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Kingdom of Azarath
« on: December 13, 2022, 10:33:48 PM »

Motto:- Azarath Forever.
National Anthem:- Name of Anthem


The country of Azarath has existed for over 5000 years, in various sizes or shapes. With the earliest version being, the small territory of a barbarian clan that settled down in a small village. The clan members convinced the elders of the village to build a sturdy wall around the village, to protect against a coming attack from a very strong and large barbarian clan.

The friendly clan members prepared the locals, teaching them how to fight, and also building the defence, lasted a year, just finished in time for the incoming enemy clan. After weeks of trying to take the fortified village, the invaders, now tired, and greatly dimmished, left the village. Due to this victory, the village became a small town, called Azarath, and became the capital of Azarathian lands... the the combined territory of several large farms, owned by the eldest and most powerful merchants and warriors, of the small town.

The town however started building a much better and larger fortrified wall, waiting for the returning enemy barbarian clan, that would return in around a decade. Over the decades and centuries, the town of Azarath soon grew into a large and very rich city, and a large country. However nothing lasts forever and around 1200 BC, much of the city was destroyed, and abandoned, for centuries.

New life came to Azarath in around 700 BC, when the mostly intact parts of the city where rebuild and resettled. The newly occupies city, regrew and even outgrew itself within a few centuries, in size, population and wealth and military strenght.

in around 259 BC, the settlement that would become the second largest city, Metrion, was established as a small colony. 

In around 47 AD, the settlement that would become the third largest city, Zinthos, was established.

In the middle ages, these 3 states however, engaged in several pretty fierce and often bloody wars against each other, lasting for decades at a time, for domination over the other 2 states.

In 1901, the last queen (for that time) died and her illegitime son, took the throne. While he was a fair ruler, he was not real royalty and gained general dislike from the people.

In 1914, Azarath, entered into war when the last ruler (at the time) was assassinated, leading to Azarath entering was with a few neighbouring countries, who where known to want to take the throne for themselves. As it was, Azarath ended being a kingdom (for the time). The new head of state, and first president was a high ranking staff member for the former royal family, a seasoned diplomat and General, who took over the leadership of the country, becoming the first president.
The was lasted from 1914 to 1918, and despite having won the terrible war, the country was fairly badly stuck.

In 1918, with the end of the war, the president was called to serve for another term, even thouth there was no official voting yet,

Azarath became a kingdom once again in late 1984, when the then president, disbanded the parliament and established the country as a kingdom. From 1984, Queen Nana I ruled fairly, and was generally liked by the population of her country.
In 1990, a larger country invaded Azaratho, and the 13 year old Gamora became one of the many reluctant child soldiers that boosted the normal military. Desperate and courageous, she led a larger team of other child soldiers, fighting in a fair number of large and important battles, and a fair number of smaller battles. Her team took control of several important factories, and sites. This included an aircraft factory, a very popular car manufacturing site, and securing a 100 oil wells from being set on fire.
When the war ended and her country won, a large oil field, and other lands where annexed to Azarath. She also wowed to never use a gun ever again.   

An assassination attempt on Queen Nana I, led her to transfer power to her daughter, Gamora, while she recovered. 
The qurrent queen was actually the second queen of the country in the new era, being crowned in 1997, at the young age of 20. While young, her own live experience and the vast experiences of her advisors made it easier to lead the country. Despite her mother recovering from the attack, she did not retake power, and Gamora remained queen, becoming greatly loved by the general population. Likewise, her mother, father and several other family members became greatly likes and loved by the general public.

Now in 2022, the Kingdom of Azarath is at peace, and like always, seeing to invest in other countries and also gain external investing within the borders.

Government Type:- How does your country work
Population:-:- 88,274,800 people.
Capital City:- Azarath (population)
Demonym:- Azarathian.


Currency:- What money do you have
GDP per Capita:- A measure of wealth
Unemployment Rate:- How many people are unemployed
Main Industries:-
Major exports: Tourism, aerospace and defence, automotive industry (cars, buses, trucks, trailers, vans, vehicle parts), heavy machines (construction and agricultural machines), refined oil and gas, minerals and mining (gold and silver), alcohol (beer), iron and steel, ship building, agriculture, jewelry
Major imports: trains, microchips, super conductors, some agricultural products.


Ethnicity:- What background do you people have
Languages:- English, Italian, German, Japanese.
Religions:- What faith do you follow
Average Life Expectancy:- How long do people live


Head of State:- Queen Gamora I, ruler of Azarath.
Head of Government:- Name of Head of Government
Name of Legislative Body:- Parliament etc
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Re: Kingdom of Azarath
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ASSETS: the assets owned by the crown is called Royal Crown Collection. This includes several palaces, and several mansions, a number of aircrafts, a number of helicopters, and minority investments in other large aerospace and defence, banking, oil and gas, IT/tech, hospitality, automotive, gaming, real estate companies.


The Buckham Palace

The Buckham Palace: The most iconic building in the whole country, the palace serves as the residence, seat of the royal family, and main workplace for a number of royals.

Elysian Palace:

Set on a 2,5 hectare estate, the palace has 365 rooms on 11,200 m2 of floorspace, has 450 staff members, and 350 security staff. The palace has offices, and several family members living in it, as well as having bedrooms for guests and includes 2 large ballrooms and an official dining hall and a wine cellar with 14,000 bottles

Prince Fred: Father of Gamora

Princess Nana: Mother of Gamora

Queen Gamora I

Queen Gamora I is the monarch and head of the Azarathi Royal Family. She was born in the City of Azarath, in the main royal palace. In 1990, she reluctantly took part in a war, against a larger country with a larger, but less advanced military. She took part in several of the largest and most important battles, and also let several small but key battles, including securing over a 100 oil wells and a medium oil field, and capturing an important commercial aircraft production company. She also led a team of other child soldiers, a large part of who where even older then her, to capture her own small private jet and a new megayaht for the family.

The terrible war, lasted for almost a year, and a fair amount of land was annexed to Ararath,

She is a very charming, intelligent and kind queen. She is a pretty friendly, approachable and down to earth queen who greatly enjoys concert touring, her music or royal fans. Privately attending concerts is her favorite leaisure, and most of the time likes and even enjoys her royal engagements. She is also a fairly big dork who likes to enjoy herself and have some fun, but is careful to not seem too silly. Gamora is very much against racism, bullying intolerance, and against opression. She hates mess ups, and is not one to apologize to others, despite, wanting to for whatever reason. She loves to ware elegant and colorful clothing and dresses. 
A net worth of 25 billion. formerly owned a minority in 2 very large IT/Tech companies, transfered ownership to the state.
Company assets: Gaming: 30% in 4 large casino resorts, 2 larger stadiums, 2 larger indoor arenas, 1 large brewery,

Private assets:

Azarath Force One

An Airvan A380, used for official duties as well as private travel.

a Boring 747-400, used for touring, it is also equipped with many different security and defence measures.

State Car

One of the official state cars of the royal family, there is several of these cars. All such cars are extremely highly armored and has several other defensive and offensive capabilities.


A massive megayacht owned by Gamora. It is 162,5 meters / 533 feet long, has a beam of 24 meters, and a draft of 5,9 meters/19,4 feet. She has 9 decks, sleeps up to 52 passengers in 26 cabins, and has a full time crew of 70 or 75 staff and crew in 35 cabins, 85 full time crew, or 92 full time crew and staff members. 
She has 2 helipads, 2 swimming pools, several Jacuzzis, an elevator, a cinema, a fully equipped recording studio, small office spaces, several dining rooms, several bars and lounges, gym, ect.
Cruising speed is set at 18 knots (33 km/h; 21 mph)
For security, Eclipse is fitted with a missile detection system, missile launchers and self-defense systems

Princess Shuri

She is the younger sister of the queen, she followed her older sister into becoming a singer.

She has a 5,5 billion net worth: formerly owned minority in a few large companies in banking, IT/tech, aerospace and defence.
Company assets:

Private assets:

2 Boring 747-400 air crafts.

1 used by the band and crew members while touring, 1 used for royal and personal travel.

Car: 2018 Merandes Maybach S600 Pullman Guard.

She has 2 of this car. Both are extremely highly armored, and have several offensive and defensive capabilities.


Dubai was gifted to Shuri. It is 162 meters / 531,5 feet long, a beam of 23,5 / 77 feet 2 inches, a draft of 5 meters/16,5 feet. She has 8 decks and sleeps 48 passengers in 24 cabins (and can accomodate up to 115 passengers for events), and has a full time crew of 88  or 115 people in 44 cabins, OR 115 people
She has 2 swimming pools, several jacuzzis, a main dining room for 24 people in the aft that can become indoors via a glass wall, other dining areas, a cinema, a fully equipped recording studio, gym, ect
A speed of 16.2 knots (30 km/h) while cruising
For security, Dubai is fitted with a missile detection system, missile launchers and self-defense systems

Princess Hiromi

Princess Hiromi: Cousin of Gamora
She has a net worth of 1,8 billion.
Company assets:

Private assets:

Airvan A319 Aircraft:

The air craft usually has up to 156 seats, configured to be 19-50 for the Corporate version, and configured to 30 seats for the Princess)


2 Rolly-Roys Ghost EWB cars, very highly armored.

Blue (Gifted to Hiromi)

160 meters / 525 feet long, a beam of 23,5 / 77 feet 2 inches, a draft of 5 meters/16,5 feet. She has 8 decks and sleeps 48 passengers in 24 cabins (and can accomodate up to 115 passengers for events), and has a full time staff and crew of 88 people in 44 cabins. OR accomodations for a full time crew and staff of 115 people.
Blue has 9 decks, an elevator, 2 swimming pools, several jacuzzis, a cinema, a main dining room for 24 people in the aft that can become indoors via a glass wall, other dining areas, several bars and lounges, a fully equipped recording studio.
Speed i 16.2 knots (30 km/h) while cruising
For security, Blue is fitted with a missile detection system, missile launchers and self-defense systems.

Duchess Tara

Duchess Tara Swift: Cousin of Gamora. She is very close to Gamora,

She has a 450 million Azari Corun net worth.
Company assets: a large indoor arena, 5 music venues (3500 capacity, 5500 capacity, 6400 capacity, 7500 capacity, 8500 capacity)

Private assets:
Aircraft: Airvan A319 (usually up to 156 seats, configured to be 19-50 for the Corporate version, configured to be 30 seats for Tara)

Car: 2 Rolly-Roys Ghost EWB

Dirbar (gifted to Tara)

She is 156 meters / 511 feet 10 inches long, has a beam of 23,5 / 77 feet 1 inches, and a draft of 6 meters/ 19 feet 8 inches. She has 7 decks and sleeps 44 passengers in 22 cabins, and a full time crew and staff of 84 in 40 cabins. (or 96 or 100 crew and staff.). 
Dirbar has all the usual things on a megayacht of this size, and also a fully equipped recording studio.
For security, Dirbar is fitted with a missile detection system, missile launchers and self-defense systems


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