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The Neo Quywe Federation
« on: June 04, 2019, 04:43:31 PM »

Motto:- From the Ashes
National Anthem:- Blue Skies


The Neo Quywe Federation, or NQF, is a multicultural nation formed from the region once considered the Quywe Empire of antiquity up until the Great war: Ahkabnil, Himeyama and Forusia, as well as small outlying provinces culturally distinct from the big three. The NQF was formed after a massive economic collapse struck northern Ardia in early 2018. Under the reign of the former Himeyan royal family, and legions of scholars handpicked by the family, the NQF is an unpredictable and ambitious nation politically.

Government Type:- Theocratic Dictatorship
Population:-:- 240 million
Capital City:- Chanal
Demonym:- Quywe (Official), Himeyan, Forusian, Ahkabian


Currency:- Quywe New Koban (₴)
GDP per Capita:- $24,000
Unemployment Rate:- 6%
Main Industries:- Information technology, crude oil, agriculture, heavy manufacturing.


Ethnicity:- 30% Ahkabian, 28% Himeyan, 23% Forusian, 17% regional minorities, 2% foreign nationals.
Languages:- Ahkabian, Himeyan, Forusian
Religions:- NQF theocratic cult, regional folk religions (unofficial)
Average Life Expectancy:- 78


Head of State:- Brilliant Speaker Junko Kamaejikawa
Head of Government:- Grand Auditor Elzir Serin
Name of Legislative Body:- Quywe New Secretariat
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Re: The Neo Quywe Federation
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2019, 02:09:03 AM »

NationRelationsSignificant DevelopmentsNotes
ClysperisCordialNoneConsidered a potentially valuable partner in MidAranye.
KrimeonNeutralNoneHistorical trade partner of Quywe Empire.
ConglomerateSuspiciousOngoing Nurashima disputeAt war during the Mhorish Sea Campaign.
East MorelandNeutralNoneN/A
ArdiaHostileNoneSworn historical enemy of Quywe Empire.
Ui CenneslaigNeurtalNoneImpromptu allies during Mhorish Sea Campaign.
SICRSuspiciousNoneDistrust of extreme conservative Chinese government.
The IwiNeutralNoneN/A
RokkenjimaNeutralNoneMonitoring Rokkenjiman developments closely.
QuinteliaCordialNoneAllies during Mhorish Sea Campaign.
Neu UburzisNeutralNoneN/A
AchkaerinCordialNoneAllies during Mhorish Sea Campaign.
KaitaineSuspiciousNone Monitoring Kaitaine developments closely.
Theocracy of KaitaineCordial NoneDoes not have a stance on the Kaitaine sovereignty issue, but is more partial to the Theocracy.
TamoraNeutralNoneHost of Himeyan royalty in exile (Hasaenori clan), considered a potential ally.
Slava LavoskNeutralNoneMonitoring Slavan nuclear program.
Royal SeleucidNeutralNoneN/A
Nya AlandNeutralNoneN/A
BakkermayaNeutralNoneExtreme cultural differences despite close proximity.
LodjaCordialNoneHost of Himeyan royalty in exile (Kamaejikawa clan).
Arda TuluvaCordialNoneHimeyans are cultural descendants of Arda Tuluvans.
JosaiNeutralNoneClose cultural relative of Himeyans.
Ecclesiastical StateNeutralNoneHost of Himeyan royalty in exile (Tatsuhira clan).
MontsarreNeutral NoneN/A
EuirasiaNeutral NoneN/A
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Neo Quywe Federation policies overview
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2022, 12:25:04 AM »

Abortion: Not formally banned.
Age of Consent: 18.
Age of Majority: 18.
Alcohol: Legal for purchase at the age of 18.
Birth Control: Legal.
Cannabis: Legal for recreational use at age 18.
Divorce: Legal.
Driving Age: 14.
Education: Primary education spans 8 years, secondary spans 4. Post-secondary education is free for citizens with 2+ years of military service.
Eminent Domain: The state may appropriate any land at any given time.
Euthanasia: Legal.
Flag Desecration: Banned, punishable by death in some cases.
Gambling: Banned.
Gender: The state recognizes 3 genders. Male, female and 'alternative'.
Gun Control: Civilians may not own firearms under any circumstances.
Human Cloning: Legal, actively pursued by the State.
Military Service: 10 months required for every able bodied male, exceptions exist.
Narcotics: Non-medical use banned.
Political Parties: Banned.
Polygamy: Banned.
Pornography: Banned but seldom enforced.
Prostitution: Banned.
Same-sex Marriage: Not formally banned.
Sex-change Therapy: Legal, required to change gender on official documents.
Slavery: Illegal.
Torture: Not formally banned.
Trial by Jury: Required in most cases above misdemeanor. The state reserves the right to override the judicial process.
Voting Rights: No voting system is in place. Presumed to be illegal.
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