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Das Königreich des Weißenwald (Kingdom of the White Forest)
Motto - "Rooted in the Frost, United in the Forest"

Back in the depths of time three races inhabited the world, humans, the Moosleute (moss folk) and Erlking (a type of elves). At first the groups lived in peace however an evil Erlking seized control of the world. Humans retreated to the forests where the Erlking couldn't find them and formed an alliance with the Moosleute who eventually defeated the Erkling Army of Axuzh the Dark. Over time the human-Moosleute alliance began to fall apart as the Moosleute became more concerned with spiritual matters, and with their ability to move in and out of the spirit world the Moosleute formed the "Pact of Two Realms" with humans. The Moosleute would become residents of the spirit world however their existence relied on the existance of the trees from which they draw their life force. In return for the humans keeping the forest safe the Moosleute promised to aid them if the physical world was ever threatened. To cemet the "Pact of Two Realms" the most powerful human leader, King Leofdæg  Von Grimmelshausen, married a Moosleute Princess called Kriemhilde. The duo had eight children, all of whom except one was human. The Moosleute child returned to the spirit world as the human envoy while the rest began a bloodline that in the 13th Century secured the borders of modern day Weißenwald. While this story may be folklore it is a central belief of the nation and has helped create  Weißenwald culture which can be seen as rather authoritarian and focused on the monarchy.

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Re: Das Königreich des Weißenwald (Kingdom of the White Forest)
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Climate - temperate; cloudy; very cold winters with frequent snow and year round  snow in mountains; moderate summers with occasional showers

Terrain - mostly mountains (Alps) in the North and West; mostly rolling hills or gently sloping along the eastern and southern margins.

Elevation - Highest Point - Gletscherhügel (4,013m) Lowest Point - Axhöhle ( -2m) Mean Elevation - 921m

Natural resources - oil, coal, lignite, timber, iron ore, copper, zinc, antimony, magnesite, tungsten, graphite, salt, hydropower

Land use - agricultural land: 38.4% (arable land: 15.5%, permanent crops: 0.8%, permanent pasture: 20.1%) ,forest: 49.2%, other: 14.4%

Largest Lake - Lake Missen - 540 sq km

Population Distribution - the northern and eastern portions of the country are more densely populated; around half of the populace lives in urban areas

Natural hazards - landslides; avalanches; earthquakes


Population - 10,452,349

Nationality - Weißenwaldian

Ethnic Groups - 93.5% Weißenwaldian, 7.5% Others

Languages - 96% Weißenwaldian, 3% High Weißenwaldian, 1% Others

Religions - 87% Folk Faith, 10% Christian, 3% Others

Median Age - 44.5 years (Male: 43.1 years) (Female: 45.8 years)

Population Growth Rate - 0.4%

Birth Rate - 10.39 births/1,000 population

Death Rate - 9.86 deaths/1,000 population

Urban Population - 51.3%

Rate of Urbanisation - 0.68% annually

Largest Urban Area - Reinsberg (Pop.1.7million)

Mothers Mean Age at First Birth - 24.6 years

Maternal Mortality Rate -  5 deaths/100,000 live births

Infant Mortality Rate - 3.2 deaths/1,000 live births (male: 3.6 deaths/1,000 live births) (female: 2.77 deaths/1,000 live births)

Life expectancy at birth -  82.48 years (male: 79.86 years) (female: 85.23 years)

Physicians density - 5.29 physicians/1,000 population

Literacy Rate - 98.3 %


Type - Absolute Monarchy

Administrative Divisions - The nation is split into 10 Dukedoms. Each of these had a royally appointed noble to act as a regional administrator. Each of these Duchies are split into four manors each overseen by a Baron.

Constitution - The nation is governed under the 1378 Act of the Crown which sets out a system of government which sees the monarch as sovereign in all matters with the exception of two areas. The first is taxation which must be approved by a Parliament made up of the 40 leading nobles. The second matter is in the court system. All judges must initially be appointed by the monarch. Judges then enter a hierachy in the judicial system known as the Gerechtigkeitsleiter (Justice Ladder). Courts are divided into metropolitan, manorial, Baronial and Crown Courts with vacancies being filled through a system of "dead mans shoes". When a seat becomes available the judges in the higher tier select a judge from the lower tier to take their place. The only power the monarch has over justice is that they may commute death sentences and with the approval of two Dukes issue a pardon.

Citizenship - To become a citizen a person must be born in the Kingdom and have at least one parent who is a citizen. Anyone who has lived in the Kingdom for 10 years and passes a citizenship interview and test. You may not be a dual national.

Suffrage - Elections for various positions within the community such as Sheriff etc require a voter to be a citizen and 21 years of age.

Head of State
- King Aldwin VI since 2018.

Head of Government - Chancellor, Duke Richard Jung since 2021


GDP Per Capita - $55,761

Total GDP - $582,833,432,589

GDP Growth Rate - 4.8%

Main Agricultural Products - milk, maize, sugar beet, wheat, barley, potatoes, pork, triticale, grapes, apples

Largest Industries - construction, machinery, vehicles and parts, food, metals, chemicals, lumber and paper, electronics, tourism

Industrial Production Growth Rate - 7.77%

Unemployment Rate - Technically 0%, however estimated to be about 4%

Population Below Poverty Line - 12.8%

Main Exports - cars, packaged medical supplies, vehicle parts, medical vaccines/cultures, flavored water

Main Imports - cars, vehicle parts, broadcasting equipment, refined petroleum, packaged medical supplies

Energy Production - fossil fuels: 10.4% of total installed capacity, nuclear: 8% of total installed capacity, solar: 1.8% of total installed capacity, wind: 9.4% of total installed capacity, hydroelectricity: 52.9% of total installed capacity, tide and wave: 6.1% of total installed capacity, geothermal: 4% of total installed capacity, biomass and waste: 7.4% of total installed capacity

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Re: Das Königreich des Weißenwald (Kingdom of the White Forest)
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His Majesty King Aldwin VI
RL - Sebastian Kurz

According to folklore the royal blood line comes from the human monarch King Leofdæg  Von Grimmelshausen and his Moosleute wife Queen Kriemhilde. It was believed that Kriemhilde was a beautiful silver haired elf. In reality the crown can only trace its history since around 870AD. While there are legendary monarchs from before this period little historical evidence supports their existance.

870AD-902 AD - Sigeweard I (It is known he was already King in 870AD however the exact date he became King is a mystery. Folklore says he became King after his father was taken to the spirit world by the Moosleute)
902-916 -  Sigeweard II
916-927 -  Sigeweard III
927-955 - Hardwin I
955-1004 - Altwidus I
1004-1039 - Childeric I
1039-1054 - Sigrun I (The first female monarch, crown passed to her male nephew on death)
1054-1082 - Günther I
1082-1101 - Hardwin II
1101-1108 - Hardwin III
1108-1156 - Ælfric I
1156-1181 - Altwidus II
1181-1198 - Conrad I
1198-1246 - Günther II
1246-1267 - Margarethe I (crown passed to nephew on death)
1267-1270 - Lothar I
1270-1271 - Bertram I
1271-1311 - Lothar II
1311-1358 - Conrad II
1358-1380 - Tatjana I (crown passed to nephew on death)
1380-1421 - Conrad III
1421-1449 - Reinhold I
1449-1459 - Bertram II
1459-1478 - Conrad IV
1478-1492 - Oswine I
1492-1496 - Lothar III
1496-1529 - Alfher I
1529-1572 - Gretel I (crown passed to nephew on death)
1572-1575 - Aldwin I
1575-1586 - Aldwin II
1586-1610 - Lothar IV
1610-1649 - Bertram III
1649-1699 - Aldwin III
1699-1738 - Robert I
1738-1787 - Oswine II
1787-1802 - Aldwin IV
1802-1809 - Lothar V
1809-1826 - Robert II
1826-1858 - Lothar VI
1858-1893 - Robert III
1893-1909 - Aldwin V
1909-1931 - Lothar VII
1931-1954 - Baldewin I
1954-1996 - Lothar VIII
1996-2018 - Robert IV
2018-now! - Aldwin VI


The crown must, as far as possible, pass down the male side of the family bloodline. The crown passes from father to son. Should the King have no sons then it will pass first to his brother and then nephew. If there are no nephews it may pass to a daughter or sister. If this is not possible then the 10 Dukes will select a member of the extended royal family to be the monarch, this has not happened in the history of the Kingdom so no procedures exist to explain how this must be undertaken.



Duchess Carola
RL -Margot Wallström
The mother of King Aldwin was born in 1954. She was the niece of a Baron and meet her husband, the then Prince Robert, at a royal function. She was one of three women that the royal family were considering for marriage to Robert. The pair were married in 1985 and soon after Aldwin was born. She ended up having three children. In 2018 her husband died of liver failure following a decade long drinking problem. During that time she had undertaken a great deal of running the nations affairs. Since her son became King she has taken a backwards step and involved herself with her grand-children and various charities.

King Aldwin
Aldwin is the eldest child of King Robert and Queen Carola. He was born in 1986. During his youth he was interested in skiing and hiking and at the age of 12 lost part of his left little finger to frost bite. He was privately educated as part of the Adelskollegium and showed an interest in Literature. In 2004 he attended University to study Theology and Philosophy. Upon graduation he joined the Royal Cavalry and served as a tank commander until 2013. In 2013 he left the military to begin taking a more hands on approach to government and served from 2013 until 2018 as Minister of Defence. In 2011 his parents had drawn up a shortlist of daughters of nobleman and Aldwin selected Hildegard to be his wife and future Queen. The pair were married in 2012 and now have three children. Aldwin is considered very much a traditionalist.

Queen Hildegard
RL- Anna Veith
She is often called by an informal name of Hilde. She was born in 1989 to a Manorial Baron and his wife. She is the younger sister of Gismund Ferber who was in the same year as King Aldwin at the Adelskollegium. She herself attended an Alpine School where she was a skilled skiier and World Championship hopeful. She represented the Kingdom at youth level and was rather successful, becoming a minor celebrity. In 2008 she attended University to study Biomedical Sciences hoping to work in the health care industry. In 2009 however she tore her ACL and ended her skiing career. She graduated in 2011 and rather than entering the health care industry found herself instructed to marry Aldwin. She dutifully did this and the two have become extremely close. She spent the first three years of her marriage trying to be a normal army wife and supporting veterans organisations. Once her husband left the military she has continued his patronage and helped promote sports and outdoor education. She has three children. 

Prince Maximillion
RL-Glen Powell
Prince Max is the 2nd son of King Robert and Queen Carola, he was born in 1988. As is tradition he was educated privately at the Adelskollegium. He was a keen fisherman and spent almost all his free time fishing in the lakes and rivers of private estates owned by the family. He was considered by his tutors as a "Poor writer but fine puzzler" and excelled in Maths and Science. At the age of 12 he begged his father for flying lessons after attending a national air show and being invited by the Air Force to ride in a helicopter with them. His father agreed and by the age of 16 he had his pilots licence. In 2006 he enrolled in the Royal Military School of Education and studied Aviation Operations and Law. In 2009 he became the first member of the Royal Family to join the Air Force where he trained to fly fighters. In 2018 he became one of the lead in instructors for fighter training. In 2010 he was given a shortlist of three noble girls to marry and selected Julia as she was the only one he had actually ever meet. The pair married a year in January the following year and by the end of the year had their first child.His wife Julia is a childrens book illustrator and the pair run the Royal Therapeutic Art Trust, a charity which uses art to support mental health.

Princess Elke
RL-Jessica Springsteen
The youngest child of King Robert and Queen Carola she was born in 1991. Like her elder sibling she was educated at the Adelskollegium. Being both female and the third child she found much less pressure than her older brothers. She as a result spent much of her youth getting up to mischief around the royal estates. She became good friends with Sir Theobald Stroman who was the royal families Master of Horse. By the age of 12 she was helping run the royal stables. In 2009 she went to the University of Reinsberg to study to become an Equine Vet. In 2016 she qualified and returned to the Royal Families Stables which she began to run as a business rather than just a private stables. In 2018 she began entering horses in races and show jumping and has since breed several winners. She is considered one of the leading trainers in the Kingdom. In 2014 her father permitted young nobleman Ludger Retteg, who was at the same University as Elke to marry his daughter. The pair now have four children.
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Re: Das Königreich des Weißenwald (Kingdom of the White Forest)
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To the outside world the Adelskollegium system may not seem too much to concern themselves with however it is a system set up in 1380 by King Conrad III and is credited with ensuring the relatively stable nature of the government. While it is a private and selective school certain of its students are in effect hostages. Each of the Dukes and Manorial Barons are expected to have a family member at the school. It is the case that the heir to each Duchy and Manor must attend the school. It is still part of the nations laws that should the parent of a student commit an act of treason the student will be executed immediately. This however has only happened once in the nations history in 1608 when King Lothar IV had 14 year old Leopold Ruddeger beheaded after his father began amassing an army against the monarch. Lothar then threatened the same fate to any other family involved and the rebellion disappeared before it even began.

The system of compulory attendance by the 40 most important families within the Kingdom ensures that indoctrination can take place to further enhance loyalty to the crown and adherence to traditions.

Students join the school at age five and leave at age eighteen. They are resident at the school and family members are free to visit as often as they like however no student may leave the school unaccompanied unless they have a sibling at the school. As a result the school has essentially become a small village with many state of the art facilities. The School has its own cinema, sports facilities, gyms, swimming pool, VR suite and several other activity centres. Students ages five to 11 live in communal dorms while those from 11-16 live in a main college building with rooms shared with one other student (exception being the royals who have their own room). Students aged from 16-18 have their own flats. Students join one of four vertical tutor groups which are split in small ten student groups called Cadre's each with a pastoral tutor.

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Re: Das Königreich des Weißenwald (Kingdom of the White Forest)
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Weißenwald has a culture that is heavily devoted to the royal family, nature and strict moral codes. This attitude has had a major impact on the culture of the nation.


While Reinsberg is the national capital it is Vilbruck that is the nations musical capital. It is here that in the summer many nobles retreated to in the 17th Century and competed to try and give patronage to the next young composing star. The period between 1680 and 1800 is seen as a high point in the nations musical history with there seemingly always two elite composers competing for the patronage of most of the royals. During the summer there would always be debuts of new pieces as musicians had worked on pieces during the winter and now showcased their best works for their clients. Stylistically marches were always popular. The city of Vilbruck is home to three Music Academies that have a long history of producing some of the nations finest musicians. 

In the period 1750-1850 royals focused on getting composers to write songs on the nations history with the idea of highlighting the achievements and legends of the nations royalty. For the high class this saw operas written telling tales from the nations mythological period c.800AD while lower classes enjoyed a vast array of folk songs.

In 1780 the royal family established the Royal Boys Choir Society in Riensberg which is considered the nations premier choir group winning the national championship every year since 1980, this is mainly as the family are able to place considerable influence on individuals to join. In 1982 a female equivalent was set up and since 2010 they have dominated the female national championship.

The national dance is known as the Ländler and is considered like an early form of waltz. The dance is done with partners and features lots of leaping and hopping. Participants are also encouraged to yodel and be vocal.  It began as a peasant dance as it featured close physical contact between the sexes however it soon became popular with younger people and by 1800 it was featured in many of the popular seasonal balls.

Performance by a class from the Royal Boys Choir


The high point of Weißenwald literature is considered the early 1800's. A group based in Reinsberg calling themselves "The Salon" became heavily influenced by folk tales and set about writing stories inspired by them. These novels were also focused on demonstrating the divine heritage of the royal family who gladly made the books easily available to the general public. The whimsical nature of the books featured many fantastical creatures and adventures and as such this has inspired many future writers.

With many of the nations nobles being encouraged to demonstrate the virtues of the past it was expected that men in particular would try and woo their future wives with poetry. As such their have been a huge number of poets from Weißenwald. This also has been put down to the beautiful countryside which has inspired many of the writers. It is not uncommon to find cairns on the hillsides claiming to be a spot where a particular poet penned their work.

In more modern times the royal family have funded lots of plays featuring historic tales from the families history and with folk stories intertwined with them. This served two purposes, first it helped cement the public perception of the family thus creating loyalty and secondly the family would subsidise showings to the poorer elements of society to increase their popularity.


Weißenwald has a large amount of "green space" and this can be seen by the vast number of rural castles, estates and palaces that are dotted throughout the country. The nation also has cities that are designed to contain as much open green space as possible inline with the nations faith which highlights a connection between nature and humanity. Large periods of peace in the nations history means that the cities tend to feature almost intact historic centres that are today almost like living museums. Around these centres are more modern areas which have tried to blend in and therefore have created a sense of traditional throwback in terms of design. Some visitors to the cities have spoken of it being like going back in time. The nation is keen to protect its historical sites and has an extensive register of buildings deemed "Nationally important."

The nation is home to 40 noble families all of which have their own estate and various palaces have sprung up on these. In addition in the middle ages a network of forts and castles across the Kingdom existed, some of which have today been converted into either museums or more modern residences. The royal family own four residencies designated as Palaces and several other estates.

The Capital Palace

The Capital Palace is the main royal residence and what most citizens would think of when you mention "The Palace"

During the 1800's a huge infastructure construction project took place building canals and railways across the nation. While this was designed to be practical for promoting trade and industry there was also an aim to make it look incredible and as such railway bridges were built with beautiful archways and columns. Canals featured intricate pathways designed to showcase artworks.


In a similar way that Vilbruck became the centre of music it also became famed for artworks. With young artists keen to sell their wares and skills to the nobility they would travel there and try and set up galleries, exhibitions and other such events. As a result several art schools were established to give artists a place to work on their craft during the winter ready to earn money during the summer.

Throughout the nations history portraits of the royal family were utilised as a way of showcasing their power and prestige. Often these portraits were loaded into carts by members of the household and taken on tours around the kingdom. Symbolism was heavily important in these portraits and often the artists would accompany the tour. In many areas they visited the local nobles would request their own portraits and wanted to be able to say they had the same artists as the royal family. Often these portraits of nobles, especially of eligible noble daughters, were added to tours and taken back to the capital where the royal family would view them and potentially pick brides for Princes from them. As a result many of these portraits have survived and are on display in the National Portrait gallery which is close to the Capital Palace. Many of these portraits show signs of wanting to demonstrate love and devotion to the royal family in order to demonstrate their loyalty.

While Vilbruck is the art capital of the nation it is Unswahl that has staked a claim to TV and film. The reason for this is in the 1930's as cinema became popular in the Kingdom it was tales of the old mythological kings that appealed to audiences and as such filming these often required a huge number of extras and battlefields. This meant the small town was ideal as within 30 minutes you can find mountains, lakes and forest which made it ideal for these scenes. Since then the city has become an integral part of film production in the nation, so much so the municipality offers tax relief on productions here.


Philosophers from the Kingdom have always highlighted the idea that within nature hierachies maintain order. This was encouraged by the royal family as a way of promoting loyalty to the crown. As such most philosophical thought within the nation has been about the nature of ensuring a strong monarchy. The gaining of knowledge has been encouraged as it is believed that through greater knowledge the crown has greater resources to care for the nation. 


The nation permits an independent press however their are regulations such as requiring all print media to obtain a sales licence. These licences are required to be renewed every five years. There is the "Crown News" which is the "Official" news outlet for the Kingdom. Their is also a TV and Radio Network that are also seen as "official".  Royal Radio runs three stations, one classical, one popular and one broadcasting reruns of live events or live events themselves. The "official" TV network features three channels. Channel One shows general viewing, Channel Two shows live performances and shows along with reruns of them, meanwhile Channel Three shows children and educational programmes. The TV networks shut at midnight each day, unless Channel Two is showing a live event, and when it goes off air play the national anthem while a portrait of the monarch is on screen.

Citizens have access to a wide variety of print magazines.

The internet is popular and a variety of government operated providers is available for customers.


96% of the population speak Weißenwaldian (German) while 3% speak High Weißenwaldian (German +). The two languages are extremely similar and speaking one usually means you can understand the other. It is harder to read High Weißenwaldian without practice however. High Weißenwaldian is spoken largely by the nobility and Priests but all legal documents are also written in that language meaning that the general public sometimes rely on those educated in it for matters such as property transfers.


With the nation being rather cold in terms of climate many believe this has impacted food. Traditional cuisine tends to be hearty and most dishes tend to feature meat and potatoes. "Wild Food" is extremely popular with seasonal produce found in the forest being a big seller in markets. Waste of resources is seen as almost offensive and this is extremely true in terms of food. This means that many cuts of meat maybe seen as for "poorer" people, such as hearts, lungs and liver are popular in rich stews.


Football is extremely popular in the nation and a national Royal League is the premier competition. This is the peak of a three tier professional pyramid and features 14 teams who play home and away. There is also the Queen's Cup which is the nations top knockout competition.

Skiing and snow sports are seen as important not just from a sporting point of view. The nation relies on coping with snow and ice and as a result this has heavily influenced sports. Ice Hockey is massive and players are often seen as superstars.

Climbing, hiking and orienteering are also extremely popular as they give people a chance to stay in nature.


Education is compulsory for all people aged between 5 and 18. The curriculum puts a huge focus on the nations literature and history as a way to promote the Royal Family. Education is seen as important and valued by the vast majority of the nation. Students sit exams at age 16 and the results of this determine what options they have for the final two years of their education. Those excelling complete highly academic qualifications while those doing mediocre are given vocational training. Those getting the lowest results are given apprenticeships. There is not a huge choice of where you go between the ages of 16-18.

University education is seen as something reserved for the nobility or the academic elite. Those unable to afford university are heavily subsidised by the state in order to allow them to attend University. For many the two military Universities are seen as popular choices for those wishing to get the best education on offer. In return for being permitted to attend a person must serve five years in the military.

Many nobles opt to send their children to the Adelskollegium, this is not an option for some noble children and is compulsory under an ancient system that see's noble children effectively held hostage. This served two purposes they were indoctrinated to be loyal to the royal family while at the same time became friendly with royal children hopefully further cementing loyalty.


The majority of the nation follow a folk faith which sees humans work to support the relationship between humans and the Moosleut. Humans are expected to value and love the natural world but lack the understanding of what spirits or Gods control it. As a result followers of the faith work on a system many say is similar to Pascals Wager. We must lead a positive life in order to be allowed into the spiritual world where we will come face to face with what exists there. The faithful believe that Moosleut will speak on our behalf to ensure favourable existence in the afterlife. Prayers are not necessary but instead the faithful try and communicate with Moosleut by visiting sacred sites and leaving them gifts. It is believed that a Moosleut lives in each tree and thus should one be required for industry or construction notice must be given. A person cutting down a tree wil plant a new one somewhere before visiting the tree they will cut down. They will offer words of love and give instructions of where the new tree is. This must be done at least an hour before cutting takes place. Large scale timber felling can be achieved by mass planting and the use of loud speakers to inform the Moosleut of what is going to happen.


Each Spring - Transhumance Festivals - As the countryside wakes up farmers begin to move herds of livestock from the pastures in the lowlands to more Alpine ones. This often sees roads closed as vast herds are moved along them by groups from villages. It is not uncommon for the settlements that the livestock pass through to come out and decorate the animals with garlands of flowers and other such things. There is no set date for these but usually people are given a weeks notice.

Badalisc - Takes place on 1st of May every year. This festival is based on the idea that a mischievious Moosleut comes to the human world for one day to spy upon the world. A member of the local community dresses in green attire designed to mimic the forest and is chased by the children and eventually caught. He is brought back and told to give people gossip they have heard. This is really an excuse for messages between people in the community to be passed in an amusing way. For example marriage proposals, pregnancy announcements or other such news. Once the gossip has been given Badalisc is released and a celebration in his honour thrown so that he is happy when he returns to the spirit world in the morning.

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Re: Das Königreich des Weißenwald (Kingdom of the White Forest)
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•Abortion: Legal  =only if child is found to be carrying a serious medical condition or mother's life at risk.

• Adultery: One of two grounds for divorce that require no separation period

• Affirmative action: No

• Age of consent: 16 years.

• Age of majority: 18

• Artificial insemination: Legal

• Assisted suicide: Legal with the support of two from three doctors agreement.

• Bestiality: Illegal.

• Birth control: Legal

• Childcare: Daycare is free for 20 hours a week

• Concealed carry: Permitted with a licence

• Death penalty: For murder, rape, kidnapping, treason and terrorism offences

• Divorce: Legal after either a six month period of separation concluded with at least two marriage counselling sessions OR after adultery or infertility

• Double jeopardy:  Allowed only in cases when there is new and compelling evidence against the accused.

• Drinking age: 18

• Driving age: 16

• Education: Free for all until the age of 18.

• Eminent domain: Legal for public purposes with fair compensation for property owners.

• Equal pay for equal work: No

• Felony disenfranchisement: Yes.

• Flag desecration: Punishable by any combination of the following, 10 years in prison, fine of up to $100,000 or 10 lashes in public.

• Gambling age: 18

• Gun purchase age: 18 years if age having passed an assessment

• Homosexuality in the military: Not rules

• Human cloning: Illegal

• In vitro fertilization: Legal

• Marriageable age: 18years of age.

• Military conscription: An annual draft takes place seeing approx 8,000 individuals aged 18 being enrolled into the military for 2 years.

• Minimum wage: No

• Parental leave: Mothers get 12 months, fathers get 2 months

• Polygamy: Illegal.

• Pornography: Legal but only available from licenced premises

• Prostitution: Illegal

• Race: No laws

• Same-sex marriage: Not permitted

• School leaving age: 18

• Sex reassignment surgery: Not privately available.

• Sex toys: Legal from licenced premises

• Sexually transmitted diseases: Purposely infecting a person is classed as murder, accidently infecting a person is manslaughter and carries a minimum 5 year prison sentence.

• Smoking age: 18

• Sodomy laws: No laws

• State ideology: NOone

• Stem cell research: Legal if done from live donations

• Taxation: Progressive tax system

• Torture: Illegal

• Trial by jury: Yes but size varies, metropolitan courts get 3 people, manorial get six, Baronial have juries of nine and Crown Courts use 12 people.

• Universal healthcare: Basic healthcare free for all. Health insurance covers more complex matters

• Voting age: 21

• Women's rights: Full Equality

• Working age: No legal definition

• Working week: Once 45 hours have been worked an individual can not be forced to work more. If the choose to do so they must be paid.

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Re: Das Königreich des Weißenwald (Kingdom of the White Forest)
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Das Hoheitlich Heer
Mit Weisheit in den Krieg

The DHH is the nations land forces and made up of a regular army, a militia and a paramilitary police force. Each year an annual lottery takes place that see's 6,000 people aged between 18-21 join the military for two years. Many of these however end up serving in support roles while front line units are kept full of volunteers. The monarch is the legal commander-in-chief however Sauerwald serves as the home of the militaries command which is currently run by General Arnoald Moser.

Serving soldiers (minus conscripts) - 23,000 soldiers. a


40 x Kürassier Tanks
15 x Lanzenreiter Tanks
55 x Dragoner Anti-Tank Vehicle
58 x Ladegerät Infantry Fighting Vehicle
42 x HusarInfantry Fighting Vehicle
64 x Ulan Armoured Personnel Carrier
22 x Ulan II Armoured Personnel Carrier
25 x Mamluk Reconnaissance Vehicle
125 x Pferden Mobility Vehicle
35 x Karabiner Armoured Utility Vehicle
45 x Hobelars Self Propelled Howitzer
25 x Streitwagen Pack Howitzer
20 x Kataphrakte Mobile Anti-Aircraft system
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Re: Das Königreich des Weißenwald (Kingdom of the White Forest)
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Die Königliche Marine
"Schild des Südens"

The DKM is the naval service of the nation and incorporates a small blue water navy with a littoral force and a Marine unit that is in effect an amphibious commando unit. The Navy takes no conscripts and is based in the coastal city of Golk. It is currently commanded by Admiral Raban Winter.

Serving Sailors - 4,000


5 x Dünserberg Class Submarines
3 x Warth Class Frigates
3 x SchröckenClass Corvette
3 x Stallehr Class Minesweeper
5 x Lorüns Class Patrol Ship

Air Assets

5x Damüls Seaplane
10 x Blons Seaplane UAV for surveillance
10 x Röns Search and Rescue Helicopter
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Re: Das Königreich des Weißenwald (Kingdom of the White Forest)
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Das Königliche Fliegenkrops
Das Wachsame Auge der Eule

The DKF is the nations Air Force. Not only does it have responsibility for ensuring the security of the nations air-space but it also operates an effective search and rescue unit as well as a plethora of historic aircraft for preservation purposes. It is currently HQ'd in Sauerwald and commanded by Air Marshall Benjamin Schmidt.

4,800 active airmen


25 x F-30 Fable Multi-Role Fighter
10 x C-13 Cabal Transport Plane
8 x C-12 Caber Utility Aircraft
10 x H-58 Haber Helicopters
10 x H-14 Habit Helicopter
12 x H-12 Hacek Attack Helicopter
10 x T-25 Taata Basic Trainer
10 x T-7 Tabes Advanced Trainer
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