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The Empire of Abertone
« on: May 30, 2022, 09:09:30 AM »


Motto:- Something Cool
National Anthem:- Name of Anthem[/center]


Under the Lupa family a period of military conquest in the 15th Century saw the creation of the Abertone Empire based on the city by the same name. Hemmed in by nations on either side the Empire looked to overseas territory at some poing in the 16th Century.

Government Type:- Imperial System
Population:-:- 48,398,814 (2022 Census)
Capital City:- Abertone (pop. 2,784,204 (2022 Census)
Demonym:- Abertonian


Currency:- Lira
GDP per Capita:- $31,676.20
Unemployment Rate:- 8.2%
Main Industries:-  Packaged Medicaments , Cars , Vehicle Parts, and Blood, antisera, vaccines, toxins and cultures


Ethnicity:- Caucasian (60%) Black (35%) Other (5%)
Languages:- Whatever Italian is
Religions:- Christian (70% - Split 80/20 Catholic/Protestant) Others split between Vodou and tribal faiths
Average Life Expectancy:- How long do people live


Head of State:- Emperor Marco Lupin IX
Head of Government:- Consul Graziano Lupin
Name of Legislative Body:- The Imperial Senate
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Re: The Empire of Abertone
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Since 1461 the Lupa Family have, in one way or another, controlled the Empire. Today the family are from a bloodline of cousins of the first Emperor of Abertone, Emperor Marco I. The family as well as dominating politics within the Empire also are an economic foundation within the Empire with several large companies featuring in the families portfolio.

The current Emperor is Marco Lupin IX who became Emperor in 2019.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Marco Lupin IX
King of Abertone
Grand Duke of Faidello

Marco was born in 1976 and is the 2nd son of Emperor Luca V and Empress Maria. His elder brother Gianfranco became Emperor in 1997 following the assassination of his father by Republican terrorists. His brother ruled as Emperor from 1997-2019 before dying of an illness. As the rules of inheritance for Abertone state that a male should inherit the throne and with Gainfranco having three daughters it was Marco who inherited the throne. At the time of Gianfranco's death it transpired his wife, Sarah, was pregnant and gave birth to a healthy boy eight months after Marco inherited the throne, this has lead to some believing Marco should have abdicated the throne in favour of his nephew Peter. The Emperor though has refused to do so.

Marco has a reputation for living the high life and while having never been married has fathered three children. Most of the day to day running of the Empire he has left to his cousin Graziano.

Graziano Lupo
Prince of Abertone
Duke of Manzi
Imperial Consul

Graziano is the cousin of the Emperor and was born in 1980. Many see him as a contrast to his cousin as he has a track record of being a man of duty having served first in the Order of Isidore, a voulenteer organisation that seek to grow and provide food for the poor. He joined this at the age of 12 and while still a member has not been a regular attender on their farms since 1999. While at University he joined the Imperial Officer Training Cadre (IOTC) while obtaining a degree in International Relations. Upon graduating he completed his compulsory 18 months military service in the Army before attending flight school where he qualified as a fast jet pilot. He left the military in 2016 and began working in the Imperial Senate as a spokesman for the armed forces. When his cousin Marco became Emperor Graziano first became Deputy Consul under his father Giorgio before his father was forced to resign due to ill health. Graziano has worked hard to try and reign his cousin and having failed to ensured that he effectively allowed Marco to be a figure head with Graziano handling most domestic matters leaving only foreign affairs to the Emperor.

Graziano is married to Agatha Di Augastino whose father was a former Consul himself. The couple have three children, Andrew, Benedict and Notburga.  The couples children are all named after patron saints of farming.
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Re: The Empire of Abertone
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Re: The Empire of Abertone
« Reply #3 on: June 01, 2022, 10:46:19 AM »

The Western part of the Empire is considered the "Home" Empire where as the "Eastern" part became part of the Empire in the 16th Century. Despite the Empire having existed for over 500 years in various styles the two parts are still very different. The west is home to the largest part of the economy and has a higher standard of living. The Eastern part of the Empire is heavily utilised for agriculture and mineral extraction.


Founded at some point around 600 B.C the city of Abertone was surronded by several significant small kingdoms. Over time it became a prosperous trading city and then was able to subdue several other kingdoms to become an Empire based on the city at its centre. The city today has a population of around 2.7million people.


Lafiagi is the capital of the Eastern Empire. It was conquered by the Empire in the 1500's. Today it is a major trading port and home to the various offices of the Eastern Empire. It is a popular holiday destination for those in the Western part of the Empire as its economy is significantly lower than the West. At times it has been the site of various attacks by Republican and/or Independence organisations.
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Re: The Empire of Abertone
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ProvinceProvincial CapitalDukeOther Noble TitlesOther Info
AbertoneAbertonePeter LupaArchbishop of Abertone - Pancrazio Ricci
FaidelloClesKing Marco LupaArchbishop of Faidello - Ambrosio Donadoni
ManziTassulloGraziano LupoArchbishop of Tassullo - Moreno Di Stefano
Valle Del VinoTaioEligio Amantea
MontagnaMallaroAgostino Acquati
Mago MilanoSparmaggioreDante AlbriciArchbishop of Mago Milano - Frederico Albrici
Castel BelfortCavedagoLazzaro NicolosiCount of Bian - Stefano Nicolosi
DaldossAndaloAdalberto AgricolaCount Agricola - Adalberto Agricola
Archbishop of Daldoss - Mariano Agricola
Molveno MolineIvan Guinta
DorsinoSan LorenzoBaldovino GalliArchbishop of Dorsino - Paolo ZengaHome of the Basilica of Longinus - Local folklore says that the Church contained the spear that was used to finish Jesus when he was on the cross
AndogoTavodoIsacco Di AntonioHome to the nations oldest still active Monastry, dedicated to St. Basilissa
Villa BanalePonte ArcheAmedco NandoArchbishop of Villa Banale - Rodrigo Di Nesta
Count of the Archways - Simone Del Negra
The Archways was a old key fortification of which little remains
CampoDasindoDino AbramoHome to the St. Thomas Aquinas Academy, the nations oldest University
StumiagaTorbieraGiulio Goretti
La PinetaBallinoIsaia GuerraArchbishop of Ballino - Mark Oswaldo
Lago Di TennoVilla Del MonteDuilio NanniArchbishop of Lago Di Tenno - Casper Rondana
Count of Villa Del Monte - Estaban Nanni

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Re: The Empire of Abertone
« Reply #5 on: June 02, 2022, 11:13:20 AM »

Official Unit Patch

Imperial Standard

132,500 Soldiers
41,200 Reservists

220 x Chevalier Main Battle Tank - purchased from Achkaerin
65 x Chameleon Light Tanks - purchased from East Moreland
340 x Alauda Tank Destroyer
610 x Syntribos Infantry Fighting Vehicle - Purchased from Cassiopeia
220 x Hirundo Infantry Fighting Vehicle
700 x Khalasa Armoured Personnel Carrier - Purchased from Rayyu
330 x Fringilla Armoured Personnel Carrier
200 x Luscinia Armoured Personnel Carrier
300 x Impala Armoured Personnel Carrier
85 x Cucula MRAP Vehicle
35 x Project 104 Heavy MRAP Vehicle - Purchased off the Celtic Co-Operative Armament Project
2000 x Cetacea Mobility Vehicle
2200 x Upupa Mobility Vehicle
80 x Project 102 Self Propelled Howitzer - Purchased off the Celtic Co-Operative Armament Project
90 x Panthera Towed Howitzer
30 x Graculus Light Howitzer
38 x Martes Multi Launch Rocket Artillery
45 x Aurochs Mobile SAM System
35 x Wombat Mobile SAM System

Spoiler: show

Names taken from lists of minor planets to be refasioned into something relevant later
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Re: The Empire of Abertone
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Official Unit Patch

Imperial Standard

49,500 Airmen
28,200 Reservists

110 x Dragonskin Multi-Role Fighters - purchased from East Moreland
16 x A-11 Antelope Strike Fighter - purchased from Altona
45 x F-3 Fabulinus Multi Role Fighters
35 x GR-3 Fabulinus Strike Fighter
4 x E-20 Edusa AEWACS Aircraft
4 x U-5 Unxia Intelligence Aircraft
25 x E-3 FabulinusSEAD Aircraft
6 x P-38 Mormolykeia Maritime Patrol Aircraft
10 x K-76 Caeculus Tanker
20 x C-390 Aello Transport Aircraft - purchased from Cassiopeia
20 x C-17 Hummingbird Transport Aircraft - purchased from Kodima
30 x Kata Utility Helicopter - Purhcased from Ui Cenneslaig
30 x H-1 Hostilina Helicopter
30 x Project 101 Attack Helicopter - Purchased from Celtic Co-Operative Armament Project
18 x U-10 Avocet UAV - Purchased from Eskdale
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Re: The Empire of Abertone
« Reply #7 on: June 02, 2022, 11:26:09 AM »

Official Unit Patch

Imperial Standard

46,500 Sailors

11,800 Reservists

2 x Marius Glabio Class Aircraft Carrier - Purchased from Eskdale

1. Pomaria

2. Ovilava

Equipped with 8 x f-12 Shellduck VSTOL Fighters
3 x Kata Helicopter - Purchased from Ui Cenneslaig

2 x H-1 Hostilina Helicopter

5 x Titus Elva Class Submarines

1. Iuvavum

2. Vindabona

3. Lentia

4. Atuatuca

5. Tungrorum

6 x Lucius Barbula Class Attack Submarines

1. Novae

2. Storgosia

3. Deva

4. Sostra

5. Nicopolis

6. Kovacharsko

1 x Tiberius Agricola Class Amphibious Warfare Ship

1. Siscia

6 x Marcus Lepidus Class Destroyer

1. Marsonia

2. Mursa

3. Aequum

4. Pietas

5. Iulia

6. Pola

6 x Lucius Macedunius Class Air Defence Frigate

1. Pollentia

2. Herculanea

3. Andautonia

4. Salona

5. Cubalae

6. Ragusium

6 x Marcus Scaurus Class Anti-Submarine Frigate

1. Narbo

2. Martius

3. Vesontio

4. Parisiorum

5. Lugdunum

6. Nemausus

10 x Marcus Antonius Class Patrol Ship - Purchase from Nya Aland

1. Argentoratum

2. Divodurum

3. Caesarmagnus

4. Ambiarium

5. Gesoniacum

6. Aurelianorum

7. Trevororum

8. Novaesium

9. Vetera

10. Vindelicorum

6 x Lucius Antonius Mine Warfare Vessel

1. Borbetomgus

2. Sorviodurum

3. Mogontiacum

4. Bonna

5. Noviomagnus

6. Rigomagnus

34x Manius Aquillius Class Fast Attack Ship

1. Mattiacorum

2. Lopodunum

3. Flaviae

4. Bonames

Ship classes take name from
Ship Names come from
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Re: The Empire of Abertone
« Reply #8 on: June 02, 2022, 11:41:05 AM »

Official Unit Patch

Imperial Standard

The Praetorians are a cross between a Special Forces unit and the Italian Carabinieri.

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Re: The Empire of Abertone
« Reply #9 on: June 11, 2022, 12:36:01 AM »
Policies & Stances

Abortion: Legal only if progressing full term would endanger the mother's life

Adultery: Not a criminal offence but socially seen as immoral.

Affirmative action: No.

Age of consent: 16.

Age of majority: 18.

Artificial insemination: Not permitted within the Empire

Assisted suicide: Illegal. Anyone helping with euthanasia is charged with murder and may be sentenced to death.

Bestiality: Illegal.

Birth control: Legal however may not be kept on shelves in stores and must be "Kept behind the counter".

Childcare: Government fund 30 hours childcare a week between the ages of 1 and 4.

Concealed carry: Permitted only after gaining police permission, passing a medical and competency test as well as a 10 hour training course.

Death penalty: Hanging for murder and treason. Death warrants must be signed by the Emperor and while 124 prisoners (as of June 2022) were on death row Emperor Marco has stated he does not intend to sign any Death Warrants while Emperor.

Divorce: Not permitted unless you can prove adultery or desertion.

Double jeopardy: Allowed only in cases when there is new and compelling evidence against the accused.

Drinking age: 18

Driving age: 16

Education: Compulsary between the ages of 4-18. At age 16 students sit exams and then results determine what pathways can be followed.

Eminent domain: Legal for public purposes with fair compensation for property owners.

Equal pay for equal work: Yes.

Felony disenfranchisement: Yes

Flag desecration: No official stance

Gambling age: 18

Gun purchase age: 21

Homosexuality in the military: A policy of don't ask don't tell applies however discovery of a serving member of the military being homosexual can be grounds for dishonourable discharge.

Human cloning: Illegal.

In vitro fertilization: Illegal

Marriageable age: 16 in arranged marriages, 18 otherwise.

Military conscription: All men must serve 18 months in the military, women can opt in.

Minimum wage: Yes

Parental leave: Women granted 12 months (3 months on full pay, 3 months on 75% pay, 3 months on 50% pay and the final 3 months on 25% pay)

Polygamy: Illegal

Pornography: Not permitted to be sold in stores unless in fully covered plain packaging and only in licenced stores.

Prostitution: Illegal. Those selling sexual favours can face 12 months in prison, those buying services can be fined $1000.

Public transport: Government subsidies but privately operated.

Race: Racism is a crime and racially motivated crimes generally carry an extended sentence.

Same-sex marriage: Not permitted nor recognised.

School leaving age: 18

Sex reassignment surgery: Not permitted

Sex toys: Not permitted for sale unless from licenced retailers.

Sexually transmitted diseases: Knowingly risking infecting someone else can carry a charge of attempted murder.

Smoking age: 18.

Sodomy laws: Illegal

State ideology: Officially None.

Stem cell research: Legal so long as the institute can prove the stem cells come frommorally acceptable sources currently that means those taken from: Embryonic Germ Cells (from miscarriages or spontaneous abortions and not elective abortions), Umbilical Cord Stem Cells, Placenta-derived Stem Cells, Post-Natally Derived (Adult) Stem cells.

Taxation: Progressive tax system.

Torture: Illegal.

Trial by jury: Used for all crimes punishable by a prison sentence or capital punishment.

Universal healthcare: Emergency health care is free at the point of use and paid for by taxation. "Life Saving" health care is also free, elective or "non-essential" health care is paid for either by private health insurance or on a means tested fee paying scheme. So for example someone needing a heart bypass will get it free, someone wanting plastic surgery on a scar will have to pay.

Voting age: Must be 18.

Women's rights: Full Equality

Working age: 16.

Working week: 45 hrs (max).

Narcotics: A system of controls exist with each narcotic being assigned a category. (A=Total ban and punishable by severe prison time. B=Total ban and small amount of time in prison. C= Banned in certain quantaties D= Can be purchased in licenced venues but not removed from them E= Can be purchased from licenced venues but possessed in limited amounts F=No controls)

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Re: The Empire of Abertone
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The Onyx Club was founded in the early 1900s by a group of wealthy and powerful nobles who were concerned about the future of their class. They saw that the nobility was becoming increasingly diluted, as the Emperor was giving more and more people titles for their wealth or political connections, rather than for their bloodlines. They feared that this trend would eventually lead to the downfall of the nobility, and they decided to take matters into their own hands. The club's founders created a system of nepotism to ensure that only the best and brightest of the noble class would be able to pass on their titles to their heirs. They also established a number of other rules and regulations designed to preserve the purity of the nobility.

The Onyx Club is a secret society, and its members were sworn to secrecy and pay dues. They met in a private building on the edge of the city of Abertone however they have real estate across the Empire, and even further afield. The club's activities are shrouded in mystery, and there were many rumors about what went on behind closed doors. Members are given 100 "Wolf Coins" on their admission to the Club. These coins are used in several ways. One way is that one must be presented upon entering any venue owned by the society. Each coin has a symbol on to identify its owner. They are exchanged in return for promises, for example in the past members have given promises that they would gain a fellow member a military promotion and a coin has changed hands as a guarentee. The coin is returned once the promotion was granted. The coins are also used for voting on various matters such as leadership roles, new members or other significant decisions.

The club has a group of workers known as Knights who are non-nobles who have been recruited for their loyalty to the Empire and a noble family. They are well paid by the society and undertake roles such as housekeeping on the societies property, carrying messages and even security. Should a member of the society need to utilise one of these people on an errand they are given a Wolf Coin as a sign of who they are sent by. Occasionally Knights may be given a Wolf Coin as a reward. These can be cashed in by the bearer for a reward.

The society is headed by The Den Father. They are responsible for the overall direction of the society and have the casting vote on membership. The Den Father, once elected serves until they either reign, die or a majority of members hand the Den Officer a coin. The Den Father is, as the name suggests always a male. No family may hold the position consecutively.

The Den Officer is responsible for tracking the Clubs administration. They hold a permanent office and manage the finances and up keep of the clubs real estate. In their office is transparen tube into which Wolf Coins may be dropped. It is marked to show a height at which the coins would signify that half the membership are dissatisfied with the Den Father. Once that point is reached the Den Officer is responsible for removing them from office and organising their replacement.
Quote from: The Laws of the Wolf

* Membership in the Onyx Club is by invitation only.
* Prospective members must be of noble birth. They must be able to trace their ancestry to a nobleman before 1800 unless a family has an exemption.
* Families who do not meet the 1800 rule but have been deemed by the majority of the membership to have done "courages and honourable" duty to the Empire are classed as exempt and may join. 
* Prospective members must be approved by a majority of the existing members.
* Members must pay dues as determined by the Den Father. Any member not paying their dues are shunned until they make good their debt.
* The existence and activities of the Onyx Club must be kept secret from the public.
* Members are sworn to secrecy. They are not allowed to discuss the club's activities with anyone who is not a member. Anyone breaking rules on secrecy are to be shunned by all members. Any member not shunning the oath breaker is themselves cast out.
*Any individual deemed trustworthy, honourable and willing to serve the members of the organisation but does not fulfil the nobility requirements or exemptions may be recruited as a Knight. Knights are expected to uphold the secrecy of the organisation and are compensated financially for their work. 
* Upon becoming a member an individual is granted 100 Wolf Coins.
* A member must present a Wolf Coin to gain entry to any of the Clubs property. This coin shall then be returned to the Den Officer who shall record which member utilised which property and then return the coin to its owner.
* Any member being given an oath by another member should be given a Wolf Coin. The Wolf Coin serves as evidence of the oath and should be returned once the oath has been fulfilled.
* For any votes called a Wolf Coin must be used as a token to cast the vote. These will be checked by the Den Officer who shall tabulate the votes then return the coins. All votes are done in public.
* Any member utilising a Knight for a task should present the Knight with a Wolf Coin. This serves as identification of their connection to the Club. While not compulsory it is expected a member give the coin to a Knight once they have fulfilled the task. The Knight may at any time present this coin to the Den Officer for a financial reward.
* Members are expected to conform to the following

1. They are expected to be honest, fair, and just in their dealings with others.
2. They are expected to uphold the values of their society and to defend it against its enemies.
3. They are expected to be brave in the face of danger and to stand up for what they believe in, even when it is difficult.
4. They are expected to use their resources to make the Empire a stronger and better place.
5. They are expected to carry themselves with grace and poise, even in the face of adversity.
6. They are expected to place the needs of the Emperor and Empire above their own.


Mens uniform is a pair of black trousers and white shirt. Over this they wear a black jacket with a long skirt open at the front and a high collar. The jacket has gold braid and broad gold epaulets. Womens uniform is identical except they wear a plain black dress underneath. Uniform is only worn on ritualistic events. There are two main rituals in the Onyx Club. The first is to welcome new members. To become a member a person must first be nominated by another member, this is done in secret. They sponsoring member must then seek to gather the number of votes required on their behalf. This can be done in several ways, for example simply canvassing existing members or in some cases seeking to make descreet introductions between the existing members and the pospective member. Once they have the right number of supporters they are officially approached for membership. If they accept the offer they are transported to a cave connected to the organisations main property. There as many members of the Club as possible attend in uniform. The candidate is brought in wearing a wolf fur tunic. They are read the rules of the Club and then the proposing member makes a small cut on their thumb and squeezes a few drops of blood into a dish. The new member verbally agrees to the rules and then using a quill uses their nominators blood to sign the rules. They are then ceremonially dressed in their new uniform and presented with their Wolf Coins.

The second major ritual that takes place regularly is on the Emperors birthday. Each year the organisation gathers and hosts a banquet in the Emperors honour. Everyone attends in uniform and must bring a gift for the Emperor, despite the fact the Emperor does not know of the existence of the club. These gifts are often utilised by the Den Father for the benefit of the club. Once the gifts have been presented the Den Father gives an annual report on the club and then a ritualistic meal of wolf meat is consumed. Members may then present ideas for votes such as new methods for achieving the Clubs aims or improving its business dealings. These are then voted on. The evening ends with a series of sacrifices. The Den Father sacrifices a lamb, this is a symbol of providing for the Wolf that is the symbol of Abertone. Next the Den Officer sacrifices a deer as it represents the balance between predator and prey and the Club attempts to maintain a balance in the world by maintaining the hierarchy. The oldest member then sacrifices a bison as a symbol of the force of nature that the Club may become. The youngest member than sacrifices a raven as a symbol of the wisdom they wish to gain before finally a female member sacrifices a goat as a symbol of fertility as it is women who shall ensure the future existence of the noble bloodlines. Once these sacrifices have taken place the club say farewell for the year.

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