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International Organisations / COSNAT Discussion on Troyes
« on: April 13, 2024, 10:23:49 PM »
As many of you will no doubt now be aware the city of Troyes in Albion has been disputed for several years. Currently the city is occupied by Seaforthian military members while its status as part of Seaforth is disputed by many who live in the city who see their destiny with Marseille, their ancestoral homeland. In the past few hours we have seen the group known as "Real Marseille" declare the city an independent sovereign nation that will seek union with Marseille. Currently we have two brewing international factions, first Aosta and Abertone have supported Real Marseille, while Seaforth and Achkaerin have ties to Seaforth.

The Kingdom of Weissenwald believe that this "city state" should not be permitted to become a ping pong ball between major nations. The city has a population of around 3 million people by our estimate and therefore the Kingdom of Weissenwald puts forward the following proposal.

1. We issue support for self determination by the city proven by an independent referendum.
2. We offer the services of COSNAT to manage this referendum.
3. We offer temporary special membership of this body to Troyes. Should the referendum make Troyes part of Marseille this membership would be withdrawn. Should they remain independent then membership shall continue if accepted.

We now open the floor to suggestions.

International Organisations / Council of Small Nations HQ
« on: October 30, 2023, 11:09:10 PM »

Provisional HQ in Reinsberg

On this the 30th day of October in the year 2023AD that the nations whose signatures are affixed to this charter have agreed to the following.


The Council of Small Nations and its associated bodies are open to any nation that meets the following criteria

1. Has a population of less than 15million according to its own census.

2. The Nation has control of its own armed forces.

3. The Nation has a Head of State who under their own laws can make agreements with other nation.

4. Any nation that is a member and due to a change in circumstances no longer fulfils these criteria will no longer be permitted to be a member but may become an observer.

5. Observer members may send diplomats to the Council of Small Nations but may not vote. They may send representatives to associated bodies who are free to establish their own systems of governance.

6. A nation may withdraw from this Charter at any time with no prejudice.


1. Any nation that is a member or observer may send a diplomatic representative to the Council which shall be headquarted in x x

2. The host nation shall, with reimbursement being shared equally among all members and observers, provide lodging, security and facilities deemed neccessary for this organisation.

3. The Council will be made up of one speaking member per nation per meeting.

4. Nations may send teams of advisers to support this speaking member but only the speaking member shall be permitted to talk during debates.

5. Any member nation may place before the Council a resolution for discussion. Any resolution must use the COSNAT template

6. Once the nominated chairperson believes an acceptable resolution has been drafted they may call for a vote of members. (OOC- No vote until 48hours with no reply or majority make it clear a vote is ready)

7. Should a majority of members agree with the resolution it shall be published on behalf of the Council.

8. Should a majority of members disagree with the resolution it shall be put aside. This does not prevent any member presenting an amended resolution on the same manner.

9. Any nation that is a member of the council that is a subject of a resolution is expected to comply with it, failure to do so will permit the other nations to exclude them from the organisation and/or impose sanctions upon them.

10. Any resolution that requires military action will be then sent to the COSNAT Military Office (COSNATMO) for further action.

Spoiler: COSNAT Resolution Template • show

This resolution is concerning ______________ and involves the nations of ____________ and _____________.

The current situation we are asking the Council to consider is........

Our biggest concerns are


To resolve this matter the Council believes.

(add more as appropriate)

We nominate the nation of ________ to chair this resolution. (May nominate yourself so long as not a nation involved in the opening line)


1. Each member nation shall appoint three representatives to the Office, these should be ranking officers representing each of the traditional branches of the military, Army, Navy and Air Force.

2. In a situation where a nation does not have such branches they are to appoint three officers representing however best they believe Land, Air and Sea operations would be represented.

3. Following the passing of a successful resolution the membership of COSNATMO shall formulate a leadership structure that is believed best for the situation.

4. Once a leadership structure is in place that leadership team shall present members of the Council with a formal request for assets.

5. It is expected members who voted for military action shall, within reason, supply military assets.

6. Upon the formal ending of military action the leadership team shall appear before COSNAT to give a full debrief and to answer any questions put before them.

7. While it is not expected that nations will have signed the Uppsala Convention this document shall be utilised as a standard for operations.

8. It is expected representatives of COSNATMO will share relevant intelligence so long as it does not impact their own national security.


1. Any member of COSNAT may propose the creation of an Associate Organisation.

2. An Associate Organisation shall be an individual body that shall have the aim of at least one of the following

i) Promoting global co-operation in a field
ii) Providing support for those in need
iii) Aiding nations to better defend themselves
iv) Furthering science and technology

3. Once a proposal is made to form an organisation it shall create a charter. Once a charter has been accepted by the majority of COSNAT members the organisation may be established. A proposal shall proceed in the same manner as perscribed in Article 5-9 of the COSNAT section of this charter.

4. Nations may opt out of an Associate Organisation regardless of how they voted however initially all nations who voted in favour shall be considered members. 

5. Once an Associate Organisation has been approved it shall be free to establish its own procedures.

6. At least once a year all Associate Organisations are expected to give a report to COSNAT.

His Majesty King  Aldwin VI of Weißenwald
Lady Aurora, the Veiled One of Gusano
His Majesty King Rutger of Altona
Her Majesty Queen Lucille, First Daughter of Themyscira
Her Majesty High Princess Stasya of Semelberg


Semelberg (part of the Charterlands)

OOC-Please consider yourself to have received this if your nation has a population of under 15million.

To - Our Fellow Leaders

Over the last few years many of us nations that are seemingly dwarfed by the larger nations of Mundus have begun setting out into global affairs and I am sure you would agree that at times this can be challenging. It is clear that we are nations keen to play an active role within the world and often our small size leads us to be more innovative. It is though important that those of us small in population find ways to ensure our voices are amplified. With this in mind I would like to explore the possibility of us creating a formal partnership designed at mutual support and co-operation. If this proposal is of interest to you then I hope you will accept my invitation to Reinsberg to make this a reality.

Best Wishes

King Aldwin VI of Weißenwald

Diplomacy and Events / Southern Ocean Initiative (SOI)
« on: March 19, 2023, 09:53:06 PM »

To His Majesty King Đurađ IV of Drenova and His Excellency President Sigmund Haugen of Holmvik

I am writing to you to extend an invitation to your government to meet with me and my Ministers in Reinsberg. It is our aim to put in place a series of initiatives to explore the ocean we all look south upon. In addition I would like to explore co-operative research in Hygelac. It is my hope that our geographic proximity could bring about like minded people who are willing to work together. I hope that you, or a representative, will accept my invitation at your earliest convenience.

Best Regards

King Aldwin VI of Weißenwald

International News Networks / News From Weißenwald (Das Eulennest)
« on: March 19, 2023, 09:38:45 AM »


As the 2023 Winter Games have come to a close Queen Hildegard visited the final day to watch the closing of the ceremony with a warning to those nations who took part. "Weißenwald have yet to enter the fold of the Winter Games community, next year we will and we intend fully to dominate the games. We are a nation born literally with ice in our veins and skis on our feet. There is no reason why we should not top the medal table despite our relative small size. Our national championship produces two or three people per event that could push the medal winners all the way. By 2025 we'll have to top the table and I believe that this should take place in Reinsberg. Unlike many nations we would not have to do much to prepare." The Queen was a member of the national youth team in her teenage years and only gave up donwhill skiing because of an ACL injury. She has since taken a keen interest in promoting involvement in winter sports. The Queen also announced that a significant investment will be made into Summer sports, "While we don't get the sunshine many nations enjoy we will hopefully compete in the Summer Games, we have very little chance of ever hosting such an event, after all the average Weißenwaldian doesn't even known what beach volleyball is yet alone play it."

The Games also saw the royal family begin their first international diplomatic steps. During the Games Queen Hildegard was in the royal box with King David of East Moreland. During watching the games it was agreed that the King and Queen will host the East Moreland monarch in the coming weeks. The Queen said "I was pleased to have been able to meet King David. While we were both at the Games to enjoy the spectacle we spoke also about the lack of diplomacy between our nations. It is something we shall look to move on in the next few weeks. We also are keen to form closer bonds with our neighbours."



Das Königreich des Weißenwald (Kingdom of the White Forest)
Motto - "Rooted in the Frost, United in the Forest"

Back in the depths of time three races inhabited the world, humans, the Moosleute (moss folk) and Erlking (a type of elves). At first the groups lived in peace however an evil Erlking seized control of the world. Humans retreated to the forests where the Erlking couldn't find them and formed an alliance with the Moosleute who eventually defeated the Erkling Army of Axuzh the Dark. Over time the human-Moosleute alliance began to fall apart as the Moosleute became more concerned with spiritual matters, and with their ability to move in and out of the spirit world the Moosleute formed the "Pact of Two Realms" with humans. The Moosleute would become residents of the spirit world however their existence relied on the existance of the trees from which they draw their life force. In return for the humans keeping the forest safe the Moosleute promised to aid them if the physical world was ever threatened. To cemet the "Pact of Two Realms" the most powerful human leader, King Leofdæg  Von Grimmelshausen, married a Moosleute Princess called Kriemhilde. The duo had eight children, all of whom except one was human. The Moosleute child returned to the spirit world as the human envoy while the rest began a bloodline that in the 13th Century secured the borders of modern day Weißenwald. While this story may be folklore it is a central belief of the nation and has helped create  Weißenwald culture which can be seen as rather authoritarian and focused on the monarchy.

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