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Imperial Federation of Skalvia
« on: June 25, 2022, 10:11:01 AM »
Motto:- Unity with strength and harmony.
National Anthem:-Pending

Government Type:- Federal Monarchy
Population:-:- 298,030,881
Capital City:- Koronagorod
Demonym:- Skalvian


Currency:- Ruble (Руб)
GDP per Capita:- $9,056.93 (Nominal), $21,105.07 (PPP)
Unemployment Rate:- 8.35%
Main Industries:- Raw Minerals (Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Zinc, Titanium), Natural Gas, Arms Equipment, Pulp & Paper Products, Industrial Chemicals, Heavy Machinery, Civil Engineering, Building and Construction, Education.


Ethnicity:- Slavic 66%, Turkic 31%, Baltic 2%, Latin 1%
Official Languages:- Skalvian Rus (Russian)
Other Recognised Languages:- Various other regional languages which are taught in schools in their region, as well as Skalvian Rus.
Religions:- Orthodox Christianity 53%, Catholicism 10%, Judaism 10%, Lutheran Protestant 4%, Islam 23%.

Average Life Expectancy:- 71yrs (Male), 77yrs (Female)


Head of State:- Empress Tanya Ulisi Ydrakov I
Head of Government:- Imperial Chancellor Dmitri Dyavchenko
Name of Legislative Body:- Imperial Duma
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