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Quick Guide to NPC's
« on: October 14, 2019, 12:00:25 PM »
The region has several NPC's. These are nations deemed by the RP Mod to be significant either to maintain cultural aspects such as the Christian religion, or have been historically significant. It is permitted to RP with these nations but they are not anywhere near as developed as an entity as user controlled nations. Before using a NPC please PM the RP Mod (Me), they are highly unlikely to say no unless it is something that significantly changes the nation or does not keep in with their pasts.

Allied States of Ardia A former mega-empire of the Middle Ages, as a major power its death knell came in the early 19th Century. At one time it controlled territory across the globe. Today it is a Parliamentary democracy.  Think of it as being a cross between the UK's political system crossed with Ancient Rome.

ZimaliaThe nation is rich in raw materials however a series of tribal wars, genocides and constant bickering between the different tribal groups has seen it fail to develop. In more recent times it was first home to an attempt to spread Communism in the 1950's and then a military coup by current President, Binyamin Elwes saw the nation became a dictatorship. Elwes today has sought to gain support across Mundus and is willing to exploit both his nations raw materials and Afolyan ethnic group for his own ends. Think of this being a corrupt African dictatorship.

Rodina At one time the then USR was a superpower attempting tp spread Communism across Mundus and having some success. They turned Kaitaine into a communist nation along with several other allies. They had a track record of use of biological and chemical weapons as well as exploiting humanitarian disasters such as that in Safraen. In the early 2010's however their leader Stalin died and the nation soon collapsed however disciples of Stalin in Kaitaine moved swiftly to prop up the Communist party there, effectively swapping roles in the USR/Kaitaine relationship. Think if it as being like a former USSR satellite state.

Safraen A once flourishing nation that was on the verge of becoming a player in the international community. It experienced an outbreak of Kajiu Virus (Think ebola crossed with Plague crossed with the end of days) which saw society begin to fall apart. A major aid operation by the CIS nations of East Moreland, Achkaerin and Dijel saw millions saved. At the same time for less altruistic reasons the USR also invaded. This saw for around 18months the nation split into two nations. Following a second outbreak of the virus the CIS, which now included Seaforth and Verover, crossed the border and removed the Communists from power. Today Safraen is still recovering economically and physically. Think of it as what a country like Portugal would be like if 3/4 of its population died.

Vanora One of the "Holy Lands" of Mundus. Vanora saw the birthplace of Judiasm and Christianity. It has been fought over for longer than probably any other place on Mundus and as a result has seen vast changes in its society making it a melting pot of Jewish, Christian and Islamic ideas. Think of it as a modern day Israel with no territorial disputes.

Aquitaine A small nation that was once independent but during medieval times was absorbed by its neighbour Marseille. The nation maintained some of its culture despite being taken over. In the mid 2010's Marseille was part of a major conflict following the despotic actions of their leader Duchess Alys. This civil war saw intervention from foreign troops including those from Achkaerin, Seaforth, Neuva Ardia, East Moreland, Dijel and Nya Aland. Critically it was the Alanders that supported and encouraged a popular uprising in the Marseille capital that saw the first President of Marseille put no obstacles in the way of a Rokkenjiman backed call for Aquitaine independence. Think of it as Catalonia but speaking French.

Abydos An ancient land with a rich history. It saw the birth of the pyramids and several centuries later the rise of Islam. As such the nation, which today is majority Muslim maintains many links to its past. Think of it as a modern Saudi Arabia crossed with Egypt.

Toshikawa A nation that is fiercly militaristic and traditionalist. Its society is based around Samauri culture and this has often seen it willingly pursue wars. In most recent times it was responsible for one of the largest genocides witnessed on Mundus when it attacked Neuva Ardia and killed millions. Today it is largely isolated by the international community. Think of it as what Japan would be like if it had maintained Samuari traditions.

Neuva Ardia The nation was formerly a province of the Ardian Empire however its geographical make up and strong cultural identity made it a problem for them. In the l;ate 1800's it began to breakaway and by 1935 was able to militarily ensure its freedom from its former overlord. It restored its monarchy however family infighting in 2015 saw a civil war break out which gave Toshikawa an excuse to intervene. During this a genocide was carried out by the invaders. Think of it as a kind of Inca/Mexico monarchy.

Marseilles Formerly a large Duchy that during medieval times absorbed its neighbour Aquitaine. The nation began devoted to the faith of Materna, which was utilised in the mid 2010's by Duchess Alys as a way of seizing an element of dictatorship over the people. This saw her come into clashes with continental and then global critics which resulted in a CTO backed invasion of the nation. Aided significantly by Alander special forces a popular uprising saw her kicked out of power and the leader of Real Marseilles, Jean Philipe Cantona became President and oversaw the switch by the nation to become a democracy. He also allowed the Duchy of Aquitaine to become an independent nation. Think of it as a newly emerging France.

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Re: Quick Guide to NPC's
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2019, 08:50:17 PM »
NationAllied States
of Ardia
GDP Per Capita43k10k27k9k
Government TypeParliamentary
One Party
Presidential Republic
Head of StatePraetor
Julius Devaux
Binyamin Elwes
Aretemy Kelpakhov
Mikhael Dretsyj
Head of GovernmentLegate
Geoffrey Rudolph
Main ReligionChristianity (50%)Tribal
(30% each)
(religion banned)
Christianity (71%)


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Re: Quick Guide to NPC's
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14th January - Coming of Age Day (Toshikawa) marks the date on those who have reached the age of 16 having been able to become Samuari in the past. Today it is still practised by many.

20th - Feast of St.Sebastian (Allied States) A day to honour the nations patron saint.

18th February - Presidents Day (Zimalia) marking the anniversary of Binyamin Elwes "Liberation" of his homeland.

22nd February - Foundation Day (Rodinha) marking the anniversary of the publication of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx

23rd February - Shogun's Day (Toshikawa) Day to mark the assumption of the throne by the current Shogun

8th of March - Pharoah Day (Abydos) Day of the monarchs birthday.

17th of March - Day of the Sun (Neuva Ardia) a day to make ritual offerings at Sun Temples across the nation by those following the native faith.

3rd April - Leaders Day (Rodinha) Celebration of the life of the nations former leader Stalin.

25th April - Herzl Day (Vanora) celebration of the life of Theodor Herzl a political figure from the 19th Century credited with being a founder of the nations modern systems.

27th April - Victory Day (Marseilles) - Day to celebrate the defeat of Duchess Alys by Real Marseilles and their allies.

5th May - Independence Day (Aquitaine) celebrating the nations division from Marseilles.

7-15th Vestalia - Allied States - A celebration of family and home honoured by those of the ancient religion

12th June - Jerusalem Day (Vanora) Day to celebrate the foundation of the city of Jerusalem.

27th July Feast of Saint Pantaleon (Safraen) day dedicated to the nations Patron saint.

17th - National Hero's Day (Zimalia) Day dedicated to remembering those who died "liberating" the nation.

25th September - Memorial Day (Safraen) Remembers dead of two crisis.

11th - Falconry and Hunting Festival - Abydos

28th October - Day of Materna (Marseilles) Day to celebrate the Goddess of Materna celebrated by those in Marseilles

5th November - Feast of Saint Sylvia (Aquitane) day to celebrate the nations patron saint.

6th December - Genocide Memorial Day (Neuva Ardia) day that the Toshikawan troops left the nation following their mass killings.