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Clysperi Cyber Operations Directorate
« on: January 10, 2022, 08:11:26 AM »
12:27 AM:

"We're probing," came a word in the room, the din of 1,000 keyboards in the background. The Pharaoh had authorized cyber operations against Royal Seleucid interests online, and she wasn't wasting any time. RS infrastructure, companies, corporations, the local dog catcher's web site, were all on the attack board. "Wait," a word came, "we've a few vulnerabilities here." The Directorate continued to probe along, awaiting word for one massive attack that would overwhelm RS officials in the response. "Log it and prepare an attack spectrum, then look for more" came the word from the commander.

It's war, but with no casualties, no living bodies anyway. Just code, code that could bring a nation to its knees.

In another room General of Armies Intef was reviewing options for a "kill option" on King Heydar. "Let us hope it doesn't come to that," he said upon reviewing intelligence. "However, the Pharaoh has labeled King Heydar an existential threat to the Kingdom of Clysperis. If she wishes him dead, we will see him dead."

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