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Convention Centre / 1st International Atomic Security Conference
« on: April 27, 2021, 12:45:58 PM »
Dear Reader

It has been a difficult few days as I have been given the reigns of the Mundus Atomic Energy Agency. A few years ago we stood at a point in time where three nations held a metaphorical sledgehammer over Mundus, the ability to destroy whole cities in one single act of god-like violence. Thankfully through a combination of reforms, talks, international incidents and changes in technology we sit at a point where nuclear weapons are consigned to the pages of History. We have however seen cases where terrorists have not ruled out use of nuclear waste to wage their own acts of inhumanity and so we must be prepared to tackle such cases.

Security of atomic material also has a second concern. By ill-managed and ill-maintained procedures and equipment the use of such material can provide a risk to health and the environment. Even the improper care of things such as medical equipment like X-Ray machines can cause problems if not utilised correctly.

It is therefore my desire as MAEA President to oversee a conference in which MAEA members are able to put in place steps to achieve two aims. The first is ensure their own atomic security and the second is to put in place steps to help nations on the path to utilise atomic material to do so safely and securely. I therefore invite ALL NATIONS regardless of membership to the MAEA HQ in Rokkenjima to discuss the following.

1) Creation of a global response to atomic terrorism
2) Creation of an institute designed to help teach best practice
3) Creation of an accredited network of mentors.

It is our hope such actions will allow nations across Mundus to come together in the spirit of peace intended by the MAEA initially.

Dr. Ulf Gren
President of the MAEA

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Matters of Admin - MAEA
« on: April 24, 2021, 11:59:22 PM »

Had the Majestic Empire of Lijiang remained in the consideration then Ui Cenneslaig would have voted for them following their attempts to rapidly join the international community in a positive and productive manner following such an absence. It is the Cenneg nation's belief that the MAEA is an organisation with a great deal to offer Mundus and should be seen as standing alone, open to all without prejudice. Our fear is that having the MAEA on the same campus as both former and existing Cross Strait facilities creates an image of the MAEA being connected with that body, this must be avoided. We therefore cast our vote for Rokkenjima.


King Finley of Ui Cenneslaig.

The nation of Cantabria abstains from the vote. We had a preference from Lijiang because of the manner of allowing their bid to stand on the merits of its building alone. We can not in good conscience vote for either Dartfordia who are tied so closely with the Rokkenjiman crown and this clearly means we can not vote for Rokkenjima following what we believe to be the poor treatment of a fellow , and sadly now former, member Lijiang. We like our Celtic bretherin believe this treaty to be a significant force for good and wherever it is based it must be permitted to succeed.

Queen Cait of Cantabria

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Matters of Admin - MAEA
« on: April 20, 2021, 08:11:02 PM »

The government of Nya Åland wish to nominate Dr.Ulf Gren to be the President of the Mundus Atomic Energy Agency. As well as being a well respected Scientist in his own right he has vast experience managing scientific endeavours that have involved large scale international co-operation. In June of 2014 he was the Union of Nordic People's Minister for Science and Technology when the Large Hadron Collider opened in Jaholm. The LHC was the first Collider of its type and size on Mundus and the ambitious project has yielded several significant discoveries since its turn on. The LHC has during its 7 years of operation seen many collaborations with nations across Mundus. Since leaving government in 2016 Dr.Gren has worked in a variety of projects until in 2018 helping establish Mundus' first Global Seed Vault, what is effectively a fall back ecological lifeboat should it ever be needed. This seed bank has collected a variety of seeds from across Mundus to enable the long term survival of agriculture should large scale natural disasters hit.

It is our belief that Dr.Gren's track record of successfully running large scale science based projects that involve international co-operation make him an idea candidate to be the MAEA's President.

Best Regards

Head Gothi Stein Ulfsson

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Bagpipes and Dragons
« on: April 18, 2021, 02:41:28 PM »
With permission to enter Lijiang granted by the Dragon-Emperor the Cenneg monarch walked into Lijiang just a few steps and then smartly turned around and walked back to Tielin. "Hopefully they'll be many longer visits in the future, but for now that can wait." Finley began to walk back towards the town of Alloway and the crowd parted to allow them to walk along the road. The crowd once the various royals and their party had passed formed up behind them and followed them back to the small town. Perhaps surprisingly the King didn't head to the Alloway Castle where he would be expected to undertake talks but instead peeled off the road and towards the ivy covered building with the "First and Last" sign hanging outside it. Many pubs close to the borders of Ui Cenneslaig carried the name boasting of being the last pub in Ui Cenneslaig on your way out and the first on your way in. The King pushed open the door with the manner of a man returning to his local pub and headed inside. A rather surprised landlord was stood behind the bar and looked flustered. "Good Morning" The King sat down on a bar stool near the bar and looked around. He instantly liked the place, lots of wood panelling and a roaring log fire. "Two pints of stout and two halves please.......can your son drink alcohol?" Finley waited for the answer before ordering an appropriate drink and slipping the barman a note in payment. "Little bars like this a heart of the local community" Finley could see several people looking in through the windows. "Its a great place to get to know someone, a bit of stout, its a really dark ale, a nice fire and good company. I like to know a little about the people I try and make deals with before I get to business. So perhaps you and could tell me a bit about your life before becoming Dragon-Emperor, sadly I've not really found much." Finley picked up his drink and took a good long sip leaving a small amount of foam around his upper lip as he went and took a seat near the fire.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Bagpipes and Dragons
« on: April 02, 2021, 10:25:27 PM »
Finley watched as the Lijiang delegation arrived at the border and stepped aside gesturing with a hand that Tielin was of course free to cross the border along with his family. "Welcome to Ui Cenneslaig" He bowed politely to Dandan and Prince Chun. "May I introduce Queen Riona and I suppose the town of Alloway, seems they were keen to welcome you to their home." Finley chuckled as his wife stepped forward carrying three tartan wrapped items. It was clear the weight was rather substantial as she seemed a little uncomfortable. Finley took the top two from his wife and allowed her to continue rather less encumbered.

"Welcome Your Imperial Majesty" she bowed. "We hope you will accept a traditional gift from us to you." She unwrapped the tartan cloth a small leather shield about the size of a dinner plate was revealed. It's leather was dark brown and stretched across wooden boards with silver handles to hold at the back. "This is a traditional Targe" she took it and showed the Dragon Emperor how it could be buckled to his arm. It was clear now that a Celtic Dragon had been embossed into the leather a decent sized silver spike came from the centre. "And this" the Queen held up a small silver knife "Is a Targe, back in days of old Cenneg soldiers would go into battle with the Targe strapped to their left arm and holding the targe in their left hand, in their right they'd carry a sword. We have an identical set for Prince Chun if we may present them." She wasn't sure if it was permitted for the Prince to have such items because of his age and so it seemed sensible to ask for permission. "And for Queen Dandan" Riona faced the young Queen and bowed "It was tradition that whatever their husband had on his Targe a woman would wear as a brooch. I hope you'll accept this." She unwrapped the cloth to show a brooch with the dragon imposed in the centre of Celtic line work.

"Now perhaps we should have a walk to the town, its not far and its a lovely morning." The King turned from the border and stopped for a moment. "Do you think I could just take a step into Lijiang before we depart?" Finley asked the Dragon-Emperor, "means I can say I'm the first Cenneg monarch to visit Lijiang." He had another childish chuckle.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Birth of the Monarchy -Open RP
« on: April 02, 2021, 06:00:59 PM »
About 200 meters down the street and round the corner was the East Moreland embassy. It had become a venue often visited by members of the Cenneg Ambassadorial Guard unit who would often socialise with their Morelander colleagues. Guardsman Riley Kennedy was out for an early morning run with his colleague Guardsman Lucan Hoyle when they got a message over their phones to get back to the embassy immediately. They turned for home and were pounding down the street when the blast of the missile hitting the Moreland embassy threw them off their feet. The street outside was full of smoke, ash and falling debris as they did their best to come to their senses behind a car. Riley stood first and dusting the masonary off himself he checked his phone. Its screen was cracked but it still seemed to be working. He dialled the number of the Guardsman's barracks in their own embassy and waited. "Seregant it's Kennedy, me and Hoyle are down opposite the Morelander place, its....well it's blown up............Yes Sergeant blown up.........Roger that we'll meet you here."

Sergeant Francis Roche had felt the ground shake but didn't think much of it, he assumed it was some heavy plant working somewhere close by but having heard of the attack on the Isle and now this he hit the emerency alarm. Soon his twenty men were assembling in various states of uniform, some had rushed in from ceremonial guard duty, some had been off duty while others had been in the rapid reaction force. "Alpha Company you're heading to the Morelander embassy, Kennedy and Hoyle will meet you there the embassies been targetted by a bomb or something. Bravo Company you're staying here. No one in or out unless we know them."

The ten men assigned to head to the Moreland embassy hurried out, by now alarms of fire engines, police and ambulances were coming to the scene and the Cenneg guardsman had to convince them to allow them to help in the rescue operations. It was then that a dust and blood covered Morelander wandered towards them half carrying and half dragging a woman with him. "Corporal McMather" the Morelander recognised the most senior Cenneg, "We need you to get her to a secure location" It took McMather a moment or two to determine what was going on that was the end of the Cenneg efforts in the rescue for the time being.

The Cenneg forces made a protective ring around Queen Klara and with McMather essentially throwing her over his shoulder they forced their way through the shocked crowd and ran back to their own embassy. Ambassador Stephen McNally had only been in country three months and had been informed of "Operation Black Citadel" by Prince Lennox who McNally was desperately trying to reach. It was almost at the same time as a deshevelled Queen Klara was escorted through the front door that he got in touch with the Prince. "Your Highness we've just had the Queen come through the front door."

"So the rumour about the Morelander embassy is true?" Lennox asked.

"I'm afraid so, we've no idea of casualties as of yet." McNally watched as the guardsman took the Queen into their basement armoury. It was the safest room in the building and McMather had concluded if they were now targetted the strengthened room would provide the best shelter. "I'm evacuating everyone except military from the embassy."

"Good idea" Lennox was busy helping check the Palace for signs of any nasty surprises left behind by the attackers and knew he'd have to speak with his brother soon and so ended the call and got in touch with Finley telling him what had happened.

With immediate effect the Ui Cenneslaig embassy in Lodja is to be evacuated for all but security staff. Following the attack on the East Moreland embassy we believe the CNN embassies could also be targeted by Leopold Hamsik. We condemn his action and will be speaking to the legitimate government of Lodja, those appointed by Queen Klara II to mobilise Ui Cenneslaig naval assets to Lodja in order to help pursue HMDS Morelander and ensure its assets can not be used to carry out further attacks.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the members of the East Moreland embassy and their families. We will work tirelessly to bring those who have attacked them in such a cowardly manner to justice.


King Finley

International Organisations / Re: Conradh na Náisiún
« on: March 30, 2021, 09:00:06 PM »

With my brother Prince Lennox being a target of this attempted coup our nation view this incident as an attack upon our own family and rest assured we will be taking action to ensure those who have perpitrated this attack are brought to justice. We will be making our ports and airfields open to our CNN allies should the need arise for action. We will be inviting the Lodjian government to advise on action in the coming hours.

We firmly oppose the actions of Leopold and we will bring him to book.

King Finley of Ui Cenneslaig.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Meybad Conference
« on: March 21, 2021, 08:52:13 PM »
Una shook her head, "WIth respect Your Majesty should a situation happen like the previous genocide it would be up to our men and women to be the first people to step in and try and stop it. We're already in a foreign nation and massively outnumbered so therefore having some assets to give those men and women a fighting chance to save lives is crucial. You'll not need reminding it was when your father was out of the country rouge military assets seemingly acted against the Cult. You've been very active diplomatically, more than your father, and so should this happen when you visit say Waddan, then we would need to be ready to take steps. Having a small fleet allows us to offer at least some protection and a route out to those on the ground. Meanwhile having the ability to airlift in and out materials we may need is vital, and fighter aircraft to escort those out of Cenneg airspace is needed. I believe though that the idea of a gradual withdrawal makes sense so long as we pair it with some of our suggestions."

"The first of those is that a new Regiment within the Selecuid military is formed. This should be made up of Cultists and should be based on a day to day basis in Meybad. That I believe should be doable from taking existing Cultists from your forces and offering them this chance. Many nations already have regionally recruited forces and this would be on similar lines. It would put the Cultists mind at ease that should things go bad there is at least one element of the military that will not go rouge. Militarism is a key part of the Cultist code of Canley and I am confident they would be an asset to your nation."

"The second of those suggestions is that we would need to see some law making hate crimes against Cultists given a specific stance rather than just for example being murder or assault. If we get those two things then a pull down in numbers is achievable." 

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Bagpipes and Dragons
« on: March 21, 2021, 08:18:01 PM »
Alloway was the nearest town to the border with Lijiang and it was a town that hadn't seen much in the way of royal visits or pomp and ceremony in forever. Its border security point was seldom used in either directions and young Keavy hadn't ever recalled seeing anyone come down that road for the whole ten years of her life. The town had a population of no more than 10,000 people, the majority of which made their living from forestry and the relating lumber yards. Today knowing that King Finley was going to meet the Dragon-Emperor here it was as though each and everyone of the townfolk had turned up.

Finley had arrived at around 8am for a 10am meeting. His staff rushed around outside on the road to the border to ensure everything was settled for the Dragon-Emperor's arrival. Finley meanwhile had gone with his wife Queen Riona to the local infants school where he had sat and had breakfast with the students some of whom like Keavy would be part of the days ceremonies. Like most Cenneg schools the Breakfast Club was serving thick porridge with honey and jam, toast and various spreads and "Tattie Scones". Finley had enjoyed speaking with the students and many of them had questions about the people they'd be meeting. Finley knew very little of the Lijiang culture or nation and was feeling a spot nervous as he had heard they were a nation full of history and rituals. "Don't worry" Riona reassured him, "If you can survive meeting the Maori you can handle this" She said knowing his feelings about the ritualistic nature of the guests.

"Fingers crossed" Finley said as they headed out from the school onto the road. Young Keavy was with them a set of bagpipes tucked under her arm ready for the procession. Down the road just 2km away was the border post and the group waited for the word that the Lijiang delegation had arrived. Having got that confirmation the King and his honour guard made their way to the border. A few precautionary tests on the bagpipes and the schoolgirl began and took a lead about ten steps ahead of the King and Queen who themselves were ten steps in front of a group of about thirty ceremonially attired Highlanders carrying polished wooden stocked rifles and great black bear skins on their head. The Regimental band came behind them allowing Keavy to take the lead and joining in with their own pipes and drums. The town had originally lined the road but as the parade passed on the walk towards the border the group seemingly just fell in behind until by the time they reached the border a good few hundred had amassed behind the Royals and the honour guard as the meet with the Dragon-Emperor at the border.

Two Cenneg soldiers saluted the approaching King and Queen as they pulled the border gate back and saluted their opposite numbers who they'd seen through the fence many times but hardly ever exchanged more than a casual greeting. Finley had briefed these men and had them deposit their rifles with comrades before approaching the border and extending a hand across in a offering of a handshake. Finley did likewise towards the Dragon-Emperor all the time Keavy playing now on her own as the town fanned out many filming the occasion of their phones.

International News Networks / Re: The Cantabria Courier
« on: March 15, 2021, 08:59:16 PM »


The 42 year old King of Cantabria, King Comegin has today passed away following a lengthy battle with ill health following a car accident in 2019. Since then his health has gradually been in decline and since October 2019 his wife, Queen Cait, has acted as Regent with approval by the Dail given every six months. That was extended as recently as February following doctors confirmation that the King had not regained sufficient health or mental capacity to be able to resume the throne. The death of King Comegin means that his heir, Princess Esmerelda is now Queen however since she is only 11 years of age her mother Cait will now be Regent without the need for further Dial confirmation. This arrangement will be in place until Esmerelda's 18th birthday at which point she is scheduled to marry Prince Keane of Ui Cenneslaig and at that point she will become Queen in her own right with Prince Keane becoming King of Cantabria. The marriage means that at some point in the future once King Finley of Ui Cenneslaig dies the two Celtic nations will share monarchs.

The death of King Comegin has been recorded as the result of "serious degrading brain injury" and the nation will fly flags at half mast for the next 7 days before the state funeral will take place. A spokesman of the Dial read a prepared statement saying " We are saddened by the death of King Comegin. He became King following the assassination of his father but sadly never really had chance to impose his own mark upon the Kingdom of Cantabria. He was a man beloved by his family and this time our thoughts and prayers are with his widow Queen's Mother Cait and his two children Queen Esmerelda and Prince Henry. The nation will have a chance to say their goodbyes in the coming days and we hope the media and public will allow Queen's Mother Cait and the family to mourn in privacy."

King Finley of Ui Cenneslaig is expected to fly into Cantabria tomorrow to give his support to his sister Cait and also pay his own respects to the deceased King. It is not yet confirmed whether Prince Keane will be with him.

International News Networks / Re: Nya Åland News
« on: March 14, 2021, 08:13:57 PM »



Following completion of her first year as a qualified doctor Olivia Robertsson, who was made a Thane last year, has signed up to go and work in Waddan for six months. Robertsson sprang to national and then international prominence for her successful rescue of a large number of victims of the UNP Disaster when aged just 19. She single handedly established a medical post at a remote airfield where around 20 refugees had fled. At that time Robertsson had only just finished her first year of medical training. She was then responsible for guiding her group of survivors to a military outpost where they received further medical care. Around twelve months later she voulenteered to work with the Joint Emergency Team when the Uppsala Chemical Leak caused thousands of deaths. Robertsson recieved several awards for her actions which saw her refuse to leave a medical aid post despite recieving chemical burns to her hands and experiencing breathing difficulties of her own. As part of one of her awards she was given an annual pension from the government which she has never accepted and has instead used it to fund mobile health clinics in Zimalia where she has spent a great deal time promoting public health, vaccinations and providing health clinics to remote areas.

Robertsson has now completed a year of working as a doctor in the Accident and Emergency section of Grunwald Hospital and is now going to move to Waddan for 12 months. She has stated that, "Waddan has a rather interesting society and that presents some unique medical challenges. They have one of the lowest life expectancies on Mundus and I suspect that is connected to issues such as access to health care in remote areas. I'd be interested in seeing what similarities there are between the situation we've seen in Zimalia where we've made some major steps forward in terms of helping their medical systems." Thane Olivia will be joined by two other medics from our nation who will spend time in the capital as well as taking health care to remote areas. 

International News Networks / Re: Gairm Nan Gaidheal
« on: March 14, 2021, 07:32:06 PM »


The Ui Cenneslaig Navy has today confirmed that the amphibious transport dock the CNS Lugid is heading to East Moreland's Portworth Naval base. The Ministry of Defence explained that there are two motives behind the visit. The first was explained as a "supportive measure" with the Naval spokesman saying, "We have seen East Moreland announce steps to potentially help Cultists in Argemento claim asylum and while they share a land border with East Moreland they are a huge country. We have seen in the past our Morelander allies undertake vast refugee operations and should this scenario require it we would lend the Lugid to help should it be required." The ship will be support any evacuation which may take place however it is thought that this will be unlikely.

The second reason for the visit is described as a "Technical measure" and the Naval spokesman explained, "The vessel will take part in some trials of the new radar mapping system that the Morelanders and SmartWar have recently made a breakthrough with. Its some technology that we may be interested in and the Lugid is expected to take part in the ongoing trials and the crew will make recommendations to our Ministry of Defence as to its potential use in our nations military."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Meybad Conference
« on: March 14, 2021, 06:26:35 PM »
Una had been briefed on the actions of the Cenneg military in the protectorate and now spoke out. "We have seen a steady reduction in crimes against Cultists we could consider to be fuelled by anti-Cultist feeling. The number of attacks though did go up during the food crisis and I have to say I do agree with Duchess Orlaith that this is a concern. I would also though say that it is clear that since we've started joint patrols with the Seleucid military and police they've been doing a good job. So I suspect that should the Seleucid pick up the duties of the Cenneg military we could see the same measure of safety extended."

She looked down at her notes for a moment. "Currently we are permitted to have  8,000 soldiers, 2 destroyers, 3 frigates and a maximum of six other vessels, as well as 25 combat aircraft in the region and we have that until 2026. In the last 12 months we've had joint patrols with the Seleucid. I therefore suggest we put in place a timetable. If we record a drop in incidents against Cultists in the region by July, which will mark the anniversary of the Protectorate formation, then we'll drop the figure by 25%. If then at the following year we see another drop by 50%, then in 2023 if the trend continues we'd move it down to an observer force. The agreement though would mean the Seleucid would need to demonstrate they can commit in a similar manner as to we have."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Meybad Conference
« on: March 07, 2021, 02:41:21 PM »
The Cenneg had been torn over who to send. If King Finely had attended then he perhaps would have been accused of being too connected to the Morelander cause with his friendship with King David. The next choice would be Prince Lennox but with him currently serving as Minister of Defence in Lodja it wasn't really time for him to leave to represent his homeland. It was left up to Princess Una to head their delegation along with the Taoiseach of Ui Cenneslaig Cadoc MacKenzie. Finley had told his sister he would support whatever her recommendation was and so the duo knew they could negotiate strongly if they needed to.

Having arrived the day before to visit the Cenneg military complex in Meybad the two didn't have a long trip to the Conference and having made their introductions took their seat ready to start. "Prince Jonas as chair of this gathering how do you want to start things?"

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Meybad Conference
« on: March 03, 2021, 09:03:32 AM »
OOC- Weekend this and I'll be free of online learning stuff :)

OOC Socialisation / Re: Leave of Absence Topic
« on: February 01, 2021, 07:44:57 PM »
Expect nothing from my until March. This remote teaching stuff is killing me. Dave has a few plot lines we've been working on he'll finish off.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Operation Black Citadel
« on: January 24, 2021, 09:10:31 PM »
Lennox had been in quiet a few Conclave meetings now and was getting into the swing of things now. Most of the meetings were a little pointless to his portfoilo as Minister of Defence but with Klara being absent it meant he was required to vote on several matters. He had of course been reporting the various things being discussed to his brother King Finley. He thought about the irony that he'd been brought to the Conclave to ensure less corruption yet perhaps was making it less secure however with the way things were going as of late in Lodja having the CNN allies of the Cenneg aware could be a good thing.

Lennox had just finished walking Lady Jasmina to her accomodation. The fact Besarian was now marrying meant that Lennox almost now had Jasmina to himself which was fine with him. The Ladies in Waiting were strangely absent from the Queen having taken herself off to one of the island with just her security detail and son. Having said goodybe to Jasmina he went for a walk around the Palace gardens to get some fresh air before the business of today. He quiet often bumped into various ambassadors and so was not surprised to see Sir James. He was though a bit more surprised about the invite to a special meeting on the request of King David. "I've the Conclave until 4pm but following that I've two hours spare. I'll come round then." He shook the Morelanders hand and went and spent the early afternoon listening to the business of the Conclave with the Queen once again absent. He popped back quickly to his own appartment, fired off his report on the days business to Claith and collected a bottle of whiskey from his collection in the drinks cabinet. It would be rude to arrive empty handed. He made his way to Sir James' room, knocked and waited. "Sir James" he greeted his host, "I thought we'd have a drop of the good stuff while you tell me what is on your King's mind."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Empire & The Celts
« on: January 24, 2021, 08:26:10 PM »
Finley had been hoping to have the Aostains perhaps accept some Water Nomads. Things at the moment had not seen many people move from the group seek citizenship in any of the TUNA nations. Finley suspected though that at some point down the line many of them would take up the offer and he didn't really want them all coming to Ui Cenneslaig rather than being spread across as many nations as possible. "I suspect then you'll be too far South to really feel the impact of them. Just as you perhaps get more involved with the CNN and therefore Lodja it could become something you get dragged into. I was just wondering therefore your stance."

"I think that is one of the problems Queen Klara is having at the moment. The burden of running a nation, the hormones of having a child, all the scandals. Its giving her a problem or two. My brother is now their Minister of Defence as I think Queen Klara is looking at weeding out any of the corruption of the past in key positions. One of our concerns is her husband King Leopold making statements to try undermining her."

International News Networks / Re: Gairm Nan Gaidheal
« on: January 17, 2021, 08:58:15 PM »


Following the agreement by the Treaty of Unified Nations of the Alucard (TUNA) the government of Ui Cenneslaig have accepted the first Water Nomads for a probationary period. Under the terms of the TUNA agreement. A group of 20 Water Nomads have arrived in the territories of Ui Cenneslaig and requested permission to apply for the right to stay in the nation. They will now be given the right to stay for 12 months at the end of which they must apply for permanent right to stay which will be granted so long as certain conditions are meet. The group of twenty will be housed in the fishing community of Lothbeg. The group are made up of three families with children aged between 4 and 16 who will begin attending the local schools on Monday. One of the group spoke with us to explain their decision to come to Ui Cenneslaig. "Life out in the Alucard has become very difficult. Our way of life is under more and more scrutiny and as such patterns of life are broken up and our children are being condemed to a life that will become even more difficult. The future for them is to get some chance at having a life on land." The exact number of Water Nomad is unknown however they have been struggling to maintain their traditional way of life since claiming islands belonging to Paracambi, Bakkermaya and Lodja as well as being discovered using chemicals such as cyanide for fishing. It is unknown whether any other groups are heading towards Ui Cenneslaig however the Minister for Home Affairs has said, "Ui Cenneslaig will stand by our part of the agreement made by TUNA. We suspect numbers claiming their rights under this will be small and we will naturally show them a warm welcome. We will try as far as possible to keep them in coastal communities but that may prove impossible moving forward.


King Finely has today spoken of his concern about the situation in Lodja that has seen King Leopold call for the removal of Queen Klara's power. With the King's brother Lennox acting as the Queendom's current Minister of Defence on a short term basis the King feels he needs to make a statement on the situation and has said, "We hope that Her Divine Majesty is well and her absence from public gaze is simply her enjoying time with family especially while Prince Isaak is young. My brother is committed to ensuring he acts within the laws of the Queendom in his role and we have ensured that he is able to access the best legal advice available. It is clear though that King Leopold is not a man to be trusted and as such I don't think actions started by him are in the interests of the Queendom. We have a strong relationship with Lodja and I am willing to stand by the legal decisions of the Queendom in this regard. We obviously wish Queen Klara and her family well."

Prince Lennox is currently residing on the Isle of the Goddess as many international ambassadors to Lodja do and the King's brother has become very familiar with Lodjain customs. He has not spoken publically on the situation however will be involved in various meetings of the nations ruling council known as the Conclave.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Empire & The Celts
« on: January 17, 2021, 07:30:20 PM »
King Finley examined the Aostan document carefully and was pretty happy with it. With Aosta telling him they hoped one day to embark on membership of the CNN that would bring things even closer together for now the document in front of him was good enough as a starting point. "Very good as far as I'm concerned" Finley replied. "If you're happy to sign this then so am I. I'd then like to pick your brains on a few matters. The first being your recognition of TUNA's arrangement regarding the Water Nomads, the second being the ongoing situation in Lodja regarding Queen Klara. First though lets get this document out of the way.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Royal Parade (RS - Open to anyone)
« on: January 17, 2021, 06:56:15 PM »
Ailbhe Griffin had arrived in the Celtic Protectorate just before the New Year and her first official duty would be to attend this event. She had been posted to the Protectorate as the Cenneg's diplomatic liasion between the two nations and hoped one day of becoming an official ambassador for the Cenneg. She had ventured down to the capital that morning and seen quiet a few people from the Protectorate on the road. She was a little nervous meeting Heydar and the Soter's knowing that the Protectorate was something that he wanted to end however King Finley believed that it was important to show respect to the monarch. As was custom back home she had come with two small barrels of whiskey. "Your Majesties" Ailbhe addressed the Soter family as she entered the Rotunda admiring the view across the city. "In Ui Cenneslaig when the royals have a child they have a cask of whiskey put aside ready to be presented to that child on their 21st birthday. We have here one for Prince Aali Akakois  and this one for Princess Katayun. On behalf of the people of Ui Cenneslaig we wish them long and happy lives." With King Finley's gift handed over she retired to enjoy the view across the city while the family continued preparing.

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To:-Dragon Emperor Tielin II

A border separates our nations but there is a huge gulf in terms of our languages, cultures and traditions. This gulf has sadly also been between our two people in terms of friendship and co-operation. With a new Dragon Emperor on the throne I believe there is every chance that we can look to close this gap. To the best of my knowledge there has never been a visit to Ui Cenneslaig by a Dragon Emperor and I am aware that as of yet you have yet to visit any other nation in an official capacity. I would therefore like to suggest that we find a location close to the borders of our two nations and meet face to face to discuss ways in which we can become more than just neighbours on a map but instead be true friendly neighbours.

I sincerely hope you accept this invitation and I am looking forward to meeting.

Best Regards

King Finley of Ui Cenneslaig

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Finely liked the sound of what he was being presented however he did have some questions. "We would be happy to have Claith open up in such a manner. Full removal of tariffs though is probably not going to happen overnight. I would though be open to gradual reductions. In terms of our major port it would be Claith which deals with a huge amount of trade between our nation and the world. It is capable of handling vast amounts of ships and is I suspect one of the largest ports in West Ardia if not the whole of the continent making it an attractive prospect for you then getting goods into other nations. Its also a city of significant size making it a tempting prospect in its own right. We would though require certain checks to be carried out to ensure that goods meet rules and origin requirements."

Press Offices / Re: The Official Cenneg Press Office
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The Kingdom of Ui Cenneslaig sends its greetings and best wishes to the new Dragon Emperor of our neighbour Lijiang. We have understood that for the past 120 years our neighbours have been mourning the passing of their previous dynasty. We look forward now that Dragon Emperor Teilin has assumed the throne to establishing a strong friendship with our Eastern neighbours and we are excited about the prospect of a future meeting. We believe there is much our two nations can do to support each other to become more prosperous and see the lives of all our citizens improve.

King Finley

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Finley was surprised in what he had just heard. "The CNN" the King said. "Well we have not attempted to grow the organisation and we have not discussed such a thing. I though know there is no chance of getting in without the support from each of us, not a majority. If you already have East Moreland, Lodja in the bag in a way then you seem to be halfway there. While as things are for now we would neither support your membership but wouldn't oppose it either. I'd simply wait for you to persuade me it was a good idea. The thing though today is we do not discuss joining the CNN we discuss things between us and that is a much different discussion." Finley hoped he hadn't sounded that rude. "Now down to our business today. We would be open to some kind of trade deal similar to what you have with Lodja. We would require though it to maintain some tariffs to comply with our relationship with the CNN. We could however make this as little as possible. Some kind of deal saying that raw materials and manufactured goods can pass through a single designated port with tariffs reduced to that equal to the lowest tariffs of a non CNN nation. That would still allow cheaper trade. Additionally if we nominate certain ports we can maybe come to an arrangement that priority is given in that. I know this may not be exactly what you want but its a start."

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Birgid was pleased that the agreement seemed to have gone over well. She watched as they handed the pen to the Head Gothi with her job having been done.

Quote from: Agreement between Hassfurt and Nya Åland

It is agreed that the nations of Hassfurt and Nya Åland shall abide by the following agreement in the spirit of friendship and co-operation

1. Each capital shall play host to a recognised embassy with all the rights and privledges normally accorded such a establishment. Nations may also operate consulates in any city they feel would benefit from such an establishment.

2. Travellers visiting the other nation for non-business related purposes may do so visa free so long as their stay fulfills the following criteria.

a) The individual is not staying for longer than 21 days.
b) The individual has a valid return ticket
c) The individual has sufficent means to cover their stay without working.
d) The individual is not deemed a threat to national security.

3. In cases where an individual is travelling for educational purposes the visa free stay will be extended for the duration of their course so long as the following conditions are meet.

a) The individual has a place reserved on an accredited course of study.
b) The individual has means to cover the cost of their course either through private funds, scholarship or state funding.

4. Unprocessed materials may be traded between nations with no tariffs so long as the materials comply with local standards and laws.

5. Processed materials and manufactured items shall be traded tariff free after 16th November 2025. Should an item having first been imported into the other nation then be transferred to a third party nation the company responsible for the trade will be liable to paying a tariff to be agreed between the two nations.

6. Goods shall be classed as being manufactured in a nation if 75% or more of its processes are undertaken in that nation.

7. Nations agree to permit military exports between the two nations so long as onward sales do not take place without permission of the originating nation.

Signed Queen Karin of Hassfurt
Signed King Jonas of Hassfurt
Signed His Holiness Stein Ulfsson, Head Gothi of Nya Åland

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Birgid was pleased with how things had gone and now the home stretch was being reached. While the Ålanders would have loved to take the Hassfurt monarchs on their word they knew that was impractical and probably not a smart idea in terms of international agreements. As such she showed the monarchs what they had so far.

Quote from: Agreement between Hassfurt and Nya Åland

It is agreed that the nations of Hassfurt and Nya Åland shall abide by the following agreement in the spirit of friendship and co-operation

1. Each capital shall play host to a recognised embassy with all the rights and privledges normally accorded such a establishment. Nations may also operate consulates in any city they feel would benefit from such an establishment.

2. Travellers visiting the other nation for non-business related purposes may do so visa free so long as their stay fulfills the following criteria.

a) The individual is not staying for longer than 21 days.
b) The individual has a valid return ticket
c) The individual has sufficent means to cover their stay without working.
d) The individual is not deemed a threat to national security.

3. In cases where an individual is travelling for educational purposes the visa free stay will be extended for the duration of their course so long as the following conditions are meet.

a) The individual has a place reserved on an accredited course of study.
b) The individual has means to cover the cost of their course either through private funds, scholarship or state funding.

4. Unprocessed materials may be traded between nations with no tariffs so long as the materials comply with local standards and laws.

5. Processed materials and manufactured items shall be traded tariff free after 16th November 2025. Should an item having first been imported into the other nation then be transferred to a third party nation the company responsible for the trade will be liable to paying a tariff to be agreed between the two nations.

6. Goods shall be classed as being manufactured in a nation if 75% or more of its processes are undertaken in that nation.

7. Nations agree to permit military exports between the two nations so long as onward sales do not take place without permission of the originating nation.

Signed ______________________________
Signed ______________________________

"I believe this should cover everything." Birgid showed the document to the pair from Hassfurt.

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As ever Finley saw his duty today more as a host than a diplomat. If the Aostan's were having a visit to the Cenneg then the fact they left thinking they had been welcomed was more important to him than any agreement they may reach. "Your Highness" despite technicalities saying he was of a higher rank and status Finley was also a genial host and so gave a slight bow as he greeted her. "Welcome to the gem of Ui Cenneslaig." He knew a reasonable crowd had gathered around the Lairds house entrance and so was hoping to put praise upon Auchallater which was a city he liked. It had none of the over the top grandness of many cities and its life here seemed simple. "Please come inside" the House was surrounded a walled garden which gave a sense of privacy and did some to keep of the brisk autumnal wind out that was coming from the sea. The King wasn't dressed for a regular state event either of course the kilt and spooron were being worn but instead of a smart suit jacket there was just a heavy duty white knitted sweater and a red checked shirt underneath. "I'm grateful that the Laird allowed me to use his house." The King accompanied the Princess into the dark grey stone three story building. Inside the house was simply furnished with old heavy duty oak furniture but attached to the back of the old building was a beautiful glass construction, the metal work inlaid with silver patterns. The Orangery had been erected in the early 1800's as the then Laird of Auchallater had developed an interest in growing plants from a warmer climate. Now though it was a comfortable lounge that gave a view up the steep hillside to the old ridiculous tower. The King had arranged for refreshment to be on the table and now offered the Princess a seat on a rather plush and deep sofa facing the hillside to give her the view. He waited for her to sit and then took up opposite her. "Now Princess I am excited to meet someone from your Empire finally. For a long time we've sat on opposite sides of the Alucard staring at each other." he poured drinks helping himself to a small whisky. "You talked about co-operation in your letter to us. That's not something we're against at all. I'm always happy to try and work with any nation willing to be a good and honest friend. So is there anywhere in particular that you see co-operation beginning?"

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The Cenneg backed Mundus Skies Observatory Programme has today unveiled a unique discovery about one of Ninurta's (Saturn) moons. The system features a network of Cenneg constructed and funded radio telescopes dotted across Mundus in several countries as close as Cantabria and as far away as Heyra , East Moreland and Quintelia among others. These radio telescopes are used for taking measurements of the universe and are capable, when connected together, of providing huge amounts of data. Researchers have for the last month or so been focusing a series of the telescopes on the moon seeking to discover more about the moon's atmospheric make up. The team have today confirmed that they have discovered cyclopropenylidene a rare molecule found only in labs on Mundus. Scientists at the Cenneg Space Programme are however excited about the discovery because it may be a precursor to more complex compounds that could form or feed possible life on the moon. This discovery is the first time the molecule has been found inside the atmosphere of a planetary body as it is usually found in dust clouds between star systems.  The moon is of interest to the Cenneg Space Programme as it is one of the few places in the solar system that they believe could be habitable as one of the programmes lead scientists explained, "We’re trying to figure out if the moon is habitable. So we need to know what compounds from the atmosphere get to the surface and whether that material can get through the ice crust to the ocean below, because we think the ocean is where the habitable conditions are. If we can see this particular one getting through the ice then I think that could be a good indicator that some form of life either does or once existed on the moon."

There is a scheduled project to send an atmospheric monitoring device to the moon in the next year as it had long been thought the moon could be home to rare molecules. The MSOP Network has been able to identify the presence of this molecule however it is impossible to say whether this is high up in the atmosphere or at ground level and according to scientists this could be the important factor. Professor Jack Daley who helped oversee the MSOP says the discovery shows just how useful the system is. "Previously we could only reliably find these types of molecules by sending probes or other landers. Now we can have an idea about what we'll find long before we get there. MSOP is working brilliantly and I hope we can extend it even further by adding more nations to our project."

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The city of Auchallater was famous for three things, the first was its pretty coastal nature that attracted day trippers from the hillsides around it. The second reason for its fame was it's McCulloch's Folley a pointless stone construction surrounding a pretty garden made by Duke Thomas McCulloch in the late 1800's simply to provide work for the local dock workers during the winter. The final reason was that Auchallater was well known by the Cenneg ws that it was the smallest city in the Kingdom. At just 25,000 people it was only a city by the fact that in the 1600's a King of Ui Cenneslaig had married a woman from the fishing port and in return granted it a royal charter. It did mean though that every now and again King Finley would visit the city for formal occasions. One thing it had never experienced though was a State visit. Today Finley was looking forward to welcoming those from the Empire of Aosta to the seaside charms.

Despite the cities small state it did infact have an airbase not too far up the road and that was the Aostan delegation would fly into before being brought down to the seafront where the King had taken over the Lairds house for the morning and was standing outside watched by the gathering locals to welcome his guests.

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