements regarding the Centralian crisis

The government of the Holy Kingdom of Samantra expresses its concerns regarding the recent developments in the Republic of Centralia and is monitoring the situation closely. Our embassy in New Providence will continue to operate for the time being and will begin accepting requests for refugee visas.   

Statement released by Office of the President of the Duma.
Diplomacy and Events / Re: An Orthodox Affair
« Last post by Markus on January 16, 2022, 06:54:04 PM »
The fact that the hosts brought someone who spoke Rodinian was something Vlad greatly appreciated and interpreted as a sign of courtesy. Natasha was a bit surprised to see that Mktvartvelo would put women at risk in a job as risky as military but figured they only allowed women in non-combat roles such as translators. As a Samantran that was still more than she felt comfortable with but she knew that MidAranye countries had a tendency to disrespect women so she was prepared for such cultural differences.

Vlad and Natasha appreciated the courtesy of the hosts who expressed concerns about the size of the car or the fact they would be taking a train. They both said that it was more than fine and they were not lying. They both didn’t travel much outside of Samantra and never beyond the Rodinian Sea so they were a bit curious and appreciated a trip by train. Natasha said to herself “it would seem the famous MidAranye hospitality is true”.

“Coffee for me and Natasha, please” Vlad said.

“I haven’t had a chance to visit much outside of Ktsatskuri. In a way I am glad that we took the train, it gives me a chance to get a glimpse of your country. As you probably know I haven’t been ambassador for very long and I am still getting a hang of it but I have plans regarding this. I want to learn as much as possible about the country, things that you cannot find out unless you talk to people and visit places”.

After Vlad finised, Natasha continued: “We might have been here only a short time but we already appreciate the hospitality of your people. Everywhere we went; people were kind and willing to help. If you don’t mind me asking” she turned to Tinatin ”Your Rodinian is perfect, even the accent is spot on. How have you come to learn the language?” Natasha was genuinely intrigued since judging by the name then young woman didn’t seem to be connected to the East Aranye region.     

As the conversation continued Vlad and Natasha gave quick glances at the window trying to see a bit of the country. When the conversation dialed down a bit, Vlad asked Vazha:

“What can you tell me about town of Mtrulumi? How is the community?”
Diplomacy and Events / Re: Addressing holy concerns (Samantra & Heyra)
« Last post by Markus on January 16, 2022, 06:52:59 PM »
“All of them are of great concern for us” Maria replied “while nobody will dispute the potential of such research we care more about the human soul and the afterlife than we ever will about the human condition here, on Mundus” she said “we” but she meant the Church since in this particular case she didn’t personally have a strong opinion against or much of an opinion for that matter. “After all what good is it that we prolong our existence here for a few more years or even decades if our souls will spend an eternity suffering because of such actions. This is why in Samantra procedures such as In vitro fertilization are banned.”

Maria sensed protests coming from Maxime so she explained:

“I am just explaining from what position we are expressing our criticism. We haven’t criticized the Republic in the past because we were in a position of relative isolation. “

“However, we are aware that Mundus does not bend to our standards so for the purpose of the legislation we are discussing today,  we draw the line at full cloning of an individual. It is there where we want your legislation to mention that it will be used as a last resort and have a sunset clause.

Most legislation, at least those that we are familiar with, start with a preamble, a statement of intent or a series of principles. In that preamble we want it to be mentioned that such legislation is used only because all other available options have been exhausted. It is if you will like when in a time of extreme crisis, government restricts the rights of individuals. In such cases the legislation mentions that it is because of the imminent danger like in your case the catastrophic decline. Such preambles usually do not have an immediate effect but as years or even decades pass they help in case of litigation to understand what the legislature wanted to achieve with it or what were the circumstances that lead the legislature to adopt it. Such a preamble for example would help clarify to us that the Heyran adoption plan will continue, that other means to stop the decline of the population will be sought. I think that is more than reasonable” she didn’t detail the sunset clause because she wanted to see if there was agreement on the point first. 

“I agree” Maria said referring to the military exercises and sharing of experience. Samantra was a naval nation that largely ignored its tradition in that regard because of its isolation and that was something that the current administration wanted to change. Using only one asset suited Samantran interests since they, for now, wanted to avoid bringing military ships to the Rodinian Sea and that is why she added “we would prefer if the first year you would let us be the guests” hoping that after a year the Samantran position on the Rodinian Sea would be more clear after discussing it with the nations that had access to the Rodinian Sea expect for the Soviets, of course.

“We have yet to sign the Fair Seas Concordat indeed. While we agree the spirit of the treaty and will do our best to respect it, we consider the treaty rather useless at this point without an international body to enforce and handle litigation.” Maria knew that the current administration was not opposed to the FSC but they handle other matters to solve first than deal with a treaty which they say of little importance. If however that treaty became important they could revise their position.

Maria was also in agreement about the facilitation of trade and visas but she proceeded to answer the question without referring to them since she considered that it was obvious that she would agree.

“I am afraid we do not have any special agenda aside from promoting our exports like any nation. We are a modest nation with little ambition” she said with false modesty knowing full well just how ambitious the government she represented was. “In the coming weeks and months our administration is focused on signing deals that will facilitate trade between Samantra and the nations of the Rodinian Sea. After that a long term objective is to see Samantra sign deals with the major untapped markets such as Zimalia, Lijiang, Hassfurt, Kermah Confederation, Djabidjan, Centralia (ooc: at the time of the meeting we had no idea how bad things were in Centralia) “ she then proceeded to mention what was one of Petrograd’s ambitions “all while we try to make the Petrograd the premier financial center for the Rus’ region”. Petrograd wanted to become the undisputed financial center of the Rus’ states despite the fact that Chistopol not only had a larger population but was already a member of SUN. She thought about discussing about the other grand ambition of Petrograd which was to expand its influence in the three states of Burytia, Elista and Tuva by buying much of their energy producing capabilities and making them dependent on Petrograd but she decided against it. She figured it was too early for that. After all, all these plans about cooperation were pointless if a gentlemen’s agreement could not be reached regarding the Heyran legislation. 
Diplomacy and Events / Re: First Annual World's Fair Ball (Open RP)
« Last post by Markus on January 16, 2022, 06:51:33 PM »
OOC: I am glad that's the case.

Valeri was relieved to see that Erica didn’t seem to want to engage in a long conversation and that she understood that negotiating something like support for her cause was above his paygrade.

“The embassy will be informed and I will give the contact to someone of the right abilities.” he said referring to the Samantran external intelligence service and the head of the Samantran Ministry of External Affairs. He never had to do something like this before and vaguely remembered the protocol but figured those two would know what to do. He didn’t know what they will decide but if he were to place a bet, they would likely help the Enlightenment if only because they would cause issues to the current government of Revana and by proxy to the Achkaerins.

“It is good that you contacted me” he communicated not knowing what else to say “If that is all then I will wait for a few minutes so you can leave and then contact security and tell them that you tried to contact me and that I refused. There are probably cameras everywhere watching“ he said concerned.
International News Networks / Re: Achkaerin News Service
« Last post by Achkaerin on January 16, 2022, 05:15:29 PM »


By David Woods: Politics Correspondent

Traditionally the first Emperor's questions after the festive season is a more lighthearted affair, questions in previous years have included "Will the Emperor share what gift his granddaughter gave him for Life Day?" however this time there was a far more serious tone to the affair, the reason? Questions focused around the situation in the Kyne. The Emperor answered questions virtually for the first time, this being due to bad weather preventing him flying home from Gowu yesterday. When asked what he thought about the situation in the Kyne the Emperor said:

"It's a simple yet complex situation, we can't have signatory nations blatantly tearing up that which they have signed whenever it's convenient for them to do so. To advocate for that, to permit that is to undermine the integrity of international law. In terms of the question - do the Iwi breach the Fair Seas Concordat, the answer is unequivocally yes they do, why? Because the reason for the Iwi to board the vessel does not exist under the FSC, that's the legal issue at the root of this. But the incident happened in 2017 so quite why when there are far more concerning situations occurring on Mundus we have this escalation in the Kyne I don't know, I can understand Rokkenjima wanting to ensure compliance with the FSC and they have that right, just as any signatory does but this does feel like the wrong tool for the job. Now let's turn to the issue that motivates this behaviour - the Iwi seeking out those who committed crimes against them during the Seleucid occupation, this is the Iwi's right, they have a right to justice, they have a right to hold those that wronged them accountable whether in their courts or before the established CNN Tribunal. We're at a point where correct application of law is rightly or wrongly, real or perceived obstructing what is viewed as right. So rather than continue to escalate the situation and potentially revisit this situation should it happen again, perhaps we should take the alternative route. With this in mind we will be tabling an amendment to the FSC in the coming days that we hope will reassure Rokkenjima that they can stand Operation Typhoon down by removing the possibility of a repeat performance of the 2017 incident from the equation and also give the Iwi the ability to pursue Justice without breaching the document."
Press Offices / Re: Press Office of Social Media
« Last post by Beatrice on January 16, 2022, 10:09:40 AM »
Press Offices / Re: Press Office of Social Media
« Last post by Beatrice on January 16, 2022, 10:00:23 AM »
Press Offices / Re: Rosari Media Relations Office
« Last post by Beatrice on January 16, 2022, 08:52:38 AM »
Caelestis Curia, Templum Septem, Pyrettania
Office of the Most Humble, Grand Maester Yuna

For Immediate Release
January 16, 2022

Observations On Heyra And Advice To Chrysanthemum Throne

In the early days of Mundus the world was quiet, still and perfect. Each living being lived in harmony with each other, they could understand each other, and our world was void of strife and suffering. One day Irivia gifted unto our kind fire, an act which enraged Kemoku (the enemy of creation). In retaliation Kemoku created Takara, a woman of incomparable beauty, and sent her to the court of the Toshindai Emperor, Tomokatsu, who came with an adorned vessel carrying within it all manner of ailment, discord and strife. Legends say that the Grand Maester at the time was incapable of dispatching any warning, this plot relayed to them by Islyna from a dream, and Emperor Tomokatsu would eventually make Takara his wife; the sacred bond of love being the perquisite for her to unseal the vessel and unleash its ghastly contents upon Mundus, thus tainting the perfect creation of Islyna. Thus the present world took shape, the beauty of creation marred by the ire of Kemoku, the consequences of which we all must bear.

Today we face ourselves with a new vessel being opened, this time in the Heyran Republic, as they tamper with the very language of the Divine written on the souls of each living being. Changing the very language written upon their souls before birth, an act which is unnatural and to which these souls may not even offer protest or consent, brings us into a new world with far-ranging consequences and dangers. There is a reason why each life is brought into the world, a reason for the manner in which they are brought into the world, and a reason as to why they are brought into this world as they are. Modifying languages which are not meant to be tampered with, I fear what the Republic will usher into our world just as much as I worry about what they will deny our world. This speaks nothing to the prospect of cloning human life.

Each soul which is brought into this world is destined to find that soul which was parted from it at birth; we see this in love and marriage. If we see such cloning, life from the hands of those who cannot encompass the ramifications of such an act, who bestows upon them a soul; certainly they do not share a soul, nor does man have the ability to craft for them a soul. Thus while mortal hands may hold the ability to modify the language of souls, they have no manner to form them nor bestow them. From a spiritual viewpoint, as far as I understand, they face a form of limbo. In this life I must wonder if they would be their own being, would they have the autonomy that we all enjoy or would they be beholden to whatever lab brought them into this world? Even without concerns of spirituality, the very notion brings to my heart a feeling of despair, sorrow, pity, cannot be put into words, it is simply not right.

The events which are occurring within Heyra are an abomination and affront to life itself, wholly incompatible with Islyna's Contract to a level even Stalin dare not approach. Any Rosari Faithful must evaluate their dealings with the Republic, ensure that they in no way aid or enable their pursuit, and protect the sanctity of life and those who would be lost to limbo should these pursuits succeed. It is rare for me to feel something is wrong so deeply within my heart, the hold which these developments have and the weight they place on my chest is something I have never felt. I can only have faith that Chrysanthemum Throne, and Rokkenjiman leaders in other fields, will have the courage and conviction to uphold the principles of our faith and do that which is right.
Diplomacy and Events / Re: Sirius, Dusk, Sphinx, Raven
« Last post by Beatrice on January 16, 2022, 07:53:03 AM »
Akasha nodded, "Indeed I do. It is my responsibility to protect the Clysperi State, her People, and provide for surroundings which are compatible with those responsibilities. Now Abbas would have me believe that Heydar has the best interests of Midaranye at heart, even my own interests and those of Clysperis, despite his sustained campaign to discredit myself and the Kingdom. He has acted rashly and without concern for the implications of his actions beyond his borders in the past, and it's very likely that a generation of Cultists will see me as an existential threat to their continued safety in Midaranye because of his lies. While he may have been intending for this to be some sort of domestic play, he's most certainly placed myself and Clysperis at risk and his continued refusal for a mutual resolution leads me to one conclusion: he is no friend, and must be treated as a threat."
Character Guides / Re: Djabidjan's Characters
« Last post by paralipomena on January 15, 2022, 02:12:25 PM »

Lahn Thi Huynh
Spoiler: show

Birthday: April 16, 1981
Education: Djabidjan City University, Political Science; master's degree in Political Communication
Political affiliation: National Reform Party
Positions held: Spokesperson of the National Reform Party (2018-2021); Political Secretary of the Office of the Premier of the State Council of Ministers (2021- )
Biography: Lahn Thi Huynh is the granddaughter of National Reform Party's founder. She graduated in Political Science in Djabidjan City University in 2005. She was the president of National Reform Party, also known as Kiet Tan, Youth organization from 2008 to 2012. She served in Djabidjan City local administration from 2013 to 2018. In 2018, she was appointed as spokesperson of the National Reform Party. In early 2019, she was also appointed non-voting parliamentary representative.

She was elected to the national parliament in the 2021 legislative election. She was appointed as Political Secretary of the Office of the Premier on November 2021.

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