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The Republik of Holmvik
« on: July 11, 2022, 10:26:09 PM »

Republikken Holmvik
Better to fight and fall than to live without hope.
Bedre å kjempe og falle enn å leve uten håp

National Anthem - We'll Have Our Home Again

The year 2000 marked a landmark for many across the world as Mundial entered the new millennium. The year though saw perhaps more importance in the nation of Holmvik. In early February King Sven XII introduced a series of land reforms which would have taken a lot of the land from farmers into royal ownership. As a result farmers began protesting across the nation. With these largely isolated protests easily being put down by the military it was likely nothing much was going to happen until in June 2000 at a small protest in Nyksund ten year old Jorunn Kristoffersen was killed by soldiers from the Royal Household Guard with a rubber bullet. In the weeks that followed farmers carried out various other protests and found more and more people come out. On the 17th July 2000 in the city of Klimpfjäll a crowd of around a million gathered to march for reform. They were instead meet with military roadblocks and were effectively kettled by heavy armour from the Royal Household Guard. Three days later on the 20th the Household Guard began firing shock grenades and tear gas into the crowd and commenced firing rubber bullets resulting in 18 deaths. Among the farmers were many firearms and by the evening of the 20th a battle had begun in the city. This soon became a full scale national uprising when members of the 3rd Attack Wing of the Air Force were ordered to take attack helicopters into the city to support Royalists. In the midst of this four of the Wings attack helicopters were destroyed when young Air Force Officer Conscript Rebekka Axelsen deserted while on patrol in a fighter jet and engaged the helicopters and some of her own squadron before being shot down. Having safely ejected she evaded capture by Royalists and joined the farmers. Where she helped organise the defence of the Klimpfjäll University campus. On the 22nd July forces there raised a new flag and declared the nation a Republic. For 10 days the defenders help the University until it was captured and many of its defenders executed. The desertion of Axelsen had also inspired several other military officers to follow her example and what was effectively a brief civil war began between military factions. On the 2nd August 2000 King Sven XII fled the nation having abdicated the crown when his son Alexander was captured by Republican forces and his Household Guard fled.

The nation held its constitutional conference utilising a randomly selected people's assembly on the 18th August 2000 and by the end of the month had in place a new constitution making the nation a Presidential Republic.

On 1st October 2000 the nation elected its first President, Farmers Union President Sigmund Haugen.

On the 2nd February 2001 the nation held its first elections for the Republican Council with the Agricultural Union Alliance taking the largest share of the vote.

Population - 28,756,093
Capital City - Klimpfjäll (population 1,2million)
Official Languages - Whatever Norweigain is however several languages are spoken in day to day life.
Official Religion - None but the majority (70%) of the nation follow a form of paganism. The remaining 30% follow mainly Christian faiths.
Official Currency - The Holmbik Krona (HK) Assume 1HK = $1
GDP Per Capita - $28,981
Primary Industries - The 3F's Farming, Fishing, Forests.

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Re: The Republik of Holmvik
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2022, 09:15:54 AM »

The home of the Republican Council and Citizens Assembly is the old Royal Palace. It has been converted into a series of public spaces outside and inside the old ballroom equipped for the Council chamber. There are plans for a purpose built Council building to be in place by 2030.

Following the revolution of the year 2000 a new constitution was put in place that made the nation a Republic with a President as Head of State. The Constitution put in place a system that still exists today. There are three layers of approval a piece of legislation needs to become law.

1. Pass through the 200 seat Republican Council.
2. Pass through the 50 seat Citizens Assembly.
3. Be signed by the President.

To understand Holmvikian politics then we need to examine the three steps.

1. The Republican Council

The Republican Council must hold elections at least every four years. When elections are held two ballots take place, the Regional and the Proportional. The nation is split into 50 areas each of which elect a Thane who is held responsible for directly representing the concerns of people from that region, this is known as the Regional ballot. On the same day the Proportional Ballot takes place which see's people vote for a party rather than a person. The 150 seats are split according to the outcome of the vote. Prior to the election each party must submit a list of no more than 200 names (in order of preference) which will fulfil the seats of the Proportional Ballot. It is possible to stand in the Regional and Proportional Ballot. For example a candidate may finish 2nd in their Regional Ballot and thus not win a seat but may be ranked 5tth on their party list and should their party gain enough votes to earn five seats could then be a Proportional Representative.

Once a Council has been formed the party with the highest number of seats nominates a member to be the First Minister. It is the First Minister who is responsible for determining what legislation is put before the Council to be debated and voted on.

2. The Citizens Assembly

Every six months a panel of 50 randomly selected citizens over the age of 18 are gathered. Exemptions are possible if studying at University, serving in the military or with a medical exemption. They meet once a piece of legislation has passed the Republican Council. They have three options. First they may deny the legislation meaning it can not proceed at all. Second they may amend the legislation at which point it returns to the Council who may either accept the amendments or the legislation must be withdrawn. They also grant approval or reject foreign agreements

3. The President

The President is elected every five years however elections can take place if they die, resign etc before that time. The President is the person responsible for conducting foreign diplomacy however any agreements he make must be approved by the Assembly. The President needs to sign any law into existence however once a piece of legislation arrives from the Citizens Assembly he has three options. Their first option is to approve it and in this case it becomes law 7 days later unless a date is given in the document. The second option is ask for a judge to review it and determine if it is constitutional if it is then he must sign it. The final option is a public referendum. Dates are reserved every six months for potential referendums. The President can be in power for two consecutive terms but may seek reelection following a term out of office.

List of Presidents

2000-2005 - Sigmund Haugen (1st Term)
2005-2010 - Sigmund Haugen (2nd Term)
2010-2015 - Preben Landvik (1st Term)
2015-2020 - Preben Landvik (2nd Term)
2020-2021 - Ingebjørg Pedersen (1st Term) - Resigned following death of 3 year old son.
2021-now - Sigmund Haugen (3rd Term)

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Re: The Republik of Holmvik
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2022, 10:18:29 AM »
Policies & Stances

• Abortion: Must be conducted before 21 weeks beyond that only if mothers life is in danger

• Adultery: Grounds for divorce

• Affirmative action: No.

• Age of consent: 16.

• Age of majority: 18.

• Artificial insemination: Legal

• Assisted suicide: Legal for any patient diagnosed with a terminal health condition following consultation with two health professionals. 

• Bestiality: Illegal.

• Birth control: Legal and easily available.

• Childcare: Government funded for means tested number of hours

• Concealed carry: Permitted with a permit

• Death penalty: Permitted for murder and treason.

• Divorce: Permitted following adultery, domestic violence or a seperation period of 12 months.

• Double jeopardy: Allowed only in cases when there is new and compelling evidence against the accused.

• Drinking age: 18

• Driving age: 16

• Education: Compulsary between the ages of 4-18. State funded and private options are available.

• Eminent domain: Legal for public purposes with fair compensation for property owners.

• Equal pay for equal work: Yes.

• Felony disenfranchisement: Yes

• Flag desecration: No official stance

• Gambling age: 18

• Gun purchase age: 18

• Homosexuality in the military: Equal rights for the LGBTQ community

• Human cloning: Illegal.

• In vitro fertilization: Legal

• Marriageable age: 18

• Military conscription: Banned under the constitution except in times of war. 

• Minimum wage: Yes

• Parental leave: Women granted 12 months (3 months on full pay, 3 months on 75% pay, 3 months on 50% pay and the final 3 months on 25% pay)

• Polygamy: Illegal

• Pornography: Laws determine where it can be displayed within stores.

• Prostitution: Legal so long as workers have a licence and restrict their solicitations to agreed areas.

• Public transport: Government subsidies but privately operated.

• Race: Racism is a crime and racially motivated crimes generally carry an extended sentence.

• Same-sex marriage: Permitted but a religious official can not be compelled to carry one out.

• School leaving age: 18

• Sex reassignment surgery: Permitted if privately funded.

• Sex toys: Legal

• Sexually transmitted diseases: Anyone who knows they have one and infects another is guilty of "maiming with intent" or murder in cases of STD's that are terminal such as AIDS/HIV

• Smoking age: 18.

• Sodomy laws: No stance

• State ideology: Officially None.

• Stem cell research: Legal so long as the institute can prove the stem cells come frommorally acceptable sources currently that means those taken from: Embryonic Germ Cells (from miscarriages or spontaneous abortions and not elective abortions), Umbilical Cord Stem Cells, Placenta-derived Stem Cells, Post-Natally Derived (Adult) Stem cells.

• Taxation: Progressive tax system.

• Torture: Illegal.

• Trial by jury: Used for all crimes punishable by a prison sentence or capital punishment.

• Universal healthcare: Funded by taxes with "cosmetic" procedures being privately funded.

• Voting age: Must be 18.

• Women's rights: Full Equality

• Working age: 16.

• Working week: 45 hrs (max).

• Narcotics: Varies from drug to drug.

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Re: The Republik of Holmvik
« Reply #3 on: July 15, 2022, 11:04:37 PM »

Presidential Coat of Arms

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Re: The Republik of Holmvik
« Reply #4 on: February 23, 2023, 07:55:06 PM »

75,782 Active Soldiers 12,874 Reservists

185 x Maple Main Battle Tanks
30 x PIne Tank
105 x Plum Infantry Fighting Vehicle
140 x Apple Armoured Personnel Carrier
60 x Beech Armoured Personnel Carrier
40 x Alder Fast Armoured Vehicle
40 x Aspen MRAV
300 x Buckthorn Utility Vehicle
80 x Box Mobility Vehicle
220 x Blackthorn Mobility Vehicle
35 x Cherry Self Propelled Howitzer
30 x Cedar Towed Howitzer
40 x Ash MLRS
35 x Birch Mobile SAM system

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Re: The Republik of Holmvik
« Reply #5 on: February 23, 2023, 07:55:48 PM »
Air Force
4,800 Airmen / 1,200 Reservists
25 x F-18 FjallabbMulti Role Fighters
25 x F-14 Fjallripa Fighter
25 x F-3 Fasan Strike Fighter
26 x C-27 Cettisangare Transport Aircraft
20 x C-17 Crex-Crex Transport Aircraft
3 x E-100 Enkelbeckasin AEWACS Aircraft
4 x K-78 Kornknarr Tanker Aircraft
3 x P-115 Papegojalka Maritime Patrol Aircraft
15 x H-1 Havssula Helicopter
15 x H-332 Havsorn Helicopter
10 x T-E Tomuggla Basic Trainer
10 x T-45 Tornskata Advanced Trainer
10 x U-1 Uvafluge UAV
12 x S-1 Skata Special Flight maintained for ceremonial purposes and historic events. Belong to "Dis" Squadron which numbers aircraft starting at 3.
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Re: The Republik of Holmvik
« Reply #6 on: February 23, 2023, 07:56:47 PM »
Navy -
 4,500 Sailors / 1,700 Reservists

4 x F-178 Class Air Defence Frigate

1. Irene Lien
2. Børge Rasmussen
3. Runa Matsson
4. Marta Oliversson

4 x F-177 Class Anti Submarine Frigate

1. Bengta Axelsen
2. Martha Ibsen
3. Pia Lorenzen
4. Merete Wang

3  x F-1765 Class General Purpose Frigate

1. Solfrid Sander
2. Kim Haakonsson
3. Jan Østergaard

6 x P-87 Class Patrol Vessel

1.  Gerd Fisker
2. Mogens Bergström
3. Vibeke Axelsson
4. Tekla Holgersen
5. Leif Engman
6. Margrete Svensson

6 x S-25 Class Submarine

1. Viljar Blom
2. Mathias Engström
3. Preben Fisker
4. Enok Ljung
5. Regine Jakobsson
6. Halvdan Göransson

1 x S-6 Class Tracking Ship

1. Kristin Wang

1 x S-7 Class Signals Ship

1. Majken Alexanderson

1 x S-8 Class Satellite Comms Ship

1. Carita Sundén