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Longdi Socialist Republic
« on: June 18, 2022, 12:46:08 PM »

Motto:- A Country That Serves The People Is A Country Worth Dying For
National Anthem:- For the Martyrs
Flag Anthem:- For the Martyrs


Founded in the fires of the 1904 Bai Dao Ge Ming Revolution, the Longdi Socialist Republic replaced the old Dragonaii Empire with a five-branched republic built upon the ideals of syndicalist socialism, detailing much political power to the various trade unions within its provinces. With the goal of building a society within the ideals of its founders, the republic constructed its democracy with welfare, democracy, and education in mind. The industry has been slowly dragged to modernization in the long years since but at the cost of economic growth and the environment. Now with the Market Socialist Party currently in power, it remains to be seen how the Republic fares in the modern setting of Mundus' politics.

Government Type:- Socialist Representative Republic
Population:-:- 350 million
Capital City:- Yunchang (1.4 million)
Demonym:- Dragonaii


Currency:- Anhan
GDP per Capita:- 22,560
Unemployment Rate:- 8%
Main Industries:- Heavy industry (metal and substance refining), heavy motor industry (i.e locomotive), mining, agriculture


Ethnicity:- Fo an shan, Da yun, (I'll think of more later)
Languages:- Nanfanghua (taiwanese-fujian Mandarin)
Religions:- ES Cathlocism, (3%) Pu Sa Er Di, (86%) Other (11%)
Average Life Expectancy:- 84-89


Head of State:- President
Head of Government:- National Premier
Name of Legislative Body:- Legislative Supreme
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