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The Federation of Dál Riata & The Kingdom of Eigg
« on: May 07, 2021, 10:18:14 PM »
The Federation of Dál Riata

The Kingdom of Eigg

Headline Figures

Population:- 72,338,243 (Dál Riata = 67,573,922 / Eigg = 4,764,321)

GDP:- $1,710,549,371,000 (Dál Riata = $1,486,626,284,000 / Eigg = $223,923,087,000)

GDP per capita:- $23,646.54 (Dál Riata = $22,000 / Eigg = $47,000)


1. Federation of Dál Riata Outline

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Re: The Federation of Dál Riata & The Kingdom of Eigg
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2021, 11:26:48 PM »

The Federation of Dál Riata

Motto:- "Do and Hope"
Current Leader:- Grand Marshall Kenneth Macrae
Largest Standing Council Party:- The Conservative Alliance
Faith:- 70% forms of Celtic Paganism, 15% Celtic Christian 15% Various others
Language:- Only Official Language is Gaelic
National Day:- 1st July (known as Federation Day)
National Animal:- Grey Wolf
National Flower:- Mountain Aven

The Federation of Dál Riata was formed on the 1st July 1781 at Dunadd. It saw a total of 16 clan chiefs come together and sign an agreement that they would unite their clans into a single Federation. By 1802 this Federation had a total of 21 clans who had put their territory into the Federation. Today the Federation is home to around 67.5million individuals and is tied to the neighbouring Kingdom of Eigg which holds a unique place within the Federation system.

The Federation of Dál Riata is today run by a "Grand Marshall" who is similar in position to what many nations would consider either a President or Prime Minister who presides over the Standing Council which acts as a type of Parliament to pass legislation.


The Federation is governed by the Grand Marshall. They serve for a period of 13 months. The position of Grand Marshall is directly elected however only one clan can vote and must select a member of their clan to take the position. The position of Grand Marshall therefore passes to each clan in turn based on their order in which they joined the Federation.

The Grand Marshall must have their legislative agenda approved by the Standing Council which is elected every four years. Each clan gets a minimum of three representatives with extra representatives being given for certain population milestones being fulfilled. For example the Campbell clan is the largest in terms of population and elects nine representatives while the Montgomery clan have the smallest representation with just three representatives.

With political parties emerging in the late 18th Century and with many members of clans living outside traditional areas this often made the system rather difficult to manage. As such each clan is permitted to determine the way that it will allocate its seats so long as complying with guidelines set by the National Electoral Registry which has the duty of administering elections. As a result of this larger clans such as the Campbell's utilise a system of proportional representation while the Montgomery clan pick the top three polling individuals from the ballot.

It is not impossible but it is unusual that a Grand Marshall is elected who does not belong to the largest party within the Standing Council.

The Kingdom of Eigg do not get to appoint a Grand Marshall however they do get to send three members to the Standing Council.

For a law to be passed it must be presented by the Grand Marshall and then voted upon. Should it reach a majority of the Standing Council's support it is then presented to the Chieftan's Assembly which acts as an upper house. The Chieftan's Assembly is made up of one representative of each of the Clan's and one from the Kingdom of Eigg. They can either accept or amend a proposal. Should they amend it the Standing Council vote to accept the amendment or remove it with the majority determining whether the amended version of the original are passed. As this process can take several months it is possible that a piece of legislation is still being considered when a Grand Marshall is changed and this can often see the process halted.

The Grand Marshall's Palace
Despite its name this is not a residence. It contains the Standing Council Chamber as well as the Chieftan's Assembly Room. Office space is also avaliable for the cabinet Ministers. The Grand Marshall has a smaller residence within the parkland the Palace stands in


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Re: The Federation of Dál Riata & The Kingdom of Eigg
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The Kingdom of Eigg

Motto:- "My Hope is Constant"
Current Leader:- Queen Aoife II
Faith:- 90% forms of Celtic Paganism, 5% Celtic Christian 5% Various others
Language:- Only Official Language is Gaelic
National Day:- 18th August (Queen's Birthday)
National Animal:- Bottlenose Dolphin
National Flower:- Rowan

The Kingdom of Eigg can trace its roots back to the 4th Century BC when the warlord Raghnall took control of the region near the coast. Over the next centuries his descendants formed the Kingdom into a small but powerful Kingdom united by strong clan ties. As like many of the other areas of the Federation the history of the clans is a bloody one however the Maitland clan stayed largely unified and held their territory strongly. Discoveries of silver, tin and copper mines helped make the clan among the richest but also made their territory highly sought after.

In 1781 when the other clans opted to join together a meeting of the Maitland clan was largely suspicious and refused to join. There were a series of clashes until 1798 when King Lachlan IV negotiated the Kingdom a special status within the Federation.

Today the Kingdom retains it's rights to make laws on the use of its territorial waters, agriculture, education, health care and various other matters. It may enter into agreements with foreign nations so long as it does not involve military matters or raises concern of the majority of the standing council. So in principle the Kingdom could enter a trade arrangement with another nation so long as steps were taken to not allow access to the rest of the Federation through the Kingdom. Should the Standing Council oppose any foreign agreement it is void.


The Kingdom is ruled by a monarch who acts in a manner similar to a modern day President or Prime Minister.

The monarch must appoint a 12 person council who are to be consulted before any change in laws for the Kingdom. This council must be made up of no more than six thanes and the manner of its selection is left entirely to the will of the monarch. Queen Aoife took the throne in 2019 following her father's abdication. Within two months she held the first elections in the Kingdom's history for the Royal Council. She has gone on record as saying that every four years she will hold elections for ten of the seats on the Royal Council.

The Kingdom is allocated three seats in the Federations Standing Council but there is a tradition that its members will not vote on matters in which the monarch of the Kingdom has powers to govern that matter herself. For example should the Standing Council be discussing matters of the content of a school curriculum the Kingdom's representatives would abstain from voting, however were the vote to also cover funding for education then they would vote. The Kingdom currently selects its representatives to the Standing Council by a simple ballot where all those wishing to stand and having at least ten supporting nominations are placed on the ballot. The top three polling individuals win the seats.

The Kingdom also sends a representative to the Chieftan's Assembly who acts in a similar manner to it's members of the Standing Council when it comes to voting. It is tradition that the Kingdom's seat of the Chieftan's Assembly is taken by the heir to throne assuming they are aged over 18.

The Kingdom are not permitted to select a Grand Marshall.

Maitland Castle
The castle is the ancestoral home of the Maitland Family and is used for many formal occasions. The day to day business of the Kingdom is infact done in the city of Cappielow which is the Kingdom's capital.

Her Majesty Queen Aoife II of the Maitland Clan

Queen Aoife II is 20 years of age (b.2001) and inherited the throne in 2019. Her father King Lucas II abdicated the throne following various scandals based on an extra-marital affair and accusations of sexual assault. Since inheriting the throne the Queen has focused on trying to set the Kingdom on a closer path to working with the Federation. Additionally she has given the Royal Council more authority as she tries to concentrate on studying part time. She has often used her royal residences to host events for friends as she misses the chance of being what she considers a "Normal" young woman, which is one reason she has sought to give away aspects of royal power.


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Re: The Federation of Dál Riata & The Kingdom of Eigg
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Registration of Clans is handled by the National Election Registry. To be allowed to be recognized as a clan it must have a clan "holdfast" (essentially a palace, castle, estate), a recognized Chief, evidence of at least 200 members and recognition of at least five other clans. No clan has been added to the Registry in 80 years. A Holdfast must have been in the same families stewardship for at least 100 years. Currently there are 21 clans recognised by the Registry.

Rank by SizeClan NameClan mottoStanding Council MembersClan Chief
1.Campbell"Do Not Forget"9Jarlath Campbell
2.MacKenzie"I Shine Not Burn"8Ríona MacKenzie
3.MacLachlan"Brave and Faithful"8Kean MacLachlan
4.MacLean"Virtue My Honour" 7Kilian MacLean
5.MacNab"Let Fear By Far From All"7Bran MacNab
6.Makgill"Without End"7Idris Makgill
7.Mar"Thinks More"7Dermot Mar
8.Maxwell"I Grow Strong Again"6Micheal Maxwell
9.Wishart"Mercy is My Desire"6Roddy Wishart
10.Weir"Nothing Truer Than True"6Hywel Weir
11.Sutherland"Without Fear"5Niamh Sutherland
12.Stirling"Gang Forward"5Christie Stirling
13.Sempill"Keep Trust"5Cian Sempill
14.Ramsay"Pray and Labour"5Mervin Ramsay
15.Oliphant"Provide For All"5Graham Oliphant
16.Monypenny"He Rules the Sea"5Branwen Monypenny
17.MacRae"With Fortitude"5Trystan MacRae
18.MacKintosh"Touch Not a Cat Bot a Glove"4Conall MacKintosh
19.Leslie"Grip Fast"4Fergus Leslie
20.Kirkpatrick"I'll Make Sure"4Ranulf Kirkpatrick
21.Montgomery Watch Well3Neas Montgomery
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Re: The Federation of Dál Riata & The Kingdom of Eigg
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Tartan TitleExampleWhen used
Federal Tartan*Used by state officials on State occasions
*Used by the Grand Marshall
*Used as Army Uniform.
Royal Eigg Tartan*Used by the Monarch of Eigg and their family
*Used by the Kingdom's officials except when in the Standing Council
*Used by regiments raised from Eigg
*Used by the monarchs household
Federal Air Force*Air Force Dress Uniform
*Band on tail fin of each aircraft
*May be worn by an Air Force Veteran
Federal Naval Service*Naval Dress Uniform
*Band on each ship somewhere
*May be worn by a Naval Veteran
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Re: The Federation of Dál Riata & The Kingdom of Eigg
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Áine Worship

The main faith of both the Federation of  Dál Riata & The Kingdom of Eigg is the worship of Áine, a goddess of summer, wealth and sovereignty. The faith believes there is a large family of Gods who are parents, siblings, cousins etc to each other. At first there were several families of Gods and they utilised mankind for their amusement, however Áine gathered together a group of Gods from her own family and some from others who believed that it was important that mankind is protected. Eventually Áine and her group of Gods established themselves as the superior force and eradicated all other families of Gods except one who were banished to the Shadowland. As such mankind found themselves left largely alone with the Gods merely ensuring humanity had the best chance of leading prosperious lives while ensuring those banished to the Shadowland couldn't return. Suspecting that in the future the Shadowlands will launch an invasion of this world Áine and her fellow Gods seek the most noble and virtious humans to stand beside them. As such life is merely a test to see who fits this bill. Those deemed worthy by showing faith, respect to others, spreading the teachings of the Gods and essentially striving to lead a productive and positive life are permitted to reside in the "Greenland" with the Gods enjoying what is essentially a paradise. Those deemed unworthy have their souls destroyed upon death and their bodies, like all human remains are disposed of by fire to ensure the Shadowland can not claim them should they return.


1. Áine - Chief Goddess, goddess of summer, wealth and sovereignty. She also has domain over love and fertility, she has command over crops and animals and is also associated with agriculture. She is seen as being the primary reason for humanities existence and demands sacrifice for her blessing, this is usually done at the various solstices by sacrifice of an animal.

2. Airmed - Healing Goddess - Following one of the inter-God battles her brother was killed by a rival God. Her tears over his body revived him and saw a vast number of healing herbs grow in that spot and she gathered them in her cloak. The cloak now contained examples of all the herbs needed to cure all illnesses. Her father (a now deceased God) was angry that she had meddled and ripped the cloak spreading the herbs across Mundus. As a result no one has yet discovered the cure to all illness.

3. Belenus - God of the Sun - He is thought to drag the sun across the sky behind a horse drawn chariot. He is drawn to the world each morning by ritual chants performed by members of the faithful. As such the Priestly Orders have someone carry this out every morning just before sunrise.

4. Borvo - God of Mineral Springs - He has granted mankind with a series of divine rivers. It is thought that by consuming this water and bathing in it the minerals it contains can help keep a person healthy. It is customary for these water courses to be crossed by small bridges often with votive offerings left.

5. Toutatis - God of Protection - He was seen as a watchman of the Gods, ever awake and ever vigilant. He is associated with the military. In order to appease the man it was common for soldiers after battle to melt down some enemy weapons or armor and make rings inscribed with the letter TOT. These were then often buried as a sign of thanks. Today it is customary for soldiers passing basic training to take their beret badge (all trainees wear the same one) and melt it down into a disc upon which they inscribe their name and letter TOT. When joining their unit for the 2nd stage of training it is buried while being witnessed by their new unit. Even when found be archaeologists these artifacts are always reburied.

6 - Lugh - God of Mastery of Skills - He is seen as being able to bless people in a wide variety of skills. It is tradition that those completing apprenticeships of other such practicial schemes of study give thanks to him upon completion. In the days of history upon entering a guild someone was expected to complete an example piece of work to be inspected by the Guild. Those who were admitted into a Guild usually then destroyed the object and presented its pieces to be destroyed in Temples dedicated to Lugh.

7. Epona - Goddess of Horses and Gatherer of the Dead. - She rides a horse and can command all related species such as mules and donkeys. It is believed that she rides the world bringing the souls of the deserving dead to the Greenland and inspecting the boundaries between this world and the Shadowland. She is worshiped by placing horseshoes on the alter of temples as well as statues of ritual horses.

8. The Morrígan - The Morrigan is a divine woman associated with war and fate, especially with foretelling doom, death or victory in battle. She incites warriors to battle and can help bring about victory over their enemies. The Morrígan encourages warriors to do brave deeds, strikes fear into their enemies, and is portrayed washing the bloodstained clothes of those fated to die. She is most frequently seen as a goddess of battle and war and has also been seen as a manifestation of the earth- and sovereignty-goddess, chiefly representing the goddess's role as guardian of the territory and its people. The Morrigan is often invoked to bring about good fortune for any major event.

There are multiple more regional and specialist Gods.

Worship varies for each God and each have their own group of Priests.

Any God having at least ten Temples can name a Chief Priest/Priestess who sits on a Divine Council which attempts to co-ordinate and manage matters of the faith on a day to day basis. This includes organising the major rituals and practices. They also manage various faith based educational establishments and a religious based newspaper.

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Re: The Federation of Dál Riata & The Kingdom of Eigg
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71,738 Active Soldiers

23,762 Reservists

280 x Project 105 Main Battle Tanks
340 x Beaver Infantry Fighting Vehicle
320 x Vole Infantry Fighting Vehicle
350 x Dormice Armoured Personnel Carrier
420 x Squirrel Armoured Personnel Carrier
300 x Flying Squirrel Armoured Vehicle
500 x Project 104 Mobility Vehicle
280 x Hare mobility vehicle
220 x Rabbit Mobility Vehicle
220 x Mole Scout Vehicle
30 x Shrew MUltiple Launch Rocket Artillery
100 x Project 102 Self Propelled Howitzer
55 x Hedgehog Towed Howitzer
25 x Moonrat Mobile Anti-Aircraft System
45 x Project 101 Attack Helicopters
30 x H-101 Abhartach Helicopter
10 x U-1 Balor UAV

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Re: The Federation of Dál Riata & The Kingdom of Eigg
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30,182 Airmen

6,981 Reservists

70 x F-15 Banshee Multi-Role Fighters
90 x F-17 Oilliphéist Multi-Role Fighters
15 x E-11 Dearg SEAD Aircraft
4 x K-31 Duea Tanker Aircraft
48 x C-39 Dullahan Transport Aircraft
15 x C-76 Fomorians Transport Aircraft
50 x H-101 Abhartach Helicopters
20 x H-63  Bánánach Helicopters
45 x T-8 Sluagh Basic Trainer
45 x T-50 Trechend Advanced Trainer
5 x B-4 Pooka Bomber

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Re: The Federation of Dál Riata & The Kingdom of Eigg
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18,793 Sailors

7,593 Reservists

Tait Class Attack Submarine

1. Arda Midhair
2. Beann Traidhe
3. Cairrge Brachaidhe
4. Cenel Becce
5. Cenél Fergusa
6. Mic Earca
7. Luighdech

Forbes Class Frigate

1. Tigernach Duí
2. Eochach Binnich
3. Maein Muireadaigh
4. Néill Noígiallaig
5. Conall Gulban
6. Ua Bresleáin

Douglas Class Destroyer

1.  Niall of the Nine Hostages
2. Cinel Uchae
3. Maol Fithrich
4.  Crimthainn Áin

Fenton Class Frigate

1. Dam Argait
2.  Cairpre Dam
3. Crimthann Lethan

4.  Giolla Easbaig
5. Domnall Úa Óengusa

Colville Class Corvette

1. Tir Ainmireach
2. Máel Ruanaid
3.  Rosa Failgi
4. Dál Birn
5. Lughaidh Corb

MacAlister Class Mine Warfare Vessel

1. Uí Gabla Fini
2. Dál n-Oaich
3. Fer Fernmaighe
4. Fothairt in Chairn
5. Muintir Dalachain

Edmonstone Electronic Surveillance Ship

1. Sil nDaimine
2. Siol aElaigh

Paisley Class Patrol Ship

1. Síol Faolcháin
2. Coill Uachtarach
3. Dál Niad Cuirp
4. Túathal Techtmar
5.  Crimthann Nia Náir
6. Echdach Amainsen

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Re: The Federation of Dál Riata & The Kingdom of Eigg
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14,500 Members
5,892 Reservists

20 x Iomaitheor Main Battle Tanks
10 x Liopard Armoured Personnel Carrier
10 x Pantere Armoured Personnel Carrier
30 x Raain Infantry Fighting Vehicle
40 x Cairt Mobility Vehicle
15 x Spear Towed Howitzer
5 x Shrew Multi Launch Rocket Artillery


3 x Clephane Class Corvette

1. Kenneth
2. Donald
3. Constantine

3 x Pitbaldo Patrol Boat

1. Aed
2. Giric
3. Eochaid


7 x F-20 Eagle Multi Role Fighter
5 x C-26 Hawk Transport Plane
4 x H-24 Kestrel Attack / Utility Helicopter
2 x T-31 Fledgling Basic Trainer / Ground Attack
2 x T-22 Chickling Advanced Trainer / Ground Attack.

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Re: The Federation of Dál Riata & The Kingdom of Eigg
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