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The Kingdom of Lymm
« on: November 06, 2022, 10:06:17 PM »

Teyrnas Lymm
Kingdom of Lymm

Motto- "She Calls I Answer"

The Kingdom of Lymm is first recorded in history in 41 AD when a cleric in the region said "King Bleddyn of the village Kingdom of Lymm died while visiting lands to the East." in a Chronicle found in the former Temple found at Tal-y-llyn. The Kingdom was a minor client Kingdom of the then larger Kingdom of Corris. The Kingdom seems to have not enjoyed good fortune until the 11th Century when in the book by respected monk, Gwillym of Friog, the Kingdom is visted by "a dark lady who should be cast into the flames." He tells a tale of the Kingdom experiencing plague, famine and being besieged by enemies until this "Dark Lady" later identified as Delyth of the Mist seems to have intervened with the then King Sawyl during this troubling period. While Lymm was then a Christian Kingdom Delyth arrived and began preaching of a "Horned God" and "Mother Goddess" with whom she was said to be in communication with. At first King Sawyl was in favour of burning her as a heretic however after she cured the village of Rhoslefain in 1078 the King actually began protecting her from Christian calls for execution. In 1079 his wife, Queen Enfys, was dying in childbirth and in desperation Sawyl allowed Delyth to intervene. While no historical source confirms this a common told folk tale says that Delyth agreed to save both mother and child if she was permitted to educate the "first born child". Ignoring this strange way of wording it and desperate Sawyl agreed. Regardless of the folk tale, Delyth delivered a health girl and then seconds later a boy. Enfys also survived. Weight is lent to the folk tale as Princess Rhosyn vanishes from history for 12 years only to resurface in 1091 alongside a seemingly unaged Delyth. The Princess seemingly appears in the capital of Deiniolen during a solar eclipse and declares that her brother will lead the Kingdom to a great future as "The Horned God wishes him to be the father of a great people and I shall guide their souls to the Mother Goddess.". In 1098 King Sawyl dies and his son, also called Sawyl inherits the throne. Within a decade he had rejected the Christian faith and following the spiritual guidance of Delyth and his sister Rhosyn began to follow a faith that is today called Lymmite Wicca yet at the time had no real formal name.

Over the next thirty years it becomes clear that while King Sawyl the Younger was monarch he became little more than a warlord and symbol while the self styled Grand Priestess Rhosyn actively determined what the Kingdom would do. When her mentor Delyth died (according to Folklore revealing that her age was in fact 800 years of age and that as her tomb was closed the sound of horses hooves could be heard from inside) Rhosyn appointed her own daughter Heledd as the first White Witch, a position that  effectively marked her out as the future Grand Priestess and effective leader of the Kingdom. When Rhosyn died Heledd did indeed take the role but refused to be called the Grand Priestess stating that title was reserved for Delyth when she returned.

By the 1600's the Kingdom was enlarged through various military campaigns and in 1588 King Owen III became concerned about the power of the Wicca. By now the faith was organised into Covens, each having a hereditary Witch Mother in charge and loyal to the White Witch. While people gave fealty to the King they still followed the White Witch more loyally. Owen III carried out the "Dark Slaughter" where he executed around 700 Witch Mothers and their heirs. The White Witch at the time was Lady Gwyneira who raised an army of her own and in 1591 defeated King Owen III at the Battle of the Seion Forest. Following the battle she had Owen sacrificed along with 1000 of his men. She then placed a young male student of hers, King Sieffre of the Forest, is the ancestor of the modern day Kings. Before his coronation Gwyneira established a system of government that ensured the Witch Mother had a formal role in government and could control the monarchs power if need be. This system, with a few modern changes still holds true today.

Since the crowning of King Sieffre of the Forest the Kingdoms borders have largely unchanged.

In the 1800's there was a large effort by the Catholic Church to convert the nation however this failed and while not exactly hostile to the Christian faith it was made very clear by the vast majority of the population that they were not welcomed. In 1817 at a small chapel in Deiniolen a Christian Priest by the name of Benjamin Whittaker declared that the Pentacle used in Wiccan worship was a portal for the devil and that the faiths ceremonial leader, Delyth, was a fraud. This saw the Chapel vandalised several times and Whittaker in vengeance smashed open the tomb of Delyth. Eye witnesses told of how Whittaker smashed open the sealed door and unsealed the stone coffin expecting to destroy the remains of Delyth, reports however stated that there was no body despite the coffin being sealed with unbroken wax. This news spread like wildfire and six days of anti-Christian riots ripped through the nation as people pointed to the idea that Delyth was returning. The incident added to the nations heavy belief in its folk-lore and while Whittaker may have hoped to weaken the faith during his time there he in fact made its faithful even more devout. In 1831 Whittaker was lynched by a group of Witches after he had stolen one of their "Book of Shadows" and burnt it. The five Witches involved were found not-guilty by a jury of murder and the local community celebrated them as heroes. Since then there has been no real effort to convert people to Christianity however the faith has found a small foothold in the North of the nation where a community of around 250,000 built several settlements such as New Nazareth.

Today the nation has two leaders, while one is supposedly only spiritual. The King is a hereditary position which is responsible for the defence of the nation and its people as its primary duty. It is also on paper responsible for giving approval for all laws however since 1904 no King has ever gone against the wishes of the White Witch. In effect then the White Witch holds the power in the nation and with the 2020 Census saying 82% of the population identify as Wiccan and of that 80% are members of a Coven it is safe to say she holds a great deal of power.

Population: c.82,000,000
GDP per capita: $26,812
Capital City: Deiniolen
Current Monarch: King Siôn IV
Current White Witch: Lady Rhiannon

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Re: The Kingdom of Lymm
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The Lymmite Wicca faith was begun by a lady simply known as Delyth of the Mist and Princess Rhosyn. Folklore tells that Delyth arrived in the Kingdom at a time of crisis and using her powers was able to guide the King through the problems. She carried out a miracle saving the Queen from death during childbirth and producing twins when the Queen was sure she was only carrying one child. As part of the bargain for saving the Queen's life Delyth was permitted to educate the first born child, Princess Rhosyn. The two effectively established a system of faith that is still followed today and includes an hereditary leadership structure focused on an almost teacher-student relationship.

What do they believe in?

The Delyth of the Mist and Princess Rhosyn taught that there are two all powerful Gods. The first is the Horned God, he is male and is responsible for all creatures except humans. He is also known by many names including Karnayna, Atho and Brân. Many stories also include the Horned God forming himself into several different Avatars and these becoming great historical legendary figures. He is considered almost like a gamekeeper for humanity and keeps the balance between nature and the spirit world.

The world itself though was created by the "Mother Goddess" who it is believed birthed the Universe into creation and allowed the Horned God to come into existence as her lover. While he is said to have made all creatures it is the Mother Goddess who created mankind, and unlike the Christian faith, she created women first and blessed them with the ability to summon Magik. The Mother Goddess.

The two Gods must be respected and worshipped for allowing our existence. When a person dies their soul splits into two parts. One part remains on Mundus and keeps watch over the world, the other ventures to the "Summerland" where it lives in a beautiful forest where if male it sits and learns from the Horned God and if female from the Mother Goddess. After a period of reflection and learning the soul in the Summerland is given a choice about how it is unified with the Mundus dwelling part. An individual may return to Mundus to be reborn in another human body or it may request the Mother Goddess allow it to remain in the Summerland for eternity, however if the Mother Goddess rejects you then your soul is destroyed for all time. It is believed that only Delyth of the Mist has been granted permanent residence of the Summerland and that the sound of hooves heard inside her tomb following her burial was the Mother Goddess riding to claim the Mundus bound part of her soul.

The faithful believe that any individual can harness Magik but females are much more powerful. Those trained specifically to carry out rituals and rites are those considered exceptionally strong with Magik and are referred to as witches. A man may become a witch but these are exceptionally rare.

How do they pray?

Lymmite Wicca focuses on rituals and rites of passage done at various times. Each home is expected to have a alter which features a symbolic presence of the two Gods. In addition gifts are daily laid out for the two, these generally are things such as flowers or food. All followers belong to a Coven, these are groups of faithful who follow a particular Witch and her descendants. Friday is considered the most holy day and Covens gather at their meeting point, for some this is a building known as a Casting, or for many places in nature are used. At various times through the year certain festivals are carried out for praise of certain things. While common beliefs exist each witch may have her own variations so long as given approval by a White Witch. Each Covens leading witch maintains a "Book of Shadows" which contains that Covens spells and rituals. This is a "living document" which each generation maintains. 

A typical Friday ceremony involves nine stages

1. Purification of the sacred spaces and those worshipping. Each witch has her own method of doing this but often this can include such things as ritual washing, use of salt and use of fire.

2. Casting The Circle. A sacred circle must be formed, this must be large enough to contain thirteen people, including the Witch. It is believed no magik can take place unless there are 13 people in attendance. It is believed that the circle acts as a portal between Mundus and the Summerland allowing the two Gods to hear our prayers and also increasing the witches power.

3. Calling of the Souls. Spells are used to attract certain souls to the circle to even further increase the powers of the Magik. These are often ancestors and former leaders of the Coven.

4. The Cone of Power. The Witch in charge of the Coven utilises spells to harness the energies of the 13 that have made the circle. This sends out a Cone of Power that extends to the Summerland. The two Gods can utilise this energy to revitalise themselves. In return for this sustaining energy the Gods ensure we are protected. Once prayers for the Gods have been said the Cone is used to carry out Magik relevant to those in the Coven, for example a pregnant women will have energy directed her way for the health of the baby or a student about to sit exams will have it harnessed to support them in the upcoming tests.

5. Drawing Down the Gods. It is now expected that the Gods be given some form of gift. During seasonal rituals such as at Harvest this is in many Covens an animal sacrifice. On Friday prayers however this is usually something that can be burned such as flowers or food.

6. Spellcasting. Now that the Gods are themselves within the circle collecting and enjoying their gifts each member of the Coven is permitted to ask the Witch in charge for help with a spell. These can be for anything so long as it is judged by the Witch in charge not to go against the concept of "Do no harm".

7. The Great Rite. The person leading the ceremony asks that the Gods enter into them if they wish. At this point the Witch is joined by a male partner allowing the Gods to enter the correct gender. Often following this individuals may seek a private audience with the two involved as to ask if the Gods had any message or wisdom for them. Often faithful will ask questions to the two undertaking the Great Rite prior to them beginning. While there is no set Rite each "Book of Shadows" has a method for this. In some this can involve the two tying themselves together while on grand occasions "Sex Magik" takes place, while the name may suggest intercourse between the two this is largely now not the case and the symbolic act of a male placing a sacred knife inside the a sacred challice held by a female.

8. Wine, cakes, chanting, dancing, games. The Coven enjoys social time together. Adults will often enjoy an alcoholic drink and food while socialising while children play traditional games. Communities often sing folk songs and traditional dancing is popular. Honey cake is a favourite and seen as a ritually important part of the meeting. It is believed that the Two Gods become pleased seeing a sense of community among their faithful and that the socialisation is blessed by them and strengthens the Coven.

9. Closing the Circle. Rituals are undertaken to thank the Two Gods and other spirits that have attended and the circle is formally closed.

The Rede & Morality

While the faith has no central sacred text, instead prefering each witch to have their own "Book of Shadows"

One central part of the faith is The Rede, which is a simple phrase that says "Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill, An it harm none do what ye will" . This is taken as the central part of the faiths morality. There is however much debate over what it actually means, some Wiccan believe for example the "none" means no person while others interpret it to also include animals, as such is estimated that around 25% of those following the faith are vegan or vegetarian.

Other moral codes include the "Rule of Three". The faithful believe that whatever energy you put into the world, positive or negative, will be returned to you three times. As such Wicca are careful about their actions.


The faithful find the image of a woman in black with a broomstick and hat rather offensive. A Witch in the faithfuls eyes is someone who has been blessed with powerful Magik and has displayed signs of great knowledge, probably from their time in the "Summerland". It is believed that Magik runs in families, particularly down the female bloodline and as such the title of Witch is largely hereditary.  To become a witch a serving witch must take you on as their apprentice. This is often a mother and daughter practice. After being an apprentice for a year and a day an individual may request a "Screening" where they are tested by witches from three other Covens. If this is not done before two years and two days the Apprentice will always be rejected but may remain an Apprentice for life.  If they are deemed to be knowledgeable they are called a "First Degree Witch" and may now cast spells at prayers. Following three further years they may apply for recognition as a "Second Degree Witch" if approved they may now lead rituals. Finally after five further years they may apply to be a "Third Degree Witch" this means that they may now lead a Coven or even establish one of their own. Beyond "Third Degree Witch" are several positions known as Biddies which give the faith a leadership structure. The Biddies are selected by the White Witch, which is a hereditary position from a bloodline thought to date back to Princess Rhosyn.

While men can be Apprentices only 5% of those who then apply to be a Witch are successful.

Book of Shadows

It is believed that each witch harnesses the power of the Gods and Magik differently. As a result each Coven maintains a Book of Shadows. This is a document (does not have to be a physical book) which contains the rituals, spells and other information needed for a witch to carry out their duties. Some families can trace their book's history back to the 12th century. The most noted Book of Shadows belongs to the Hiraethog family which have provided the White Witch for some 300 years and can trace a bloodline back to Princess Rhosyn. Their book of Shadows is also known as the Kingdoms Shadow. Traditionally the book must be written by hand however some Covens now also posses a digital copy. It was customary for pages to be left blank for future witches to write in and the Book is considered a living document always being edited. Upon being enrolled in a Coven it is tradition for an Apprentice to hand write the Book of Shadows for that coven to make their own copy.

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Re: The Kingdom of Lymm
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In Lymm the King is the Head of government however in reality has very little power. He is responsible for the following tasks;

1. Appointing the Prime Minister - This is the leader of the party with the most number of seats in the Senedd (Parliament). The Prime Minister is given instructions by the King and is expected to ensure they pass through the Senedd. The Prime Minister also works with the King often taking the lead in drafting his own legislation. The King may, if a law passes through the Senedd.

2. Commanding the Armed Forces - The King is the holder of several military ranks which makes him the Commander of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

3. Appointing Judges - The King appoints all judges in theory. In reality the King merely appoints the High Court Judges who have their own council who appoint those of lower courts. The King may dismiss a High Court Judge at any time.

4. Final Source of Appeal - The King has the final say on appeals against prison sentences. He may pardon or commute sentences.

5. Concluding Foreign Treaties -The King may enter into a treaty with any other nation.

6. Granting titles of nobility. - The nation has a system of ranks and titles given by the monarch. These can be both hereditary and non-heredity.

King Siôn IV is the current monarch of Lymm.

He was born in 1983 and became King in 2020. He is seen as a traditionalist and has taken a decision to appoint several leaders of Covens into key positions on his Royal Council. He is married to Queen Glenice since 2008. They have two children. Prince Meredydd was born in 2009 and Princess Esyllt was born in 2012

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Re: The Kingdom of Lymm
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The White Witch is the spiritual leader of the Lymmite Wiccan faith. She is responsible for carrying out all the rituals of the faith. They also are responsible for the management of the faith such as appointing and awarding the various levels of the faith.

The position is heriditery down the female line of the family. The title passes to the eldest daughter in the family so long as she is a witch herself. If there is no direct descendant it passes first to a sister and then a cousin. Should no living, qualified successor exist via blood the heads of each Coven within the nation elect a new White Witch. The White Witch while having no political power has a huge amount of influence and no King has gone against the wishes of the White Witch in many years.

The current White Witch is Lady Rhiannon Hiraethog. She was born in 1993 and is the second daughter of former White Witch, Lady Meredith Hiraethog. She has an older sister called Mfannwy however she was not qualified enough to become White Witch when their mother died in 2020. They also have an older brother called Euan. Their father was Daffyd Hiraethog, a Lord and member of the Royal Council.

Since becoming White Witch she has pushed the King to begin a wide variety of social care programmes. She has also wanted to invest heavily in education. In addition she has pressured her sister to re-enter training so as to ensure there is a heir until she marries and has her own children.

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Re: The Kingdom of Lymm
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Policies & Stances

• Abortion: Legal as long as carried out before 23 weeks or if proceeding would endanger the mothers life.

• Adultery: No legal stance.

• Affirmative action: No.

• Age of consent: 16.

• Age of majority: 18.

• Artificial insemination: Legal

• Assisted suicide: Illegal

• Bestiality: Illegal.

• Birth control: Legal

• Childcare: Government funding match families contributions

• Concealed carry: Not permitted. Firearms are licenced and handguns are not often licenced.

• Death penalty: While technically permitted the King has issued instructions that none should be issued as White Witch Lady Meredith Hiraethog was opposed to it.

• Divorce: Legal.

• Double jeopardy: Allowed only in cases when there is new and compelling evidence against the accused.

• Drinking age: 16 to buy alcohol for off sales but 18 in a licenced premises

• Driving age: 16 for motorbikes, 17 for cars

• Education: Compulsary academic education until the age of 16. Individuals must remain in education or training until 18

• Eminent domain: Legal for public purposes with fair compensation for property owners.

• Equal pay for equal work: Yes.

• Felony disenfranchisement: Anyone found guilty of a crime and sentenced to more than 24 months in prison is banned from voting for 10 years.

• Flag desecration: No official stance

• Gambling age: 18

• Gun purchase age: 18 with a licence. Most licences are given only for rifles and shotguns.

• Homosexuality in the military: No legal stance

• Human cloning: Illegal.

• In vitro fertilization: Legal

• Marriageable age: 18

• Military conscription: Not undertaken.

• Minimum wage: Yes

• Parental leave: Women granted 6 months paid leave. A workplace must permit a woman to take 12 months off and return to her job. Men may take 3 weeks paid leave.

• Polygamy: Illegal

• Pornography: Legal from age 18 but sold in licenced premise.

• Prostitution: Legal in brothels

• Public transport: Combination of publicly owned and private companies.

• Race: Any crime motivated by race receives an additional sentence.

• Same-sex marriage: Not nationally recognised. Same-Sex couples may be blessed by a Witch and then register as co-inhabitants and effectively be in a civil partnership.

• School leaving age: 18

• Sex reassignment surgery: Not avaliable.

• Sex toys: No legal stance

• Sexually transmitted diseases: Must declare to current and former partners or can be charged with equivalent of assault, attempted murder or murder depending on what the disease is.

• Smoking age: 16

• Sodomy laws: No legal stance

• State ideology: Officially None.

• Stem cell research: Legal

• Taxation: Progressive tax system.

• Torture: Illegal.

• Trial by jury: Used in any case which could carry a sentence of at least 24 months in prison. Jury is made up of 13 people of with at least one must be a Witch of any level.

• Universal healthcare: Emergency health care is free and paid for via taxation. A parallel private system exists.

• Voting age: Must be 18.

• Women's rights: Full Equality

• Working age: 16.

• Working week: No one can be compelled to work longer than 40 hours a week..

• Narcotics: Each type of recreational drug is given a category. Category 1 are drugs deemed highly addictive and dangerous. Category 2 are drugs deemed less addictive but dangerous. Category 3 are drugs deemed addictive but not dangerous and Category 4 are deemed not addictive and not dangerous. Category 1 drugs are fully banned and carry stiff penalties. Category 2 are fully banned and carry shorter sentences for possession but still lengthy for dealing. Category 3 carry no sentence for possession but a short one for dealing. Category 4 are permitted on licenced venues.

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Re: The Kingdom of Lymm
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Members of the3rd Light Infantry Regiment

Members of the 2nd King's Rifles on Parade

With a history that can be traced back to the days Lady Gwyneira (the then White Witch) raised an army of her own and in 1591 defeated King Owen III at the Battle of the Seion Forest during the period known as "The Dark Slaughter". One of those units was the Gwyneira Line Guards. Today that regiment is known as the Royal Line Guard and is the oldest regiment in the Army. 

All recruits for non-commissioned roles pass through the Training Centre where they spend 15 weeks studying the Common Military Syllabus which covers basic soldiering skills. Following that each individual is assigned a Regiment based on their scores, qualifications and preferences. After successfully completing this stage they attend the following establishments for Phase 2 training. 

* The Army Foundation College - This College exists to teach military related skills. This course is designed for units on the front line such as infantry, artillery , armoured units ect. Their training lasts 30 weeks. Upon completion they join their Regiment and begin further weeks of "Integration Training".

* The Army Training Centre - This course is designed for courses requiring elements of specialist training such as Engineering, medical, musical or legal. It is expected that these courses will require significant amounts of in class teaching as opposed to hands on training such as that at the Foundation College. These courses last 20 weeks. Upon completion it is likely that those on them will attend specialist training run by civilian agencies for example those joining the Queen's Medical Corps are expected to spend 12 weeks working in a civilian Accident and Emergency Department.

* The Institute of Defence Skills - This institution teaches skills relating to Aviation, Paratrooping, commando skills, NBC Warfare and various other specialist programmes. It is a 14 week course before joining your Regiment. The Institute also works to enhance skills of existing soldiers from time to time.

Officers meanwhile undertake a 36 week basic training programme at Mulhulme College. Having successfully completed this course Officers then join one of the courses for people in their regiment and undertake a condensed version of the course.

Equipment of the SAL


101,000 Active / 41,000 Reservists

40 x SAM-4 Eiche Tracked Surface to Air Missile System
35 x SPH-6 Weide Self Propelled Howitzer
30 x TH-16 Birke Mobile Towed Howitzer
45 x TH-18 Zeder Towed Howitzer
200 x MBT-3 Bergahorn Main Battle Tank
280 x APC-7 Mammutbaum Armoured Personnel Carrier
170 x APC-8 Buche Armoured Personnel Carrier
130 x ATV-9 Esche Tank Destroyer
220 x APC-8 Kampfer Wheeled APC
120 x AC-2 Larche Armoured Car
180 x M-3 Fichte Mobility Vehicle
420 x M-4 Kiefer Mobility Vehicle
95 x SV-3 Banyan Strike Vehicle
25 x U-11 Nussbaum Small UAV
15 x U-12 Ahorn UAV
15 x U-13 Erle UAV
75 x RA-1 Zypresse Multi Launch Rocket Artillery.

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Re: The Kingdom of Lymm
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Gun practice on LEF Voller

Briefing prior to Homecoming Parade on LEF Matthaus

All new recruits to the Navy head to Port Mere regardless of whether they are entering as a rating or an officer. Both are trained seperately but complete a 12 week basic soldiering course designed to make them effective infantry if needed. Following this officers make their way to Naval Station Rolle where they begin a 20 week officer training course. At the same time ratings remain at Port Mere and complete a six week course designed to teach them basic skills for life at sea, this is done regardless of whether their job requires them to be at sea or not. Ratings then attend a training centre based upon the skills they are required for their job. Officers having completed their course at Rolle undertake a specific training course for their task.

The Navy contains the Royal Marines Commando (RMC) which are tasked with carrying out special operations from naval vessels. They also provide onboard security. To become a Marine an individual first needs to complete the Armies Common Military Syllabus, however they are held to a higher standard in all tests. Upon successful completion of this course they move to Commando School at Merth where they complete a two week Commando Readiness course which is designed to weed out any the instructors believe would not be a good fit for the Marines. Anyone passing this then begins a 30 week Commando training course and upon graduation earn their black beret.

NAVY - 62,400 Active / 19,200 Reserve

6 x Hugo Class Attack Submarine

1. Seeler

2. Morlock

3. Schnellinger

4. Schafer

5. Tilkowski

6. ?????

3 x Henry Erste Class Missile Sub

1. Beckenbauer

2. Muller

3. ?????

4 x Alfred Erste Class Destroyers

1. Vogts

2. Maier

3. Netzer

4. ???????

6 x Charles Class Frigate

1. Rummenigge

2. Breitner

3. Forster

4. Voller



6 x Roger Zwei Class Frigate

1. Schumacher

2. Briegel

3. Rahn

4. Klinsmann

5. ?????


2 x King Roger Class Amphibious Landing Ship

1. Matthaus

2. Kuntz

7 x Egbert Class Corvette

1. Kopke

2. Sammer

3. Kohler

4. Bierhoff

5. Kahn



10 x Mathis Class Patrol Ship

1. Ballack

2. Klose

3. Neuer

4. Reus

5. Schweinsteiger

6. Lahm

7. Kroos

8. Voss



4 x Sigmund Class Mine warfare ship

1. Wiegmann

2. Rottenberg

3. Grings

4. Prinz

4 x Leopold Class Hovercraft Corvette

1. Popp

2. Weigang



Historic Ship The First Witch

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Re: The Kingdom of Lymm
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F-21 Eule Pilot in flying gear

RAF On Parade

The Air Force can trace its history back to the Royal Balloon Corps which was founded in 1840 to investigate the use of hot air balloons for helping observe the enemy. In 1910 the Air Evaluation Corps was established to look at how the developing planes of the period could be converted to military use.

All airmen are required to pass a 12 week course at RAF Peterholme. This course covers very little to do with the air force operations and in essence puts the airmen through the same training infantry are expected to cover. The thinking behind this is that everyone in the military may be needed for defending an air base from ground attack. The Air Force does have a specialist air base defence force. Upon completion of the RAF Peterholme course graduates go to a specialist training centre based upon their trade, for example Air Traffic Controllers attend a 25 week course at Peterholme while engineers attend a 52 week course at Brampton.

Officers first complete a 27 week long Officer Training Course at RAF Peterholme with a focus similar to that of the airmen's course. Upon completion they are sent to their respective training centres alongside airmen graduates. Pilots undertake a 12 week basic aviation course before being streamed into either fast jet, multi-engine or rotary wing fields. All pilots then undertake a further 30 week training course on their particular specialism. During this 30 weeks the type of aircraft they will fly during their career and training on this takes up the last 10 weeks of this second course.

43,500 Airmen / 17,000 Reserve

75 x F-21 Eule Multi-Role Fighters
40 x F-20 Skua Air Defence Fighter
40 x F-19 Gooheit Strike Fighter
14 x B-22 Gans Bomber
17 x P-3 Schwan Maritime Patrol Aircraft
5 x E-8 Auerhahn AEWACS / Maritime Patrol
25 x C-70 Mowe Transport Plane
25 x C-32 Amsel Transport Plane
11 x KC-10 Bussard Tanker
4 x E-99 Krahe AEWACS
28 x H-13 Reiher Helicopter
30 x H-18 Buchfink Helicopter
25 x H-19 Zlipzalp Attack Helicopter
30 x T-49 Taube Basic Trainer
30 x T-50 Blasshuhn Advanced Trainer / Light Fighter
15 x U-55 Kuckuck UAV
18 x C-23 Brachvogel Tactical Transport