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The Drenovian Union (Drenova)
« on: November 28, 2020, 03:28:06 PM »

"By Salt and Steel"

The Drenovian Union is a collection of religious military orders organised into a single nation. In the 1st century AD the followers of the Forest God, Druantia, formed themselves into a single collective to protect themselves against encroachment from other settlers in South Albion. The new union of various tribes was formed under King Dorijan I who established a single system of faith for followers of Druantia. The Druantians managed to establish themselves as a strong military power ensuring their long term stability. In the 4th Century AD with the arrival of Christianity in Southern Albion the Drenovians initially forced the new faith out of their region. A unsteady stand off between Christianity and the Druantians existed until the 11th Century when during the Crusader period King Hrvoje II believed that the fact Christian military attention was being given to the "Holy Land" in Vanora and surrounding region. The move however backfired and because of King Hrvoje II's mismanagement and poor military decisions the Druantians were pushed off vast areas of land. As a result Hrvoje II was assassinated by his cousin Andro who became King and made an uneasy peace with the Vatican. During future Crusades some Druantians even went so far as joining Crusader armies as mercanaries. It was however in 1228 that King Ivica I made a similar error to Hrvoje II and the Druantians found themselves being pushed towards the sea. As a result a former Mercenary called Milorad formed the Order of the Forest inspired by his opinions of the highly effective Knights Templar. His new order made a decision to launch a campaign not against the incoming Christian invaders but against the various Nordic settlers on the islands heading South West away from their lands. This saw a large number of people spread to avoid the perceived horrors of an brutal conquest by the Christian forces who killed many as heretics for refusing to convert. Soon various other military leaders formed their own military orders similar to that of the Order of the Forest.

By 1270 there were around 15 different religious military orders connected to the God Druantia. This caused problems as soon the Orders began challenging the authority of the King as well as battling each other. As a result in 1271 King Paško Drenovia founded his own military order known as the Drenovian Order. He was able to attract to his Order many of the leading religious figures of the time who he persuaded to name him as a descendant of the God Druantia and a human woman. The newly formed Drenovian Order first turned its military arm against any unwilling to accept King Paško as their leige before beginning a military campaign to retake the mainland. King Paško however did not complete this dying of plague in 1280 however his son Tvrtko II completed the conquest by 1310.

The nation turned its attention to ensuring its lands were fiercely protected and until 1710 the various religious orders were governed by oaths of loyalty to the Monarchs. Today the Orders still exist and enforce adherence to the rules established by the Drenovian Order however each place emphasis on various aspects of the God Druantia. In total today 7 orders exist and each have a role to play in government.

Government Type:- Absolute Monarchy
Population:-:- 37,800,000
Capital City:- Opatija (5,200,000)
Demonym:- Drenovian


Currency:- Florin
GDP per Capita:- $30,000
Unemployment Rate:- 2.8%
Main Industries:- Agriculture, ship building, fishing and e-commerce


Ethnicity:- Drenovian (Slavic)
Languages:- Drenovian (Croatian)
Religions:- 95% Druantia
Average Life Expectancy:- Male 77 years Female 79 years


Head of State:- King Đurađ IV
Head of Government:- Knight Commander Ljudevit Noa Stojanović
Name of Legislative Body:- The Assembly of The Orders

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Re: The Drenovian Union (Drenova)
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2020, 04:42:56 PM »

In the beginning a multitude of Gods resided upon the land of Mundus. Each God was given its own domain however no God was as beloved by all creatures as Druantia, the Forest God and Lord of all Creatures save Man. While the Gods usually resided in peace the occasionally engaged in brutal conflict and each time they did it was Druantia who brought an end to the conflict. All the resources the other Gods needed for their campaigns of war could only be found in his domain. The wood for spears came from his trees, the metal for armour came from under his soil even the food needed for sustaining the legions of humans controlled by the Gods came from the branches of Druantia's home. As each conflict wages the God would forbid anyone to utilise the woods which dominated Mundus and so soon the conflict would run out of resources and come to an end. Following one such brutal conflict the God had seen enough and so took action. While humans did not reside within his homeland they relied upon it and so seeing their suffering the God took to the field of battle himself destroying one God after another until only he remained.

Druantia had assumed that with all the Gods defeated he would have brought ever lasting peace to Mundus however human King stepped in to fill the void left by the Gods and they began their own conflict. Druantia permitted some humans willing to follow his rules and pay hommage to him into his woodland realm and there be protected for as long as they remained loyal. Druantia began to live among these followers and even conceived a child, known as Florijan with a beautiful human girl called Krešimira Drenova. Sadly as the God attention was taken by his new demi-god son he failed to spot an incursion by a human warlord who in his rampage through part of the forest killed Krešimira. As such the God took vengeance of all humans outside the Forest destroying them. As such only humans with unfaltering loyalty to Druantia survived and these repopulated the planet.


The God gave humanity a list of rules to follow after his destruction of those outside the Forest. These rules were designed to stop people from destroying society and also to instill loyalty to the God.

1. For everything you take from me you must give something to me.
2. The Drenovian bloodline is my bloodline and must be protected above all.
3. Man must reseed the world with my children.
4. All land scarred by the War of the Gods must be returned unto me.
5. Each day Man must show his thanks for what I have given him.
6. For each blessing I give you I also give you a duty to bless others.
7. I create all and I give all. When my creation expires return it unto me.
8. I have given you a natural order of perfection. This order is the basis of all peace.
9. For the Protection of Humanity I have destroyed all Gods bar me. Do not create new false Gods.
10. I make no mistakes. All is created for a purpose divine.

These rules underpin much of life in the nation of Drenovia and the faiths followers in other nations.


Each of the 7 religious Orders have their own Theological College which helps train Priests. In 1463 the Conclave of the Orders established a list of qualifications and rules for admission into the Priesthood.

1. No one may be considered a Priest until they have completed seven years of apprenticeship.
2. No one may be considered a Priest until they have attended at least two Theological Colleges for a minimum of six months each.
3. No one may be considered a Priest if they are the first born son of any family.
4. No one may be considered a Preist if they have not first received the blessing of a Chief Knight of an Order.
5. No one may be considered a Preist if they have not undertaken military service.
6. Upon becoming a Priest a Man may not know the body of a woman.
7. Upon becoming a Priest a Man must entrust all his worldly goods unto his Order.
8. Upon becoming a Priest a Man who is already married shall be free from his marriage vows and his Order shall see to the security of his wives.


Today there are 7 Religious Orders. To become a Religious Order an organisation must meet several criteria.

1. Have a military force willing to contribute to securing the faith.
2. Undertake to preserve the forest.
3. Have approval from the Monarch.
4. Maintain a Theological College.
5. Have at least 1,000 members.
6. Adhere to the structure for Religious Orders as laid out by King Tvrtko II in 1311.

Religious Orders must be structured along military styles with a clear rank structure and hierarchy. Each order must maintain four branches with a clear rank structure throughout the Order. This allows the Orders to co-operate easily.

The 4 branches are listed below with their modern day utilisations
The armed forces are the largest part of the Order, they defend the nation, aid in any foreign incidents and fill in for the Police, Fire and Ambulance Services when required.A group that undertake projects for the good of the nation such as Forestry, Public Transport, Power Production and various other functions deemed "vital to national interests"The Priestly aspect of the Order is responsible for education, worship, maintainence of religious property and conversions.Responsible for running hospitals and clinics as well as responding to emergencies both at home and abroad.

Within each branch of service there are various ranks which are progressed through depending on both length and quality of service. These are formed into two sections, Common Ranks, which tend to be for those less well educated, and Knightly Ranks for those of noble birth and better educated. Even once out of the Order on a day to day basis ranks play an important part in society and people may still gain promotion for things such as volunteer work or excelling in there civilian career and being nominated to their branches leader.

Knightly RanksCommon Ranks
Commander of the HouseholdMaster of Arms
Vice Commander of the HouseholdMan of Arms
Lead SwordsmanMaster Retainer
Chief KnightRetainer
Commander KnightMaster Squire
Quaster CommanderSquire
Captain of the OrderInitiate
Knight of The OrderProbationer

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Re: The Drenovian Union (Drenova)
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2020, 09:09:42 PM »

The nation is run through a strict hierarchy.

At the top is the King. They are believed to be a direct descendant of Florijan Drenova who is a demi-god created through the union of the God Druantia and Krešimira Druantia. As such they have a huge amount of authority over the nation. They must however carefully balance their own power with that of giving due consideration to the influence of the various religious orders.

The crown passes down the male line of the family via the King's eldest son taking precident. If the King has no son it goes to his eldest brother. If no siblings exist then the The Assembly of The Orders may either appoint a female descendant or a cousin however this has not been done in the history of the nation.

His Majesty King Đurađ IV
Grand Master of the Drenovian Order

King Đurađ IV assumed the throne in 2015 at the age of 29. His father, King Luca III abdicated the throne to become a Priest following the death of his 2nd wife Gabrijela, he had divorced his first wife (Đurađ's mother) in 2012 and struggled with the loss. Đurađ had been serving in the Drenovian Order's military as a Helicopter Pilot. He currently has two wives and three children.

The Assembly of The Orders

The Assembly of The Orders is a Council made up of the Commander of the Household from each of the religious Orders. They act as an advisery body to the King and are expected to suggest ideas for how to introduce new legislation and ideas. They Assembly also must give approval to the annual budget and also any changes to laws connected to the inheritance of titles or even the throne.

The Drenovian Order - Zdeslav Pavić
The Order of The Stag - Hrvoje Kolar
The Order of Oak - Pero Zorić
The Order of the Forest - Ljudevit Noa Stojanović
The Huntsman Order - Davor Grgić
The Temple of the Greenwood - Boro Milić
The Order of Krešimira - Mila Pavlović

From among their number the Commanders of the Households elect a Knight Commander who is in many ways the Prime Minister of the nation.

There is the expectation that each Order maintains its own council which effectively act as a Parliament type structure. While there is no law stating it there is the tradition of each of the Commander of the Household of each Order consulting with their own council prior to presenting any ideas to the King. Therefore in effect this acts as a means for any commoner to have their voice heard.

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Re: The Drenovian Union (Drenova)
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•  Abortion: Illegal except in case of it posing a risk to the Mother's health.

• Adultery: Carries with it a maximum fine of $100,000

• Affirmative action: No.

• Age of consent: 16 years.

• Age of majority: 16 years.

• Artificial insemination: Legal for married couples only

• Assisted suicide: Illegal.

• Bestiality: Illegal.

• Birth control: Legal

• Childcare: Order run child care is given free for 10 hours a week and then paid for.

• Concealed carry: Yes for members of an Order

• Death penalty: Yes. For murder, rape and treason. Method of execution is firing squad for murder and treason meanwhile for rape the method is beheading

• Divorce: Permitted only by decree of a Commander of Household.

• Double jeopardy: Allowed only in cases when there is new and compelling evidence against the accused.

• Drinking age: 16

• Driving age: 16

• Education: School is compulsory until 16 and is free, however a parallel private school system exists.

• Eminent domain: Legal for use by The Order with fair compensation for property owners.

• Equal pay for equal work: Yes

• Felony disenfranchisement: Yes.

• Flag desecration: Carries up to three years imprisonment for the first offence.

• Gambling age: 16

• Gun purchase age: 16 year olds may apply for a gun licence which includes a medical and background checks. A licence must be obtained for each weapon and a maximum of three may be held by any individual at one time.

• Homosexuality in the military: No permitted

• Human cloning: Illegal

• In vitro fertilization: Legal for married couples.

• Marriageable age: Marriages may be arranged at any age however no ceremony may take place until both have turned 16. 

• Military conscription: No

• Minimum wage: Yes

• Parental leave: 16 months in total for the parents, to be split how they see fit.

• Polygamy: Men allowed multiple wives.

• Pornography: Illegal.

• Prostitution: Illegal.

• Race: Racial discrimination is prohibited in all areas of life.

• Same-sex marriage: Not recognised regardless of where it took place.

• School leaving age: 16 years.

• Sex reassignment surgery: Illegal

• Sex toys: Legal

• Sexually transmitted diseases: Anyone who knowingly carries such an infection is required to disclose that information to any potential sexual partners; otherwise, consent by that partner to participate in sexual activity is considered invalid, and the carrier of the infection can be charged with attempted murder and can carry a sentence of up to life. 

• Smoking age: 16.

• Sodomy laws:- Illegal

• State ideology: Druantia

• State religion: Druantia

• Stem cell research: Illegal

• Taxation: Sliding scale income tax.

• Torture: Illegal

• Trial by jury: Yes for crimes carrying a sentence of potentially more than two years, if under a Magistrate hears the case.

• Universal healthcare: Free at point of use for all but non-essential medical treatments (E.g cosmetic surgery is not given for free)

• Voting age: Voting rights determined by membership of any Order not age.

• Women's rights: Full Equality in theory.

• Working age: 14 years of age (part time/ family business) 16 years of age (full time)

• Working week: The standard work week is 40 hours.

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Re: The Drenovian Union (Drenova)
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The nations Navy is primarily designed with its two ship amphibious vessels at the core. It is today designed to essentially get the Army into combat or peacekeeping duties. The Navy boasts 49,722 sailors and 21,733 reservists.

Genesis Class Amphibious Warfare Ship

1. OMS Vojnomir
2. OMS Ljudevit

(Each equipped with up to 18 helicopters, a combination of Bobcat and Wildcat)

Glade Class Attack Submarine

1. Ratimir
2. Braslav
3. Višeslav
4. Borna
5. Vladislav
6. Ljudemisl
7. Mislav

Creek Class Missile Submarine

1. Trpimir
2. Zdeslav

Sping Class Frigate

1. Domagoj
2. Zdeslav
3. Branimir
4. Muncimir
5. Tomislav
6. Miroslav
Each with 1 Bobcat

Canopy Class Destroyer

1. Gojslav
2. Demetrius
3. Zvonimir
4. Ladislaus
5. Coloman
6. Géza
7. Emeric
8. Wenceslaus
9. Sigismund
10. Višeslav

Each with two Bobcat

Oak Class Patrol Ship

1. Radoslav
2. Prosigoj
3. Vlastimir
4. Mutimir
5. Pribislav
6. Petar
7. Pavle
8. Zaharija
9. Časlav
10. Jovan Vladimir

Each with one Bobcat

Alder Class LCS

1. Stefan Vojislav
2. Mihailo
3. Vojisavljević
4. Kočapar
5. Đorđe
Each with one Bobcat

Sappling Class Mine Warfare Vessel

1. Grubeša
2. Gradinja
3. Vukan

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Re: The Drenovian Union (Drenova)
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The nations air-force was founded in 1913 and has become a key part of the nations armed forces. It currently boasts 48,986 airmen and 21,372 reservists.

AircraftRoleNo.In Service
A-3 PantherGround Attack54
A-7 LeopardGround Support7
B-6 AgamaTactical Bomber25
C-28 BalikunCargo10
C-40 GidranCargo20
C-30 RivocheCargo38
E-6 JubulaCommand & Control2
E-7 JanolaElectronic Warfare3
F-30 DholeMulti-Role Fighter80
F-27 ZarpticaMulti-Role Fighter135
F-20 WolfFighter40
KC-9 FrogTanker/Transport9
KC-13 ToadTanker/Transport12
T-5 KittenLight Fighter/ Jet Trainer44
T-6 CubBasic Trainer/Light Attack69
H-53 SwanSAR/Utility Helicopter16
H-1 SwiftUtility Helicopter20
H-28 RobinTilt Rotar10
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Re: The Drenovian Union (Drenova)
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65,822 Soldiers
38,758 Reservists

110 x Ask Main Battle Tanks
130 x Embla Infantry Fighting Vehicle
150 x Beyla Armoured Personnel Carrier
100 x Borr Armoured Personnel Carrier
320 x Byggvir Scout Vehicle[/url]
380 x Dis Mobility Vehicle
280 x Eldir Mobility Vehicle
30 x Fimafeng Self Propelled Howitzer
40 x Fenrir Towed Howitzer
35 x Garmir Mobile SAM
30 x Hel Mobile Anti-Air Gun
20 x Gyllir Attack Helicopter
20 x Skinfaxi UAV

In addition each of the Orders maintains a military arm which is limited to 10,000 men. Each of these tends to utilise military equipment donated from Army Surplus. Some of the larger orders include aviation arms among their military element.