Author Topic: OOC - Mundus Sports Notice 2020 Re COVID-19  (Read 541 times)

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OOC - Mundus Sports Notice 2020 Re COVID-19
« on: March 28, 2020, 12:36:42 PM »
The following is an explanation concerning Mundus Sports for the remainder of 2020 in light of current RL circumstances concerning COVID-19:

As people may or may not be aware as the resident sports guru I try to have usually one or two sporting events going on at any given time (subject to event complexity, event length, upcoming events etc). Usually given the current RP sport goings on and relevant rl time of year, I would be essentially sprinting to clear the remainder of the 2019 Formula Mundus season before at the beginning of April putting up the sign ups for the 2020 Formula Mundus season, we'd also usually probably last week have seen the sign ups for the 2020 Football World Cup go up, and that world cup along with probably one other sporting event would have carried us through to June at which point we'd have seen the Mundus Games sign ups go live.

However as some people may be aware both Formula Mundus and the Football are to differing extents reliant on their RL counterparts, and with RL world sport on hold for the foreseeable future due to the situation with COVID-19 it does not become possible to run these sports as I normally would. Therefore I am, in hope that football will in some form be played later in year (whether it be the conclusion of the current season or the delayed beginning of the 2020/21 season) going to postpone the Football World Cup until the back end of the year, and Formula Mundus may not run a 2020 season (due to requiring an actual F1 season to base results on) but I'll keep tabs on what happens there.

As a result of these postponements we've got essentially four months before the provisional IC day one of the Mundus Games and the sporting calendar looks a lot more empty than it did when I was toying around with it and drew a complete mind blank on the implications RL has on the IC. Therefore over the next few days Formula Mundus 2019 will conclude in short order after which, following some rejiggling and additions to the calendar to fill gaps the following events will be occurring:

1) Cycling Race - originally planned for later in the year, this is going to be a multi-stage cycling road race, including all the aspects - the sign up will be simple and if successful will hopefully see one or two other ones occur in the year mirroring the big three in RL - only other thing to note here is that there won't be any host bidding for this as I need to talk to run what I've got in mind for location past at least one person.

2) Cricket World Cup - Don't think this needs much explanation except to say that this will be following the ODI format of the game - That means 50 overs per innings so 100 overs for a match, in short a whole day, anyone who bids to host it is asked to bear that in mind.

3) Tennis Tour - This is pretty much ready to go in logistic terms as I've (assuming everyone who was contacted about this a while back is still happy) got the locations for it so just need players, basically it will across the year be IC versions of the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open on initially just mens and womens singles, I may also throw versions of the Davis Cup and Fed Cup in depending on numbers.

4) Netball Champions Shield - Apply the concept of the UEFA Champions League to Netball and you kind of get the idea of where this is going, though the format may be a little different again dependent on numbers.

I haven't yet decided the order but expect the first sign up for one of the above in the next few days.