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The Kingdom of Hozland
« on: October 01, 2022, 08:21:56 PM »

Motto:- Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.


The Kingdom was more or less established in its current geographic size in the early 1610's when the supposed heretical Prince Henry successfully won a civil war against his father. Henry was the younger of two sons of King Peter IV however had been "seduced" by the teachings of the Christian Prophets a faith that had grown strongly in the West of the nation but had been labelled heretical by King Peter IV. Having won the Civil War Henry named himself King and had his father and brother sent into exile, when both later tried mounting plots against him Henry had them both assassinated. From that day forward the descendants of Henry have ruled the nation and the Christian Prophets have become the leading religion.

In the  1630's Henry attempted to add the region of Gretland to his Kingdom and thus began a war that lasted five years. This was successful and for a short time until Henry's death he called himself Emperor. Upon his death his son Thomas III became ruler and made Gretland a Principality while reverting to being simply King of Hozland. While Gretland was a traditional Christian nation the two neighbours clashed periodically until the 1730's when the then King William II established a Religious Settlement Act that established a system that ensured religious freedom for all and then removed the Royal Family from involvement with the other Christian denominations outside the Christian Prophets.

In the 1990's a outspoken religious leader by the name of Adam Pageland established an organisation that at first seemed intent on preaching to try and convert people to the Christian Prophets but by the end of the decade he'd begun telling his followers to prepare for a "Crusade in the name of the Prophets." This saw occasional terror attacks and skirmishes with the government. This was coupled with attempts by a seemingly seperate Conservative Prophet Alliance (CPA) political party trying to gain seats. The CPA struggled to get seats as many saw the clear link with the "Crusaders". In the early 2010's Adam Pageland died and then was succeeded by his son Noah who called for a more aggressive response to bring about "the purity of first Hozland and then the world." By 2018 the "Crusaders" had become strong enough to field 400,000 armed militia men and women who launched a series of organised raids across the nation. They captured the town of Kirkby and established what they called the Holy Kingdom of the Prophets. This began what was a three year long civil war that saw various attrocities in the Holy Kingdom controlled territories. On 17th July 2021 the Battle of Kirkby Hazelwood brought the war to a close having seen close to 250,000 civilian casualties and around a further 120,000 military casualties.


Population - 87,200,000
Capital City - Mahlham
GDP per Capita - $27,800
System of Government - Parliamentary Monarchy
Head of State - King John V
Head of Government - Prime Minister William Clifford


The nation is administered by the Royal Family with approval by a Parliament. To make a law the monarch must present Parliaments lower house with a Royal Proposition, The House of Loyal Subjects is elected every four years via a system of first past the post. A total of 503 seats exists. If a Royal Proposition gains the support of the majority of the House of Loyal Subjects it passes to the upper house known as the House of the Nobility, this is made up of 220 seats, half of which picked by the Royal Family and half by an election. If this body passes the Royal Proposition it enters law. If the House of Loyal Subjects rejects the Royal Proposition then its leader, the Prime Minister may amend it however they see fit, this is then voted on by the House of Loyal Subjects and if it gains a majority continues as before but is known a Loyal Proposition. If the House of Nobility reject a Royal or Loyal Proposition then the leading elected member may draft an amendment known now as a Noble Proposition. This is then voted on by the House of Nobility and the House of Loyal Subjects in a single sitting. If it passes then the monarch must either pass it into law or pass it to referendum.

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Re: The Kingdom of Hozland
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2022, 09:49:28 PM »
Formed at some point in the 1st Century AD the Christian Prophets believe that following the death of Jesus he tasked his six siblings, James, Joses, Simon, Jude and two unidentified sisters to spread his teachings. It is believed by the followers of this religion that for several generations the family oversaw the continuation of a pure form of Christian teaching. They believe that a direct bloodline reaching back to Mary and Joseph exists somewhere on Mundus however has been lost. At some point in the future a time will come when this person receives an "awakening of the flesh" and will begin preparations for the second coming of Christ. Throughout the faiths history there have been several false pretenders to this claim and while some, particularly in the Middle Ages found support they ultimately were discovered to be false and often destroyed as heretics.

The faith views other sects of Christianity as misguided and that in particular the Papacy has become more and more a "misleader of men" The Christian Prophets today follow the religious guidance of the Archbishop of the Blood, who it is believed has some ancestry connected to Simeon of Jerusalem who the faithful believe is in effect a cousin of Jesus. It is common practice for the Archbishop of the Bloodline to name his successor on the day of his appointment however this can and has been amended as his reign progresses. The rules for selection are such that the individual must be serving within the Church of the Christian Prophets and be connected to the current Archbishop by blood within ten generations. While the Archbishop of Blood poses no political power beyond being guaranteed a seat in the House of Nobility his word carries weight with a heavy conservative population of Hozlanders.

In terms of religious texts the members of the faith follow the Old and New Testaments of the bible and also a third Testament called the Testament of the Prophets. It is believed these texts, which are essentially reinforcements of messages and themes from the Old and New Testaments, were written by the siblings of Christ and their descendants for three generations. As such they have been considered heretics by other Christian sects and this has at times lead to persecution even within the territory of Hozland before the nations royals embraced the faith in the 1610's following Prince Henry's successful military campaign against his father and brother.

Today the faith accounts for around 80% of the population of Hozland.

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Re: The Kingdom of Hozland
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2023, 02:33:35 PM »

76,000 Active Soldiers
22,000 Reservists

Equipment in use

210 x Thorny Main Battle Tank
280 x Komodo Infantry Fighting Vehicle
100 x Gila Infantry Fighting Vehicle
100 x Chameleon Armoured Vehicle
120 x Gecko Armoured Personnel Carrier
400 x Tokay Armoured Personnel Carriers
300 x Tegu Armoured Personnel Carrier
200 x Iguana Reconnaissance Vehicle
450 x Horridum Mine Resistant Vehicle
450 x Calumma mobility vehicle
250 x Vitiensis light mobility vehicle
120 x Brookesia Self Propelled Howitzer
65 x Basilisk Howitzer
50 x Slow-worm Multiple Launch Rocket Artillery
60 x H-1 Attack Helicopters
50 x H-90 Utility Helicopters

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Re: The Kingdom of Hozland
« Reply #3 on: April 09, 2023, 04:32:42 PM »

22,200 Active Sailors
8,100 Reservists

1 x Absalom Class Aircraft Carrier.

1. Simeon

2 x Achaia Class Amphibious Warfare Ships.

1. Anna
2. Antipas

4 x Samaria Class Missile Subs

1. Archipus
2. Bartholomew
3. Caius
4. Candida

4 x Sardis Attack Subs

1. Carpus
2. Celsus
3. Crescentius
4. Dionysius

5 x Gabbatha Class Destroyer

1. Epitacius
2. Euprepius
3. Gamaliel
4. Gorgonius
5. Joseph

6 x Machpela Class Multi-Role Frigate

1. Jude
2. Lambert
3. Lazarus
4. Longinus
5. Lydia
6. Martha

4 x Cabul Class Corvette

1. Mary
2. Matthew
3. Nazarius
4. Nicodemus

4 x Macedonia Class Mine warfare ship

1. Prisca
2. Pudens
3. Quadratus
4. Thecla

7 x Palestine Class Patrol Ship

1. Veronica
2. Muirgen
3. Joachim
4. John
5. Dismas
6. Stephen
7. Pancras

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Re: The Kingdom of Hozland
« Reply #4 on: April 09, 2023, 09:19:36 PM »

31,000 Airmen
6,800 Resevists

Active Aircraft

100 x F-21 Fards Multi-role fighter
30 x F-3 Farik Multi-Role Fighters
15 x E-2 Eager Electronic Warfare Aircraft
10 x K-7 Kafir Tanker Aircraft
30 x C-40 Cabin Transport Aircraft
30 x C-9 Cabby Tactical Transport Aircraft
50 x H-90  Haafs Utility Helicopter
10 x E-5 Eared AEWACS
15 x T-3 Tabby Basic Trainer
25 x T-10 Tabid Jet Trainer