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Convention Centre / 1st International Atomic Security Conference
« on: April 27, 2021, 12:45:58 PM »
Dear Reader

It has been a difficult few days as I have been given the reigns of the Mundus Atomic Energy Agency. A few years ago we stood at a point in time where three nations held a metaphorical sledgehammer over Mundus, the ability to destroy whole cities in one single act of god-like violence. Thankfully through a combination of reforms, talks, international incidents and changes in technology we sit at a point where nuclear weapons are consigned to the pages of History. We have however seen cases where terrorists have not ruled out use of nuclear waste to wage their own acts of inhumanity and so we must be prepared to tackle such cases.

Security of atomic material also has a second concern. By ill-managed and ill-maintained procedures and equipment the use of such material can provide a risk to health and the environment. Even the improper care of things such as medical equipment like X-Ray machines can cause problems if not utilised correctly.

It is therefore my desire as MAEA President to oversee a conference in which MAEA members are able to put in place steps to achieve two aims. The first is ensure their own atomic security and the second is to put in place steps to help nations on the path to utilise atomic material to do so safely and securely. I therefore invite ALL NATIONS regardless of membership to the MAEA HQ in Rokkenjima to discuss the following.

1) Creation of a global response to atomic terrorism
2) Creation of an institute designed to help teach best practice
3) Creation of an accredited network of mentors.

It is our hope such actions will allow nations across Mundus to come together in the spirit of peace intended by the MAEA initially.

Dr. Ulf Gren
President of the MAEA

Diplomacy and Events / The Celts and The Dragons
« on: January 05, 2021, 12:24:21 PM »

To:-Dragon Emperor Tielin II

A border separates our nations but there is a huge gulf in terms of our languages, cultures and traditions. This gulf has sadly also been between our two people in terms of friendship and co-operation. With a new Dragon Emperor on the throne I believe there is every chance that we can look to close this gap. To the best of my knowledge there has never been a visit to Ui Cenneslaig by a Dragon Emperor and I am aware that as of yet you have yet to visit any other nation in an official capacity. I would therefore like to suggest that we find a location close to the borders of our two nations and meet face to face to discuss ways in which we can become more than just neighbours on a map but instead be true friendly neighbours.

I sincerely hope you accept this invitation and I am looking forward to meeting.

Best Regards

King Finley of Ui Cenneslaig

TV Shows / Rosendahl Report Episode 2 - Lodja
« on: October 11, 2020, 08:34:24 PM »

The second episode of the Rosendahl Report stays in Albion but this week heads East across the continent to visit Lodja. The Queendom of Lodja has in recent months found itself going through a series of crisis, first issues with corruption in the military and then following the arrest of General Ignat Kozlov a series of scandals followed the publication of a vast number of e-mails and leaks. These snippets of information saw the government begin steps towards reformation and just yesterday a new Conclave, Lodja's version of a cabinet, was announced with 73% of its members being made up of new comers to the nations highest government group. One of the few to survive the political culling was Lord Besarian Ivanov who has now served as the Lord of the Conclave, the equivalent of most nations Prime Minister for five years. During his time on the Conclave he has served three Queen's, he was a Minister under Queen Sonya before being promoted to the top job under Queen Viktoriya and now Queen Klara. We have him in the studio today to talk about the various reforms that have been discussed in the last few days.

Having now served in the government of three Queen's what would you say has been the most significant differences between the three reigns?

Its been a great honour to serve the Queens that I have. In terms of differences I was only part of Queen Sonya's government during her final 6 months and therefore we didn't actually do a great deal. At the age of 101 it was clear Queen Sonya was content to just be a supportive hand in that time and perhaps was just positioning people to help a new Queen. It was only when Viktoriya took over that I really had a chance to do anything. Viktoria was a very different Queen, she was full of a desire to have Lodja not just be part of the world but take a lead in several manners. There was a very clear influence from Sessifet and she used a strong hold over the Conclave to guide the decisions. I think though this also sadly created situations where some Ministers disliked the lack of power they had and therefore took to feathering their nest in other ways. Queen Klara though is very much about setting us tasks and then scrutinising the work we do, she has very much held people to account and now we see this with the broom taken to the Conclave.
The Queen has spoken of beginning to take a more hands on approach to controlling the faith of the nation. In a faith that believes the Goddess Sessifet resides within the Queen why has there been such a separation in the past and how do you think the Queen's new stance will change the nation?

We believe there is no seperation. Every word spoken by the Queen is either from Sessifet or has her approval. I think though the fact that previous Queen's have seen the need to focus on political matters and faith matters at different times drag their focus away from the spiritual as they have given the High Priestess more and more power to deal with religious issues. Traditionally the Queen would have put in place the head of every Temple however we haven't had that for a few decades now. There should be no seperation, Sessifet showed us how best to live and she still resides with us. We will see in the coming days I think the faith feature more prominently in decisions made by Queen Klara as even around the Palace we have seen a kind of change in her attitude to expecting a higher standard from those of us residing on the Island. I think those expectations will begin to filter down now.

With a clear division between Plebeians and Patricians in society how can your nation have a true meritocracy like Queen Klara has stated she hopes to create?

Every society has a hierarchy. Be that systems of nobility that many nations across the world have, for example East Moreland, Achkaerin etc or be it systems like Runavik where those hierarchies are fleeting as a select group of people are put in charge for several months at a time. For the world to function there has to be a hierarchy and that hierarchy works best when it gives people something to aim for. In Lodja that is a two tier system with ladders of hierarchy within each. Every single person gets a chance to climb based on their skills, hard work and intelligence. The Queen is now ensuring that rather than this taking generations for a family to raise an individual can do so in their own lifetime. The new conclave features several Plebeians and the upcoming election will I believe set a new precedent for the amount of influence they have.

In many ways Lodja has been seen as a bit of a laughing stock as of late, first with military issues, then corruption and now a list of scandals that has seen the King effectively exiled. How do you think Lodja can return to a position of respect in the global community?

I find that question rather insulting. Every nation has issues from time to time. Take for example a few weeks ago East Moreland, a nation renowned for its aeronautical ability lost one of their drones, we've seen Rokkenjima utilise their military for operations we would deem as taking a hammer to crack an egg. Our rank and file military are good people who work hard and had been let down by previous regimes. Over the last four or so years though they have busted their guts to improve and we saw in the recent exercise along the Cenneg and other TUNA nations that we can hang alongside other quality armed forces. The scandals we have seen are effectively hangovers from times past those involved have been doing those things for years if not decades in some cases. The fact we have clamped down on them and effectively outed the problems shows things have changed. The fact Lodja has, when needed, helped refugees, pioneered environmental policies and seen Queen Klara take a leading role in redrawing parts of the MCUR and Uppsala Convention, additionally creating TUNA which is a growing and effective economic and co-operative organisation. I don't think we have to return to a position of respect, I think we've always retained it among those we have worked with.

With that in mind we open the phone lines and studio floor to questions from journalists or individuals across Mundus.

OOC - Thanks to Libby. Next week it's Sultan Yahya IV of Waddan if you want to be Episode 4 get in touch on Discord.

TV Shows / Rosendahl Report Episode 1 - Runavik
« on: October 04, 2020, 08:38:10 PM »

"Runavik are a nation with some unique points. Their government which is run by what could effectively be classed as a lottery. Their Parliament posses a rather strange name, The Thing. Even this Thing has some rather unique rules including one that states a rather gruesome death awaits any President who sets foot there. They are a nation that shares many things with my homeland of Nya Åland , a language, major religious observance, traditions and a history that saw Ålanders help colonise the hundreds of islands that fan out towards the bitterly cold Hygelac. Over the past week or so the nation has faced a rather unique problem. A group calling themselves the Cross Island Republic of Gungniröar have taken control of three small, uninhabited islands and now claim to be a nation. So far several nations from across Mundus have given their condemnation of those belonging to the newly proclaimed nation including my homeland,  Aschlon and Paracambi. Yet to date the newest nation of Mundus appears to be unchallenged by Runavik itself. While normally a handful of settlers may be considered nothing other than zealots intent on carving out their own way of life this group has raised eyebrows for one simple reason, the word "Gungnir" appearing in their name.

For those unfamiliar with Norse culture Gungnir is the name given to spear carried by the God Odin. It is said to be so well balanced that it will strike any target no matter the skill nor strength of the holder. While the name Gungnir may to those considering themselves Odinists may not be a problem in itself the fact that it was adopted by a group of ultra-religious terrorists that has caused many to worry about this latest development of the Cross Island Republic who have taken the name and added the Norse "öar" to mean "Islands of Gungnir"

We spoke exclusively with the new nations self proclaimed President Elvar Odinsson.

If we understand that the name Gungnir has taken on some negative connotations across Mundus why did your group take the name to be part of your attempts to secure a homeland?

That is exactly why we had to. The terrorist group known as the Gungnir bring about chaos, death and destruction. They are more in tune with Loki than with Odin. It is important that the word Gungnir once more becomes connected with the idea of those doing the hard work of changing the world to better please Odin, but by following his mandates not destroying them. We share some commonalities with them such as a name, and the fact we all honour the Gods by taking names befitting Odin, however we do not believe in striking those who do not willingly change to our faith.

How would you respond to people such as Prime Minister Thatcher of Tytor who has stated they will stand against your new nation and any "which would deny rights presently guaranteed to the people at large?
Unlike nations such as Nya Åland or Aschlon we are not in a position where vast numbers of people from various backgrounds exist. We are currently a nation with a population of around 20 people. We are the smallest nation in the world. While nations such as say Royal Seleucid occupied land already inhabited by a foreign culture in the Iwi and sought to push that culture out of existence we have inhabited land no-one lives on. It is a limited amount of land and naturally a sensible immigration policy is needed. At this time I would find it very strange should a non-Odinist seek to move here to our island homes. Therefore our constitution reflects this. We however will not deny any individual in our nation the right to worship how they see fit. Wear what you wish, pray how you wish to who you wish. Odin is a big boy and doesn't care if you pray to Jesus, you will just sadly be disappointed when you die and that is not Odin's problem. All we have done so far is impose rules to citizenship and who can sit in government. This is no different to other nations. It is my understanding Heyra place stumbling blocks before people seeking citizenship, in their case the person needs deep rooted family connections to the land. East Moreland only permit those who have done military service to sit on their councils. A person moving to our nation will have just the same rights as a say Lodjain living in East Moreland.

Tonight we get the chance to sit with the President of Runavik, Mr.Tobin Grimwal. Thank you sir for joining us. Can we begin by asking why Runavik is so concerned about this new self proclaimed nation when they appear to be nothing more than religious fanatics desperate to have a simple life?

On the surface Krista that is exactly what they seem to be, harmless religious followers of Odin. However we have seen in the past other groups corrupt the name of the God for their own means. Our concern is that out of the roughly 100 islands that make up the island chain heading South West another 42 of them are currently not occupied on a full time basis. While they may not have any life on land it does not mean they are not valued by our nation. They allow us to create marine safe zones to allow fish stocks to boom, they allow us to enforce rules about wildlife migration such as birds and they present a central part of the nations economic structure. To allow all that good work, which forms part of extreme long term planning to be disrupted is unacceptable. Had this group come to us and stated they wished to reside on the islands we could perhaps have worked with them but that chance has passed.

Are we likely to see them moved by force?

We would like to avoid that. These islands are inhospitable, which is exactly why no one lived there. It is our belief that in time their support network will be needed and it won't be there. At that moment we naturally will step in and be able to evacuate them to safety. Until then we are exploring a simple containment policy. We though have not ruled out a more robust response should it be needed.

Having spoken to their leader he is keen to point out the differences between themselves and the terrorist group known as the Gungnir. Are you aware of any connection between the two?

I obviously can't say too much about the work of our nations intelligence agencies other than the fact that we plan on checking the background of each resident of these islands carefully. To date we have some concerns we are following up. Should they prove unfounded as we hope then our response can be substantially different. We will not show any support to people involved now or in the past with terrorism.

Your nation has a rather unique system of government and a switch in the make up of the Thing had just occured when this incident took place. Do you think that was planned?

Its very clear the effective re-colonisation of an island is no easy task. To get aircraft to get out there, to get the supplies they need and to prepare for what they will face once they arrive is something that you can't do in a day. It is our belief that this act has been in the makings for months, if not longer. We think a much larger number of people must have been in on it and we are trying to find how far this conspiracies roots have gone. The government is rather unique in how it is selected but I believe its the best way of selecting a government possible. With the rough comes the smooth and so we must accept a brief but neccessary transfer of authority with the Thing. This however can fall largely under my remit to deal with Foreign Policy and the Armed Forces so while I shall obviously work with The Thing I shall also be overseeing our response myself.

Each week as I interview someone we invite an audience to sit in with us. This is the part of the show where I throw open the floor and the phone lines to anyone who wishes to ask the President a question. While I've focused on the island situation the President has graciously agreed that no topic is off the table for discussion and so over to you?

TV Shows / The Rosendahl Report
« on: October 04, 2020, 05:43:32 PM »

Krista Rosendahl-Sunbrek was at one time a well respected actress from the Union of Nordic People who was already a prominent media figure before her relationship with the well respected Nord diploma and leader Willa Sunbrek came to light. The pair were married in 2015 after a relationship that began during their times as prominent members of the LGBT+ Rights movement. Sadly the marriage did not last long as Willa Sunbrek was among those in the U.N.P government who died during the Great Disaster. Over the last three or so years Krista has spent her time helping campaign for various causes as well as shifting focus to more factual TV content. Her new series see's her each week travel to a new location on Mundus to interview key individuals.

(OOC- See these as a kind of Ask Me Anything but done IC those willing to take part can be asked anything in an IC context.)

Week 1 - Sunday 4th October 2020 - President Tobin Grimwal of Runarvik
Week 2 - Sunday 11th October 2020 - Lord Besarian Ivanov of Lodja
Week 3 - Sunday 18th October 2020 - Sultan Yahya IV of Waddan

Others TBC

International News Networks / The Cantabria Courier
« on: August 06, 2020, 07:56:34 PM »


In May 2018 King Comegin of Cantabria was involved in a horrific car accident and was initially expected to not survive however he somehow was able to be taken off life support in August. His wife Queen Cait was granted control of the Kingdom for an initial 6 months as despite being out of danger Comegin was still incapable of ruling. Over the next few months it was revealed that the King had suffered a huge bleed on their brain and as a result had suffered what doctors described as "massive and irrepairable brain damage" This prompted the Dáil to name Queen Cait as Regent until her and Comegin's daughter Princess Esmeralda comes of age in 2029. This arrangement however needs to be reviewed every six months and once again the Dáil gave their approval. The vote passed 194-4 with, as usual, the descenting voices being members of the Republican Party.

The Queen later in the day visited the Headquarters of the Dáil to accept their support and stated, "I am grateful for your continued support. I hope that I can continue to be worthy of your trust.  Sadly my beloved husband is still struggling to even communicate with us but we pray daily that he will soon return to us." She also confirmed that in the coming days the Prince of Ui Cenneslaig, her nephew Prince Keane, would be arriving in the nation to begin a year studying at Tywysog Grammar School. Queen Cait explained, "As soon as Esmeralda turns 18 she will be marrying Keane, it means that just like in days of old the Kingdoms of Cantabria and Ui Cenneslaig will share monarchs. As the future King of Cantabria it is important that my nephew Keane gains an insight into life in Cantabria. Its an advantage I never had when I came from Ui Cenneslaig and wish I did."

The Queen's Regency will once again but reviewed and voted on by the Dáil in February 2021. 

Factbooks and Maps / Ríocht na Cantabria
« on: August 06, 2020, 05:22:51 PM »
OOC- This is a nation under the claim of Ui Cenneslaig. At present in 12 years time the son of King Finley (Prince Keane) marries the Princess of Cantabria meaning when King Finley dies Cantabria and Ui Cenneslaig become one Kingdom. However should something happen in the meantime the nations will naturally merge. 

Ríocht na Cantabria

Motto:-By valour and exertion
National Anthem:- Name of Anthem


A Kingdom that in the 13th Century became part of the Cenneg Kingdom. This situation persisted until the 1500's when the then King of Ui Cenneslaig lost the land to an uprising. In the late 1500's the new Kingdom of Cantabria and the Cenneg came to an agreement recognising each others existence and then since the 1600's the two Kingdoms have become firmer friends. MORE TO FOLLOW

Government Type:- Autocratic Monarchy
Population:-:- 11,627,234
Capital City:- Abertawe (1,679,342
Demonym:- Cantabrians


Currency:- The Pund
GDP per Capita:- $21,932
Unemployment Rate:- 3.3%
Main Industries:- Agriculture, Telecommunications, Brewing, Heavy Manufacturing Machinary


Ethnicity:- 70% Celtic, 20% Gael, 10% other
Languages:- Gaelic
Religions:- Celtic Paganism (60%) Celtic Christian (35%) Other (5%)
Average Life Expectancy:- 75 years


Head of State:- King Comeigen (medically incapable and so Queen Cait rules as Regent)
Head of Government:- The Tywysog - Richard Gowan
Name of Legislative Body:- The Dáil

Diplomacy and Events / UC invite to TUNA
« on: July 25, 2020, 08:58:43 PM »

Dear TUNA members

We would like to invite you to join our Naval and Air Forces for a series of manoeuvres in the Alucard. These exercises are designed to practice procedures for various naval scenarios. While this exercise is a regular even we believe it would interesting to have the input of several other nations.

We hope you accept this invitation.

King Finley

Diplomacy and Events / Odinist chat with Manists
« on: May 31, 2020, 07:10:20 PM »


As no doubt you will be aware the Council of Albion have managed to provisionally secure talks between the various factions involved in the Merina Civil War. I understand that forces from your nation have been involved either directly or indirectly with government forces in this conflict. I understand that no real formal relationship exists between the Odinist Republic and your Empire however we have at times found ourselves singing from the same hymn sheet so to speak. We both supported the idea of Zimalian sovereignty against Rokkenjima and we both have supported various projects supporting the Zimalian people. I think then that despite our many differences we still both desire the best for people in the world. I am therefore writing to you to ask for your support with these talks between the government of Merina, the various factions against them and the nations of their continent, Albion. With that respect we have asked all sides as a gesture of goodwill to observe a ceasefire while talks are ongoing, with that in mind I would request that Tamoran forces engaged in any capacity in Merina cease their activities while talks are on going. I believe that by doing this we have the best opportunity to achieve a lasting and meaningful peace for the people of Merina. Your Majesty can be assured that the representatives of our Republic shall be doing their best to ensure that whatever agreement is reached it is one that supports the needs and the wishes of the Merinan people.

With Odin's Blessings

Stein Ulfsson
Head Gothi

Economics and Industry / Culrain branching out
« on: May 25, 2020, 09:58:15 PM »

To:- The government of SCIR

Culrain is one of the more modern whiskey distillaries within Ui Cenneslaig having been founded in 1976. We are looking to create new and exciting oppurtunities for our brand to expand its market and its appeal. As such we would like to enquiry whether, having heard of factory units avaliable for purchase, a distillary or similar unit may be purchased. We would require this to be in a rather rural setting and if possible on a river or lake. It is our intention to at first make only whiskey however we may diversify into other endeavours depending on the success of our new SCIR brands that will be developed. We look forward to working in your country hopefully in the near future.

Best Regards

Sarah Culrain
Executive Brand Officer

International Organisations / CNN Conference 2020
« on: May 14, 2020, 06:42:46 PM »

In accordance with the CNN Charter a meeting shall take place at the CNN HQ at the Cabra Estate just outside Claith. The meeting shall feature the following agenda.

Quote from: Agenda

1. Review and Additions to the charter

2. Security Review

3. Education Review

4. CNN Festival

5. CNN Space Operations

6. Criminal Procedures Review

7. Humanitarian Review

8. Future of the CNN

9. AOB - Please state

The Cenneg delegation

King Finley - Head of State
Princess Una - Foreign Affairs Advisers
Taoiseach Cadoc MacKenzie - Head of Government
Professor Lee McRae - Director of Cenneg Space Programme
Seth McFinn - Minister of Defence
Jasper McMinn - Minister of Finance
Philip O'Neale - Minister of Culture

Diplomacy and Events / A Prince Investigates
« on: April 30, 2020, 11:09:21 AM »


To:- Reverned Mother Erin McGregor

It is my belief that the ongoing situation my Kingdom finds itself in is one that must end. We are proud to be a place of origin and refuge for the Celtic people of your faith. However we are also proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people and government of East Moreland. At the moment these two stances are hard to exist simultanously. As such I am proposing that my Kingdom acts to seek to end the stand off between King David and yourself. I am mindful however this can not be done without addressing the extremely serious allegation of members of your faith seeking to gain access to nuclear waste in East Moreland, as well as having been involved in acts of assassination within that Kingdom and also kidnapping the East Moreland ambassador to Kaitaine. With this in mind I would like to ask you to publically allow my brother Prince Lennox to investigate the attempted theft of nuclear waste as well as the involvement in a shoot out in East Moreland which implicated Truthsayers. I believe that if my brother can publically demonstrate a distance between yourself and the incidents then I am in a position where I can persuade East Moreland to at best support the Bene Gesserit faith, while at worst end their intelligence sharing deal with the government of Kaitaine. I believe you would find even the worst result beneficial.

I am more than willing to meet with yourself to discuss the issue but firmly believe this is both a wise and neccessary course of action.

Gods Blessings
King Finley

Diplomacy and Events / Finley and Heydar Get Together
« on: March 21, 2020, 08:14:17 PM »

To His Majesty King Heydar of Royal Seleucid

It has become clear over the last few months that despite your best efforts to secure the approval of a leading member of the Cult of Helus in regards to the Celtic Protectorate. We have however seen a change in the situation there which has been witnessed by several outside observers. With that in mind I believe it is neccessary for us to discuss the situation face to face and consider the route we take towards the 2026 deadline.

I hope you will accept my invitation for you or one of your representatives to come to Claith and meet face to face so that we may resolve these issues in a equitable manner.

Best Regards

King Finley of Ui Cenneslaig.

Diplomacy and Events / Mundus Skies Observatory Project (MSOP)
« on: March 19, 2020, 10:30:34 PM »
To the Nations of Mundus

Several years ago the Cenneg Space Programme began a project to utilise radio telescopes to acquire unparalleled images of the solar system. It was our aim to create the largest astronomical interferometer network capable of bringing together an array of separate telescopes, mirror segments, or radio telescope antennas to function as a single telescope to provide higher resolution images of astronomical objects such as stars, nebulas and galaxies by means of interferometry. To date this has seen several systems erected in Ui Cenneslaig, Cantabria, Lodja, East Moreland, Heyra and Quintelia[1]. This has allowed us to undertake work on a scale very few nations have been able to. We however wish to further expand the network as it is only by increasing coverage that we can develop more detailed and better focused images that will help us learn about our solar system. With this in mind we have secured funding to help expand the network across Mundus.

We are offering the following.

1. The Cenneg Space Agency will fund 80% of the cost of the required array (Total Cost is $24,500,000, UC pay $19,200,000, host nation pays $4,900,000)

2. Once constructed the array will be avaliable to scientific team from the host nation for 90 calender days per year. This will allow host nations to carry out their own work.

3. Once constructed the array shall be paired with an University from the host nation. Students from that University may observe any work being carried out at the array so long as it is cleared before hand to avoid overcrowding.

4. The Cenneg Space Agency shall make avaliable to all host nations data gathered from the whole array network.

Host nations however must agree to the following.

1. Two members of the Cenneg Space Agency per array must be permitted to reside in the nation.

2. The array equipment shall remain the property of the Cenneg Space Agency.

3. The land the array is built in so shall be given rent free to the Cenneg Space Agency for 50 years.

4. Access for maintainence must be given to staff from the Cenneg Space Agency.

Should you be interested in becoming involved in this project we would require the following.

1. A location away from major urban areas.

2. A location away from major flight paths.

3. Preferably a location well above sea level.

We are more than happy to sit down and discuss the project with any nation or interested party. There are no limits to the number of arrays we could establish in any nation.

Those interested should contact Professor Jack Daley to arrange a meeting.

OOC- For reference purposes this is what a group of arrays looks like.
 1. I believe this is an accurate list

Diplomacy and Events / Making Mundus Blind
« on: March 01, 2020, 09:20:03 PM »
The landscape of northern Nya Åland was a mixture of thick forest and valleys full of snow. It was a place where if you really wanted isolation it was easy to find and it was a place where reindeer herders would go weeks without seeing outsiders. It was here among the forest that a small two log cabin complex was situated, here the residents lived off the land, the forest provided the fuel for heating and cooking, it provided the game for meat, the roots and vegetables helped suppliment their small homestead farm and the river close by meant fish was never often off the menu. The only needs they had from the outside came every two weeks flown in by small plane that landed on the nearby lake and was meet with sledge dogs. The early morning barking indicated that it was feeding time for the huskies that worked for the residents as transport. The only other early morning sound was the gentle buzz of the diesel generator that provided them with the small home comforts. This morning though it was a little different a group of five men sat around a series of homemade devices consisting of a home made antena, a long mass of copper wire and even a few PVC pipes. The sound of a cordless drill mingled with the dogs and generator as the group put their finishing touches to things. A series of numbers were read out and the homemade device attached to the telescope mounting swung into the correct position. "That's the spot. Power on." A man instructed and a switch was flicked. "We now just wait." It would be several hours before they knew one way or another whether it would work.

At the command and control centre of Nya Åland#s military they were getting various communications from embassies around the world. There was a ritual that happened every 12 hours that the embassies across Mundus would use the nations satellite communication systems to relay reports. Often they were just updates as to big news going on in the nation, political rumours or just health updates of the staff. It was getting close to the time and the bank of the various operators ready to note down what was going on. They hit the window for communication and then the first voice came in. "Hi, Krokom, this is Jan in Claith" the familiar voice began.

"Hi Jan" the operators on either end tended to recognise each others voices after so many days. "Ready for your report."

"Excellent......" there was nothing.

"Hello Jan."........"Jan are you reading me."........"Claith come in" There was nothing, not even static. As the operator looked down the line of operatives he saw several puzzled faces and removed one headphone from his ear. Similar conversations were being asked and then one at a time they pressed the button to alert the watch supervisor. As the suited man appeared from his office his eyes widened as he saw this wasn't just one operative reporting that the ambassador of somewhere like Zimalia was worried about the latest disease outbreak this was across the board. He headed into his office and picked up the phone and got in touch with his technical teams, they had already picked up on the problem as the Air Force who were on exercise in the Alucard had lost comms, additionally the Joint Nordic Space Programme had lost contact with one of their probes. Then an hour later just as suddenly as it had been lost everything returned to normal.

Out in the forest of the North a phone rang and Ragnar Odinsson, Head Gothi of the Gungnir picked up the phone. "Sir, it worked."

"Excellent. Thank you Anja" the man hung up having heard from Anja Odinsson, a member of the JNSP team and a devoted member of the Gungnir who had been instructed to be the eyes and ears for this particular effort.

Ragnar headed back into the log cabins communal area where men and women who had devoted themselves to returning the  Nya Åland nation back to the true ways of Odin. Weapons were being cleaned, on a table a woman was sewing damaged clothing while a younger girl, maybe 16 years of age, was chopping up meat to be used to bait traps to catch fish and game. It was all about being as self-sufficient as possible and the Gungnir were great at it. "Brothers and Sisters." Ragnar announced loudly. "We have been successful. We will soon be ensuring no foreign transmissions enter the sacred land of Odin. Soon we shall make them as blind as Höðr.

OOC- Written by Dave

"This morning's exercise is a simple one. You're going to take the RHIB, head out to the buoy in the middle of the bay. You'll find a waterproof bag padlocked to it. I want you to grab the bag and bring it back to shore." The sun was just raising over Red Base, the training area operated most of the year by East Moreland's elite Red Legion and designed to replicate an old fishing village, mainly due to the fact that at one time it was. Major Ryan Miller briefed the men, this case mainly probationers just recently out of selection.

"Simple" Sgt. Simon Grant exclaimed.

"Yeah....problem being everyone not in the RHIB is going to try and stop you bringing it to me in my office. They'll be locked in the barn until I give them permission to leave. I'll be watching from the lighthouse. Now everyone go and get your gear on." Miller finished briefing his team and made himself a cup of tea while the others set up their gear for the exercise. With the steaming brew made the Major picked up some cake and jam and plodded up to the top of the lighthouse where his giant spotting scope was waiting. "RHIB team you have a go."

Beneath him he saw the RHIB begin its mile long trip out into the bay and waited for it to reach the marker buoy. He picked up his radio and satellite radio set and told the team in the bar to go. The whole exercise was being monitored back home at Red HQ in Aldfield. He grinned to himself as he watched the men on the boat struggle with the bag, he'd given them the wrong padlock key on purpose. He took a swig of his brew and returned to the scope, he guessed by now the reception team would be taking up positions. He couldn't help but laugh as he saw Sgt. Grant stood bellowing at his probationers while extending his arm towards the lighthouse with his middle finger raised clearly now aware of the trick Miller had played, "improvise, adapt and overcome." Miller said to himself as he watched a probationer take out a knife and hack their way into the bag. Now the RHIB was back underway but rather than heading towards the base it was heading up the coast, clearly planning a flanking move. He stood and looked around and couldn't see any of the men below, that was promising as they'd clearly found a good ambush position. Thirty minutes later he could make out the first of Grant's men closing on the village complex and still nothing. Soon the team where within touching distance of the barn, not a shot fired. Something had clearly gone wrong.

Miller made his way down and entered the barn, the team where still in there going over weapons drills and checking gear. "What the hell you doing here." He was shocked they'd done nothing.

"You never called." an NCO informed him.

"I certainly did." The annoyed officer exclaimed. After a brief back and forth Miller unclipped his radio. "Red Home this is Nordic Red, did you get my call" nothing came back. "Red Home come in please" Once more nothing, not even static. "Get everyone geared up and in an all round defence." Miller ordered and instantly the men grabbed their gear and headed off into the complex in a well rehearsed pattern. Meanwhile Miller went and picked up a traditional land line and phoned his contacts at the Nya Åland Special Forces Mjölnir HQ. He was informed they'd no idea of anything going down in East Moreland but that they'd lost comms too. It seemed like something was going down but the idea of what was still a mystery.

OOC - Anyone else who is in Nya Åland and using satellite communications equipment can assume they lost contact for approx 4 hours.

Non Fiction / Kris' Guide to Odinism
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Odinism has featured as a RolePlay issue recently and more nations on here are becoming "Pagan" in their religions origin. I therefore have put together a guide to what "Odinism" is in the 21st Century. If you go around the internet it often has far right conetations but like most world religions this is because it has been hijacked to serve others goals.

My real name is Kristoffer Hysen and I am a real life Odinist and I've tried to make this guide one relevant to the religions many views in the 21st Century.


Many people will call Odinism a "Neo-Pagan" religion. Odinists will dispute this as despite Christianity gaining a majority following in Europe Odinism has always existence. You will also find people calling is "Wodinism" "Wotanism" and various other regional spellings. More accurately we should perhaps call ourselves "Norse Pagans" but this usually takes much more explaining than using a term such as Odinist.

Some followers of Odinism see it as a religion while others, like myself see it more as a moral code, a little like many will perceive Buddhism.

Essentially an Odinist will worship several deities of which Odin is the lead one.


This again is varied and depends very much on the individual. Those who view it as a religion believe that what I am about to describe is almost historical fact, others who see the religion more as a moral guide view thee things more as a metaphor for how to live life and an example to follow.

NOTE - Many people use the term Giant for the potaganists in Norse Mythology, a better term would be Devourer from the original Old Norse word "jötnar". If you read things on the internet you are more likely to come across the term giant so I have used that for the guide.

a)The Creation Story

In the beginning their was only an abyss called Ginnungagap which separated the homeland of elemental fire, known as Muspelheim and elemental ice known as Niflheim. When these two elements finally meet in the abyss water droplets formed into Ymir, a God like giant. Ymir was a hermaphrodite and could reproduce asexually; when he sweated, more giants were born. Eventually the cow Audhumbla emerged from the ice and gave sustenance to the giants. Meanwhile Audhumbla licked the ice and uncovered the first of the Aesir tribe of Gods Buri. In time Buri married the daughter of a giant and they had children, this was Odin and his two brothers Vili and Ve (many believe these brothers a just personifications of Odins charectoristics and their names translate to "Will" and "Sanctity"

As the Aesir became victims of the Giants brutality Odin and his brothers killed Ymir. They fashioned the world from his corpse. The oceans where formed from his blood, his skin and muscles became the soil, hair became vegetation , brain became clouds and his skull the sky. Odin then created the first man and woman, Ask and Embla, from two tree trunks, and built a fence around their dwelling-place, Midgard, to protect them from the giants.

b) Two Tribes of Gods

According to the stories there are two tribes of Gods. The Aesir are the older and more well known Gods. Amongst their number are Odin, Thor, Frigg, Tyr, Loki, Baldur, Heimdall, Idun, and Bragi. They dwell in Asgard which is one of the Nine Worlds located on the highest, sunniest branches of the world-tree Yggdrasil. While it is generally accepted that Odin is their leader a few followers believe that role was originally occupied by Tyr.

A younger pantheon of Gods exist known as the Vanir. The most well known of these are Freya, Freyr and Njord. Their home is Vanaheim, one of the Nine Worlds held within the branches of the world-tree Yggdrasil. Much less is known of the Vanir in terms of literary study.

Legend tells that the Aesir became jealous of Freya's ability to alter the course of destiny and as such tried to murder her. Three times they burnt her alive and three times she was reborn from the ashes. As such a war broke out between the two groups. The Aesir using honourable warfare while the Vanir used magic and underhand tricks. Eventually a truce was called and as was custom the sides exchanged hostages. Freya, Freyr and Njord went to live with the Aesir while Hoenir and Mimir lived with the Vanir.

c)End of Time

This is known as Ragnarok, it is a time in the future during which the cosmos is destroyed and is subsequently re-created. At some time in the future the Giants will return and break through the fortifications of the world. Hence Odin is gathering his army ready for that day. The God Heimdall will be first to see the Giants and will blow the horn signalling the start of the battle to end the world. Fenrir, the great wolf, will run across the land with his lower jaw on the ground and his upper jaw in the sky, consuming everything in between. Even the sun itself will be dragged from its height and into the beast’s stomach. The Gods will fight valiantly and many will die such as Thor who will die fighting a giant serpent. All the World will be destroyed leaving just Ginnungagap once again. At this time the God Baldur will return from the underworld and start the process all over again.

d) The Nine Worlds

These are the homelands of the various types of beings. They live in worlds held in the branches and roots of the world-tree Yggdrasil.

In no particular order (because scholars disagree on it) they are

Midgard, the world of humanity
Asgard, the world of the Aesir tribe of gods and goddesses
Vanaheim, the world of the Vanir tribe of gods and goddesses
Jotunheim, the world of the giants
Niflheim, the primordial world of ice
Muspelheim, the primordial world of fire
Alfheim, the world of the elves
Svartalfheim, the world of the dwarves
Hel, the world of the eponymous goddess Hel and the dead.


Odinists use the stories of the Gods as inspiration on how to lead their lives. As such there are probably hundreds of stories relating to the Gods, far too many to go into here. However an excellent resource for the stories can be found here. They are the basic very easy follow versions that require no knowledge of Odinism.


As such there are no religious texts such as a Bible or Torah. Most Odinists use the epic poem Hávamál(roughly meaning "Words of the High One" and thought to have been written by Odin) as a moral compass. The second text used by many is the Vafþrúðnismál (pronounced Mafbruismail) which is an epic poem of a conversation between Odin, Frigg and Vafþrúðnir about the creation of the cosmos and humanity.

In some cases Odinist use many of the ancient saga's contained within epic poetry. Many of these can be found in what is refered to as the Poetic Edda, which is part of a large Codex discovered in Iceland but thought to be a collection of minstrels songs, poems and writings.


Despite some variation the majority of Odinists follow these Nine Noble Virtues.

1. Courage - This does not need be the courage in battle. Standing up for what you believe in or what you feel is right is also considered courage

2. Truth - This goes beyond simply not lying. It is a challenge to investigate the true nature of the World and as such a true Odinist values knowledge in many fields.

3. Honour - This is our value, when we do good things we gain honour for ourselves and our family, likewise when we do bad we lose honour. It is our honour that we become known by to the Gods and our descendents.

4. Loyalty - This means standing by your family, friends and your community. This is also taken into marriage and loyalty to your wife/husband is considered one of the most important bonds.

5. Discipline / Strength - There is debate about the true name for this virtue. It is the moral strength or discipline to do what is right. It is also the discipline to do your best in all things.

6. Hospitality - This means several things. First it is to offer whatever you have to guests in your home and treat them as part of your family. In a wider societal sense it means to look out for each other, offer protection and share what you have with the fortunate. Some Odinists replace the word Hospitality with Charity.

7. Self-Reliance - All that are able are to use skills we have learnt to provide for ourselves and our family. We should also look to ever expand our knowledge, skills and abilities to ensure we can best look after ourselves.

8. Industriousness - In any task you should work hard to complete whatever challenge has been set before you.

9. Perseverance - This means not stopping if you fail. We believe that we will fail many times and that we should carry on until we complete our tasks in life.


Again there is no set method of worship. Infact many Odinist do not recognise Priests/ Priestess instead referring to a Gothi, who is usually a member of the Odinist community considered well read and respected enough to lead other followers in rituals and rites.

Odinists do not pray as such, by this I mean we do not ask God for anything. We give thanks to the Gods for what we have and we strive to be like them. So prayer in a way is through our daily actions trying to follow the example of the Gods rather than praising or asking them for things. An Odinist will not ask the Gods for forgiveness, they instead will make an Oath to do better and hope that pleases them. I guess a good description would be "Actions not Words."

Odinists celebrate several key festivals through the year

Yule, the popular Festival of Mid-Winter heralds the beginning of the Odinist year. It is the birthday of the unconquered sun, which at this time begins to come back after its autumnal decline whenThe Mid-Winter Festival includes the Twelve Nights of Yule, encapsulating the twelve months of the year in miniature, and culminates in the celebration of Twelfth Night.

Summer Finding, in March, is the Festival of Odin. It celebrates the renewal, or resurrection, of Nature after the darkness of winter. Some believe that it was transformed by the Christians into their Easter (named after the Odinist Goddess of the Saxons, Ostara

The Midsummer Festival, the Feast of Balder, is the great celebration of the triumph of light and the sun.

Winter Finding mourns the death of summer and heralds the coming of autumn. It is dedicated to the god Frey, patron of the harvest, and is also sometimes called the Charming of the Fruits of Earth, when we render thanks for the years supply of life-giving foods.

The main method of worship is through meeting with other Odinists, sharing hospitality with them and attempting to advance your knowledge of the faith and do good things for your community. Quiet often these meetings are referred to as "Shield Halls"


a) What do Odinists believe about marriage? Marriage is one of the most sacred oaths you can take and should only be entered into seriously. Should a marriage fail divorce is permitted as an unhappy marriage is a lie.

b) What happens when we die? Every human is made of three parts. The first is the physical body, this is created out of matter and when we die it is destroyed, becomes matter again and is reused. The second part is the human soul, this is what determines who we are and how we act, should we live a good life we will stand beside the Gods in Valhalla or Fólkvangr. If we lead a poor life we will go to the Shadowlands. We also contain a God Soul which is our living spark. When we die this is reborn within a new creation thus connecting us with our land, folk and family.

c) How are women viewed in Odinism? Women have the same standing as men, many of the Gods we worship are female and carry out vital roles within the religion. Women can become Gothi just as easily as men.

d)What is the Odinist view of homosexuality? - This is quiet a heated debate within Odinism. In the story of Thor and him losing his hammer he dresses as the Goddess Freya and marries a male giant. This seems to indicate that the Gods had no problem with same sex marriage or transgender. A form of magic known as seiðr is thought to be a woman only practice yet Odin is the only male to have used it. In another story Loki turned himself into a mare and, after having sex with the stallion Svaðilfari, gave birth to a foal Meanwhile the saga's contain many stories of the Gods exacting revenge if accused of being a "passive" partner in homosexual congress.

Convention Centre / The Mundus Hygelac Lab
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If there are two things Ålanders know well it is the cold and science. For years now the Ålanders have felt a special connect to Hygelac from the time when the Toshikawans, determined to test nuclear weapons here, backed down once it was announced our scientists refused to evacuate. This lead first the formation of the smallest recognised nation on Mundus, The Odnist Republic of Hygelac, an area of less than 1km2 in the centre of the river that runs through Krokom, a nation that has a population of less than 1,000 citizens and acts more as a reminder and beacon for the protection of this vital region.

It is with this closeness to the region and love for it that we wish to see the area used responsibily for scientific research and at the same time understand some nations may lack the funding, resources, technical know how or experience to undertake research there. It is with this in mind that The Odnist Republics of Nya Åland and Hygelac wish to establish a Mundus wide lab. Inspired in some way by the recent East Moreland inflatable space lab we wish to construct a modular and moveable research station which we shall open out to be used by other nations. It is our hope that we can expand our knowledge of the planet as well as helping nations or individuals with a desire to conduct peaceful scientific research to do so.

The project will cost $50 million and we have so far accumulated  just over half of that from government funds. We invite in the first instance nations who have not established research stations in Hygelac or Hrothgar to apply for part of the project. A permanent spot at the station will be given should a nation or individual contribute $1million. Should organisations such as for example the CNN wish to purchase a spot then they may also apply. For the first 30 days we will not accept applications from businesses only national governments, regional organisations and university institutes.

IF you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Nordic Research Alliance[1].
 1. A group made up of various scientific bodies and organisations running in Nya Åland but subsidised by government funds with some private partnerships.

Sporting Hub / Rugby World Cup 2019
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While the teams may have arrived in the two nations before proceeding to their training camps the day of the Opening Ceremony saw them all head to Claith, the capital of Ui Cenneslaig. Canan Park may have been more acustomed to the Gaelic sports but today it was a mass of rugby shirts. The stadium stood next to the river and teams were brought to the stadium via ships, each with a huge flag from their nation at the front of their vessel. As they had arrived for the first time in Claith each team had been presented with kilts made from a newly designed tartan, each unique to their nation and even entered into the official Cenneg Register of tartans. So now as teams arrived some, such as East Moreland had opted to don their hosts national attire. The teams were escorted into the arena through a guard of honour made up of school children, each representing one of the clans from Ui Cenneslaig or Cantabria waving the assorted national flags.

Once everyone had arrived and taken their seats. King Finley and his sister Queen Cait entered and took their seats just above the players tunnel. The opening ceremony was as one would expect from the Celts a variety of Highland Dancing, Pipe Playing and demonstrations of some of the nations traditional games such as the Cabre toss and other such sports. It was then that the trophy itself was brought into the arena before a lone piper accompanied each nations captain to the centre circle. Once assembled the two monarchs entered the playing field and greeted each before presenting each with a silver minted four leaf clover. "On behalf of the Kingdoms of Ui Cenneslaig and Cantabria we welcome you all to the World Cup and hope that we enjoy over the next few weeks a great spectre of sporting excellence." Queen Cait addressed the crowd.

Finley looked a final time at the paper in his hand to reassure himself of the traditional words.

"May your blessings outnumber
The Shamrocks that grow
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.

May luck be a friend to ye,
And be with ye in all yer days,
And may trouble be to ye,
A stranger, always"

The pipers who had played for each captain now formed a flanking corridor around the monarchs and the captains before piping them off and down the tunnel ready for the first game to begin.

Character Guides / The Cenneg
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Code: [Select]
[td][img]http://URL OF IMAGE GOES HERE[/img][/td]
[td]What's your name?[/td]
[td]What titles/roles do they have?[/td]
[td]Year of Birth[/td]
[td]Where and When[/td]
[td]Positions Held[/td]
[td]Think career history[/td]
[td]Who do they have?[/td]
[td]Links to Important events?[/td]
[td]WHat have they done[/td]
[td]Tell us about them[/td]

Convention Centre / Mundus Atomic Energy Agency (MAEA)
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To the nations of the World.

Following interest by several nations regarding the establishment of an agency to oversee and support international developments regarding Atomic Energy it is my delight to present the following document for consideration by the international community.

Quote from: DRAFT

1. The nations signing this treaty agree to the formation and maintainence of the Mundus Atomic Energy Agency, (hereinafter referred to as "the Agency) based on acceptance of all parts of this treaty.

2. The Agency shall seek to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity throughout the world. It shall not knowingly involve itself in any measure designed to use atomic energy for military purposes.

3. The Agency is authorised by its members to carry out the following duties.

i) Encourage and assist with research, development and practical application of, atomic energy for peaceful uses throughout the world.
ii) Act as an intermediary for the purposes of securing the performance of services or the supplying of materials, equipment, or facilities by one member of the Agency for another.
iii) To make provision to help less economically developed nations access the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes
iv) To foster the sharing of technical and scientific data relating to Atomic Energy.
v)  To encourage the exchange and training of scientists and experts in the field of peaceful uses of atomic energy
vi) To put in place safeguards to ensure expertise, material, services or equipment provided by the Agency are not used for military purposes.
vii) To put in place safeguards to ensure the use of atomic energy is safely monitored.
viii) To acquire, establish and maintain any facilities deemed necessary for the fulfilment of  the Agencies role.

4. In order to fulfil its duites the Agency shall;

i) Act in a manner to promote peace and co-operation.
ii) Maintain a record of all known fissionable materials held by member nations.
iii) Establish teams of inspectors to ensure compliance with this treaty.
iv) Publish quarterly reports of its activities.
v) not make assistance to members subject to any political, economic, military, or other conditions incompatible with the provisions of this charter.
vi) at all times seek to respect the sovereignty of all nations.

5. Any nation willing to abide by all articles of this treaty shall be considered members and granted all the rights and responsibilities contained within it.

6. The Agency shall establish a General Conference which shall give each nation one seat which may be filled by a representative of their choosing. The General Conference shall be based at the Headquarters of the Agency which shall be in ????????????. Each member of the Conference shall have one vote. The General Conference may discuss any questions or any matters concerned in this Charter. Recommendations may be passed with a majority of voting nations. The approval of the General Conference must be gained before the Agency undertakes any tasks laid out in Article 3. The General Conference shall elect a President to act on behalf of the General Conference.

7. The President of the Agency shall represent the General Conference in discussions with nations and shall report back to the General Conference before any decisions are taken. The President shall serve for two years but may be re-elected

8. The General Conference shall elect a Chief of Staff who shall oversee the day to day tasks of the Agencies staff. The Chief of Staff shall serve for four years and may be re-elected. The staff shall include such qualified scientific and technical and other personnel as may be required to fulfill the objectives and functions of the Agency. The Agency shall be guided by the principle that its permanent staff shall be kept to a minimum. Staff shall not seek or receive instructions from any source external to the Agency.  They shall not disclose any industrial secret or other confidential information coming to their knowledge by reason of their official duties for the Agency.


a) Each member should make available such information as would, in the judgement of the member, be helpful to the Agency.
b) Each member must make available to the Agency all scientific information developed as a result of assistance extended by the Agency.
c) The Agency shall assemble and make available in an accessible form the information made available to it under paragraphs A and B of this article.


a) Each member nations shall maintain a record of material capable of producing more than 25 RAD.
b) Each member nation shall be able to surrender to the agency such materials with 30 days notice.
c) The Agency shall maintain facilities to store such materials.
d) Members may only transfer materials to other member nations. Such a transfer must take place through the Agency. The Agency shall collect the materials and these shall be handed to the recieving nation no earlier than 14 days later.
e) The Agency may at 48 hours notice inspect any facility recorded as containing material capable of producing more than 25 RAD.
f) The Agency may at 24 hours notice inspect any facility recording as containing material capable of producing more than 100RAD.
g) The Agency may with no notice inspect any facility recorded as containing material capable of producing more than 200RAD.
h) Nations must ensure that their storage facilities are safeguarded against;

i)hazards of the weather,
ii)unauthorized removal or diversion,
iii)damage or destruction, including sabotage.
iv)forcible seizure.

I) Nations found to be in breach of e,f,g or h will no longer be permitted to receive materials from the Agency.
J) In storing its own materials the Agency shall ensure the geographical distribution of these materials in such a way as not to allow concentration of large amounts of such materials in any one country or region of the world.


a)  The Agency may inspect any specialised equipment or facilities concerned with the production of nuclear electricty. This is to ensure it conforms to international safety standards and is being used for peaceful means.

b) The Agency may enforce any internationally recognised Health and Safety conventions.

c) The Agency may view any facilities operating records to assist in ensuring accountability of materials.

d) The Agency may view and observe procedures involving the by products and waste of nuclear facilities.

e) The Agency may dispatch to any member inspectors to visit any facility as outlined in this charter. Inspection teams must consist of at least ten members drawn from at least four nations. Inspectors may speak with anyone they deem suitably qualified or employed in areas utilising nuclear material.

f) The Agency may inspect any other facility or materials approved by the General Conference.

g) Any nation deemed by inspection teams as interfering in these processes will lose its right to be transferred nuclear materials or equipment.


a) The Treaty may be amended at any time by approval of two thirds of General Conference voting members.

b) Any nation deemed to be breaking this charter may be suspended with the approval of two thirds of General Conference voting members. Upon suspension the right to receive material is lost.

c) A suspended nation may at any point petition for its suspension to be lifted only if it has first presented evidence of full complience with this charter.

d) A nation may withdraw from this charter at any time having first given at least 60 days notice.

e) A nation may re-enter the Agency at any time by resigning the Charter.

Signed _____________________

Nations are therefore invited to attend a meeting in Krokom co-chaired by Head Gothi Stein Ulfsson and Grand Duke Hugo Lascelles. Additions, amendments or even complete re-drafts of this charter are more than welcome.


With Odin's Blessings

Stein Ulfsson
Head Gothi

May The Gods Watch Over You and Your Nation Know Peace

Grand Duke Hugo Lascelles of Bakkermaya.

The Head Gothi's residence at Ulmberg had been a hive of activity over the last few days. The old countryhouse had seen the Head Gothi and Grand Duke get a crash course in nuclear safety and together with a herd of lawyers, scientists and other advisers they had penned the Charter that was now sat in front of them. They'd greeted the various delegates representing the nations of Mundus and having handed everyone a copy, a leather bound folder and got them sat around the table it was time to begin.

Ulfsson, the Head Gothi stood. "I am speaking only because of the actions of the Grand Duke here. I am grateful for the recognition of my people's role in science and research but nervous at the pressures he has put us under. I believe the initial proposal to make Mundus a place free of nuclear weapons is noble and wish to place on record my thanks to East Moreland, Rokkenjima and Achkaerin for taking the steps to make that happen. However non of us except the All Father can see the future and so we must take matters into our own hands. We have a Charter proposal here that we think allows a treaty on non-proliferation to be enforced and more importantly does not limit the development of peaceful uses of nuclear material. I pray Odin gives us enough wisdom to make this work." He sat down and Hugo Lascelles stood.

"When word went out from Empress Beatrice that she wished to put a Treaty together to stop the spread of nuclear weapons I was eager to see it become a reality. Its a destination some distance down the road and to get there we must go on a journey, and as a wiser man than me once said the journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step. I hope the document before you is that first step. It shall become the foundation to help less economic developed nations acquire nuclear power stations, it shall help mankind advance our use of nuclear materials for a vast array of peaceful reasons and it will allow us to have a fair and accountable system in place to oversee the nuclear safety of Mundus. I hope you will help up ensure the document is as robust and encompassing as it will need to be, in no way do I believe it is perfect, but I would like your help making it more perfect, so with that in mind I place the future of Mundus into your hands."

International News Networks / CNN Alliance News
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It was confirmed this morning that the CNN's joint space operation to gather fresh rock samples has been partly successful. The mission involves three stages and the first has gone according to a mission spokesman "Without a hitch". The mission see's a three part probe being used, the first probe effectively nothing more than a small bomb designed to land and make a fresh crater. This "bomb" is around the weight of a van and is designed to follow a laser emmitted from Mundus to help guide it to an exact target. That part of the mission has been hailed as a great success. The missions spokesman said, "What we hope is that this mission is one of unparalleled international co-operation. We publically announced the target as we wanted as many telescopes of all kinds focused on that point as the more images we gain of the impact the better. By analysing as much footage of the impact and the dust cloud thrown into the air the more we can work out regarding the way the moon was formed, it may also enable us to see if there is a chance of underground water as that should be thrown up. We therefore urge any nation or organisation that recorded the impact to become part of our mission."

24 minutes after the "bombs" impact a small lander touched down on the exact same spot to gather fresh samples of rock. It is hoped that by collecting samples of freshly exposed rock we may learn more about he geology of the moon. That part of the mission has gone according to plan and it is expected that at lunch time tomorrow the lander will have gathered its samples and be ready for its return flight. At that point the lander will launch itself back into orbit where it will reunite with the remaining section of the mission which is the Return Flight Vehicle which will then bring the lander and its fresh samples back to Mundus.

The news will see the first fresh moon rocks brought home for several years, however with Tytor recently landing on the moon it is unknown whether they brought fresh samples back with them. "So far this mission is going smoothly and we'll all be praying it remains that way. We hope to be able to confirm safe extraction tomorrow evening and then its just a short hop home." The project is the 2nd joint CNN space mission with the first being the "Inflatable Space Station (InfSS)" test which saw one astronaut from each nation spend four days in space. Further operations are expected with long stays on the InfSS planned for later this year.

In the last few days the Kingdom of Vaguzia has placed sanctions against Nya Åland because Vaguzia are "against the killing and imprisonment of whales by Nya Åland" The "imprisonment" of whales comes following the discovery of what the media are calling a "Whale Farm" within our nation. Due to the remoteness of this region it was brought to our government's attention at the same time as the media. The Vaguzian sanctions coming less than 48 hours since its discovery. The "WHale Farm" is run by a private company and as legal due process is yet to be carried out no government response to the issue has yet been forthcoming. We believe it unreasonable to expect within 48 hours our nation to have investigated, heard legal cases and imposed penalties on any wrong doing. Furthermore the "killing of whales" is reference to our annual whale hunt carried out by two villages. These hunts are done in such a way as to ensure only the targetted species is killed. That species is the Pilot Whale which is classed as an animal of Least Concern by international conservation groups such as the Wild Mundus Organisation. It is worth noting that other nations, such as East Moreland, also hunt animals classed as "Least concern" and consume them, while nations such as Rokkenjima and Achkaerin regularly have on their menu tuna, a fish of which there are four species, three of which are classed on the "Threatened" spectrum, yet no sanctions are put in place on them. Vaguzia in its own words stated the motivation for the sanctions was "For hunting on whales, which is an endangered species of animals" yet we have proven in our case this is a  lie and that other non-sanctioned nations hunt animals much more endangered. With this in mind we request the Council of Albion to support us in this unjust time by applying the following.

1. Release a statement recognising these sanctions as unjust.

2. Impose upon Vaguzia the same sanctions as they are imposing on us.

3. Demand Vaguzia lift their sanctions against our nation, a fellow member of the Council.

We look forward to your support.

Head Gothi Stein Ulfsson

Press Offices / Press Office of Nya Åland
« on: April 10, 2019, 04:59:50 PM »


It is with a heavy heart that today we must announce that The Odinist Republic of Nya Åland has no choice other than to impose reciprical sanctions on Vaguzia. We have no ill will towards that nation and understand the need to stand by your convictions on moral grounds. We however will not be cancelled the annual whale hunt that sustains two remote coastal communities through the harsh Åland winter. As for the "Imprisonment" of whales we have only just discovered the situation of what the media are calling The Whale Farm. As the media has stated we are investigating the facility now it has been brought to our attention. Should it be found to be breaching international or local law we will be closing it down and looking how best to deal with the whales being kept there. This will be done consulting marine biologists to ensure the best possible outcomes. Until such a time as we have carried out our legal process we can not comment further.

We appreciate the concern of Vaguzia, and other nations in terms of trying to protect species. We therefore look forward to seeing Vaguzia stand by its actions and impose sanctions on other nations which hunt and consume wild animals. We would suggest that they begin with East Moreland, their national dish of Royal Game Pie contains Wild Boar, Roe Beer, Pheasant and Partridge. Each of these creatures shares the same classification on their status of endangerment as the Pilot Whales which are hunted by the two rural communities under a strict quota system. The Morelanders also eat a considerable amount of Bear which also is classed in the same category as the pilot whale, namely "Least Concern". We also suggest that Vaguzia place their sanctions against Rokkenjima and Achkaerin[1] as both these nations utilise the sea for a source of food including tuna, three of the four sub-species being listed as on the threatened section of the risk of endangerment continuum, therefore more at risk than Pilot Whales. We wish Vaguzia good luck in their efforts to preserve animal species of the most at risk species.

Odin's Blessings

Stein Ulfsson
Head Gothi
 1. I'm assuming as Rokkenjima has a Japanese vibe there is a culinary parallel. If not ignore this.

Economics and Industry / The Southern Line
« on: March 07, 2019, 08:51:18 AM »
To:- Queen Cait of Cantabria, Emperor-Admiral Jingduming von Nanjing, King Lapu and President Ebston Paul Feish.

The nations of Ardia have several times tried to conceive a railway system that connects the whole of the continent. To date this has failed because of issues planning a route and disagreements over the manner in which it is to operate. I however believe that a route from Claith in Ui Cenneslaig, through Cantabria, into China, across to Quintelia and finally into New Derusmia is possible. I believe that with five nations discussing this proposal rather than the whole of the continent we can find a solution that makes this route and its construction a reality. Should we succeed where often the continent has failed I believe that we can all share in increased economic prosperity as we find trade and commerce along the route increases greatly. It may also act as a beacon of hope for other nations in Ardia as those such as the Allied States of Ardia or Noobia may one day seek to join the network and thus truly create a wonder of the modern industrial age. I am hopeful that this proposition finds you interested and therefore invite you to Claith where we can discuss his matter.

Gods Blessings

King Finley

OOC- Usually I'd just start this but the route only works if each of us attends.

Diplomacy and Events / The Old Ways
« on: January 04, 2019, 10:58:06 PM »
As was usual the courtyard that lead to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre was packed with tourists and pilgrims all keen to go and see the place story tells Jesus was crucified as well as Jesus empty tomb. The tour groups stood listening to their guides in a variety of languages as the faithful Christians from across all of Mundus listened to the history they thought they knew so well. Theresa Odinsson and her brother Ragnar moved between the crowds occasionally listening to some of the explanations in languages they understood, they were both well educated from a rich family back in Åland and found the situation here amusing. They watched for people paying more attention to the talks than to their bags and slipped copies of the thin paperback into their bags. They'd elected for English language copies and each had around ten to sneak into bags.

They sat had their lunch sat against the wall in the shade watching those they'd given books to make their way into the Church. Once they'd finished their packed lunch they took some photos, placed their bags near the entrance to the Church and then walked away. They'd got around the corner when they heard the explosions from the hand-grenade they'd each lodged under the bag, once someone had moved it the grenades had gone off and each was strapped to a white phosperhous grenade. The pair walked away into the Vanoran Quarter of the old city as the crowded tiny streets wondered what had happened. Soon screams and the pair ran along with the panic strictcen crowd as the dead and wounded where counted.

Around 2000 years ago a messenger arrived in Albion bringing with him a tale. That tale told how the Son of God was born in a humble stable. Some thirty years later he was nailed to a piece of wood and executed only to raise from the dead days later. His miracles were not, if this messenger is to be believed, finished at this point. The man then ascended to heaven leaving behind teachings that became Christianity. This tale is built on nothing but a series of lies that have permeated through the centuries. This faith waged wars to spread their faith at the expense of any faith that got in its way. People may look at us Odinists and our blood thirsty history, this is something we do not move away from but Odinism has never sought to impose its faith on anyone through the blade or gun. What was once a flourishing continent full of diverse religion has long been under attack by Christianity and Åland stands as the only home of the true faith. Our laws have been established as a way of protecting the faith and our culture and even then Christians have shown a lack of respect by repeatedly violating them. As such time for retribution has come. Now Yule, our festival stolen by Christians, has ended our warriors will write new sagas of how we drive Christians from our homeland once and for all. What better way of sending Christians to their hell then when they are closest to the place their son of a carpenter died. Today we destroyed 23 members of a faith as guilty of plagiarism as a stressed University student.

More shall come until the followers of the All Father have wiped all remnants of this false religion from our shores.

The Ever Watching Gungnir

OOC - Agreed with Dave that I could use Vanora (our Holy Land) and the views expressed on Christianity are not my own.

Diplomacy and Events / RS BS
« on: January 02, 2019, 11:02:35 PM »
OOC - A joint Dave and Kris post

It was another chaotic day in the Celtic Protectorate, Lt-Col Isaac Mulligan had already had ten new problems to deal with before even getting to the council chamber. He felt his time here he was more like a primary school teacher dealing with naughty children than actually helping run the area. He was handed another two letters by councilmen as he made his way into the room they used for their meetings. He politely thanked the two men and promised he'd examine the letters once business had been concluded for the day. He suspected he knew the contents, more of the council giving its expert legal opinion on the request by one of their kin to extend the Protectorate, a legal review was ongoing and expected next week, why couldn't they just wait?

Isaac made his way to his desk and proceeded to get himself settled for what would no doubt be a rather long session. Around half of the twenty council members were already inside, some discussing things in small groups, others patiently waiting with a cup of the strong local coffee. Around ten minutes later and everyone was present and Isaac started the meeting by informing everyone of the measures they'd be taking following the locust swarm. "Food will be in shorter supply for the next week or so, its my hope we can get some help from Ui Cenneslaig in the meantime, however we are instigating limits on price, and asking shopkeepers to voulentarily ration." he explained.

"You can not do that. Fixing prices is not within your remit" a Councillor called Raban Shoma protested, he himself was in the food business and it was likely that he'd be able to make some profit off the recent disaster. "You must abide by Seleucid law."

"Yes I am aware of that Mr.Shoma, however" Isaac put on his thin spectacles and read carefully. "In times of national crisis the King may assume full control over material deemed neccessary for the needs of the people." he receited, "The treaty in place gives myself the powers of the King for the Protectorate, the locust swarm is a national crisis and I deem food is a neccessity for the people. So I expect you to conform to my orders in this matter." He removed his glasses and placed them back on his desk.

"In that case then I look forward to these supplies arriving soon." Shoma huffed.

"So any other business?" Isaac asked looking around and sadly seeing a forest of hands. "Very well, Mr. Macaral, the floor is yours." He looked at his watch, he supposed he wouldn't get away anytime before 5pm today.

"Sir, I wish to request Councillor Rifat Saib be suspended from the Council for bringing it into disrepute." Saib was the lead of the Cultist group on the council and it had been his petition that had caused an outbreak of fighting within the chamber only a few days ago. "The man has spent the night in prison cells and is not an example to the youth, he must go."

"It is you who should go" A voice called from the opposite side where the five Cultist members were sat together. "It was you and your kin who tried to kill us. It was you and your kin who murdered women and children. How can you blame us for wishing to escape you." Shouting and counter shouting began streaming back and forth and Isaac feared a repeat of the scenes of a few days ago. He picked up his phone and began dialling the number of the Military Police at the desk of the building but as the phone rang so did a shot. Isaac was familiar with the sound but here in place of debate and politics he had never expected to hear it, three more in quick succession and then he saw  Macarel levelling another shot towards the Cultist, two of them already lay on the ground motionless as the next bullet hit one square in the chest, Isaac had instinctively gone for his sidearm but he remembered how he had elected to not carry it to council as it gave "the wrong impression." Macarel was about to fire another shot when two Cenneg Military Police burst into the room rifles levelled, Macarel spun and began to take aim at them but the soldiers responded far quicker than the aging man and fired a burst into the man who fell.

"Get medics in here." Isaac shouted as more Military Police piled into the chamber, "Put everyone under guard." he bellowed as he made his way over towards the Cultists, out of the five who had been in chamber that day three were now dead. "Fuck" Isaac muttered before turning back to the doorway where more military folks where gathering, along with journalists. "Shut the door" he ordered as he noticed a few journalists taking pictures with their mobile phones. "Get those phones." he pointed at a sergeant but it was too late several had live streamed the scene to their affiliates around the world. As they sealed the chamber Isaac picked up his mobile and made a call, "I want leave cancelled, everyone is on high alert" he issued orders to the HQ a few hundred meters down the road.


It is agreed today that the Celtic nations of Mundus desire to embrace their kinship and support each other in the following goals.

1) Economic Prosperity
2) Educational Excellence
3) Cultural Kinship
4) Mutual Security

In order to achieve these aims the nations agree to the following

1. Economic Prosperity

1. Nations agree to gradually reduce tariffs on all goods over the next five years.

2. By the end of the five year period no TCF nation shall ensure any tariffs existing are on par with the lowest tariffs paid by non TCF nations.

3. Nations agree to enforce intellectual property rights recognised in any other TCF nation

4. Nations agree to not charge additional taxes on transfers of funds between TCF nations.

2.Educational Excellence

1. Nations agree to open their higher education establishments to citizens of all member nations on equal terms with their own.

2. Nations agree that students will not require a visa so long as they meet the following criteria

a) They have meet the requirements of an educational institute for which they hold the offer of a place.
b) They have sufficient funds to cover their course.
c) They pose no risk to national security
d) They have no criminal record

3. Students may work up to 15 hours a week to supplement their studies.

4. Students graduating may remain visa free in their nation of study for two years after graduation.

5. A TCF University shall be established, either as a department within an existing institute or as a independent entity. It shall share best practice and students may move freely between it's campuses so long as they meet the criteria in 2.2

6. An annual Summer school for 100 students from each nation shall be held. This shall be hosted in a different nation each year with nations taking it in turns alphabetically. This shall feature competitions, adventurous activities, creative arts and socialisation opportunities.

3. Cultural Kinship

1. There shall be an annual Highland Games tournament held between member nations. This shall rotate around members.

2. A TCF register of Recognised Clans shall be made, this will be open to any clan with more than 1,000 members. Every four years a sporting tournament similar to the Mundus Games shall be held. Competitors will represent their clan rather than their nation. Any citizen not part of a Recognised Clan may compete as part of a Celtic Citizens team.

3. There shall be the establishment of a Gold Barrel Medal. This will award a series of awards to manufacturers of Whiskey every year. This shall promote excellence in distilling as well as promote a traditional art.

4.Mutual Security

1. Nations agree to share information regarding potential terrorist activity, so long as

a) It does not breech existing treaties
b) the act of sharing information does not endanger their own nations assets.

2. Nations agree to extradite suspected criminals so long as;

a) Reasonable suspicion is shown
b) A trial under the Mundus Convention of Universal Rights is guarenteed.
c) The nation to which extradition will occur will not impose a death penalty.

3. Nations agree to solve problems peacefully between themselves. They agree should no agreement be reached between themselves that a neutral nation be asked to arbitrate.

4. Nations agree to a series of bi-annual military games.

5. Nations agree to offer support during times of natural disaster if requested or if another nations government is incapable of operating.

6. Nations in the same geographical regions agree to joint naval and air patrols when practical. 

5. General Provisions

1. Each nation shall maintain an active embassy in all other members.

2. New nations joining must be proposed by an existing member. Should no nation oppose that proposal within 48 hours the potential member is admitted. Should a nation oppose the admission a vote of all members is held and a majority decision taken.

3. Any member may propose an addition or amendment to this treaty at any time. A majority vote will be sufficient to carry the change.

4. The organisation will meet every six months for talks. These meetings shall rotate around each nation in turn with the host acting as Chairperson. The Chair may set the agenda for the talks.

Current Membership

Ui Cenneslaig

Press Offices / The Official Cenneg Press Office
« on: November 02, 2018, 10:23:24 PM »

The following dispatches are issued for and on behalf of the Ríocht de Uí Ceinnselaig. Any questions to members of the Cenneg government may be passed through these channels.

Convention Centre / Krokom initiative for Scientific Support
« on: July 16, 2018, 01:55:15 PM »

The Formation of the Krokom Iinitiative for Scientific Support (KISS)

To all Nations

Several years ago Krokom was selected by the then Union of Nordic People's to build the worlds first and to date biggest Large Haddron Collider. In the years that followed we have uncovered many new secrets of the universe. We have always prided ourselves on our LHC being open to people of all nations who share our interest in science and have long had visitors from East Moreland, Achkaerin and Ui Cenneslaig based here. The LHC project was designed to unite scientists around Mundus like never before. In a similar fashion we have seen the Joint Nordic Space Programme carry out wonderous launches that have made all their data available to the world, including our Longboat 3 project[1]. We ourselves watched on in wonder at the Lunar Three, Solo, Blinkly and Bob, the SwarmBots left behind that after 12 months on the moon came back as media stars. It is projects such as this and the Ui Cennesliag network of telescopes that will help us understand Mundus and our universe so much better.

It is therefore my hope that nations will join with us Nords in Krokom to establish a formal network designed to help science at all levels flourish.

I therefore look forward to people visiting Krokom in the next few weeks and us changing the world of science for the better.

Odin's Blessings

Stein Ulfsson
Head Gothi
 1. Cassini

International Organisations / CMA Debate - The Borlander Situation
« on: July 16, 2018, 11:59:53 AM »
Concerned about the recent wave of attacks carried out by the Borlanders

Worried about the potential for further attacks

Aware of the need for a global unified response.

Mindful of the sovereignty of other nations.

The Odinist Republic of Nya Åland  therefore proposes that the CMA, and in this case the wider international community do the following.

1. Publically reaffirm our stances that terrorism will not be tolerated.

2. Share intelligence of these attacks with all nations.

3. Permit the Ålanders to make visits to the "Principality of Northern Borland" to inspect for weapons of mass destruction. Some time ago our nation was the only one to witness the decommissioning of weapons in the Principality and therefore we believe we have a unique connection there that may enable us to do this.

4. Ask President Elwes of Zimalia to implement strict boarder controls on the "Principality"

5. Ask the people of the Principality to sign up to Uppsala Passports, run by the CTO's refugee council. This will give them travel ID documents making their travel around Mundus easier and more monitorable.

6. Allow the Principality of Borland to become a recognised member of the Uppsala Convention thus making weapons inspections and the like easier to access.

This resolution is now open for debate.

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