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An Emir's Shopping Trip
« on: November 28, 2021, 07:42:30 PM »
"Botros how am I supposed to be taken seriously" Emir Sulaiman Samar El-Amin casually tossed a brochure onto the lap of his most trusted friend, Botros Najjar.

"A man is not judged by a plane my friend" Botros was the Emir's former dorm mate during their time at Sheikh Mirza Hussain Al-Amin Academy and while the Emir had gone off to University to study sciences Botros had been more of a scholar having graduated with his own degree in International Politics. The pair had remained close friends, Botros even being the grooms-man at his wedding. "Look at the respected leaders of this world, why are they respected? If you consider this I think their mode of transport is low down the list." With that said Botros tossed the article by EMAC showing some of "Ironside One" back at his monarch. "If you ask me this trip is an unneccessary one."

"It will do us good to be seen around the world. New trade links, new partners. The people in the Gulf are a good start but I wish Rayyu to the envy of Mundus and that won't do with us showing up everytime we go somewhere in a ridiculous small plane. I want to be hosting banquets in mid air as I jet set from nation to nation." the Emir seemed to drift away in his hopes of extravagance.

"If you will it." Botros teased as he returned to his book on the History of Alba Karinya. The Emir meanwhile was flicking through the pages of a tailors brochure and then moments later that of a car manufacturer from Heyra. It would be a non-stop four days of visits but at the end of which the Emir had hoped to have his new years wardrobe, a new luxury VIP aircraft and supercar all tied up. While he was proud of what his nation could do and achieve they perhaps lacked the reputation at the moment for such high end products as he would hopefully acquire. While the visit was an unofficial one he had though got the agreement of the East Moreland crown to some sort of face to face meeting, if only as a gesture of one royal family to another. With a touch of excitement about the trip, mainly for the EMAC visit the Emir noticed their impending landing in East Moreland.

Soon the aircraft doors opened and a polite, smartly dressed rent-a-steward wished them a safe trip as they exited.

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Re: An Emir's Shopping Trip
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2022, 10:02:24 PM »
OOC- Sorry had been looking for this in Diplomacy

"Your Highness. Welcome to East Moreland." Duchess Orlaith Kade greeted the Emir and his friend. "I am Duchess Orlaith of Osmett, I serve as Foreign Minister of East Moreland and I am proud to say the cousin of His Majesty King David who sends his greetings. The Morelanders had received the notification of the Emir's visit however it was not requested that it be a formal visit between Heads of State, that disappointed King David slightly however he supposed the Emir would have his own reasons for that. Either way it was only polite for the King at some point to meet the Emir and that meeting would come that evening in Silverhills when more than likely the Emir had concluded his business for the day. "We've got a table booked for this evening at a traditional Morelander restaurant in Silverhills with you, your friend the King and Queen, if there is anyone else you would like to attend then please let us know, we've a private dining room arranged and rest assured the kitchen has been briefed that everything needs to be Halal, I'm hoping we've got that correct?" Orlaith considered the challenges of a Halal East Moreland meal but that wasn't her concern it would be the SaltPlatters Chef.

As the Duchess walked with the Emir and Botros away from the aircraft towards a waiting car another vehicle arrived and Sir Alan Maybury stepped out. "Your Highness, Your Grace" he nodded respectfully to each, "I apologise for my lateness as I was finalising things for the visit to our facility here." Sir Alan would be having the first crack at selling the Emir something and was cursing himself that he had made a poor first impression. "If you'd care to join me." He had a chaueffer open the back of the vehicle and waited for the Emir to board the vehicle. It was not a long drive from Northfort's King Robert Airport to EMAC's test facilities. It was here all manner of their gadgets were made. Sir Alan took the Emir into a beautifully appointed lounge, the walls covered in images showing an almost timeline of EMAC's developments. On one wall a large window looked out onto what could be described as a factory floor where teams were busy putting together a variety of bits and pieces ranging from a helicopter to what looked like a Dragonling fighter. "Can we get you some tea?" Sir Alan asked as he turned on a huge TV screen just as there was a knock on the door.

A young woman in her early twenties wearing a blue poloshirt and cargo pants all emblazened with the EMAC logo entered. Sir Alan introduced her, "Your Highness this is Katelyn, she's one of our team of designers for luxury private jets. Now my understanding is that you'd like something similar to Ironside One. My team can put together a very solid product in terms of avionics, performance, sensors, security etc, but the bits you as the passenger are most likely to be interested in is the bit where you'll spend your time so we usually allow our clients to design the bit they'll use and then we do the rest."

"I'm very excited" Katelyn was plugging a laptop into the TV to bring up a variety of 3D design tools. "With this I can build an interior exactly to your specifications, we can view it in 3D and then when your totally happy we can go down to our Virtual Reality suite and you can even walk around it. This was you can practically try before you buy." She brought up pictures of three aircraft as Sir Alan poured tea and took a seat to oversee proceedings. "So Emir Sulaiman we have three standard bodies to choose from the Royal Flight, which was the first Ironside One, its a small model that can be rather comfortable but probably not best for cross continent visits. We then have the Skytrain II this is the base for the current Ironside One and gives a whole host of options. Then finally we have is the E-400 a mid-size business jet that gives some good options. Do you have a preference?" Katelyn asked.